Animal(buffalo) case report

Actinobacillosis in a buffalo unresponsive to streptomycin

There was a buffalo case having chronic Actinobacillosis with only mild symptoms of the disease. That created confusion, first causing wrong diagnosis that was done as Ketosis at first time, unresponsive/simple Actinobacillosis at second time  and liver damage on third occasion. It lastly recovered with potassium iodide oral therapy @ 7g od for 7 days.

Date and place

village Tepra, p.o. Namhol, district Bilaspur, state Himachal pradesh, India. dated 26-02-2008


Species-Bovine-buffalo, age-adult/full mouth.


There was a gradual weakness since calving about 5 months ago. Rapid weakness and oligophagia/reduced appetite since about 12-13 days along with constant dribbling of saliva. No total refusal of food. Selective eating of grass avoiding dry but eating lush green. Frequent up-down shaking of head while picking up grass to mouth. Rumination type movements of jaws but no froth seen to outside, although a clear stingy saliva visible. Animal used to lick the hands of owner when being healthy but now stopping that all together.

Clinical signs

Pulse rate-60/normal, respiration rate- normal, rectal temperature- 99-100 degree F showing weakness, conjuctival mucous membrane-bright pink/normal, oral cavity-no shear molars, no grass entangled between teeth and cheek, no foreign body between molars and anywhere inside buccal cavity. Tongue appeared somewhat enlarged posteriorly. On anterior side of tongue, blackish spots(size of pin head) distributed. Body condition- very much emaciated and hide bound. Reduced from the original size of 400 kg to 200 kg.

Diagnosis number 1

Ketosis. Treatment done- Injection dexamethasone @20 mg i/m and bolus albendazole orally but to no effect.

Diagnosis number 2

Actnobacillosis. Treatment done- Injection Streptomycin @ 2.5 g i/m o.d. for 3 days and injection liver extract for 2 days but to no effect.

Diagnosis number 3

Liver damage due to facioliasis or any other reason. Treatment done- Injection liver extract at a rate 5 times the normal doze rate for 4 days/up to one day more of stoppage of salivation and initiation of tongue movement(by the effect of KI) including injection B-complex for two days. Potassium iodide was also administered in the last 2 days of above course, orally without hope for its effect but only to satisfy the owner/for hit and trial @ 7 g daily for 7 days. Miracle type occured and salivation stopped after 2 days of potassium iodide therapy.

Conclusion- It appears that the above described disease in buffalo was a chronic form of Actinobacillosis that was unresponsive to Streptomycin.


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