BURNING RAVANA- DEEP SECRET HIDDEN INSIDE / रावण दहन- एक रहस्यात्मक प्रथा

It is Dushehara festival of Hindus / descendants of Aryans today. Ravana, a human-rascal of Ramayana-period is burnt on this day. Many people see it superficially and think that it is merely a ancient happening. However the truth is that it has deep meaning inside. I do not rule out the truth of the ancient […]

Tantralaya in place of Vaishyalaya/वैश्यालय के स्थान पर तंत्रालय

Prostitute centres/vaishyalaya should be socialised and channelized/transformed into the spiritual/kundalini realm with help of tantra, just as the household sexual activities are transformed by it. In this way, number one misconduct would become as a number one kundalini uplifting machine. Honor of woman would also be saved, she being appearing as tantra-godess in this way. […]

SHAVID versus Taoism- शविद और ताओवाद

SHAVID(shareervigyaan darshan/body science philosophy- SHAVID-Shareeravigyaan darshan/Body science philosophy) may be termed as the theistic Taoism for it also incorporates God inside it, although not in a religious way. This aids up in the quick spiritual growth just as Patanjali has also pointed out that a Proper belief in God reinforcers the yogic practices. शविद और ताओवाद […]

Is vegetarianism must for awakening- क्या आत्मजागरण के लिए शाकाहारी होना जरूरी है

Many people ask me such questions if they should continue or leave the non veg  to get awakened. Actually it’s not the non vegetarianism that is harmful but mental attitude adopted with that. This is tantra if attitude is nondual. You can read  Understanding non duality. Panchmakaras ie. Five Ms of tantra including the non […]