Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening may not be necessary to get Moksha.

Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening are not necessary to get Moksha.

A man does not need enlightenment and/or Kundalini awakening for Moksha. If enlightenment had been too important for Moksha (liberation), then there would not have too many claims of Moksha that are written in almost each and every ancient Sanskrit spiritual texts and/or spiritual procedures. Even liberation has been claimed after reading only very short Sanskrit-text for single time only. Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening teaches how to adopt attitude of non-dualism consistently. It is non-dual attitude, which causes Moksha. Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening experiences also become forgotten with time just as all other mind-bound experiences become. These both types of experiences, especially the enlightenment is provided to any being by the nature just for humanely purpose, so that he can guide others about the benefits of non-dualism and unattached attitude. Effect of enlightenment experience appears as much more pronounced than the Kundalini awakening experience. The effect of enlightenment experience  remained inside Premyogi vajra in full blown manner for just 3 years. During that time, it kept him fully submerged forcefully inside the non-dualism and detachment. Thereafter, this effect decreased slowly with time. A stage was raeched after 20 years, when he used to know that he had got an enlightenment experience once upon a time, but he only remembered its experience too faintly, and that too with too deep and seclusion-full thinking only. That faint remembrance provided very little spontaneous non-dualism. Although, a habit of non-dual attitude and detached attitude remains forever, may be little or more. The same thing occurs with the Kundalini awakening too, although it is very little in comparison to enlightenment for it is like a candle-flame in front of the sun. Message is clear that if non-dualism and detachment is practiced with full dedication, then there is no need of other things to achieve Moksha. Premyogi vajra once destroyed his habit of non-dualism forcefully. Due to that, he again got submerged in the delusionary world of ignorance. At one time, he practiced non-dualism in a full fledged way without the support of enlightenment or Kundalini awakening. Then he experienced the bliss of Moksha in his mind again.