Kundalini versus Religion

Kundalini is the only thing, which can unite all religions and philosophies together. Everything there is for kundalini only. When every religion will find its relation with kundalini, then there will be peace and harmony in the world itself. That is why I kept the name of my website as demystifyingkundalini.com. There is scope for every type of people in that. It is better to believe in all religions than to believe in no religion.

One can say that why should a religion bound name be given to kundalini, and not non religious like any scientific or culture one etc. This is so because these and all other terms are also area specific. There is no term, which is not bound to any area or tradition. If a new term is discovered, that would also have the tag of discoverer. If a committee designs a new term, then that would also have tag of the head of committee. You can not escape from the associated tags. Then why not to keep the term kundalini as such, that is associated with the oldest religion since ages ago and thus having a plethora of positive psychological effects.

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