Love story of a Yogi-3

हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”, इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

This story is also available as an e-book with name “Love story of a Yogi- what Patanjali says” at the webpage ‘store’. There it has been edited to remove grammatical errors, also preserving the original sense of the story.

God doesn’t exist. But merely saying doesn’t suffices. We shall have to experience that absolute nothingness ie. When “doesn’t” also dissolves. If any body says that he is God then he is absolutely lier as God has no feeling of “I”. In rare cases,one may pretend on the basis of past experience of God which he has forgotten so far due to storms of materialism. Mind is active by nature as it can’t stay empty in is better to fix the mind on a single favourite image than trying to make it empty,with help of external yogic limbs.favouritism is natural as well as artificial. Buffalo can be favourite due to present or past life circumstances, naturally. Similarly, the same Buffalo can also be made favourite artificially by continuous concentration on it through yogic limbs.after some practice ,the same buffalo will turn to shining golden appearance with that’s qualities and nature transformed into better is because mind has shining cant stay will transform an ugly think into a good looking after some practice.this is why for layman,it is advised to meditate upon demigods having golden colour,good hair,handsome facial formation,clean shaved,having flower Garland, smiling face,golden crowned, beautiful coloured and lose clothes and so on.these qualities act like a primer in the start of yoga to make it easy and avoid hesitation.

We only suppose existence of God for the cosmic administrative purpose only. It is true that cosmic administration runs automatically due to the close proximity of everything to God everywhere just as iron piece is automatically and remotely controlled by a magnet, but he is still super zero and has nothing to do with that.

There is no second route to God other than peak of mental joy which is only possible through samadhi.other routes may be termed as being only subroutes to this final route.being in samadhi doesn’t mean that he escapes away from the world. He stays in this world and acts like others but logically and as per need.the single image always remains in his mind,whatever or wherever he remains. Actually, that image supports him in every walk of life.actually, majority of people only know action less samadhi of yogis that is why they hate yogis.there is also a second category of samadhi which is action samadhi of worldly yogis which I consider as super samadhi as it is two in one(jenuine worldly joy amplifying the mental samadhi joy).it is fastest way to mature into self realization.his life becomes a model to others as he has all the good qualities automatically.sudden self realization in dark can never occure as darkness is what but hidden imprints of world/mind only.those hidden imprints burn on that single image flame removing mental darkness gradually. In the last,when that final image also cools due to finish of imprinted fuel,total mindlessness with self realization occurs.

It is true that occasional submersion into darkness is second phase of truth finding. But it should be circumstantial or progressive, not forcibly imposed, for the welfare of the whole of the society. It also shows us quantum of hidden impressions of our mind/world.It also doesn’t mean we remain submerged there forever.the boat to come out of that dark sea is samadhi only.that is why at time of such grief ,favourite God/master is to be continuously minded as per the elderly spiritual advice. This is what ,samadhi only.this transient samadhi burns those impressions giving us temporary relief. What about supreme samadhi which dissolves grief for ever.

Dear friends, I think that the yoga practice is progressing on with twice a day schedule by all the members because in yoga,this is practice which is main,theory alongside is a minor thing and displayed forth with the inspirationally motive only.

I observed one principle of pranayam practically. When I put mool bandh,Jalandhar bandh and uddeyan bandh during poorak kumbhak and rechak kumbhak,I felt that my dhyan image ascended upward up to top of brain ie. Sahasrar chakra from outside or spinal chord surrounding was upward migrating kundalini.hathyoga has written this thing as actually happening.

I observed that when digestion is optimum, bowels are clean and diet is neither too light nor too heavy,pranayam is most effective and without side effects. Hathyog has prescribed the same things.

To gain something, you will have to lose surely something. I observed that after pranayam caused peace and samadhi ,I am persistent with this gain if I act peacefully and without fight or flight. I lose this samadhi state if I become even little bit of greedy towards the manuals have written the same

Paranoia alternating with samadhi is totally usual. Even great yogis experience it,even after self realization too.patanjali has called this phenomenon as”ekagrata parinaam”, ” samadhi parinaam” and “nirodh parinaam” all corresponding to ekagrta,samadhi and nirodh status of mind respectively.paranoia is avoidable through practice.

Nothing changes after self realization. He has same human emotions as before.I found that love yogi same after enlightenment as supernatural powers.all are false.propagandas to encourage worldly ambitious man to enlightenment and for the security of one Post enlightenment (as he looks sedated externally).only thing changes is attitude. He neither cries in sufferings nor dances in greeneries. He has unique stability and fulfillment of mind.

Second thing that yogi noticed was that after SR ,he was stationed at samadhi state continuously for many years,through which he had ascended to the final could he be dropped suddenly to the dark pit from such sky height. Samadhi bomb had gone blasted but fire was still burning to keep up the joy with intermittent hope for the second blast.the hope went misguided to troubles as the imaged being had already refused through strong indirect expressions using that’s image ,even up to the extent of curses. Also,the work nature of yogi was fixed to be non peaceful, agitating and violent type.

At that post SR samadhi level ,he was misunderstood almost by each and everyone. He was called or recognised as moody,disobedient, indifferent, unrespectful, careless,casual,misbehaving ,none male,non responsible ,overjoyed, over thinking, over imagining,introvert, unsocial ,over irritating, fearful, over religious, fool missioned,Orthodox, over lonely and could not bend him to his side for years.ultimately he was broken down and forgot his gain along with vanish of his samadhi status.he then became an ordinary worldly man.

Whatever he is,his story is 101% true.we should bother fruit always,not the is hard enough to explain his identity fully.if partially explained, there will be a scope for misunderstanding. He may be different gender outside and different inside,different age outside and different inside, one bodied but with minds of two or more bodies,scientist outside and yogi inside,earth dwelling outside but sky flying inside,Temporary time and space metamorph of an ordinary man,negative outside but positive inside ,simple outside and complex inside and likewise.

Love analysing attitude,although correct yoga practice as per the patanjali rajyoga under the guidance of an experienced yogi, teaches itself everything. That yogi was hanging mid sky, say inside the international space station, after being dropped down from the enlightened moon of self.he was still overjoyed there.worldly people rushed to him through regular flights to share his joy and helped him run his livelihood in return.he wasn’t working for joy as he had it already so not painstrikingly busy ,but for uplifting joy of world. Worldly entangled people are a bizarre thing.they became jealous with the joyful. They say that a wasteful expenditure. Similarly, they became jealous and irretated with the enlightened yogi and discovered different tactics to downgrade him.they wanted from needless and overjoyed yogi to work and behave forcefully under hateful pressure in a pain strikingly hard and rubbish or headless way like themselves. They dont consider work and behaviour done under samadhi status or without attachment as been done.They joined together and considered or willingly termed his worldly neglect as headlessness. Unity is strength of fools.They thought that worldly perfection is the only symptom of Head fullness.they can’t see the head fullness in yoga or samadhi bound work and behaviour. If enlightenment causes samadhi bound work and behaviour, then reverse is also true.actually, non samadhi status is headlessness because in this case,head only occupied ,that too only partially,during worldly interaction,but buried under the sediments of a deep well at other times.samadhi status is only head fullness status where head is always and fully occupied.

Ekagrata and dhyan are nearly synonyms as per patanjali.eka -one,agrata-aheadness..a worldly busy man can’t do dhyan during his busy hours however he can be ekagra ie. Having single image always ahead and above all.dhyan is total focus on that image which is only possible during a yoga practice. Both mental status are complimentary to and reinforcing each other.that yogi had developed mastery in ekagrata under the supervision of his master,which had helped in his sudden entry into top samadhi as soon as he got a chance to unload the worldly work load for a while.

That yogi told me that he will guide me every way and teach me everything if I practice yoga routinely as per patanjali plus his advice. Actually, an enlightened guide and correct yoga practice are must to know everything including top spiritual secrets.

Every person always has a particular thing towards which he is inclined most or say which occasionally evolves in his mind,now or is most probably a beloved person .love is second name to care and support. I don’t know but some bizarre people may have bizarre things as most preferred.most bizarre things are there in yoga commentary books itself like mid of eyebrows, tip of nose etc.however, patanjali has advised one to concentrate upon its most preferred thing which is undoubtedly a beloved person(live or passed away to heaven),human shape idols of God at second place. That image itself is a miniatured piece of God,as we can’t keep the wholeness of God imprisoned inside mind,if exposure occurs, it is momentarily only.that piece of God floats in yogi mind as samadhi at time of trouble, depression etc. and saves him.that piece of God becomes exposed fully to yogi with time and practice.he then is qualified to get full exposure of God. It is like a case if a hydroelectric engineer understands miniaturized model of hydropower generation system fully ,then only he is qualified to undertake the large scale hydroelectric project which generates enough power to enlighten the world.

Contradiction is a good leads to improvement in the present system or understanding. Patanjali has shown classification of samadhi into different categories. He doesn’t say that different categories are related to different types of objects (thick/thin ) etc. It is highly possible that the same thick object becomes thin and thin with advancing meditation .my practical experience has also proved means that only single image is to be selected from start up to the end,otherwise a practitioner will wander puzzled aimlessly among plethora of images without proper samadhi with none of those. I saw only one commentary written by an experienced yogi which strengthen my practical experience, others seen only as firing in the dark ,without actual deep experience regarding this matter.

Dear friends,Unlocking kundalini may not be acceptable to all.whether it is a pure physical form or pure psychological experiences materialized, isn’t clear.but as far as I feel,Kundalini is a mental process, associated with and assisted by different physical parts and processes of this physical body.when practically observed,the meditative image shifts to brain from periphery when physical posture similar to something pushing upward(bandhas)) is made during means,that image was kundalini and it shifted to brain thinking from outside thinking,when assisted by manipulation of physical body.

My doubt at previous post dissolved regarding concentration on own body parts like chakras,heart,nose tip when I read some commentaries .these advice dharma/concentration on body parts and meditation/dhyan on personified means,start is best and easiest from our own body as we are maximally attached to our own body.however, I directly practised dhyan on my mentally beloved as it suited to me due to strange and sky height attraction(gf)

Dear friends, the story of my master,love yogi continues. He could never divulge his enlightenment to any one of his community, as everyone was not willing to believe that enlightenment can be achieved through meditation on a simple girl. All used to silently isolate /boycott him or rudely behave with him on getting even a smell of such type of information.all had a prejudice that meditation can only be successful with image of God, master, heart,tip of nose,stone,wood anything but not woman. they had a disinclination towards a pure woman beauty.society was dominated by married people so they were totally unwilling ,forced by their uncontrollable senses, to even hear this claim made by a pitiable unmarried love yogi. Even unmarried youngs were following their views blindly.moreover,stationing a beautiful woman body inside the mind continuously for years ,without physical approach ,appeared a big blow to their male ego.they were not willing to accept ego less and indirect initiation ,even guided by an elderly and familially experienced master , of an unmarried girl in favour of a good moral character.they were not even willing to certify meditation upon a blended group of images of woman, god/goddess and spiritual master.he had proved through his enlightenment that enlightenment is easiest and quickest with guided meditation on a beautiful girl,but how to open his mind and show it’s contents to make others believe.he had proved that celibacy is biggest weapon to kill spiritual ignorance but how to make male dominated society believe this thing.however, he searched out me inside the gatherings and displayed his amazing experiences.contd.-

Dear friends, To whom public love,they are not enlightened. Those who are famous in this world, are not really enlightened. To whom public hate,they are actually enlightened.who are not famous worldly, they are enlightened. Devils can never love angels.Angels can never be famous among devils.Darkness never welcomes brightness. My enlightened master was never loved heartily by anyone despite plethora of qualities.My master became never famous among the mass public and even bunch of people despite the supreme knowledge of peace and mankind he had. My master was really enlightened.

Joined with my master in samadhi for half an hour

Read many books on yoga.everyone talks everything about enlightenment but about his own enlightenment.

It is as simple as eating a contemplating status of samadhi by yogi A, image of a man B is so consistent and permanent in his mind that ego self of A is nothing other than image of B.personalty of man B has been derived indirectly from his image as people around deals with him according to his he attracts similar types of dealings from the public by affixing image of B inside makes his personality similar to means,he has formed second body for this way,yogi goes on preparing different bodies for him (although all headed by his initialmost primary body) with the hope of enlightenment.this matter written in patanjali yogsutra appears complicated to those only who has not achieved samadhi yet.

Art can never be is cheating .art has made this world strange and unnatural. enlightenment is natural. yoga is is artificial copy of natural enlightenment process.hurried men cannot wait for natural phenomena which is beautiful,so they develop art to simulate that phenomena. Natural is for free is for caged bird.i saw glimpse of enlightenment naturally.not by yoga practice. asan and pranayam were in the form of natural hard work to survive. yam niyam were in the form of truthful social behaviour. pratyahar was in the form of control of unnatural and unsocial senses.dhaarna,dhyan and samadhi were in the form of deep natural love and attraction towards an image of fixed up in mind by law,not forced.image breakup was top of samadhi.hearty friend controlling me at this situation with sympathetic love was supposedly acting as my yoga sleep was natural calmness.glimpse therein was final natural achievement. all dont get this Type of golden opportunity tgat is why yoga designed. i myself can’t dare to get again naturally as how to bring that tyoe of loving society naturally which has become now the norms of past.i myself practice artificial yoga.there is no option otherwise. something is better than nothing.

We cannot say that only enlightened one is able as yoga master.a technical professor is never familiar with techniques practically but he teaches and prepares great technicians. Thorough and deep systematic study of yoga is enough to become yoga master. just as real technicians never bother teaching others ,the same way enlightened

Enlightened one is a Type of spiritual scientist.he discovers,verifies and supervises the spiritual techniques in society

It is absolutely true that we should be neutral ,witnessing all the mental activities without being affected,to become mindless. actually,people advocating this thing are pulling only one leg of the rushing burglar. we can not be neutral to mind without having atleast single image inside us as permanently owned. That image sprouts up sharply as and when we tend to attach to mental waves,thus diluting those mental debris to ineffectiveness. if we neglect mental waves , then where the mind will seek refuge as mind can’t stay vacant or dull except sleep. It will be stressful to force mind to be neutral. we will have to be carefull always to prevent attachment resulting in work loss,so witnessing is not a practical method. instead,in samadhi state, we need not to care much about the mental waves whatever difficult or challenging is our task,as that single image will go on doing her job well by keeping other waves as not more than her pet animals,harnessing all the benefits without permitting lifting up their poisonous hoods.side by side,that single image will nourish and grow day by day,consuming everlasting byproducts from hoards of her pet animals. It is all just supporting the unquestionable perfection level of patanjali yoga,reinforced through my own practical experience

Truely speaking,im natural yogi,following artificial yoga art now a days to verify turning off of physical mind is necessary. atleast single samadhi image should be as pure spiritual mind does not allow physical mind to override can anybody survive in this competitive world with spiritual is not necessary to keep samadhi image in mind throughout the day as it will kick out physical is yoga practice two times a day made,to harbour the samadhi image inside and be cool and relaxed.if anybody has no work and is boring or critically depressed then he may support samadhi image at anytime.

Dear friends,Lot of people even knowledgeables have a great misunderstanding regarding samadhi state.they think that samadhi is a sitting posture with eyes closed for a long.they also consider samadhi as synonymous for union with God. My direct experience proves that samadhi state is nothing other than a fully efficient and active state of a humanitarian person.constant union with a single mental image effortlessly, is the only additional element ,which is present in the samadhi state. Union with God can not be achieved for more than a few seconds as God is the highest possible energy state ,which can not be tolerated by this earthly body as more than a flash.

Dear friends,Lot of people even knowledgeables have a great misunderstanding regarding samadhi state.they think that samadhi is a sitting posture with eyes closed for a long.they also consider samadhi as synonymous for union with God. My direct experience proves that samadhi state is nothing other than a fully efficient and active state of a humanitarian person.constant union with a single mental image effortlessly, is the only additional element ,which is present in the samadhi state. Union with God can not be achieved for more than a few seconds as God is the highest possible energy state ,which can not be tolerated by this earthly body as more than a flash. Patanjali has never said that samadhi is union with God. he has finished yoga at means yoga can only reach upto samadhi.God is unreachable.he will himself reach us one day in the form of enlightenment if we are consistently in sanadhi .he becomes silent after samadhi as God is indescribable and unreachable. scholars interpreted it as Samadhi being union with God. Samadhi is the Last station of journey by yoga train. From there,yogi is airlifted to the hill top of God for a while and dropped down is yogis wish if he wants to reside nearby that last station to get another chance of lift or to travel back to accomplish that lengthy journey again.

Samadhi is the Last station of journey by yoga train. From there,yogi is airlifted to the hill top of God for a while and dropped down is yogis wish if he wants to reside nearby that last station to get another chance of lift or to travel back to accomplish that lengthy journey again.

I cant know the reason for varying experiences of satori ,when reality is one and absolute.All religious scriptures display enlightenment experience in the same fashion and words.some say it as glimpse enlightenment ,not sustained.if it is glimpse enlightenment,then it should match to scriptural description.logically,there is no difference between cup water and the bucket water. 20 years ago ,i got an amazing self experience in my sweet sleep as a glimpse for roughly 5 seconds.i dont know wheather it was satori,glimpse enlightenment or something else. Although,it was perfectly matching to scriptural description of enlightenment. First of all,I experienced myself standing upon a river bridge in the down valley,roughly 1 km walking distance down away from my home.i felt myself as fully open,having overjoy extended from my mental waves to my self which was dark in the past.means,joy and concious light was not limited to my mental waves.I turned my head down and gazed flowing ( was having same shape and form as naturally experienced by all, although it was nothing other than bridge and my fully concious self.bridge was also physically as usually seen, although nothing other than river,its water and my pure self;spiritually/conciously.then i turned my head to left side mountain Slope ( having had actually slided down due to heavy rain sometime ago,leaving a raw earthy gap of approx. 20 meter between both vegetation filled land patches .half the river had gone occluded due to that landslide.amazingly all vegetation on the denuded patch was live and intact.also, it looked same as it naturally appears physically, although nothing other than previous two and my fully concious self,spiritually.then i turned my head upward and gazed the sun.the same experience repeated.the mighty sun appeared to me usual as it appears brightest body in the sky to all people, although it did not appeared extra bright to me and thats brightness was equal to previous 4 ie. river water,mountain,bridge and my brightest pure Self ( also was nothing other than previous 4 bodies and my shampoo cleaned bright and pure self. it all happened quickly within a short period of 5–10 seconds.during this,i was totally filled up with limitless joy,brightness,wisdom,peace and Openness.i ( felt myself as king of the universe or say god like during this period.amazingly,i experienced everything ever possible, inside this short looking patch of time and night united together in an unknown fashion.amazing.everything united together.i simpy can say that it was highest level of our mind energy,ever possible.everything means every mental wave, appears tiny fraction of that,even appearantly limitless space and ( self was as an endless ocean of conciousness in which mental waves were as ocean and hate,both together.amazing.fearful to wicked and blessing to genuine one. on the next morning,i found myself as fully perfect,being having achieved everything,child like,tensionless,peaceful,joyful ,desireless,natural and so on,as written in the reputed spiritual scriptures. i had experienced it not arbitrarily ,but in line with scripture.i was actually in natural samadhi and it had gone matured as per patanjali yoga. for more information on this,practical patanjali yoga and keeping yoga practice continued,please join brilliano( blog,kundalini channel, and read all posts of Hridayesh(my profile name there) in chronological order , and discuss/chat with him. it is the answer given by me on quora in responce to question,”what is satori” and then copy pasted here.

Genuine mass media doubt.zaa zaa zaa

god like isnt god in anyway.we all are not mature enough to prove our spiritual experiences ourselves. there should be reference literatures made by someone perfect.that is surely presenr.these are hindu vedas and upnishads which are not written but direct experiential words of god like rishis delivered during their direct union with god.we can only conpare our experiences with their words and believe likewise.belief is a good motivator for forward progression ,if taken un positive way otgerwise add up to ego if taken in negative way.i read how brain changes in enlightenment. the same facts are there which are put in upnishads thoysands years ago,but now dressed in science shirt.isn’t it.enlightenment is not main,main thing is how to achieve it.understanding develops every moment.but my present understanding shows that nothing better than patanjali yoga.i think so.let us see ahead ,what comes out next.two types of experiences. mental and non mental.mental can be anything ie. Heaven,angels,godly abodes,personified gods,golden sky or silver sky or so on upto yaldabaoth.all limited to mind.non mental are special offcourse momentary in the sense that it is without mental they appear more real than has symptoms.we dont know source.but these symptoms when described as pertaining to enlightenment by rishis,then we become assured,not directly by ourselves.we only feel strangeness,realness and speciality from everything else other.we none can never know its godly source,i is only guess by comparing with experiences of perfect rishis.

God is wondered?i said wordly god is imperfect,not experiential god.2 gods?there was ultimate experience first of all.out of words..out of it,no experiences were was topmost experience.he wondered how to tell this to others to serve.he imagined highest possibulity of wordly thinking upto a super human who can utelize worldly senses or say can see everything,everywhere and always.he is wordly or say worldly god.actually,god has no eyes.he is only experiential. but solidification of that experience was must which however distorted actual experience simewhat although compromise was well done for humanity. Aha aha aha

It means When experience appears supreme most and at par with the spiritual scriptures and group of enlightened people,it can be termed in hurry as god is enough obvious what it is.

Well ,god has 7 different is upto choice of anyone,what meaning he choses. 2nd doubt bound to arise is regarding wickedness.some say,vilence,some say lying,some say cheating,some say so and nutshell,i say wickedness is attachment,non uniting attitude,dualism,polyism selfishness,misuse,overuse and inhumanity. Regarding my master,he is always in my mind,physically inaccessible

Anybody need not to get discouraged.mental enlightenment is building block for spiritual enlightenment. i used to wander with heavenly bodies here and there,in mountains,in gardens,between flowers,near sea,in peaceful and isolated locations.observing and enjoying heavenly marriages,heavenly relationships.heavenly company enjoyment. it culminated into spiritual enlightenment with help of my master.master or spiritual company alongwith mental enlightenment is very very very must for spiritual enlightenment.

In top nutshell, duality is the only wickedness

I am searching for that momentary enlightenment experience again since my 20 years but failed must understand how much tricky rhat experience is

Christ has advised to follow humanity through obedience, not through hit and trial/personal verification/independence

Enlightenment is tricky in the first sense that if wlllingly sought out it flies away but if not desired with practising only the senseful yogic life,it appears

My enlightenment experience had comw feom nowhere in the had not come from dream state mental had appeared suddenly. Brain shaking flood of mental waves appeared only to validate the conscious express as it is habitual in our life that conscious experience is always accompanied with mental activity,never with mindlessness.pure self was first time experienced as bright,clean,concious just like mental concious waves so it is also foe sure,that was experience of self consciousness as we all know that mental consciousness never look non separated from our self at time other than self experience.

It is quite right.telling god as dead is not a bad idea.god is live as well as in the sense that it is origin of life and dead in the sense that it has no ego like a dead.i experienced him as live and dead ,both very deep burried in depths. Like a lovely ghost.dreaded king of ghosts but lightful.frightful.killermost.kills everybody for ever.biggest night dancer.biggest cheater.strange light.Like moonlight. dark and light together. Neither vast nor limited.neither personified nor impersonified.all are false wordly descriptions. It is everything. it is is is silent experience only.if remembered,words destroy it.if not remembered,words expose is it only.strange and amazing

Ld,he is super dead.dead of deads.everbody is doing yoga to dye.dye permanently. super death.never to be born.all yogis are fan of that super dead.zaa zaa zaa

That super dead is so much attractive and beautiful that world is dying for him.zaa zaa zaa.

Well,Psychic scientists are modern torch bearers foR patanjali yoga.what they call sampragyat samadhi as rise but asampragyat samadhi as fall in activity of temporal and parietal lobe of brain,in their own language. They propose this rise followed by fall for enlightenment means they verify patanjali yoga

LOVE STORY OF A YOGI CONTINUES- My master’s samadhi/contemplative object was a beautiful girl in his that time,all his neurones were firing at their peak producing extreme mental sensation without the involvement of external senses which could otherwise break the samadhi.when your mind is full, the whole world becomes your friend.the same thing happened with him.he was a boy from outside but actually a beautiful girl inside due to natural contemplation. then why the world shouldn’t had rushed to him.he was in a close company of his dedicated spiritual master also,always. You know,girls are girls.very unstable minds basically,mainly if not under control of a stable man.a temporary and natural separation of both communities occured.boy community shifted to north and girl community to master came under the company of his spiritual master, know,true spiritual masters have reduced sense of reasoning and judgement (depressed frontal lobe of brain) and reduced sence of self with unity conciousness(depressed parietal lobe).you also know that company of girl friend has opposite effects in brain.due to sudden change in company,there was a sudden transition or say downward shift in conciousness to the extent of much more than 40 %,which is known as base border line of conciousness downshift conducive for enlightenment,scientifically. my master also felt that he has been dropped from sky height to deep earth suddenly.this shock produced his sudden enlightenment.

It is the fundamental scientific principle behind the ancient Indian Master tradition. Zaa zaa zaa

Patanjali has never informed about varipus forms of braething exercises.he has only displayed the fundamental principle that withholding breath inside or outside helps sedate mind.various design of breathing exercises were developed later on based on this fundamental principle. you can make your own design as per your choice.

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