Love story of a Yogi-4

हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”, इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

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The same by his disciple but in a pronounced way as judgement and analysis along with separateness had grown in the form of science but advanced communication means which otherwise prevents sudden transitions through conciousness levels

Now,there comes the role of unattached attitude. Some attach to physical formations and indulge in sensory pleasures unnecessarily. They fail to shift over their conciousness facet drastically despite having a highly eligible and dedicated master,as they remain mentally bound to past worldly activities.Some save themselves from attachment snares and turn to spiritualist conciousness one day,enjoy enough benefits of conciousness shift although superficially,but fail to get enlightenment achieving shift despite their full effort as having no dedicated master.

Widespread misconceptions regarding unattachment.some say unattachment is emotionlessnesss.some say it is joylessness.some say it is is synonymous to enjoyment. enlightenment is nothing but peak of enjoyment.enjoyment is embedded inside emotions and worldly entanglement. Problem is with hardcore materialists as they misconcieve if they enjoy the world most of all.On the other end,spiritual drummers escape away from worldly enjoyment to make press upon the stamp of unattached one.both are wrong.middle way between both is the true budhist way.taking enjoyment much more than sensually mad materialist with minimum use of external but intetnal senses, is the actual unattachment. it is a comes with practice.hahaha

If anyone drinks and eats then it is his personal body is adjusted in activities somewhere else to neutralise his personality as ground nature of every creature is neutral which is stress free.superficial enjoyment is superb but please don’t expect enlightenment there.physical joy is accelerated with growing darkness of self thus increasing contrast between self and the theatre movie in a dark room and fully lighted same room can exist simultaneously. Best way for unattachment as enlightenment causer for me was a double sided friendly relationship,both with hardcore spirituals as well as hardcore materialists which cancelled one another’s attachment automatically without any effort for specially practising any of these two opposite disciplines and unbiasedness from my also didn’t destroy my enjoyment which otherwise gets unsharpened by hassles for resulted in my double pronged development, spiritual as well as materialist. Once ,after a reasioning- full day,I drank at night with senior knowlegeable elderly comopany and went on reasoning -less gossyps till late night.During the succeeding morning walk,I remembered my enlightenment mediated unity conciousness with deep joy although much superficially. It proves this recent scientific evidence (although advocated in unscientific way by scriptures since millennia)that drastic and sustained shift in face of conciousness from reasoning full dual phase to reasoning less unity phase causes enlightenment.

The second subject having widespread misconceptions is that of regarding spiritual master.Almost all people imagine master as an egofull king type,wearing special dress,having a hoard of specially dressed disciples all around.It is actually not like this, but its only a imagined product of paranoiac mind.Any few incidences should not be allowed to put question mark to the scientific and experiential social system as a whole.Rather,the drawbacks if any,should be rectified in relation to the time and place.I have not experienced this system as such but become somewhat benefitted through it as felt superimposed over a modern classroom master can’t be kept only for one practitioner due to scarcity issues. My master was actually not a master.He never declared him as my master and me as his disciple. He was an elderly family member of mine.He had been a hardworking spiritually practising farmer throughout his younghood. Spiritualism was his primary subject with full dedication,farming as secondary just as a side business.At old age also,he was full of courage to work ,but physically much less capable so he started reading Sanskrit scriptures day and night as and when free in front of eager family members,if any, otherwise alone.I used to study science in a nearby room,his words as a sweet bell ringing in my ears always, so his spiritual conciousness was properly blending with my materialist conciousness.I used to help him in his habit bound minor farming works,acting as a gentle yoga exercise for both of us.Friendly discussions used to run occasionally, oftenly spiritualism related but sometimes materialism related also.Good behaviour and attitude was indirectly conveyed through company only,no need of words.Therefore, no need to pressurise any belief but gentle praise of anything good and insult of anything bad.Socially required secrecy was maintained as usual with others. Actually ,master harbours a spiritual attractive light.He prefers for his company, a man with a materialistic brilliant light and vice versa as both the opposite natures are actually complimentary to each other.This blend of contrasting natures go on producing conciousness phase changes , ensuing addictive joy of little e -enlightenments very often and a big E if drastic change occures anytime.I was lucky in this sense.He was supplementing his spiritual shortcomings through my materialistic company and I was supplementing my materialistic shortcomings through his spiritual company.That was all going through mind to mind and face to face interactions in day to day routine activities, automatically,with no need to say this or that through artificial and boring words.It can not be defined in words exactly but if said anyway,master and disciple are best friends to each other and this is in one by one ratio only because best is one and one only,means one master has only one disciple and vice versa.Social etiquettes are habit bound and have been made for body only but mind.With mind,everyone is a friend.Moreover,enlightenment is created with help of many natural and arteficial factors then why to give credit only to one individual ie. master.Attachment to even spiritualism and master too is binding and acts like a golden chain.I was saved from attachment to my master and his spiritualism due to the fact that I had a strong materialism base also.Everybody should maintain his distinct self proud and shedding it in front of anyone is a symptom of attachment.Some people harbour ego in the name of self proud.The boundary between self proud and ego is too faint to be missed very often mainly if anybody not carefull enough.This company helped me to avoid attachment to material world.When my beloved material world kicked me out of his company suddenly,I was in the company of my master as usual.As I was already fully unattached to the material world despite fully enjoying that ,even much and much more than an attached and sensual man,so I took no time to forget that world totally ,naturally and automatically,thus suddenly dropped wholely into spiritual consciousness. Drastic phase change from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness occurred and sustained for couple of weeks(exactly don’t remember) culminating into a big E experience.

I have explained a simple,non dedicated and household system to cause enlightenment ,as I have passed through it for my big E glimpse. How can I say accurately but guess anything about a dedicated Indian enlightening system ,as I have not actually passed through that.Anybody having big E experience through this system can only explain this in details.

One theory which I suppose as true.Full time Indian enlightenment system had been made chiefly for enlightenment E (including occasional small e ie. self joyous deep insights) for worldly,materialistics and part time practitioners,not for that’s own enlightenment.This system is like a diabetic sugarcane farmer who produces sugar for others but himself,that is why highly respected even revered.When the whole of the creation even God appears to kick anybody out,it is master/guru who gives him refuge at that time and also enlightenment.To save God lovers,we can say that God himself makes available a master or expresses himself in the form of master.It’s true also.This is the reason for the supremacy of the master ,topmost for someone ,second to God for others.That is the reason for The same way,my master was by caste and also had become more full time practitioner due to his old age,spiritually brightened but enlightened.He could only help me but himself to touch big E . It means ,Full time practitioner is the spiritual phase,competitive world as materialistic phase. This spiritual phase is present in every culture and country,but in India,it was highly developed,still it is.It means,if materialistic phase develops in India without degradation of spiritual phase,”enlightenment for all” is possible.In other words, both phases should be accessible easily and everytime to each and every individual. This was the great , holistic and scientific system prevalent in the ancient India. People of spiritual phase are self sacrificing. They can only achieve big E if turn to materialistic phase to trigger a phase change,but in that case they can’t induce spiritual phase into the general materialistic public living under their service area,especially at time of their materialistic stay.It is so because a spiritual one ought to rely upon materialism induction from a seeker who approaches him for spiritualism induction,otherwise the seeker is gainless because induction between two is mutual,not one sided.In this way ,he gets enough phase change to get small e occasionally, but not drastic shift (peak of justifiable materialism to peak of spiritualism) and resulting big E, as gained by others served by him. If he try for self enlightenment through seeking materialism directly elsewhere ,that would be a cheating and against professional ethics.Second option is that at first,they achieve big E themselves and then turn permanently to spiritual phase.This is,what indicated in ancient Indian scriptures.They expect from brahmin caste to achieve enlightenment firstly for themselves through vigorous study and discipline during their celibacy period and become dvij ie. born second time(after enlightenment) and then devote their whole life spiritually to help other caste(materialistic phase) people become enlightened.But only very few potential masters achieve their own E.It means,spiritual masters are actually socially servers,not the served which is ignorantly considered and advertised. In this way,we can see that nothing other new, but digging out ancient Indian system is under practice.Had that system been rectified and strengthened rather than ignored totally ,there would be widespread dual growth, both of effective spirituality as well as humanely materialism unlike today,in the entire world.The same old dog is emerging in a new skin.

I’m a living proof of the ancient Indian system.My residential place was calm,peaceful midhill area.Motorable road was 5 km away from my house with scarce traffic and bus service.2-3 TV channels used to be unlike today’s rush of maddening and useless channels. My master used to tell about much more enjoyment through scripture stories rather than TV programs even when same scriptural stories filmed up. Population was moderate. My grandfather was an area priest. He was dedicated, although having some little agriculture for time pass,as he couldn’t stay idle .He was quite hardworking,active and slim bodied.He was totally vegetarian and non addicted to anything even tea,coffee etc.,just as the general public used to be at that time.He always encouraged his client families for truthful physical progress.He never demanded in return for service rendered by him,as he was satisfied with what ever little bit grains,coins,clothes and utensils he used to recieve.His encouraging words for physical progress meant that he was enough aware of consciousness phase change basis for enlightenment at that time ,most probably through words of scriptures and somewhat through his own experiences. Division of labour was fantastic and scientific at that time society .One dedicated division for priestship ,and teaching and spiritualism, one for earthen pottery, one for leathery, one for metallurgy,one for musical band and so on.All divisions were happy,cooperative, loving to each other,contained and experts in their respective disciplines. The experience was intensified through generations with that system,as child started learning as early as when inside the mother’s womb.That system was least stressful, most habitual,intuitive,mind unloading/non deluding, natural,more social and enlightening.That system of enlightenment was predominantly gradual and imitating like a on foot walking ,where behaviour of enlightened one used to be imitated to achieve the same.Although sudden and drastic phase change for enlightenment (like an aeroplane travel) used to be practiced also,but to a less extent.Today,main attention of some knowledgeablea is on aeroplane travel type system.You know,on foot type system is gradual but much more reliable,enjoying and affordable for mass public.This type of inborn labour division was the main reason for the dual materiospiritual glory of ancient India.It was a divine system made by the divine beings.All were equal there despite the superficial job differences.There was parity in income of all groups. No beggars and poors were there.Top rated brahmin class/caste was not fond of wealth and remained sage like fully satisfied in minimum holdings. That was an amazing thing as otherwise top class collects mountain of wealth elsewhere. The same system prevails inside our body where cellular labour division is remarkable as most efficient social system.Today’s labour division is forceful, unnatural,less social and mind confusing/loading/deluding.Marriages and very close relationships were not allowed between divisions/castes.That helped to forget the entire world by interdivisional lovers as the whole world becomes superimposed over the most beloved as per natural law and forgetting that beloved cause the entire world to be forgotten.That used to result in drastic phase change and thus big E if supported by spiritual division at that time.The same phenomenon had also caused my big E glimpse.The same way,our family priest was another dedicated,joy making and all round brahmin belonging from a far away village.Matching all way to my gf ,but additionally some little bit of more clever,manipulative,clean shaved ,smart ,attractive and enough white.He loved me very much in my childhood.Despite being submerged in spiritual sea always,I couldn’t have big E glimpse until touching peak of worldliness or say peak of mental love affair with unattachment for phase change, aided somewhat by moderate material growth which developed in that society later on.This golden era of moderation of both the opposite disciplines lasted for approximately 10-20 years.Now picture has changed. Peak of materialism appears but spiritualism has gone enough down.Balance has gone disturbed.Not that type of division of labour is seen,so people appear stressed,joyless,unsocial ,imperfact and unsatisfied with their profession.Inter divisional marriages are being accepted,although rarely with little of annoyance to society, if any. Thus golden opportunity for phase change is on a decline.Love marriages are growing up with similar deleterious effect. Many priests have become non vegetarian, drunkard, smokers,less dedicated and likewise. They remain as like sedated always.Don’t show enough coordination with physical growth. Beat there drum separately. No unity among them.Unreal ones are suppressing down the real ones.Rushing to and wishing either blind uniphasic materialism or lame uniphasic spiritualism.I think,it is a side effect of over materialistic environment,pollution ,over competition,job insecurity and population explosion causing stressful environment of present day.Although external influences can’t be held totally responsible for the mental insufficiency, but may act as a favouring factor only.It can not the blame to spiritual professionals only but also to general people who are ignoring them by rushing away to unjustifiable and blind physical growth, being made blind by the exaggerated materialism. Every work was considered equal in ancient India,nothing more good,nothing less good,which is true also as per the nature and law of karma/action.I am not history fan so don’t know exactly in detail what factors split away ancient Indian society up to the level of different divisions hating each other .Now a days ,in so called modern society,50% of joy becomes prey to the uncertainity of carrier.Another 25 % is engulfed by the head to foot type blind struggle to make carrier.Last 25% is chewed by this uniphasic materialistic race.Human is very rare now.All is what,lifeless stone like creatures running here and there without a true and supreme aim of life,which is everlasting mental peace and joy in the form of spiritual awakening.Had our society been biphasic as earlier, all the bad effects of social degradation would have been counteracted,as was in my case when I was a part of that defective social overhaul,but saved by my intuitive biphasic approach. Moreover, there can be defective point of viewing from my side to some extent,as whatever level a mind has at a time,the world appears that level to him at that time. One thing can easily be concluded by anyone from this all ,for a modern man.Daily diving into fully materialistic joyful and social life frankly, along with daily diving into full spiritual life frankly and fully at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening without break at any cost,in the form of contemplatory yoga practice mainly or other spiritual practice as suited, is the key to enjoy the life fully with daily little e ,which in turn acts as a predisposing factor for drastic consciousness phase change ,early or late, but surely,causing big E.

Dear friends,it is all what almighty beloved God wants for the good of the whole,so all accepted joyfully ,but tried to do the best from our parts. Enlightenment is not the main,it is the enlightened behaviour which is main.If anyone gets flash of enlightenment, but dont adopts enlightened behaviour ,then that flash is useless. That flash solely ,isn’t going to liberate any body,so no need to be inflated after a flash and also to rush behind it blindly.Flash is only a type of enlightenment path reminder.To my amazing, after I received the flash,all appeared to me enlightened in my surroundings.Because they were all following the enlightened behaviour already by the grace of ancient Indian system.Through there company,I was made only a torch bearer for this modern era by the nature, but I think that I could not play my this role properly.Anyway,it is enlightened behaviour and not the enlightenment itself,which liberates a man. Zaa zaa zaa

Dear Friends, My family and relatives along with close friend circle didn’t pinpointed me as odd or bizarre after my self being flashed,nor I pinpointed them like that. It means,those all were living an enlightened life.They were truthfully living as per ancient Indian system plus moderate and sensible modern materialistic activities .It means they were enlightened ,indirectly.It shows the importance of community enlightened behaviour for occasional flashing of this and that member. That is why ancient Indian system gives top priority to enlightened life style rather than to surprise enlightenment,which may be favourite to modern people with materialistic lifestyle. It also highlights the great enlightening power of Sanskrit powered ancient Indian system.Not in line with that system(drunkard, nonveg,addicts,egofuls,disbelievers,bad mindedly) ,mainly non unity conscious,attached,egoful,paranoiac ,disbeliever and wicked people, were ilien to me and I to them.Although , I got enlightenment with somewhat minor role of some special backwalkers ie. unattached and humanely behavioured, mixed with major role of spirituals and fore walkers,but after flash,I was only superior in the mind of former type people intuitively.To later category,I became beloved friend intuitively ,not superior to themselves in their minds,intuitively,but started taking me as a superior ilien when I divulged the flash experience in front of one and two.So,I tried to keep silence and started undermining my experience in front of those knowing my secret to ease myself from honourful strangeness.Then I and they took breath of relief and avoided talk spread.It means ,good humans are already enlightened,but they ruin themselves by looking towards enlightenment and taking themselves as different.They become self misguided when they take enlightenment as other than their own enlightened lifestyle.Then they start roaming in the dark of mindlessness or strange,humanity less and useless mental creations.Some even leave their enlightened lifestyle in hope of sudden miraculous self exposure.They are like passangers in aeroplane who want to get bird like flying experience outside the plane,considering that as totally different than their own plane flying experience,thus loosing there own flying joy also.I got the flash when I was just ready to slip into the way of attachmentful materialistic path ,just to save myself,whereas my belongings didn’t get the self flash,who were already right on their unattached way.It means they were laking neccessory energy to transcend the mind as they were old and I was unmarried young.My agemates didnt get the escape energy as they were overly attracted and influenced by the energyless elders.It also means that these flashes are delivered to energyful individual,who is in the company of enlightened path walkers, to save him, who is at risk of falling prey to sinful track,these flashes being a type of automatic carrier to enlightened lifestyle path ,although for limited period ,whereas energyless individual has to depend on his forcefully followed enlightened lifestyle. Energyless individual inside a materialistic life suffers most as he has least chance to get flash and also lack of extreme energy required to swim on enlightened path opposite to the materialistic flow of that society.Energful individual in materialistic society uses his energy only for physical progress and in rare cases for self flashing ,if by chance encountered by a good company. It can also mean that people in a well guided and sinless society have already enlightened living so bound to be liberated without those brief flashes.I was quite good and on enlightened path through the enlightened company of my closemates,before my chance of slipping out.It means that self flash also seeks to engulf a person with a very good past record,to save him from a potential danger before hand.Moreover, I once made exit from the ancient Indian system and adopted its antagonistic ie.sinful and inhumane qualities(which are accompanied with attachment automatically) for some period in order to testify the liberating strength of self flash.To my amazing, I forgot that self flash and became a common grieved and paranoiac layman, unassured of my liberation yet satisfied in my compressed and sharp consciousness inside more darkened background of self,although I had a sense of uniqueness/distinctness/specialness /arousal up/lifted up/awakened up intuitive feeling persistent .This is unique and special feeling after self flash ,which supports and inspires one to quickly ascend up,once downfallen.It may be less ,if one derails out of only enlightened path,so one needs to be more careful therein. As This sense of distinctness and specialness without ego was present inside me since my birth,may be due to my last birth’s enlightenment,spiritual practices,yoga or as a backlashing effect of my prefixed future enlightenment.Full Assurance of liberation I never felt at full enlightenment also ,but was hopeful for it at the end of life after tolerating every fruit designed for this life. It means,self flash is going to solve no purpose for those who don’t want to enlighten their behaviour persistently, other than acting as a reminder forcing to follow a sinless,unattached and humanely path.Then why should we rush behind that enlightenment blindly, which is forgettable and unreliable,when after enlightenment also,assured reliability resides inside unattached and sinless life style, mindfulness and right kind of meditation, say Yoga.I dont know wheather enlightened life style is enough to assure salvation or a self flash/enlightenment is needed along with it.But I guess,enlightened life style without self flash is enough ,as per the various scriptural descriptions and my experience, in this regard.In conclusion,enlightened life style gets more weightage than the enlightenment alone. Another risk after enlightenment is that of tongue truthfulness for sometime until enlightenment fades away. Whatever he speaks,that is bound to occur in most cases.It is not known whether he speaks of the fixed and future happening in advance or his words become happening. So he needs to become careful to speak or write to avoid sense of sinfulness/separateness. Some say that transformation after awakening is permanent.Permanence is qualitative, not quantitative. It means ,level of spiritual qualities vary widely according to time,space,spiritual Practices and worldly burden. Effect was most pronounced in me up to 3 years even under the influence of blind materialistic society ,when everywhere I saw that flash in form of God and submerged in his love and prayers always.routine jobs going on automatically like a conscious machine ,through inspiration by others.All qualities of a renouncing sage.In next 2 years,ego along with separatedness developed and paranoia came in.Own sinfulness started being experienced,as separatedness and sinfulness feeling are synonymous spiritually and both are same thing. Revived ,but to lesser extent than first 3 years, for next 10 years through spiritual and mindful company along with stay at my awakening place. Effect went on diminishing with time.Then for the next 3-4 years,I had to abandon superficially,the traditional Indian system to cope up with the stressful and much demanding job,although supporting self made modern personal philosophy totally based on Indian system,when I had become occasional nonveg with much rare beer sips as per the increased body requirements,not for 3 inch tongue.Eating and drinking this time were peculiar with persistent and more feeling of self remembering ,mind controlling,unattaching and non binding than that at time of my paranoia and self forgetting instinct at earlier few times when these eating habits were accompanied with less feelings of these emotions and sometimes even totally opposite.It means,eating or consuming habit is secondary,primary thing is attitude , instinct and extent of necessity of that thing which we are consuming.I also found that I used to get minor physical and mental harms shortly after my urgent nonveg meal and quarrels etc.,in quality and quantity equivalent to that of conviction,making me feel relieved of burden of accompanied sin ,if any,at that later time.It proves,unattached person doesn’t keep away fruit of sin for longer or next birth as he is going to be liberated in this same birth.It is also proved,as early a sin is fruitified that smaller is the doze of fruit. I used to counteract mental sufferings through my strong yogic philosophical will power ,but physical traumas were bound to be born,although much weekened and diluted through the same mental power.I also find that modern edition of spiritual system has become more of a show piece type today as against the ancient edition,where it was much more deep.Main ingredient and distinguishing feature of our spiritual system was supreme quality of mental unattachment like a lotus flower,which is the mother of enlightened pathway, which is rare now although practices to support it are seen everywhere.This ancient vedic system is most fantastic and mass public enlightening,as obvious through mass public humanely qualities characterized by enlightened life style, and always gives fruit, earlier or late.In vedic time,openness was socially accepted as a cause of eenlightenment/enlightened lifestyle, if practiced humanely and systematically in line with Vedas.Today,people are becoming open like animals, without those guiding principles as described in Vedas so enjoying binding images of joy ,not the real and liberating joy,ie. Why common people have become afraid of openness and keep themselves caged inside their illusive world. An”Enlightenment for all”is possible only through this vedic enlightened lifestyle system, not through enlightenment flashes,which are rare occurrences.These flashes are experienced by those who follow enlightened lifestyle.These flashes are not sudden, and separate from enlightened lifestyle, as most people think and waste their precious life time searching for an impossible thing .In the name of unattachment,worklessness can be seen at some occasions.Means,some people having either legs or eyes,not both together.It is logical ,because as much is the medicine powerful,that much is the side effect.most effective unattachment is the ornament of hard work only.That self made philosophy kept me unattached and unity conscious ie. delivered the required boost and unattached attitude for next 5 years.Although it lifted me but kept me at a position enough low than my truely enlightened status,neither lifting up nor dropping down from a certain high level,because any forceful lift from that point would be counteracted by a concomitant fall due to lack of enough humanely emotions mainly compassionate,loving and selflessness ,generated from that lifestyle,which were although as a neccessory evil to satisfy the much demanding work profile.It means,non vedic and erratic life style,although can keep anyone euphoric,keeping at a certain level of humanity preventing from a downfall,if accompanied with unattached attitude and judiciousness,but unable to deliver the required escape velocity to transcend the mind easily.It also means that work profile should be moderate to avoid compensatory emotionlessnesss.This type of moderate humanity accompanied with equality of sins and non sins ensures human life in next birth ie. why majority of people are satisfied in this status,whereas some overambitious perform more good work than sin so booking their seat in heaven.After exhausting their good work by consuming heavenly comforts,they fall back to human life .More sins than good works propels a man to hell and animal life,so majority of people are afraid of this situation.After exhausting their sins by consuming sufferings,they ascend to human life again.Complete sinlessness,mainly through contemplatory/samadhi yoga and enlightened lifestyle,leads to liberation.This all is scripturally described as well as self experienced by me.After that,I tried to remember the 20 years old self flash and ancient edition of indian system to enlighten the self along with the worldly activities, facilitated by a peaceful and calm stay and so on……….. Means,as many as approaches possible,that many should be tried to get awakening as who knows exactly what type of approach would suit to a what type of individual and in what type of combination.

Ancient Indian Vedic life style is one of the most powerful community enlightened life style with some of its enlightening features as- 1) worship of each and every thing in nature,thoroughly, through different worship aiding materials and procedures like bathing,hand wash,foot wash,sweets,different eatables,sandlewood paste,incense sticks,garments,ornaments,coins,sound of bell and shankh(mollusc shell),flame,flowers,rice and barley grains,havan,namaste with prayers etc. in a holy environment with help of priests.It helps to strengthen superhuman qualities mainly the unity conciousness ,among each and everything along with unattachment, selflessness, love and compassion , which are main ingredients of enlightenment. 2)Every work mainly new one is started with favouable time according to position of planets and stars.It prevents attachment ,paranoia and impulsive behaviour,which mimics the true enlightenment and help to achieve the same. 3)Intercaste and love marriages are banned but true and respectable love.It also helps to develop unattached attitude,compassion, true love ,unity conciousness and rejuvenate mind and body.These all are both as enlightened as well as enlightening qualities.2ndly,it also helps to achieve Patanjali yoga described samadhi,Contemplatory enlightenment in a quickest way. 4)Superspecialized inborn labour division ,where each category of job has been assigned to a particular division ie. caste.It has many improves quality,fineness and conciousness of the work done which aids in unity conciousness. It also prevents development of ego and attachment to the assigned job as the job has not been grabbed by the selfishness of no one but assigned by luck or God or birh. 5)People of enlightenment division like sages,yogis,sadhus,old aged and brahmins are highly respected which keeps enlightenment environment in the society maintained. 6)Nonvegetarianism is contraindicated. It is so because vegetarianism helps in developing unity conciousness, compassion,love ,nonviolence ,non selfishness and all other human attributes, which are building blocks of enlightened life style.Anyone having extra tough work profile or under unavoidable tongue compulsion, can eat leftover sacrificed animal offered to god in a sacrificial ceremony or yajana.In Yajana ,mainly by kings and rich man,animal sacrifices used to be practiced with other religious procedures,in order to prepare a solid background of darkness to implement over,the extensive non selfish humanely works sharply with energy and enthusiasm,so to ensure early and sure fruitfulness of those acts,resulting in make book the seat in heaven for the rich clients. The sin of violence used to be reduced by the unattachment and the grace of god ,offered with variety of offerings and prayers. 7)Wine used to be contraindicated ,because it enhances dualism, attachment,separatist conciousness,crime and paranoia ,which are road blocks to enlightened lifestyle. For unavoidable cravings, drinking in marriages was allowed with necessary restrictions. 8)Relationships outside single marriage partner was prohibited ,to prevent attachment,dualism,paranoia, separated conciousness, guilty feeling, strange violence,over worldliness;all of which are hiderance to enlightened lifestyle. 9)Celibacy is expected until marriage. It ensures the same benefits in addition to conservation of energy to achieve liberation escape velocity,if heavenly call received anyway. 10)Respect and love to elders,teachers,masters,priests,sages,woman,poor,devotees etc. have been ensured; to be benefitted by their whatever enlightened lifestyle ,through induction. 11)Associating all social ceremonies with spiritual practices ,which converts simple worldly lifestyle into enlightened lifestyle. 12)Twice a day sandhyaa before sunrise and sunset.It is about half an hour to hour procedure of worshipping and thanking natural gods like air,water etc.,planets and stars ,ancestors and supreme God with water .It also has little yoga inside.It destroys sins of day and night and also produces strong unity conciousness, unattachment, selflessness, love and compassion.Full fledged Yoga on the other hand. 13)Occasional spiritual ceremonies as per wealth and time. 14)pilgrimage as per time and wealth. It produces unattachment, unity conciousness and all other human qualities. 15)Visits to temples.It has the same effects. 16)Keeping idols of gods at home and worshipping twice,at dawn and dusk.considering them superconciously alive,so offering them all livelihood procedures and commodities as the worshippers use for themselves.It produces unattachment, unity conciousness and all other humanely qualities along with increase in working efficiency. 17)Worshipping the great sun directly at time of rice,mainly by pouring water from a bowel from height of the head towards it,gazing at him.It appeared to me the most simple and powerful tool of enlightened life style as it can be tried by anyone, anywhere and anytime. 18)Mantra are available to be chanted,for each livelihood activity.It prevents attachment and paranoia mainly along with efficiency enhancement. 19)Daily reading of scriptures. Leads to unity conciousness,compassion, love and unattachment, mainly. 20)Ayurvedic system of medicine for prevention, minor and chronic ailments. It reduces body attachment,useless reasoning, and without side effects.It also develops love and compassion. 21)Religious fasting. Helps to awaken kundalini and develop super humanity. 22)Joint family living.Develops every human qualities mainly love,compassion, selflessness and egolessness. All above appear strange and difficult to adopt in the modern time, but reality is reality. It can’t be changed,our way of living can be modified to favour these. Some may question ,labour class was kept away from many worshipping and cultural procedures.It was for their benefit as enlightenment is most probable through induction without direct involvement into the procedures. For example,my grandfather, a great-great area priest couldn’t achieve enlightenment himself ,whereas he could induce into me by way of loving company.Some can question that I also studied science in original english language,brilliantly nearby my enlightenment, so it could be the reason.Answer is,science studied by me wasn’t as that studied by others.It was safely under my enlightened lifestyle as its part, not separate or independent. It proves,any righteous love affair and humanely science studied under the enlightened life style is a most powerful tool to achieve the enlightenment,otherwise worst binding,acting like a bidirectional river which can flush down as well as lift up.Actually ,whole world is a bidirectional river,liberating if handled well ,whereas binding if handled poorly.As much binding is a lightful thing or activity,that much is that liberating, depending on handling.It is clear that ancient vedic system had been deviced for enlightenment only,by the enlightened beings,not related to miracles etc. as thought by many. Friends,I was reared up in these types of activities and it was therefore usual for me to be practising all of these,more or less.These activities were intuitively continued by me diligently for next 10 years of my enlightenment as enlightened life style appeared to me in all of these vedic activities.It also proves,enlightenment has a smooth transition from its building block lifestyle, not a sudden event from an unrelated lifestyle ,as thought by many. Ancient vedic culture was fully alive there because my home was at an semi interior place bound by hills on 3 sides and one high rise mountain on east side,over peak of which great sun used to rise in a glamorous look. I can’t believe that liberation is only possible to handful of enlightened individuals.Nature can’t be so much rude.Enlightenment is only an temporary inspiration to live enlightened life style and to show the right path to the disbelievers,as it is also forgotten with continued and forceful erratic lifestyle and behaviour.liberation is only possible to anyone,if living an enlightened life style,whether he has experienced or not,the enlightenment glimpse.

Ancient Indian vedic style wasn’t a religion, but a type of lifestyle. It was never forced upon anyone. It used to be adopted by anyone as per his willing.The proof of this is ,no incidence of blood shed for the cause of this lifestyle as per history. The reason is,that lifestyle was true preacher of pure love,compassion, unity conciousness ,besides plethora of other humane qualities.2nd proof is,wide proliferation of different lifestyles without any violent resistance from vedic style , majority of which were pro vedic and very few as anti vedic.At the top of anti vedic style was chaarvaak style.It considered materialism as everything and spiritualism as zero.Its slogan was,live merry till alive, borrow ghee drink to thrive,what return of an ash body.

Ofcourse, flash upsets,not through the wish of avoiding that at all,but through persistent and maddening craving to have it more and more.Pre and Intra flash experience ,I have told already. I am copying my post flash experience here .You can compare it with your own spiritual experience to let me know what matches and what not- After enlightenment, a unique unity conciousness appears.Each and everything In this creation including self appears united, and non separated. God love and God blessing is felt each and every moment.Continuous bliss and overjoy from nowhere source.No one is felt as enemy,whether anyone is or not.In other words,friends and enemies appear equal.Forgiveness is highly pronounced. In majority of cases,he doesn’t exist in his personal form mentally but in form of a single samadhi/contemplative image which was fast rooted in his mind at time of enlightenment and through which he ascended upto enlightenment. Compassion feeling is highly pronounced and at the top of emotions.All men and creatures appear lovingly as child like,struggling to grow.A unique perfection is felt.Nothing feels to be non achieved.Everything feels to be achieved fully.Mental calmness and peace isextraordinary.It feels if last station of life journey has been reached at.All burdens felt as shed away.There appears no need to upkeep the body further ,as well as to stop body functions.Life runs naturally and intuitively. subconscious blurred hints of major future events originate without any guessing done,mainly if written intuitively. Company of humane people with unity conciousness and unattached attitude is liked.paranoiac and disunity concious people mainly influentials are avoided for better loneliness.There appears no need to do any binding joyless work but works for others’ inspiration. No need to run joylessly on social lines but runs for others’ inspiration thus helping them indirectly to achieve, what he has achieved. No belief in joyless and binding religious norms but follows those only for others’spiritual progress.He has achieved gold which he don’t want to waste mining iron ore ,means he doesn’t like to forget his hardly searched self entangled in world again.He want to live knowledgefully and steadily without conciousness jerks.He doesn’t like nonveg and intoxication,even such company. He has no doubts. All questions dissolved. All secrets opened up.Likes company of truely dedicated saints and spirituals.All emotions are as usual inside his brain but those are ineffective so can’t generate mental trouble as those appear as waves inside his concious ocean self,thus non real.Actually,each and everything appears as waves inside his self ,thus non real and dramatic only.

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