Importance of recluse for awakening

Importance of recluse for awakening

Recluse is a relative term. Living in a crowd with Yoga / humanity / love / truly spiritual environment is more reclusive than a loneliness that is stressful or boring.

Premyogi vajra tells about his own experience in his own words regarding this as under. My family environment was like a reclusive crowd that has been explained in the above paragraph. For my intermediate class, I went to the city-school. I was shocked on seeing the sudden change of social environment from reclusive/spiritual to chaotic/materialistic. I could not study well there. Therefore, I shifted to a school at a small town to attend my next class. The reclusive environment of that new place matched to social environment at my home. Therefore, I could study well there. It was amazing to see that the environment appeared much more reclusive there comparatively. Although that town was more crowded than my home. My home was as a type of a traditional village even having no road. Due to this, I got a good opportunity to develop up my natural yoga through growing up the single Samadhi-image in my mind without any disturbance to anybody. You must know that natural as well as artificial, both types of yoga demand a recluse. Artificial yoga demands even more recluse. Little Crowded, truly spiritual (although not hypocritical) and reclusive environment appeared as better than the lonely reclusive to me. Environment full of hypocritical spirituality appeared as most damaging to me, even more damaging than the purely materialistic one. Although, I found overcrowded, over materialistic and chaotic environment as repulsive. Bliss is a type of positive test for the spiritual recluse. It means that if a joy appears at a place from nowhere, then the environment at that place may be called as truly spiritual and reclusive, whether that place is lonely or crowded. For 2 years, my Samadhi-image grew at that reclusive place having moderate crowd. To jump from yoga to enlightenment, one needs to be in close company of a spiritual master. I had just finished my science course of intermediate level. Therefore, I got an opportunity to stay at home for some time without having needed to go to school. Due to that, I felt myself as greatly relieved of continued burden of my study. At home, I came in full company of my aged grandfather, who was a truly spiritual man and had spent his whole life in performing spiritual activities in the homes of people through a strict spiritual discipline. Actually, a master himself gets attracted intuitively towards a true yogi. My GF also enjoyed my company. I used to visit with him and work with him in his farming fields. Some of those fields were in the down valleys and some were on the top of peaks. In earlier days, I used to cooperate him in his work in my spare time during my school-holidays. However, now I was always ready for him. Habitually, he never used to disturb a being while that being used to be studying. Sometime, I also helped him in his spiritual work. His company became amazingly very much fascinating, charm-full and blissful. Due to that thing, I forgot my contemplation (Samadhi)-image fully. I also lost future hope of the physical counterpart of that Samadhi image (Queen). It means, my contemplation/Samadhi was transferred from that persistent image to the mental image of master unknowingly or spontaneously. Aadi Shankracharya has also said in his commentary to Patanjali yogsutra that Samadhi (contemplation) can be transferred from one image to another one. That was the time when I got my enlightenment in my sleep.

Additionally, one important thing must be noted that recluse is needed only in the final stages of yog-sadhna, when the kundalini is enough grown up in the interactive world. One’s Kundalini takes up that primary growth while he being fully functional inside the fully interactive and emotional gross-world with persistent attitude of strong non-duality. Recluse since the beginning may ruin one’s life very easily. This is so because the mental world is dependent on the physical world. Mental image cannot grow up without the basic background of its physical form. For example, how could the image of Queen grow inside the mind of Premyogi vajra, if he would not have strong and deep physical interaction with the Queen?