Kundalini disinterest can also be considered a mental illness

Friends, I was sharing some practical information in the previous blog article. However, all information is personal. Some information is useful for some, some for others. Thre should be adressal of every kind of human information, who know what information will be useful at what time? The personality of a person keeps on changing. I could never believe in tantra at all at one point of time. Although I knew about it in detail. That information came in my work when my personality and karma changed, due to which I started believing in it. Well, there has been a lot of misuse of Tantra too. The Tantra mechanism by which Kundalini awakening could be achieved was used to promote material worldliness. The result is in front of everyone. Today’s blind materialism and jihadi kind of fanatical religiosity are the result of that. A fatwa of death is issued just by saying about a particular religion, and no person or organization can say anything out of fear, what a great contradiction in today’s age of science. The name is Hindustan, but the campaign of cleaning Hindus is in full swing. There is a well-planned international conspiracy going on. In this anti-Hindu series, now the jihadi conspiracy to kill Suresh Chavhanke ji, the head of Hinduist and nationalist Sudarshan channel has been exposed. Forced conversion continues. Then they are also called rice bag converts. Religions were created to promote humanity. What religion is there that does not run with humanity? Humanity is the biggest religion. Those other religions and countries who are supporting it indirectly by keeping silence on it, they do not know that tomorrow their number can also be found. There is no limit to double standard nowadays. If Baptism is scientific, then Gangasnan is also scientific. If bathing in the Ganges is superstition, then baptism is also superstition. Why the hypocrisy? Trudeau, who was supporting the farmers’ movement on the Singhu border as democratic, is today calling the truck drivers’ movement undemocratic. No superficial rhetoric should be made without in-depth examination. Tantra is a force or power. Abuse of tantra means abuse of power. It has also pushed nature towards destruction. The animal sacrifice that was offered to Goddess Kali was for Kundalini only. It is called Kali though it’s Kundalini. But how many people understood it and took full advantage of it. Although some indirect benefits are available, but they take a long time to become fruitful. But how many people would have understood, and how much effort would have been made to awaken Kundalini with that power. Maybe very few or a few hundred people out of millions. How many of them would have made the right effort. Maybe ten or twenty people. How many of them would have got Kundalini awakening? Maybe one or two people. Then where is the mistake in understanding and explaining the Kundalini symbols like Kali etc. Perhaps only for the sake of getting this research done, time has pushed that practice towards extinction today. By the way, that practice was far better than the blind animal violence of today. In the Vedic age, people used to fulfill most of their body’s needs through the occasional sacrifices. Although the discussion on animal violence does not seem human, but on which we will not speak, how will we correct that. To clean the mud, one has to descend into the mud. Animals are also creatures, they also feel pain and grief. According to Hinduism, all the gods reside in the body of the cow. The philosophy of physiology or sharirvigyan darshan also says that the whole universe is situated in the body of all living beings. Therefore their rights should also be taken care of. There are many animal rights organizations these days, but I don’t find most to be fair and selfless. While they remain silent on large scale and inhuman religious violence happening in a particular religion, at the same time they create a ruckus on minor religious and humanitarian violence of any other particular religion. Today there is no control on animal violence. Like the Human Rights Commission, there should also be an Animal Rights Commission. But where is the Human Rights Commission functioning in a fair and proper manner today? If the Human Rights Commission had worked, today there would not have been murders in the name of religion. Today, even spiritual and humanistic symbols and rules are not associated with animal violence. There are no rules and regulations. Animal cruelty today seems to be nearing its peak, and spiritual development at its lowest. Many people today do not use animal products at all. Then how is there so much killing of animals? Meaning is clear. Those who consume animal products are consuming much more than they need. Due to this they are becoming less healthy and more sick. Nowadays the disease of obesity is increasing all over the world is a good example of this. They are filling the shortage of those who do not use them. Then what is the use of leaving them by some people? Those who are consuming more are also getting sick, and those who are not consuming at all are also getting sick. If those who use excessively are saving their body from getting sick with the help of exercise or medicines etc., yet their mind is getting sick. Too much Tamoguna and Rajoguna will make the mind sick. What is that in western culture, disease of the body is mostly considered as disease. Mental illness is also mostly confined to depression. In fact, lack of mind in spirituality is also a disease of the mind. Life development is happening for Kundalini. If one is avoiding Kundalini, then he is going in the opposite direction from Jiva Vikas or organic evolution. If such a mindset is not a disease, then what is it? This is what is happening due to unbalanced life nowadays. There is no balance anywhere. It would have been better if all the people consumed them according to their material and spiritual needs, as was the case mostly in the olden times. This would have greatly reduced the atrocities on animals. And the question of livelihood does not even arise in front of those who are poor people associated with animal business. I had a friend, who was a wealthy man in the animal business. He used to say that the business related to animal violence is done by those who are very poor, and who have no other option of earning. Animal meat is mainly consumed by the poor and working class people, because they get all the nutrients easily in it cheaply. They do not have enough money to buy expensive vegetarian products with high nutritional value. Common middle class man does not want to do such sinful work. If the upper class man does it for the fulfillment of his hobby, then that is a different matter. But today the greed has increased to such an extent that man wants to do business related to animal violence to become a millionaire. It is also true that in the name of animal welfare, man cannot be left to starve. It is clear that a campaign is successful only if the whole society cooperates in it. Only a few people do not bring about a complete change in the system of society. Although it does come, but it can take a lot of time. If all the people change at once, the society will also change immediately. Society is a group of people. I am not speaking for or against any way of life. Any person is free to choose his lifestyle according to his situation. Something might suit some, something might suit others. I am just trying to bring it into discussion by describing the situation spiritually and scientifically. We do not advocate illegitimate life-violence, so there must be some rules and regulations. If someone says that all these things are related to materialism, how can one get spirituality from them. Actually, the real spirituality starts after Kundalini awakening. And Kundalini awakening comes after touching the peak of human materialism. Real Advaita begins with the climax of human duality. Real spirituality begins at the climax of human science. Many people oppose the scientific analysis of spirituality assuming that Kundalini is not attained by a logical or analytical mind. Thus they remain ignorant of spirituality. They make no effort for spirituality. They remain careless and arrogant about every task, pretending to be unattached, and pretend to be perfect. Such people are situated at the lowest rung even lower than the attached and ignorant ones. This happens because a real attached or ignorant man will at some time try for non-attachment and knowledge and awakening, but a man who pretends to have non-attachment or knowledge will never try for it, because he will be under the deception that he is already detached and knowledgeable. In real non-attachment, man does not even know that he’s detached, nor does he run away from worldly affairs in the name of non-attachment. Many people remain apathetic because they see many people as spiritual or awakened without their efforts or since their childhood. But they do not understand that the efforts of their previous life are working in this life. Nothing is achieved without effort, not even a breath. The truth is that a true irrational or illogical state of mind occurs only after scientific reasoning and investigation have reached its peak. When a man has done a complete investigation of spirituality on a scientific basis, then he gets tired and sits silently. That’s where the real irrationality based on God-refuge and faith begins. The irrationality that is forced upon by one without prior or without any effort to investigate is a pretense. It is a different matter that people pretend to be spiritual by imitating others. That’s fine too. Something is better than nothing. But it requires unwavering faith. Otherwise, do you know whether it will be useful in the hereafter or not? I am not discouraging anyone here. Only possibility is being expressed openly. Who knows what happens in the hereafter, but it can only be guessed by our limited intellect. Even in today’s scientific age, the ethical words of ancient spiritual texts can be believed only after careful consideration, not blindly. I am not claiming that I have had Kundalini awakening. I have got glimpses of Kundalini awakening through Guru’s grace and Shiva’s grace. Because the associated words like momentary, glimpse, kundalini cannot be written everywhere, because of the fear of expansion, so one has to write Jagran or Kundalini awakening in a hurry. If one reads each and every blog post of mine carefully, then only he/she will know what that awakening is. Seeing a momentary glimpse of a thing does not mean that he has seen that thing in a full way. Yes, seeing a momentary glimpse of Kundalini awakening has convinced me that Kundalini awakening exists, and is essential to spirituality. And also how can it be obtained. It is like that after seeing a glimpse of something, one becomes convinced about the existence of that thing, and the way to get it is known. In fact, I am an ordinary Kundalini seeker just like any other spiritual person. My innate hobby is to have spiritual discussions. When learned people were available, I used to discuss face to face. Now I write on the blog. I liked the blog as the best way. No unnecessary trolling can be done on this. If you like someone’s comment, then approve it, otherwise deny or delete it. Face-to-face discussions are deceiving nowadays. Many people pretend to be spiritual  from their outside. If you trust them and discuss with them, then they say yes like a great devotee at that time, and later are ready to release smoke, because they take illegitimate advantage of the spirituality of another man by taking it as his weakness. Even while listening to a spiritual discussion, many people start making fun of the speaker. Friends also start becoming like strangers or enemies. Therefore, keep writing good thoughts that come to your mind rather than telling them to anyone. At least people won’t call you mad. If instead of writing, you start murmuring in yourself, then people will definitely call you crazy. Apart from two or four people, no one from my own circle is the follower of my blog. Most of them are those who have ever liked one or two posts of mine or a book, and then I asked them to follow my blog. Some were even guided step by step how to follow. Well none of them left my blog. It is clear that they are getting benefit from it. Although I write blogs for my own benefit, but if someone else also gets the benefit, then I get double happiness. Most of my friends and acquaintances know about my blog, but no one has tried to know about it, far from following. Most of my followers are from far and wide abroad. Most out of them are from developed countries. This also confirms the belief that real spirituality begins only after reaching the peak of scientific or intellectual or social development. There is also a saying that Jogi of home is jogda  and Jogi of the distant is Siddha, means practitioner of home is simple, but practitioner of far and wide is accomplished. Anyway, I have no interest in being called Siddha or accomplished. If one Reach the destination, then the fun of the journey is over. The real fun is if the journey continues even after getting the destination. Due to this, the fun of travel and destination keeps on getting together. The truth is that absolute perfection is never achieved. Man keeps on walking, keeps on moving, never stops. In between, he keeps breathing in the form of awakening. By the way, the prevalence of website and blog is less in developing countries. To build and read a website with awakening requires extra energy anyway. Where there is lack of energy even to meet the common needs of everyday, from where will we get the extra energy for awakening. Most of the people here do not have free time available from WhatsApp and Facebook. The knowledge that one gets from dedicated blogs and websites, cannot be found from microblogging platforms like Facebook, Quora etc. Quora is fine for a beginner writer, but later without a website-blog, the mind is not satisfied. I also do not like to follow most of the websites and blogs on the net. I take information from them according to the need, but do not feel like following them. One, they are not devoted to a single subject. Second, not with detailed scientific discussion. Third, either there is a flood of posts in them, or no post is published for a long time. Fourth, those posts contain language and grammar errors. They don’t even have a practical approach, and they seem more like mystical stories from another planet. They tend to have less fun and positive or meaningful interaction. Lack of time is also a reason. In them all subjects are cooked like khichdi or biryani. Nothing makes sense from this. It is a common saying that try one, achieve full one; try for all, and don’t achieve full all. If there is a dedicated blog dedicated to astrology, like DemystifyingJyotish.com, etc., then why would I not follow that? Second, the swarms of advertisements in them do not let readers rest. That’s why I have not placed ads in my blog. Money is not everything. Whoever advertises about a product, he himself does not know about it, where he has tested it by using it, or what survey he has done. Then why cheat the public? Personal blog names should also sound professional and thematic, so that people can be attracted towards them. Better than name like saxena.com or john.com are musicsaxena.com or writingjohn.com. This will show whether the specific topic of these blogs is music or writing. Other topics, personal articles and personal events can be written in between thematic articles. Such website can be called two in one type. This is professional as well as personal. It looks more impressive. For their personal website, the cost of Rs 200-250 per month is more for people. But the additional mobile SIM recharge of Rs 200 per month, which they do not use much, does not cost them much. Information from all over the world is available from the website, but nothing is available from the extra SIM, only the burden of responsibility increases. On another instance, there is no dearth of negative people nowadays. I was reading an answer by someone to a question related to Kundalini on Quora, when a question mark was put on Kundalini by saying that where is it written about Kundalini in old scriptures, as people are making claims on social media these days. Perhaps he meant to say that the experience is wrong in addition to what the scriptures say, and it is also wrong to describe it on social media. Meaning, many people want to blame their weaknesses on the scriptures, and use them as a shield for their anger and jealousy. They don’t appear having an open mind. Putting on the shoulders of the scriptures, they want to shoot a gun, don’t want to contribute anything. This is a thinking stemming from the oppressive policy that foreign invaders kept in this country for hundreds of years. It is such a thinking that the real Kundalini Yogi should remain buried in the society and never raise his voice. Then how will spirituality flourish in the society? Surprisingly, it got a lot of upvotes and favorable comments. I didn’t think it right to say anything on that, because why get trolled by discussing on the forum which has already taken a decision.

Let us again go back to the story of Lord Kartikeya related to Kundalini. Various gods came to kill Tarakasur, but they could not kill him. Then came Virabhadra, the chief gana of Shiva. He almost killed him with his immense might. But Tarakasur stood up again. In the end all the gods together sent Kartikeya to kill him. Then the demon Tarakasura laughingly seeing that child told Lord Vishnu that he is very shameless, that is why he has sent the child to fight him and die. Then, cursing Vishnu, he said that he was a hypocrite and a sinner from the very beginning. He had deceived Bali in Ramavatara, and had deceived the demons in the Mohini avatar. In this way Tarakasura enumerated many sins of Vishnu, and said that he would kill him and punish him for all those sins. Then Kartikeya attacked Tarakasura. A fierce battle ensued. The wind became like a standing pillar from it, and the earth trembled. The sun also started to fade. Kartikeya unleashed his extremely luminous power on Tarakasura. This killed Tarakasura. Many of his soldiers were killed. Many soldiers saved their lives by accepting the refuge of Devasena. Banasur, a demon of Tarakasura, had escaped alive from the battle. He started torturing Kronch mountain. When he complained about him to Kartikeya, he then killed Banasura too. Similarly Pralambasura started troubling Kumud, the son of the huge god serpent Sheshnag. Kartikeya killed Pralambasur too.

Psychological analysis of Tarakasur killing

We can call Veerabhadra the main personality of Shiva, because he is the main gana chief of Shiva. The qualities of a king will definitely come in the chief commander. In a way, this is a tantric personality. With such a personality Tarakasur i.e. ignorance becomes very weak or dying, but does not die. If he dies, it is by the hands of son of Shiva, Kartikeya. Kartikeya here is a symbol of awakening of Kundalini, which results from the offering of semen tej generated from relentless and unbroken sexual yoga to Sahasrar. Satvik Vishnu also came to kill Tarakasur. But his old sins kept bothering him. It is often seen in the world that many sattvik or white mind people are unable to forget even a small sin committed by them. They also do not consume tantric energy, which gives tantric force to destroy sins. The frustration of his old sins does not allow his Kundalini to awaken. It is told in this way that Tarakasur is talking to Lord Vishnu to punish him for his old sins. Kartikeya is called a child because he is a mental person created out of Kundalini yoga, who is newly born, and appears to be less effective than material things. Gods like Sun, Moon, Vayu etc. are from very old times. They have physical existence, so that they are rigid or firm-bodied. That is why they are considered comparatively adults. But Kundalini is a pure mental picture, due to which it is soft like a child. Because the Kundalini picture is born out of the same semen energy of Muladhara, from which children are born. That is why Kartikeya is called a child. Kartikeya attacked Tarakasura, meaning the Kundalini yogi, by the powerful tantric yoga, prolonged the prana rising, so that the sparkling Kundalini remained in the Sahasrara continuously for a long time. The wind became steady, meaning the Yogi’s breathing became very slow and deep, that is, almost non-existent due to the powerful prana rising. At this stage, most of the work of oxygen is done by the awakened prana. The earth began to tremble, which means that the whole body’s prana was condensed in the Sahasrar due to the rise of the kundalini, due to which there was a lack of prana in the body. Due to this, the body starts trembling due to weakness due to the slightest load on the body of various stressful activities of the world. The sun started to fade, which means that due to the possession of Kundalini in Sahasrar, there was a feeling of non-duality in the whole mind. In Advaita, happiness and sorrow seem equal, light and darkness seem equal, that is, the sun and the moon seem the same. This is the fading of the sun. Kartikeya cast his luminous power over Tarakasura. Kartikeya’s own brilliance of Kundalini is his luminous power, which he exerted over Tarakasur i.e. ignorance. Means the duality of ignorance or Tarakasur was destroyed by the brightness of his own awakening. Tarakasura’s soldiers are in the form of ignorance, various mental defects and corrupt practices arising out of them. They get destroyed. Those who remain are transformed and become pure. Meaning that they go to the shelter of Devasena. For example, as Kama Bhava or lust transforms into Tantrabhava tantra feeling, it becomes pure, and helps in the spiritual development of human beings. The demon Banasura here refers to the arrows of the evil eye. Nayan Baan or arrow of eye, this is a famous classical utterance. Since the eyes are associated with the command chakra, it is badly affected by evil eyes. This is the torture of Kroncha mountain by the demon Banasura. The intellect is corrupted by a corrupted eye. The intellect resides in the agya chakra. Because as long as the mind is not satisfied with the awakening, there is always a longing for material enjoyment in the eyes of man in some way or the other. This corrupts the eyesight.

As for example, there is a longing for sexual pleasure from an sexually unbelonged woman, due to which the woman is seen wrongly. This leads to wrong thoughts, due to which the imagination and decision power of the intellect also become sinful. Meaning, Banasura starts trampling the Kroncha mountain, due to which his presiding deity feels oppressed and saddened. My guess in the previous post was correct that Ajnachakra itself has been called Kronch Parvat. The destruction of evil and corrupted eyes after the knowledge of awakening is the killing of Banasura by Kartikeya. Similarly, serpent Sheshnag is called the Sushumna Nadi going from Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra, because its shape is like that of a snake with a base coil and raised hood. The Sahasrar Chakra itself is said to be its son named Kumud. Kumud means white lotus. The Sahasrara Chakra is also depicted as a thousand-petalled lotus. It is from Sushumna that Sahasrara gets Prana i.e. life, that is why the relation of father and son of both is shown. Pralamb means mala or rosary in Sanskrit. Kundalini also moves in the microcosmic orbit in the form of a rosary. It is a practical experience that when the central main channel in the form of rosary is fully joined, then only the Kundalini can enter all the chakras, especially the Sahasrara Chakra. Kundalini energy is not able to move due to broken rosary. This broken rosary is the demon Pralambasura. He started troubling Sheshnag’s son Kumud, meaning the broken energy circuit started disrupting the supply of life energy to the Sahasrara Chakra. Kartikeya killed Pralambasura, meaning after Kundalini awakening, the energy circuit was completed by climbing up of the kundalini from the rear channel and descending from the front channel. Simultaneously, the man, stimulated by Kundalini awakening, continued to practice Kundalini yoga on a more regular basis, thereby the central Kundalini channel as the rosary opening up more and more . In fact, the real rosary chanting is the chanting of Kundalini in the rosary of the chakras. Due to this being misunderstood, a physical garland of threads and beads must have been formed. Or it may be that to bring Kundalini yoga to the understanding of common uneducated people, the practice of thread garland may have been started. However, there are many benefits to this as well. With practice, the outer strand of thread is transformed into the inner strand of chakras.

E-book cover Designing- a fundamental tool for successful self-publishing

Friends, if the art of sharing experiences with everyone is not learned, then those experiences would not have special significance.  Those experiences remain confined to that single man, and perish with him.  In India, there used to be a wave of spirituality.  Spiritual learning was at its peak.  But over time the tendency to share those disciplines began to stop.  There were many reasons for that, which I do not want to go into depth.  Gradually, many spiritual disciplines became extinct.  In today’s times, websites and e-books are the most important means of sharing experiences.  Therefore, it is important for everyone to have basic knowledge of website creation and self-publication.  The ebook cover is the most important part of the ebook.

It should not be forgotten that the demand for eBooks has increased due to the Corona Virus Locadown, and will increase further. Publishing houses are also offering good discount offers. Blue Hills Publication is also offering discount of more than 50℅.

EBooks should be attractive

There was a time when people used to read books without cover.  Their main purpose was the textual content of the book, not the cover.  Now the time has changed.  Nowadays people forget the text of the book in the glare of the cover.  Many times, a book of excellent quality takes a very long time to succeed due to lack of cover, while the inferior book also succeeds due to dazzling cover.  The reason for this is not that people get any special benefit from the cover of books.  The real reason is that the whole world has access to e-books.  If one lakh people out of 200 million readers also fell prey to the cover, then the book became successful.  The second reason is cheapness of e-books.  The third reason is the present-day materialism and outward view of living life.

The designing website that I found best to make a book cover

You’d be surprised that it took me 3 years to learn how to make a book cover. Canva dot com made my job a lot easier.  For 3 years, my books were supported by book covers made by KDP itself.  However those covers do not look beautiful and professional.  I made a book cover on photo editor of adobe dot com. I had to do all the work myself, such as writing text on photos and editing it as desired.  The resultant cover also did not look professional.  I pasted butterflies, flowers, etc. on the cover photo of another book.  The photo was pasted on a background plane paper at canva dot com. At that time I could not understand the full working of canva dot com. I got a chance to understand canva when I made a book cover through Blue Hills Publication for one of my books by paying 6000 INR along with getting my eBook promoted.  Seeing 8 books of my remaining lot, the publisher said that my book covers did not look professional.  Anyway, you have to lose something to get something.

How to do cover designing on canva

First create your account on the website and log in.  Go to home. Here, there will be all your previous designs created by you.  There is a custom dimension button.  In this, we can create a cover of any size (pixel length by pixel width).  This is necessary because every self-publishing platform has a different demand for eBook cover.  KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing accepts a JPG image of 2500 by 1600 pixels.  If you click on another option of ebook cover, then a smaller size cover (about 800 by 200 pixels) is created.  Its size then has to be increased with different software.  I found resizeimage dot in to be the best and easiest for this.  Clicking the option of ebook cover or custom dimension, there opens a drop down menu.  On top of that is the template button.  This opens up hundreds of designs of books.  Clicking on the template of any preferred design brings it to the working window on the right.  Pressing the upload button from the left dropdown menu will show all the photos you have uploaded.  Upload the desired photo from the computer by clicking on upload an image option.  Drag that photo from there with the left button of the mouse and drop it on the selected template in the working window.  Direct drop will paste it at a small space on the background of the template, as seen on the following book cover image in this post.  That photo can be enlarged or reduced in size.  To make that photo the background of the template, move the dragged photo here and there with the mouse over the template.  The borders of the template will be green on one position and the photo will be spread over the entire template to be highlighted as its background.  Drop that photo leaving the Mouse there.  This will make this photo as the background of the template.  However all the texts like headings, subheadings etc.; lines and boxes etc. on the template will remain the same.  You can edit all these visual elements as you want and you can also remove them.  You can also add the text of your choice. You can also change the size and texture of the text.  You can also add text to a blank space on the template where there is no text already.  All these facilities are available for free.  The visual quality of the cover design is basic.  Through paid subscription, you get chance to download the cover design that you have created in high definition quality.  In the same way, by paying money one gets a lot of good templates.

All of photo designing can be done at Canva

Logos, blog banners, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, logos, posters, cards, etc. can all be created on Canva. A blog banner is a featured image of a website’s page or post. The logo is in the form of a small circular photo at the beginning of the website or Facebook page. Photo backgrounds can also be made transparent on Canva although I think with paid subscription. Canva app is also available for mobile.

My eBook cover designed on canva

Please click on this link to see all my eBook covers made on canva.

Website creation, management and development, part-13 (block editor and important tips)

Block editor

A new block editor is now available in the WordPress website. Through this, we can edit different paragraphs in different forms. Each paragraph exists as a separate block. ‘Verse’ block is used for poetry. For writing Quotes, writing the source of references and provide other light or special information, Quote ‘block’ is used. It also enhances the beauty of the post. If we have to provide a book or file for download for free, then keep it in the ‘file’ block. How many such files are downloaded, it will also be shown in the website’s ‘stat’ button. Media blocks are used to show a picture or video.

Some other important information related to the website

Buttons like the reader’s tags, likes etc. are stored in the name of the account holder, not in the name of the website. Therefore, by opening the website with two different accounts, they will look different. This happens where there are many members of a website, such as admin, moderator, writer etc.

Initially or for one year, the website service provider collects less payment for hosting and domain. That is, the domain name is given free. There are also many companies giving domain names. Some also offer free service.

To create a pop up follow button one has to sign up on Mailchimp. Only one audience can be made on the free plan. The meaning of the audience is the person visiting the website here. On creating an audience, click the pop up subscribe button from the menu bar. A code is generated.  It is to be copy-pasted in the mailchimp widget of the website. Then press the Final Publish button. It is done.

A header image is one that appears on every page and post. We set it with customizer. A featured image is one that is only for a single page or post. We set it with edit button.

Changing the theme does not necessarily bring all the old settings and styles on the new theme. Many times a lot of hard work has to be done again. If a theme looks wrong, you can also switch to the old theme. The same old setting will be found again. I call this ‘w’ button (at the top of the website, on the left) mostly as the setting button. It can also be called a customizer button. Press the ‘design’ button after pressing the ‘w’ button. There will be a ‘themes’ button under it. It will contain the name and information of your current theme. There will also be information about all other available themes. To see all the old themes and revert them, press the ‘Activity’ button under Tools. All your previous themes will be found there with their prefixed settings / customization.

कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें (वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास; भाग-13)

Website creation, management and development, part-12 (payment and backup)

Payments in website

The WordPress website pays through PayPal or credit card or debit card, and takes payments to renew the website. Although the card must be international. As such, it does not accept the Indian Rupey card. Internet banking mostly does not pay. The company confirms the card with the bank. The message from the bank comes to the website owner, if his mobile number is recorded in the bank.

Changing host

There are many hosting companies for websites. Everyone is priced and rated differently. If someone is finding his current hosting expensive or inaccurate, then they can also get another hosting for the same website. For this, he has to backup his website and import it on the empty website of another host. For this, he has to create his account in the new host.

Exporting website

One cannot make full backup of website in personal plan. However, you can export it. There is a button (customizer button) under the setting. Clicking on it will bring all the text content in the form of a zipped folder, which can be downloaded right there. It also comes on the email, which stays there for 7 days. It does not contain media and uploaded documents. For that, there is a second button for export media. By the way, all paid websites are very safe. However, if something untoward happens, we can retrieve the website from that export file. Although the theme and website customization has to be done afresh, because there is no backing of theme and customization in it. Therefore, the export file should be stored in several places in the cloud, hard disk etc.

Other ways to protect the website

There is another offline method for this. Make an e-book of your website pages, and self-publish it on KDP. You can start with 10000 words. Store its copy on the cloud too. It is the safest method. You will say that every week you print the post, how will it come in the e-book. For this, collect the posts and create another e-book, and publish it. You keep adding every week’s posts to it, and keep uploading it on KDP. It has become a permanent material, and both of your website and book will grow together.

I will tell you another most effective way. The e-world is not as stable as the paper world. When the e-world comes in trouble, even then the paper world will be safe in the boxes lying in the corner of the house. With the help of Print on Demand, you make and maintain print books of your above-mentioned e-books. There will not be any expense for publishing in this. Paper and bindings will only have to be paid with a small commission. If needed, you can recreate the text file from these paper books with the help of OCR. With this, you can make your website stand again and easily from scratch.

In the same manner as above, my following books are made from this website:

1) Kundalini Science – A Spiritual Psychology

2) My website on e-reader

There is also a book from my Quora posts, which is called, “Kundalini demystified – What Premyogi vajra says”.

कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें [वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास; भाग-12 (पेमेंट और बैकअप)]

Website creation, management and development, part-11 (keywords, different website plans, multilingual website)

The categories and tags of the post are not useful in Google search. They only search the post in WordPress dot com. Both categories and tag keywords should not be more than fifteen. By filtering out posts with more than fifteen keywords, WordPress put those into spam. The main keyword is in the category, while tag has all the sub keywords of that main keyword. For example, for the post related to Kundalini awakening, “Kundalini” is fit for the keyword category, while the “Kundalini awakening” is fit for tag.

It can also be that only the categories of keywords are given for a post, not the tag. WordPress dot com considers both of them alike. Even if no category or tag is given, it still finds the keyword from the main content of the post.

Now the tag button under the website’s reader button does not mean that the keywords written in it will only find posts with the tags of that keyword. In fact, the name “keyword” appears better than “tag”.

Now talk about the difference between the free and purchased website plans. The free domain name for the website is WordPress.com after the name of the website. This suffix does not appear in the website with the payment plan. This is the difference, nothing else. For example, the domain name of the free version of this website will be, demystifyingkundalini.wordpress.com; while the domain name of its paid version will be, demystifyingkundalini.com

My website’s domain name (demystifyingkundalini) is safe in both cases, and any other cannot take it. One advantage in the paid version is that it offers valuable email and chat support for customers. Together, the company does not take responsibility for the security of data in free website plan. Therefore, one has to keep doing backup regularly in case of free plan.

All the information related to the website development related to this series (No. 1 to 12), some of which I have also received from Customer Care Support has also been allocated there. Therefore, it is not less than a boon for the creator of the free website.

Now comes the multilingual website. The first method is to insert both languages’ ​​pages and posts in the same website. For this, the names of the menu items and widgets will be kept in both Hindi and English. Links to pages and posts will be inserted from one language to another. Now blog posts can be written in two types in this website. In the first method, a post is first written in the original language, and then it is rewritten in the same post below it in the translated language. A page Jump link is provided at the top of the post, so that clicking on it sends the visitor to the translated language.

In another way, separate posts are created for original Hindi, and for its English translated form. The link is inserted in both posts to get to each other. This method seems to be something more good for the search engine rankings. I prefer this style most for bilingual website. Although the followers of a particular language continue to receive the second language post. The way to avoid this is to create a separate website for the translated language. You can also create free website. Links are inserted to go from one website to another. Probably the new website opens from the main website menu, because the newer website is built on the setting of the parent website. For example, if the main website is demystifyingkundalini.com, then demystifyingkundalinieng.wordpress.com can be made as another website. The domain name is to be changed little or more. Together, that domain name should also be available. However, I think that English and Hindi both are complimentary to each other in a single website particularly in Indian condition.

Google is strict in terms of translation. It is not easily satisfied with the quality of English. That is why it is said that it does not accept machine translation or Google-translation. However, I believe that if a basic translation from Google is corrected by hand, then the translation is accepted.

कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें (वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-11)

Website creation, management and development, part-10 (widgets, plagiarism, stats)

The authority-website is one that holds dominance in its respective areas. If someone has made millions of rupees by writing a blog, then the topic of the type “How to be a Millionaire from Blog” will be called his Authority blog or website, not the person copying it. In the same way, one who has experienced a true Kundalini-awakening, his Kundalini-Website will be called as an authority website. However, it happens that his website is buried under the flood of other Kundalini-Websites. Now Google is taking proper cognizance of this, and it is giving more importance to the authority website.

The widgets should be re-ordered in such a way that the most important widget is at the top, and the least important is at the bottom. In the personal website, any type of post can be published, but there should be only one topic in the professional website. That is because the personal website is created to fulfill the hobby, not to earn money or fame.

As I mentioned earlier, the “Top Post” widget can be installed. The drawback of it is that it only counts the views generated in last 48-72 hours. If you want to create an all-time top post, then apply the ‘text widget’. Write “All Time Top Post” etc. in its title. Select the text button from the box below. Type the name of the post in it. Then select that name and click the “Link” button on the bar above it. Enter the URL address of that post in the box made from it. In this way, a list of top posts can also be made on the lower side, and that list can be made as a bulleted list or a numbered list. In this way, with help of text widget, we can put any text and links in the sidebar.

Keep in mind that the double sidebar can reduce the space for the main content, especially on the desktop. I like the theme with a single sidebar.

Writing the old text is called data spinning, data scraping, or plagiarism. If Google gets to know it, then it surely puts a penalty. In fact, it is not even a penalty. The Google bot only leaves the post unread and unranked, leaving the website itself down. Many say that text should be rewritten by changing it too much. However, no benefit appears from that, because with less than that hard work, a new text can be written. If someone copies and pastes data from his private chat, like email, then it probably is not a duplicate content. If you accidentally created a webpage with duplicate content, then you do not need to delete it. Only make it as a private page. This will remove it from the Internet, and Google will not be able to see it. Although that page will always be available to you.

As previously mentioned, the drop down list opens up by pressing the Menu button ‘W’ (Website). This list also has a “STAT” button. All information related to Website’s performance is found by clicking on it. These are, number of views, number of visitors, number of likes, number of comments, information about viewed pages / posts etc. There are also archives / home pages in views. This is not a special post or page. In fact, there is a list of months for a widget called “archive” on the homepage. Clicking on any of those months opens all posts for that month on a self-made and temporary page. Clicking on a month name adds a view to the name of the archive / homepage. This means that a visitor was on the homepage, when he clicked over a month of archive. If someone clicks a particular post of that month and opens it in its original form, then only a view will be added in the name of that particular post, otherwise it will not. Similarly, the same thing happens with the homepage-category widget. By clicking on one of the tags below the post, all the posts related to that tag are opened up on the above-mentioned floating page. The rest of the process is the same.

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कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें (वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-10)

वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-9 (वेबपेज बनाना व कस्टमाईज करना, विजेट्स)

कोई भी वेबपेज बनाने के लिए “माय साईट” को क्लिक करते हैं। उससे ड्रॉप डाऊन मीनू खुलता है। उस पर “साईट पेजस” नाम से एक बटन होता है। उसके कोने में लिखे “एड पेज” पर क्लिक किया जाता है, जिससे लिखने के लिए एक खाली साईट-पेज खुलता है। उसे लिख कर पब्लिश कर दिया जाता है। वह वेबपोस्ट की तरह किसी ईमेल फोलोवर को डिलीवर नहीं होता, बल्कि वेबसाईट में कहीं गुमनाम पड़ा रहता है। उस वेबपेज को किसी मीनू में या विजेट में एड करना पड़ता है। मीनू में डालने के लिए कस्टमाईजर से प्राईमरी मीनू खोलें। उसमें मीनू के सभी पेज दिखते हैं, और अंत में नीचे एक “एड आईटम” बटन होता है। उस पर क्लिक करने से सभी वेबपेजस की लिस्ट खुल जाएगी। अब उस नए वेबपेज को सेलेक्ट कर लें। वह प्राईमरी मीनू में जुड़ जाएगा। मीनू की सभी आईटम्स को रिओरडर (ऊपर-नीचे) भी कर सकते हैं, और किसी आईटम का ड्रॉपडाऊन लिस्ट के रूप में सबमीनू भी बनाया जा सकता है। इससे यह लाभ होता है की वेबसाईट की साईडबार बहुत लम्बी होकर मेन कंटेंट के नीचे तक नहीं लटकती।

विजेट में वेबपेज को डालने के लिए कस्टमाईज़र से विजेट में जाएं। यथानुसार साईडबार या फुटबार विजेट को सेलेक्ट करें। वेबसाईट में लगे हुए विजेटस की लिस्ट के बोटम पर एक “एड विजेट” नाम से बटन होता है। उस पर क्लीक करके विजेट की एक नई व लम्बी लिस्ट खुलती है। उस पर “पेज” विजेट को चुनें। वह विजेट वेबसाईट के विजेट की लिस्ट में जुड़ जाएगा। अब उस पर क्लिक करके उसे नाम दें। उसमें वेबसाईट के सारे पेज जुड़ जाएंगे, और उनकी एक लम्बी लिस्ट नीचे की तरफ साईडबार में जुड़ जाएगी। उस लिस्ट में वे सभी पेज भी होंगें, जो प्राईमरी मीनू में दिख रहे होंगे। साथ में, इस विजेट की ड्रॉपडाऊन लिस्ट भी नहीं बनती। इससे यह बहुत स्थान घेरता है, जिससे साईडबार बहुत नीचे तक चली जाती है। इससे बचने के लिए डबल साईडबार वाली (दोनों बाईं तरफ, दोनों दाईं तरफ, या एक बाईं व एक दाईं तरफ) वेबसाईट-थीम को भी एक्टिवेट किया जा सकता है। इससे यह नुक्सान हो सकता है कि मेन कंटेंट के लिए जगह काफी कम रह सकती है, मुख्यतया डेस्कटॉप पर। दूसरा उपाय है कि इस विजेट का प्रयोग न करें। उपरोक्तानुसार, प्राईमरी मीनू में ही एक आईटम “अन्य वेबपेजस” आदि नाम से बना लें। उसमें अतिरिक्त के वेबपेज “एड आईटम” से डालें, व उन्हें रिऑर्डर कर लें। उस “अन्य वेबपेजस” आईटम का सबमीनू बना लें। इससे इसके नीचे के सभी पेज ड्रॉपडाऊन लिस्ट के रूप में आ जाएंगे, जो कम जगह घेरेंगे। अन्य भी बहुत से विजेट होते हैं, जैसे “रीसेंट पोस्टस”, “टॉप पोस्टस एंड पेजस”, “टेक्स्ट” आदि। “टेक्स्ट” विजेट को साधारण सूचना जैसे की कोपीराईट सूचना, व डिसक्लेमर आदि लिखने के लिए किया जाता है।

यदि आप हरेक पोस्ट के ऊपर शेयर की संख्या भी दिखाना चाहते हैं, तो “माय साईट” पर जाएं। ड्रॉपडाऊन लिस्ट में “शेयरिंग” बटन को क्लिक करें। अब उस पर “ऑफिशियल बटन्स” को क्लिक करें। वैबसाईट के मामले में धीरज रखना चाहिए। कभी भी डोमेन नेम व वैबसाईट के विषय को बदलना नहीं चाहिए। डोमेन का नाम भी वैबसाईट के अनुसार ही रखना चाहिए। जैसे कि यह वैबसाईट कुण्डलिनी से सम्बंधित है, इसीलिए इसका डोमेन नाम “demystifyingkundalini” रखा गया है।

यदि आपने इस लेख/पोस्ट को पसंद किया तो कृपया “लाईक” बटन को क्लिक करें, इसे शेयर करें, इस वार्तालाप/ब्लॉग को अनुसृत/फॉलो करें, व साथ में अपना विद्युतसंवाद पता/ई-मेल एड्रेस भी दर्ज करें, ताकि इस ब्लॉग के सभी नए लेख एकदम से सीधे आपतक पहुंच सकें। कमेन्ट सैक्शन में अपनी राय जाहिर करना न भूलें।

Please click on this link to view this post in English (Website creation, management and development, part-9)

Website creation, management and development, part-9 (making and customizing web page, widgets)

Click “My site” to create any webpage. From that, drop down menu opens. It has a button named “Site Pages”. Click on “add Page” written in its corner, from which an empty site-page opens for writing. It is written and published. It is not delivered to an email follower like web post, but it remains anonymous somewhere in the website. The webpage has to be added in a menu or in a widget. To enter in the menu, open the primary menu from the customizer. All the pages of the menu are visible in it, and finally there is an “add item” button below. Clicking on it will open the list of all the WebPages. Now select that new webpage. It will be added to the primary menu. All items in the menu can also be reordered (up-down), and sub-menu can also be made as a dropdown list of any item. It has the advantage that the sidebar of the website does not get too long and does not hang down to the bottom of the main content.

To enter a webpage in the widget, go to the widget button from the customizer. Accordingly select Sidebar widget or Footer Widget. There is a button named “add Widget” on the bottom of the list of widgets in the website. Clicking on it opens a new and long list of widgets. Select the “Pages” widget on it. That widget will be added to the list of widgets in the website. Now click on it and name it. All the pages of the website will be added to it, and a long list of them will be added to the sidebar. There will be all the pages in that list, even those, which are already visible in the primary menu. Together, this widget does not even have a dropdown list. It occupies a lot of space, so that the sidebar goes down very far. To prevent this, the website-theme can also be activated with double sidebar (both on the left, both on right, or one left and one on right). This can be a loss for the main content can get a lot less space, mainly on the desktop. The second solution is not to use this widget. According to the above, create an item in the primary menu named “Other Web Pages” etc. Put additional webpage in it with “add item” button and reorder all of them. Make submenu of that “other webpage” item. From this, all the pages below it will come in the form of dropdown list, which will occupy less space. There are many other widgets, such as “Recent Posts”, “Top Posts and Pages”, “Text” etc. The “text” widget is used to write simple information such as copyright notification, and disclaimer etc.

If you want to show the number of shares below each post, go to “My Site”. Click the “Sharing” button in the dropdown list. Now click on “official buttons” on it. Endurance should be maintained in case of website development. Never change the domain name and subject matter of the website. The name of the domain should also be kept according to the website. As this website is related to Kundalini, so its domain name has been chosen as “demystifyingkundalini”.

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कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें (वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-9)

OCR, Optical Recognition System, a boon to modern publishing

Kundalini and writing arts are related to each other

Readers will think that what is the purpose of self-publishing and website-creation in the Kundalini-website. In fact, Kundalini-seeker should also have practical experience of self-publishing and website building. This is because, after the Kundalini-activation or Kundalini-awakening, the mind becomes like a flood of thoughtfulness. In that case, the person can create an excellent book and an excellent website. Together, it can also avoid the negativity of the worklessness. The same happened with Premyogi vajra.

How did I access OCR technology

I encountered the OCR technique when I was trying to make an e-book form of a paper book written by my father about seven years ago.  The name of that book was ‘Solan ki sarvhit saadhna/सोलन की सर्वहित साधना’. Fortunately, the publisher found out the soft copy of that book. This saved me from scanning the book. Together, there is probably less inaccuracy in the e-book made with soft copies. That book was in PDF format. At first, I started taking the help of Online PDF Converter. I tried a variety of converters, as well as the Google Drive Converter. However, the word file that was coming after being converted by all of those was completely flawed. The book was looking like a Chinese book, not the original Hindi book. Then I used the PDF Element. There was facility for only few pages in free plan. The pages were extracted from the PDF file to the word file, but the pages were along with original decorations like straps, palettes, flowers etc. I was not able to remove those things of decoration. Some things were removable in word, but not all. It was also a labor intensive work. Even the quality of the letters was not better. I thought that may be something would be done with the plan of purchase. However, when I saw the value of it, I left it completely behind. Because its minimum annual price was about INR 3000-4000.

I have a lot of help with free online file converter

For several months, my plan was lying in cold storage. Then when I got some free time, I searched on Google. I had read about the OCR before, but I never fully understood it. Then I found out in a web post that the book has to be scanned for it so that every page of the book comes in the form of a separate picture. As soon as I was preparing for the scan of the book, I came to know that if the book is available as a PDF file, it could be converted directly into a picture file. I tried many online converters by searching on Google with keywords ‘PDF Image Extraction’. Among those converters, I found the best available converter on Smallpdf.com. Extractor on ilovepdf.com is also good. I uploaded whole of the book-file in one go. After conversion whole of the converted book-file was downloaded. In it, the entire book-file came in the download folder of the computer in the form of serial wise pictures (jpg images). All the pictures were in a zipped (compressed) folder. By making that folder unzipped (with WinZip etc. software), all images came in a simple folder.

There are very few OCR’s available for Hindi language

Then I started finding online app on Google that could convert those pictures into the word doc (OCR app). There were many OCRs that did not offer Hindi language facility. Finally, I found the best online OCR for Hindi available on the website http://www.i2ocr.com. That was free. However, I was trying to upload the folder containing books, but it did not happen. Then I tried to upload all the pictures together by selecting all the pictures. However, even that did not happen. Then I found out in a web post that Batch Extraction OCRs are commercial, and are not available freely. Therefore, I had to convert pictures one by one. Like the book-pictures, the converted doc files also came folded serial wise in a folder.

Formatting a word file created with image extraction

Then I copied all the doc files into a single doc file in right sequence. However, the word-lines were unequal in length in the doc file, which were not being corrected even with the command of Justify alignment. Then I read in a web post that in the ‘Find’ section of ‘find-replace’ of MS Word, type the ^ p in the find section(^ symbol is printed by pressing the shift key and 6 number numeric key together), and insert a single blank space in the replace section. With the command of ‘Replace All’, all becomes all right. That is what happened. Thus, the e-book was prepared in this way.

It should be noted that if there are plenty of small word files to be clubbed together, then help of ‘insert’ of ms word should be taken. On clicking ‘insert’ button, search the ‘object’ button and click on triangle at corner of this. Now click ‘text from file’ on dropdown menu. A new browse-window will pop up. Select word files on it to be clubbed. Keep in mind that files will be clubbed in order of selection. It means, first file in selected group will come first in combined word file and so on. I advise to club only maximum of 10 files at a time for I feel it can produce error if very large number of files is selected together. In fact, many files were not being downloaded in word format after converting. I was doing OCR in Hindi language. Those files were being downloaded in the text format. However, the files with the text format were opening only in Notepad, not in wordnote. It is a loss to download text files that those cannot be clubbed together by giving commands like insert-object etc. as in word files. One has to copy-paste every file separately.

Final File Correction

There were two words attached to each other without space in that book at many places. For example, the words ‘fruit is’ of the original book became ‘fruitis’. With a little manual correction, it was all right. Page break, line break, heading shape etc. were provided at the appropriate places by keeping the paper book in front, so that the e-book looks like a completely original book. Some pictorial pages of cover and initial part of book were inserted directly into the e-book. For editing these cover photos, I used online photo editor of ‘photojet’. However, one needs to share it on face book before downloading the edited image. Online editor of pixlr.com is also good. Instead of copying images directly, the help of ‘Insert- picture’ of MS Word was taken, because copying image directly to the word file does not cause that to appear in the e-book at all times.

Some special things to note in OCR

Before scanning the book, see how much old the book is. OCR of old books is not available. Opening the book’s bindings is required so that each page is scanned separately. By scanning the bound book by folding it, the scans are not good for paper-margins, so they cannot get good OCR. Later on, you can re-bind the book. Scanning the double page does not even make the OCR. The page will have to be placed on the scanner accordingly, as usually a single page is placed. The length of the page is placed in the direction of the length of the scanner. The page should be written like a normal book page, that is, the lines of letters cover the width of the page. The more straightforward the page on the scanner, the better the OCR. Therefore, the page should be attached to the backside plastic boundary of scanner-glass length. The page itself comes directly straight with this. In lengthwise, page should come in the middle of the scanner.

To improve the file, try the easy option before doing OCR.

Many times, there is no need to do OCR, because converting fonts work. Universal fonts are Unicode. I converted a pdf article typed in a krutidev font into a word-article, but its characters were not being read. Then I put the file in online font converter and converted its krutidev font to Unicode. Then the alphabets were readable. Only 1-2 types of letters were wrong, that too only at few places. I corrected the article with a little hard work. The effort was much less than the hard work needed to do OCR. Yet OCR is a lot easier than re-typing.

Future technology ‘hand text recognition’

Further technique is recognizing hand-written text by the OCR. This is called ‘hand text recognition’. However, it has not evolved completely. Search is on. However, this technique works by inserting letters one by one in predefined boxed compartments in the paper format. That is why the introduction-forms in recruitment etc. are hand-filled in the boxed format.

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कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें (ओसीआर, ऑप्टिकल रिकोग्निशन सिस्टम, आधुनिक प्रकाशन के लिए एक वरदान)

वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-8 (डुप्लीकेट कंटेंट, पब्लिश करने की फ्रिक्वेंसी, वेबसाईट ट्रांसफर, रीडर बटन); Website creation, management and development, part-8 (duplicate content, publishing frequency, website transfer, reader button)

वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास, भाग-8 (please browse down or click here to view this post in English)

मुफ्त के वैबसाईट प्लान में वैबसाईट का मोबाईल के आकार-प्रकार के अनुरूप आकार-प्रकार भी नहीं होता, जिससे ट्रेफिक काफी घट जाती है। कई लोग कहते हैं कि डुप्लीकेट कंटेंट की पेनल्टी से बचने के लिए पोस्ट में केनोनिकल टेग लगाने चाहिए। सच्चाई यह है कि गूगल स्वयं ही वेबपेज / वेब आर्टिकल का सर्वाधिक उपयुक्त रूप सर्च रेंकिंग के लिए चुन लेता है। हाँ, यदि गूगल को डुप्लीकेट कंटेंट का मकसद सर्च रेंकिंग को बढ़ाना लगे, तब वह उस पर पेनल्टी भी लगा सकता है। फिर भी जहाँ तक हो सके, सुरक्षा के लिहाज से डुप्लीकेट कंटेंट से बचना ही चाहिए। गूगल का बोट पोस्ट को डालने के अनुमानित समय पर बार-२ आता रहता है, व नई पोस्ट की खुराक से संतुष्ट होकर ट्रेफिक को बढ़ाता रहता है। इसलिए यदि निर्धारित अंतराल पर पोस्ट न डाली जाए, तो वह भूखा रह जाता है, जिससे वह लम्बे समय तक वापिस नहीं भी आ सकता। इसलिए अच्छा रहता है, यदि निर्धारित समय व अंतराल पर पोस्ट को डालना जारी रखा जाए। सप्ताह में एक दिन व वीकएंड पर जैसे कि शनिवार की शाम को 6 बजे से 9 बजे के बीच में सर्वोपयुक्त समय है, क्योंकि उस समय दुनिया के सभी टाईम जोन के लोग जागते हुए होते हैं, और रिलेक्सड मोड में भी होते हैं। फ्री प्लान में मोबाईल फोन पर वेबसाईट को एडिट भी नहीं किया जा सकता है। वेबसाईट पर पर्सनल पेज भी बनाए जा सकते हैं, जिन्हें कोई और नहीं देख सकता। उस पर अपनी सभी निजी जानकारी डाली जा सकती है।

इसी तरह “नोफोलो” कोड भी नहीं लगाना चाहिए किसी पोस्ट के साथ, क्योंकि इससे लिंक जूस किसी को नहीं मिलता, और नष्ट हो जाता है। यदि लिंक जूस लिंकड वेबसाईट को जाने से रुक भी जाए, तो भी फर्क नहीं पड़ता, क्योंकि दूसरे ब्लोगर भी इस कोड को लगाएंगे, जिससे उनके ब्लॉग का लिंक जूस हमें नहीं मिल पाएगा। संक्षेप में, ट्रेफिक बढ़ाने के शोर्ट टर्म उपायों से बचना चाहिए। इनमें से अधिकांश उपाय तो अवैध ही होते हैं, जिनके कारण गूगल पेनल्टी लगा सकता है। अगर वैबपोस्ट या वेबपेज के लिए नया कंटेंट लिखने की सामर्थ्य न हो, तो अपने पुराने कंटेंट के शब्दों व वाक्यों में थोड़ा परिवर्तन करके, संभवतः उसको दुबारा भी लिख सकते हैं।  यद्यपि ऐसा दूसरों के कंटेंट को चुरा कर नहीं करना चाहिए।  कई ऐसे जाने-माने इंटरनेट-पुरुष भी हैं, जो दूसरों के कंटेंट से छेड़छाड़ करके ही मशहूर हुए हैं।

यदि बढ़ी हुई ट्रेफिक को निरंतर प्राप्त करना चाहें, तो सप्ताह में दो बार नई पोस्ट डालें।परन्तु इससे यह नुकसान होता है कि पाठकों को नई पोस्ट पढ़ने के लिए अधिक समय नहीं मिलता। ट्रेफिक को निर्बाध रूप से बढ़ा हुआ रखने के लिए भी सप्ताह में दो बार पोस्ट लिखी जा सकती है, परन्तु इससे बार-2 नोटिफिकेशन को प्राप्त करने वाले ई-मेल फोलोवर परेशान हो सकते हैं। यह भी हो सकता है कि वे मानसिक बोझ के कारण पोस्ट को पढ़े ही न।

वैबसाईट को ट्रांसफर भी किया जा सकता है। वेबसाईट को किसी दूसरे आदमी के नाम भी बनाया जा सकता है। कई लोग स्वयं वेबसाईट के मालिकाना हक़ से दूर रहना चाहते हैं, विशेषकर जिन पर पैसों का लेन-देन होता है। सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के कामगारों को ऐसी वेबसाईट से समस्या आती है, विशेषकर आयकर दाखिले के समय। अन्य कानूनी बाध्यताएं भी होती हैं। ऐसे में वे पत्नी के नाम से वेबसाईट बनाते हैं, और स्वयं उसके एडमिन बन जाते हैं। मालिक (यहाँ पर पत्नि) तो वैसे भी एडमिन होता ही है। कई लोग अपनी वेबसाईट के प्रसिद्ध होने पर उसे पत्नि आदि के नाम ट्रांसफर कर देते हैं। उसके लिए पत्नि का वर्डप्रेस अकाऊंट (वर्डप्रेस प्लेटफोर्म के लिए) बनाना पड़ता है। पत्नि आदि का अंतर्राष्ट्रीय डेबिट कार्ड भी बनाना पड़ता है, जिससे वेबसाईट को रिचार्ज या अपग्रेड किया जा सके। साधारण वेबसाईट को तो सरकारी कर्मचारी भी चला सकते हैं, जिसमें पैसों का लेन-देन न हो, राजनीतिक बयानबाजी न हो, और सरकार की नापसंदगी के लेख न लिखे गए हों। विचारों की अभिव्यक्ति का अधिकार तो सबको है, यद्यपि एक सरकारी कर्मचारी के लिए कुछ शर्तों के साथ। उन विचारों से उसका सरकारी कार्य दुष्प्रभावित नहीं होना चाहिए। यदि लाभान्वित होए, तब तो बहुत अच्छा है।

वर्डप्रेस के टॉप बार के रीडर बटन को क्लिक करके ड्रापडाऊन मीनू खुलता है। उसमें पहला बटन “फोलोड साईट्स” का होता है। उस पर सभी फोलोड साईट्स की पोस्टस दिखती हैं, क्रमवार, सबसे नयी वाली सबसे पहले। उससे निचला बटन “कन्वर्जेशन” का होता है। उस पर जिस किसी भी पोस्ट के कमेन्ट को लाईक किया गया हो, उस पोस्ट के सभी कमेन्ट दिखाई देते हैं, क्रमवार, लाईक्ड कमेन्ट वाली सबसे नयी पोस्ट के कमेन्ट सबसे पहले। उससे निचला बटन “डिस्कवर” का होता है। उस पर वर्डप्रेस-पाठकों द्वारा चुनी गई बेहतरीन पोस्टस दिखाई जाती हैं। उससे निचला बटन “सर्च” का होता है। उस पर बहुत सी रिकमंड की गई पोस्टस होती हैं। सबसे ज्यादा रेकमंड की गई पोस्टस सबसे पहले होती हैं। उसमें एक सर्च बार भी होती है, जिस पर हम पोस्टस को सर्च कर सकते हैं। उससे निचला बटन “माय लाईक्स” का होता है। उस पर वे सभी पोस्टस होती हैं, जिन्हें लाईक किया गया होता है, क्रमवार, सबसे नयी लाईक की गई पोस्ट सबसे पहले। सबसे नीचे “टेगस” बटन होता है। इस पर हम अपने मनचाहे टेग को एड कर सकते हैं, ताकि हर बार उस टेग पर क्लिक करने से उस टेग वाली पोस्टस खुलती रहें। उदाहरण के लिए, यदि किसी को “कुण्डलिनी” से सम्बंधित विषय पसंद हैं, तो वह “कुण्डलिनी” शब्द को एड कर सकता है।

यदि आपने इस लेख/पोस्ट को पसंद किया तो कृपया इसे शेयर करें, इस वार्तालाप/ब्लॉग को अनुसृत/फॉलो करें, व साथ में अपना विद्युतसंवाद पता/ई-मेल एड्रेस भी दर्ज करें, ताकि इस ब्लॉग के सभी नए लेख एकदम से सीधे आपतक पहुंच सकें। कमेन्ट सैक्शन में अपनी राय जाहिर करना न भूलें।


Website creation, management and development, part-8

In a free website plan, the website does not have any size-type according to the size-type of mobile, which reduces traffic significantly. Many people say that in order to avoid the penalty of duplicate content, it is necessary to put a canonical tag in the post. The truth is that Google automatically chooses the best form of webpage / web article for search rankings. Yes, if Google finds it as a tactic to increase search rankings, then it can also penalize it. However, as far as possible, for security purpose, duplicate content must be avoided. Google’s bot keeps coming at the estimated time of posting, and satisfied with the new post dose, keeps increasing traffic. So if the post is not put at the fixed interval, then he is hungry, so that he may not return for a long time. It is therefore good, if continuing to post is kept at set time and interval. Weekly posting, on the day of weekend, such as on Saturday, and at time between 6 pm and 9 pm is the best, because at that time all the people of the world are awake and also in the Relaxed mode. The website cannot be edited on the mobile phone in the free plan. Personal pages can also be made on the website, which nobody else can see. All your personal information can be inserted on it.

Similarly, the “nofollow” code should not be included in any post as it does not make available link juice to anyone, and is destroyed. Even if the link juice is being blocked from going to the Linked website, there is no benefit as other bloggers will also apply this code, so that the link juice of their blog is not available to us. In short, short-term measures should be avoided to increase traffic. Most of these measures are illegal, due to which Google can penalize. If one does not have the ability to write new content for his webpost or webpage, then by changing slightly the words and sentences of their old content, they can possibly write it again. Although it should not be stolen from others’ content. There are many well-known internet-men, who have become famous only by tinkering with others’ content.

If you want to get increased traffic continuously, then add new posts twice a week. But this can be a loss for readers do not get much time to read new posts. Posting a post twice a week can also be practiced to keep the traffic uninterrupted, but the e-mail followers who receive frequent notifications may be upset. It may also be that they did not read the post because of the mental burden.

The website can also be transferred. The website can also be named with another man. Many people want to stay away from the ownership of the website themselves, especially on which money transactions happen. Public sector workers face problems from such websites, especially during the time of income tax return. There are also other legal obligations. In such a way, they make websites in the name of their wives, and become their administrators. The owner (the wife on here) is also the admin itself. Many people transfer their website to others’ account when they are famous. For that, the WordPress account (for wordpress platform) has to be created for the new website owner. The international debit card of the wife etc. has to be created so that the website can be recharged or upgraded. The general informative website can also be run by government employees, in which there is no money transaction, no political rhetoric, and the articles of government’s dislikes have not been written. The right to express thoughts is for everyone, even though with some conditions for a government employee. With his ideas, his official work should not be affected. If beneficial to his official work, then it is very good.

Clicking the Reader button in top bar of WordPress opens the dropdown menu. The first button is “Followed Sites”. Posts are displayed from all the followed sites on it, serial wise, the newest first of all. The lower button is of “Conversation”. It shows the comments of all the posts on the comment of which the website owner has put the “like” himself, or a comment has been made by himself, in an orderly fashion, the newest post with liked comment appearing first of all. Still lower button is that of “Discover”. The best posts are selected by WordPress-readers on it. The lower button is that of “Search”. There are so many recommended posts on it. The most recommended posts are the first. There is also a search bar on which we can search the post. The lower button is that of “My Likes”. There are all the posts on it, which have been liked, respectively, the most recently posted posts being first in line. The bottom is the “Tags” button. On this, we can add tags to our liking, so that every time we click on that tag, the posts with that tag continue to open. For example, if someone likes topics related to “Kundalini”, then he can add the word “Kundalini” in the tag.

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