Love story of a Yogi-5

हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”,  इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक, वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

This story is also available as an e-book with name “Love story of a Yogi- what Patanjali says” at the webpage ‘store’. There it has been edited to remove grammatical errors, also preserving the original sense of the story.

Love story of a yogi continues- My master despite being in a totally silent mode, had so effectively hypnotised the girl,I think more than Krishna with my little knowledge. it was amazing. Gf of Krishna used to divert his attention to her,but gf of my master became unable to do so despite lot of her efforts.I think,mother nature helped him in this regard,by whom the process of initiation was actually accomplished through the medium of his being.The initiation was subtle yet powerful.His gf only could become able to imprint her image inside his brain ,but without his attachment. Actually, he considered her as a boy just like his friendly brother of childhood.Although she was golden and extraordinarily smart,but he considered all women even those being at opposite end of her,equal in every aspect,despite her lot of efforts to be considered as most special in his sight. Although he was already growing up in unity concious enlightened lifestyle society,but it was his first mazor leap towards unity consciousness.

Nobody wants to adopt vedic lifestyle as an enlightened lifestyle,which is too old to be supported in their sense. Problem is this that neither no one is trying to blend this lifestyle with the modern living nor an uniform lifestyle suiting to contemporary time is being made.Style is just style,it is not iron or wood which gets old.Good style should always be considered new and bad always as old.Today,bad style is being promulgated with the name of modernization.It is only a style of delightful living which is perfect and eternal as dealing with eternal self,not the level of living which can fluctuate as per time and space.Enlightenment is same,wheather it was in the past or it is presently,then how can its style can change.similarly the nature is same,although man made has increased.So enthusiasts try to add later developed things such as car,scooter etc. with basic nature ,with little or no boost to effect,which has been advised in the base style itself.It means,vedic style was designed for ever.amaging.nature same,then how can style to deal with it change.enlightenment was much needed thing in past as there were no means of entertainment and comfort as these are today,therefore much more stress was given on enlightened lifestyle than today.2ndly,intellectuals of that time were having much more free mind and basic intelligence than today’s folks. It means,that style was best.No enlightened man could have challanged that style basically till now.If budha,jain etc. have developed their own styles from that very basic one,then only by dissolving misunderstanding of that’s followers,not changing the style in itself. It is only ego of advancement of modern world which does not allow to accept perfect style of past,even when that style never contradicts contemporary physical development and growth.This style speaks truth and man want to evade it through ignoring by giving reference to an modern doesn’t get away by pigeon closing his eyes. If enlightened beings are making some styles,then these are not that much effective due to their subtle ego entering there and also are based totally on vedic style.When pure sugarcane is available, then why should we favour refined sugar.Infact, basic fundamentals of vedic lifestyle can’t change.How can one make contemporary enlightened lifestyle by allowing entry of violent and paranoiac consumerism when fundamental principles deny such ingredients.For moderate spiritual, this maniac lifestyle is enough for a lifetime eyewash and healthy survival,but a deep diving enthusiast needs a pure original lifestyle, which is vedic lifestyle only.something is better than nothing, so contemporary, vedic based styles may be made by enlightened beings, although sacrificing some of the original effectiveness.But infact, contemporary lifestyles are idiotic as these separate worldly activities from spiritual progress and propel people to totally leave the world to be meditating relentlessly,until enlightenment.In contrast,vedic system transform worldly power into spiritual power,no need to beat 2 drums at a time like idiots. As I have earlier pointed out,vedas tell us that world is a type of bidirectional river which leads both to downward bondage as well as upward liberation. We only need the support of its upward flow with help of vedic lifestyle. How can one achieve enlightenment by searching it in ways other than the world itself,just like denying the wood and searching for underground coal.If we device separate method,even then we will have to search for that’s upward flow otherwise we will sink in that method also as that’s also a world. It means basic vedic lifestyle is most efficient materially as well as spiritually,because no double paths are there.Community styles are much effective than individually varying personal styles.majority of contemporary preachers as well as non preachers say in an easygoing way,It is intellect which matters,not the style.Making intellect isn’t as easy as blowing a baloon,it demands years of practice.Separately,none can practice up the intellact as it is inseparable of one’s activities.when activities are down,how can intellect grow up.When falsely coded activities are developing since ages then how can apply true code to all activities suddenly without prolonged practice.When non enlightenment occured due to incorrect lifestyle, then how can one expect sudden and miraculous enlightenment without correcting the lifestyle. Science reject miracles.People adopt double standards.when they follow systematic scientific approach in materialist sector ,then why deny it in spiritual one. I call vedic lifestyle as non religion due to following reasons- 1)It was universal at that time with no religions existing, later on all religions emanating from it.only style other than that was wild prehistoric lifestyle. 2)No idols were worshipped.only nature worshipped,sometime purely and sometime in icionic symbolic firm.idols are nothing but elaboration of those icons. 3)It was not made by a single man.made by group of enlightened people through common consensus in a democratic way. 4)each and every building block of this style is scientifically perfect. 5)It gives main thrust on enlightenment and immortality in an easiest way so that worldly life doesn’t get affected.In this way ,it is a evergreen lifestyle., 6)it gives freedom to think,decide and chose in a non agitating way.

That’s the point.touching for love?.lol My master never touched his gf ,but endless love.untouchable caste is most loved.rejecting all food to avoid one poisonous food isn’t is likw denying all religions to avoid inhumane bunch.bull will pierce non enlightened as well as enlightened with his horns.he has no discretionary power.when materially full,we will walk spiritual. Not a wise idea.material perfection will never much poor and beggers here but much more satisfied and enlightened than developed was materially too perfect earlier but imperfection was forced deliberately.if there is one nityananda,there are thousand Vivekanandas also.

I am highly curious to read whatever literature is enlightenment related including u tube videos,but I rarely saw detailed scientific description of enlightenment ,step by step, by so thought enlightened as I provided. sadhguru appeared fascinating when he remained in samadhi for 1 or 2 days continuously, but not detailed description there other than general description.I am suspicious, how can one remain in supreme energy state for extended period as his head will explode then.if not that,what state was that then.despite my very brief and dreaming enlightenment experience yet perfect in qualities and intensity, no one can rule it out.

Note-PhilosophiCal And Somewhat Deep Thinking May Be Required To Grasp This Post Fully.I have worked hard to express my experience through words.Majority of spiritual knowledge is copied ,but I have expressed my direct experience here.Moreover, you can notice these types of writings elsewhere, but their origin through direct experience may not be noticed or ascertained. Dear friends,as far as i read about,I didn’t notice enlightenment in sleeping state by anybody.I think ,it’s much more significant in this state as nowhere origin of it is proved maximally here.Much more reality than the whole of the wakeful world was felt by me inside that sudden and momentary flashing of self accompanied with justifying mental waves inside that bright self just like tides inside the vast ocean,which occured in my sleeping state.Or philosophically say ,real conciousness was felt in that enlightenment flash only.After flash ended,limited perception of that pure, enlightened self was felt in the form of world/mind by me.It appeared as if concious ocean was out of experience and only neuronal discharges as tides were available to be experienced.It means, neuronal activities cause appearance of waves inside the ocean of self conciousness. Just as indivisible moon of full moon night appears in varying sizes with our varying levels of sensory perceptions in different nights of the lunar month,the same way indivisible but wavy self (which appeared under the 5-10 second enlightenment period)appeared to me in the form of varying levels of mind energy or world with my varying levels of neuronal perception,afterwards ,for many years until I was fully deluded again,when those mental waves appeared distinct and separately existent without root origin or base, just like shining ghosts in the dark sky or deluded self ,as usually experienced by the general people.There was one difference. In full moon,we don’t see apparent carving of its varying shapes,but in full self,I noticed all mental formations(as I described in my enlightenment experience- bridge,river,sun,mountain slope etc.) as carved apparently, not really.If there were real carvings,then all formations would have distinctly separated and there wouldn’t have perfect unity feeling .It means,neuronal firings produce apparent carvings inside self which we percieve as intellect or world.After enlightenment, I also noticed that these carvings or say mental formations try to obscure or reveal the self according to lifestyle or attitude. Humane ,unattached and unity lifestyle appeared to be revealing, whereas inhuman, attached and disunity one appeared to be obscuring. In the enlightenment near times,little bit of mental waves used to cause blissful guessing or say partial reminding of self ocean ,but as time passed,mental or worldly storms too provided dull guessing only.Full perception of self ocean occured never again.Its levels were only perceived in collaboration with neuronal activities in brain,never independently.More activity means more perception,less activities with less perception. Quality of perception also varying with qualities of neuronal activities. Just as varying level of sun is visible with varying qualities and quantities of clouds in the sky.Self is compared to sun and neuronal activities to clouds.Just amazing.Jaggi vasudev appears closest to my expectations of an truely enlightened one.He is practical,result oriented, quick,scientific,truthful ,sincere,innocent,smart and unbiased enough in his approach.He appears teaching and training nicely,in a dedicated way.However,most of yoga can also be learnt intuitively by a brilliant mind through a theoretical description about enlightenment, may be indirectly even, if delivered preferably by a self practising enlightened being. Moreover, I couldn’t find full description of anyone’s own enlightenment including its main causal basis and effects afterwards so sincerely and innocently,as I displayed forth(telling natural contemplation yoga as causal basis-love story of a yogi; believe me,ashtang yoga is based on Divine love affair,or say,Patanjali Yoga is a type of Divine Love affair) . Neglect of yoga masters in their home nation but developed world proves the fact that physical prosperity amplifies cravings for enlightenment. It also proves that India was ever a prosperous nation. After enlightenment also,mind needs to be snared properly through contemplation rope tied to the yoga pillar,otherwise it starts jumping again and again like a bunny rabbit. I tried different styles ,but not found anyone more revealing than ashtang yoga. Let us keep contemplation yoga continued. It never fails.People repeatedly give up ,due to not sure of result.It breaks collected strength,yet makes living blissful.If kept continued at any cost, it surely yields top fruit. Now,let us look into the matter of arteficially evolved Divine love affair which is Ashtang yoga,as natural one isn’t available to all and always.

Addition to my preceding post- Although, I had gone self deluded totally after many years of adopting laymen behaviour of paranoiac style who support physical mind not the spiritual one,yet I had an intuitive remembrance of self fulfilment through realization incidence , permanent ,in the form of a satisfaction that I had realized everything, atleast once. Pre as well as post self realization, I used to be fully drowned in a single contemplative image at each and every moment.Its even momentary vanish by whatever cause used to oroduce enough restlessness, paranoia and depression inside me.It means continued contemplation is nearest to the self realization.After enlightenment, I totally avoided gross form of my contemplative mental image with fear of losing that enlightenment supporting mental image,also I was hopeful of second and bigger encounter with the enlightenment. It is of sure that carving of mental formation on self was temporary as I told earlier that view of river replaced by that of bridge,that of bridge by that of sun, rapidly,although not affecting the supreme level of conciousness. question is,wheather scenes were carved really or not?If real carving is supposed,then refill of carving wounds on self,so much rapidly ,how may be possible?,specially if self is solid like screen or wall of cinema,where apparant carvings are visible through the projector light.It means,carvings on self are apparent only.Now,how to prove that self is empty, sky like,not solid like a theater screen.I will prove this in next post.

That divine love affair is nearly impossible without the aid of a spiritual society. Love affair generates intense physical mind which is being experienced as intense spiritual mind in the real time.Thus,strong flow of worldly river don’t run down ,but upward for him.

As per history,Aryans migrated to India.They appeared wise to indigenous tribes so accepted slavery to them without adopting way of conflict. They intermixed and lived so much peacefully that many doubt their external origin. Other invaders in history ,throughout the world,couldn’t win the heart of local inhabitants in this way.It is amazing.

If devotees still their mind without following proper yoga procedure, it is surely hypnosis. Yoga doesn’t tell to still the mind directly as it may lead to mental sluggishness or hypnosis. Yoga sets a procedure through 8 limbs.following genuine living, one has to concentrate single pointedly on a object.Then it matures into samadhi with routine practice for few years.then the stillness of mind develops automatically which is lively and blissful ,not forcefully and suddenly gained hypnosis.moreover, yoga sutras doesn’t advice to practice yoga only inside a lonely cave.It is practical with worldly life,which is too made divine by it.In this way, widespread hypnosis is going on.Actually, people think that 3 hours mental stillness or hypnosis with master will reveal truth as per yoga sutra that complete mental stillness is yoga. This is misunderstandings or say partial understanding. If they accept yoga definition from patanjali, they should accept his procedure too. Second face of story is this.Mind becomes receptive to divine induction from real spiritual master, if it is tranquil and peaceful.See the students and children. When they receive mental calmness,out of fear or love or anything else,they become receptive to knowledge.

Philosophical Discussion Continues- Sankhya yoga philosophy says,soul is experienced as different than the world ie. Body and whole mind/chitta,during self realization. But I experienced material world as waves inside soul ,not different,which is the teaching of advait Vedanta/non dual Vedanta.It means,practice was yogic and achievement was vedantic.It also means, Vedantic practice is not perfect whereas yogic achievement is not perfect.I haven’t read sankhya philosophy in very details.It’s possible that sankhya accepts waveless soul as top achievement unlike Vedanta which covers experience of wavy soul also inside the top achievement. Possibly As per sankhya,when waveless self is experienced,it appears unchanging,topmost and immortal unlike the worldly things(body plus mind) which are relentlessly changing,inferiors and mortal.These are the only differences.other things common to both.It may also be there that sankhya compares self with the neuronal activities which show waves inside self,not with the waves itself.This may be the reason that sankhya finds contrasting difference between self and world although wavy world can’t have contrasting look to the background self.3rd reason may be that sankhya considers dark self as world/prakriti.It is true as world remains subtly present always in the form of dark self.It has all the qualities sharply contrasting to that of true self/glimmering self.dark-light,changing-unchanging/immortal,joyless-joyful, non satisfaction -satisfaction, cruel-non cruel,demon-god,Peace less-peaceful etc.

Everything in this universe is mother. When we contemplate on a object,it surfaces at every moment whether pleasured or sorrowful to sooth us,like a mother.Women has greatest quality of this motherhood due to the fact that she is attractive and beautiful so easy to contemplate upon-An Insight based on Patanjali Yoga.

The yoga sutras of Patanjali by Edwin F.Bryant is ultimate,with wonderful description of sankhya yoga.He has covered commentaries of great historical scholars.Although I have still read half of it online ,yet it appears great and fully correct for English speakers.

Love story of a yogi conrinues-Questioner may doubt,if gf was fixed as meditation support then how was that rejected in mind in the last when everything else was burnt down.I say,this rejection instinct doesn’t come suddenly. Yogi have to think of its rejection since the start of its support.It is forcefully adopted through practices,not willingly with attachment. Then ,in the last ,it drops away by itself,with little bit of yogic practice halted.The same happened with the love yogi.He was never willingly attached to her but was forced to harbour her image in his mind through her varying initiatives. In other words,he wanted to reject her since the start.That is why,in the last stage of yoga,her only glimmering image (blissful asmitaanugat samadhi) ,which had gone firmly fixed till that time as his own self in his mind, dropped itself,with little bit of fall in his routine activities along with her absence. In accordance to Patanjali as per Edwin bryant in sutra-virampratyayabhyaaspoorvah sanskaarsheshoanyah.

Little fraction of theory oriented vedic literature(upnishadas and sankhya) advice to contemplate on aatman or one’s true nature,directly.It is difficult for comman people. Therefore, spiritual practices (nature worship, fast,fests,jap,tap,dhyan,meditation,idol worship, moral living, awareness development etc.) are abundantly spread inside vedic literature. These practices result in partial cleaning of dark self.It is than possible to contemplate on that partial clean self for full cleanliness of self realization. Yoga is most practical in this way as it provides self cleaning in easiest and quickest way by means of samadhi/contemplation.

The same way many religions stress forcibly to contemplate impersonal god directly, crossing all limits of hating the personal gods.You see ,how much difficult ,puzzling and non fructifying this direct contemplation.Patanjali also advice contemplation on OM (name of impersonal god),but never forces it and gives freedom to contemplate on whatever object is favourite to anyone, although preferring impersonal god for quick result.

There are only two ways to reach and say something about reality.Either the direct realization or speaking based on that of others’ words who are realized, indirectly.Telling even topmost musical stories,poems,experiences and music etc. Or whatever may be,doesn’t lead to desired spiritual elevation and in many cases,may lead to negative effect of enhanced worldly bondage,specially if not spiritualized somewhat through own spiritual practices.

Veetraagvishayam vaa chittam- My life matches with what patanjali says.I don’t know he says that contemplating a true spiritual or say yogi causes enlightenment. I was actually contemplating my close one ans spiritual family Member fact,contemplation was transferred from gf to him later on.thats why It succeeded. Its really amazing

The same way my experience and thinking is matching to what Edwin F Bryant is saying in his commentary of patanjali is due to fact that it is encyclopedia of all major commentaries. if anyone want to know everything aboit ancient Indian system through a single yoga commentary, it is all in one.

Ancient Indian system had a very vast nearly endless varieties of spiritual literature.jihadists destroyed most still their are mountains of these.the same subject of enlightenment expanded through new and charming stories in Sanskrit appeared new every time thus never boring with no ending even life of reader ended.unlimited choices.It means continued immersion inside the spiritual sea till lifetime which was enlightenment in itself.That was an enlightenment for all system.

o Kundalini, I feel daily it during my patanjali based meditation as it’s a constituent of patanjali applying uddeyan and Jalandhar bandhs,it appears rising up from base of spine and reaches top of skull as if something airy bomb exploded there with gushing air upward which propels the object of meditation into much deeper,clear most blissful and unified stage with the self

I see people running talking and practicing kundalini whereas they haven’t selected any one object to concentrate upon.kundalini rise and fall is actually rise and fall of that object in body.the same object goes on glimmering more and more with repeated kundalini practices.If changing objects come as per mind then there will be same awareness throughout and none will ripen to mature eunuch to become completely open in the form of enlightenment

My experience that my contemplation was transferred from gf to master is proved from the commentary of great shankaracharya on sutra,yathaabhimatdhyaanaat vaa.although very high up to the level of extraordinary samadhi /contemplation that was,yet naturally and with other’s support more.

Other’s support wasn’t voluntary but habitual as a part of enlightened lifestyle which was still existing. It doesn’t guarantee enlightenment to all but favour to anyone if he gets chance anyway. Eg.if material lifestyle would be prevailing, physical love affair ensuing marriage would have occurred up to the maximum of physical good luck or contemplation break with help of drugs,drinks,nonvegs or any other physical means would have occurred ,all promoted by the physical society.There would be no enlightenment .I think it’s all clear

Some tightness felt in throat.may be muscle fatigue due to breathing exercises. Searching out for the correct procedure

Yoga is advised for 10 years as preliminary preparation before enlightenment by many spiritual is very long for dedicated but not for ordinary practitioner as he enjoys worldly life along with it and yoga practice becomes like daily brushing cleaning

I experienced that only postures,asanaas can accomplish contemplation yoga without aid of breathing exercises, pranayam.Iyanger has proved it with design of new yoga technique.patanjali proves it,yathabhimatdhyaanaat vaa.Although pranayam have synergistic effect if combined

Patanjali has made yogsutras universally acceptable, for every humane religion. Yathaabhimatdhyaanaat by concentration on whatever liking(truth can be realised). Method can vary,object of concentration can vary,but concentration is must. What is better than christ for Christians.although I didn’t contemplate onindu gods but ordinary human beings,that too naturally and socially. It means,it is easiest to contemplate on a being who has been nearest for a long time and whose every activities have been charming to us.

Every spiritual experience needs confirmation from a reliable base text

Love yogi,in fact was not ordinary love guy,but he was pure contemplating lover since his was natural as socially acquired habit.first, his contemplating love was to a relative cum friend though little older than him,who used to reside in his home.he was brought in to save from sticks of his parents as they had been exhausted listening daily complaints of his 5 years naughty child even throwing stones to his teacher’s head.Such a lightening man is actually contemplated by all . It was yogi style of ancient India that one thing,man or whatever was kept most favourite, at top of traces,it is still prevalent

On complete realization, none can speak or right anything about, so was I.Good luck that I returned to world and able to write again

Extraordinary contemplation .object fully converted to subject. Mind fully objectified. Strangest sensation ever.overrode all other sensations. All others appeared non real like dream.he was living and working in his dreams .but dreams were jenuine not nonsense as night dreams.contemplated object always in mind even during stressful business except of sleep.sensations also predate each other.stronger one preying on weaker ones.other sensations including memory bound going weaker and weaker.newer ones not getting foothold in front of repeatedly emerging contemplation image.blissful depression progressing. Amazing. Practice on steadfast image was stopped. That image firstly inactivated others. Not destroyed but made ineffective or dream like.then started dissolving itself in absence of strengthening effort by that love yogi.ultimately ,it became ineffective, not destroyed, through spiritual company.sudden and momentry of all mental activities, expressed as well as hidden and then sh———-big bang

That was blissful renunciation in progress intuitively. The past which appeared frustrating in real time,appeared blissful and divine as being progressively unburied by that single meditative image. Amazing. With any type of mental activity that single image was always there,glowing or dimming with others as per mental energy, although it was always brighter and more real than all others. No theory.all practical. Asking world, if it’s not patanjali yoga then what’s this.

In real time,mental activities were connected with the sense organs so call it as 6 faults of consciousness due to sensory delusion.when these were unburied up by the strong contemplatory support, then appeared as blissful. Because then those were devoid of sensory participation.

Patanjali calls former as clishta vritti(mental activities with impediment to liberation) and later as aklishta ie. Not clishta

I think that naughty child was a dreaded terrorist of his last birth. He was overactive and smart with very big nose and erect bunch of forehead hair.made all boys and girls as his friends and followers although beating them gracefully on their repeated nuisances. Stealing butter ,sugercane concentrate ,coconuts from home and feeding his monkey army in jungle while grazing cows.pushing his cows deliberately into other’s lands.stealing maize cobs in high mountain lands and roasting in pit fire leaving traces everywhere to be caught up.people angrily enjoying his nuisance. Stealing bananas from the backyard orchard of out of home people.

My object of meditation that’s kundalini has come down of agyaa and sahasraar chakra .it’s wandering at heart chakra,naval chakra mainly and sometimes throat chakra.kundalini keep on going up or down as per various conditions. We have to concentrate on it wherever will go up at its own.some practice to lift it up can be done but not at the cost of concentrating on it

My kundalini again rising up to brain with bliss.because my sensory load reduced suddenly

Why should I wait for correct is sense that means.neither natural nor artificial yoga cause transformation’s combination of both.LY observed transfer of artificial yoga to cover natural phenomenon which was made natural yoga or say former boosted the later one.

He had to keep yogic life on artificially until encountered natural happening conducive to live yoga culminating into E

I am his cursed and downgraded form that’s why I take him as third person however know everything about him just as about myself

Cursed and downgraded by physical limitations

Its all about flash points of ly life culminating to E indirectly- That LY loved his naughty friend very much.He was same in friendship too however used to behave and act in paranoic way occasionally as he was much overactive,over disciplined in front and hardworking. LY was sharp observer and always tried him to pull out of paranoic path as being mentally faithful to his yogi elders.failing that he used to complain of his over naughty deeds to his elders who used to screw him when he used to do cutty or no talk oath with LY for few that time LY felt very discouraged and lonely.he also used to guard behavior of LY to guide him or complain to elders.

Employing senses without attachment leads to vairagya/renunciation not pervairaagya/super renunciation which is created by total sensory withdrawal with help of yoga and the later is the only achiever of is nothing but strenuous form of dhyaan/meditation.Ly meditated always lightly daily however in constant touch with super meditator/yogi elders .it helped him to be safe from sensory delusions ie. Development of vairaagyaa always and ultimately culminating into pervairaagya development in the end

That is the point of failure.people cover yogic dimension with physical dimension.physical dimensions don’t work in yogic dimensions.some say to yogis as mad,some say disordered,some say psychic,some say crazy.these are true for physical people with physical dimension but not for yogis in yogic dimension.

Whatever I’m contemplating, it’s myself nothing’s my’s my mind.its my own being.i am nothing special to image nor the image is special to me as compared to others,even much less speciality than others.It is my mind’s will power that has energised that single image through repeated practices enough to cause liberation

Smart girls are always in search of Yogis for they are excellent live mirrors for their beauty

Then after enlightenment there was community meet again in college.he was welcome with hateful killing instinct. very clever and guessful.perhaps annoyed with using her image silently for contemplation. under full effect of enlightenment could not speak about that to anybody as per rule.when an enlightened couldn’t convince his most beloved regarding his supreme achievement then how others?sweet dish of is strange and dual appears supreme plus to spirituals but supreme minus to least he was willing to live with dignity so diverted away his path physically .mentally?

Contemplation ,contemplation and contemplation- backbone of meditation, backbone of yoga and backbone of liberation.

Tuesdays with morri-an old man,a young man and life’s greatest lesson Quoted as reference only.nothing knowing about book. Attractive queen was contemplated naturally by love yogi upto liberation as continuous direct company of a knowledgeable old man as available was entertained separately, bringing not that matter into his notice to avoid his disinterest or casual approach regarding companionship.reason is prevented worldly steps either way and maintained mental divinity of the image. It is that greatest lesson

YoGIS are very clever like lizard.They keep enemy world entangled with their tail of contemplation image ,being safe himself from its delusional bite.After tail dying,yogi produces another tail of contemplation.

I already said,yogic life is foolishness for physical man.both can’t run together. this mode or that mode.i remained in physical mode for 4 years when I hated found only darkness in that’s end despite momentary physical flashes in between. before that,i was in yogic /Contemplatory mode since 15 years the period of which was amazingly enlightened and in between which was the supreme gem of enlightenment as exposed out into the realm of my experience. In yogic mode,my being used to be in form of contemplation image like tail of a lizard. In physical mode,my own being used to be actual what i am,that is cluster of thoughts with their hidden impressions/ subconscious alternating and groWing as per situation naturally. In this way ,later mode was more scientific as well as suicidal whereas former mode was less scientific but super Saviour

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