Happy Guru poornima, 2018- गुरु पूर्णिमा २०१८ के सम्मान में

Guru can not be defined, praised, described, advertised or forcefully made. Guru is in the form of one’s own self. How can that be praised or described in anyway. Guru can only be experienced. The same happened to Premyogi vajra. He is totally dumb regarding a Guru. He has only experiential account that he cannot […]


Gun shot injury in a cow A cow presented with a gun shot injury inside the deep jungle. Ice packs were applied at the inflamed areas and strong anti inflammatory drugs were administered at high dozes, but no improvement was noticed. Cow went into comma through reversible shock. Immediately, tracheal window(tracheotomy) was made to aid […]

Animal(buffalo) case report

Actinobacillosis in a buffalo unresponsive to streptomycin There was a buffalo case having chronic Actinobacillosis with only mild symptoms of the disease. That created confusion, first causing wrong diagnosis that was done as Ketosis at first time, unresponsive/simple Actinobacillosis at second time  and liver damage on third occasion. It lastly recovered with potassium iodide oral […]

Psychotropic drugs with meditation-ध्यान के साथ PSYCHOTROPIC / अवसादरोधी ड्रग्स / दवाएं

I think as if natural psychic drugs have become developed spontaneously to solve some specific purpose at this time. If these are taken at right time and in right schedule during the meditation, it can help in Kundalini awakening. But the present research is not concluding enough. In ancient days, sages used to consume bhaang(Hindi), […]

Why tongue is touched with soft palate during YOGA practice

Tongue is touched with soft palate to activate the parasympathetic system that produce saliva, calmness and focused mind concentration. The same phenomenon occur when we are hungry, on fast or eating food. Parasympathetic system remains active under these types of conditions. Strengthened and activated parasympathetic nervous system produces power in the digestive system including the […]