Love story of a Yogi-6

हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”, इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

This story is also available as an e-book with name “Love story of a Yogi- what Patanjali says” at the webpage ‘store’. There it has been edited to remove grammatical errors, also preserving the original sense of the story.

Surely lightful fruit grows out of seed in darkness underground. but through gradual transition, not suddenly.the same way, i became more and more lightful gradually ,in first 16 years through spontaneous induction from yogic family environment, in next 2 years through natural yogic contemplation facilitated by favourable natural conditions nearing peak of which i analysed intuitively and affirmatively,”my self is in the form of contemplation bound continuous image since 2 years,not dark self as earlier.if it is by way a product of specific and consistent mental wave then why should i feel it as my being which is enlightening slowely my all pervasive dark self just as sun enlightens the dark sky”.that thinking was actually experiential, not gross.this growing sense of light and cleanliness in my self culminated into enlightenment.

One difference between dedicated yogi and me was that dy loses all worldly flavours forcefully but i was losing due to being failing amid the intense competitions all around by God’s grace.that is yoga of helplessness. lol.2nd difference was that dy abandons worldly growth and expectations forcefully to become zeroed, but i was striving very hard as a most ambitious person of the world but made failed totally and zeroed momentarily only to be bestowed with enlightenment by God’s and master’s grace.Thereafter,ambitious journey again speeded up with continued successes.

Through medium of third person,it feels better.Anyway, that Love yogi was special. total absorption. totally imagified(transformed into image) wheather he was active or still.image projected everywhere and in every activity. each and every moment ,that image existed,like a pleasant and clearest than any of mental world ever felt.that image as king of his mind and his own working as usual but as an image form and image was not letting others get hold of mind ,means it’s not an indifference to world but image is projected everywhere and everytime over the world.if mother seeing lovingly, image is seeing through her.if gr fath annoying, image in him annoying. if friends laughing, image superimposed over them is laughing.if sister walks to him lovingly, it’s that image which is walking lovingly.if old memories are resurfacing, all are accompanied with that image,not separately existent. if studying, it’s by the image.if working,its by the image.why to elaborate, each and every activity was with,by and for that’s the reason that when image was lost with that’s total hope,everything tagged with that was lost and ly became complete zero virtually and temporarily ,encountering the incumbent enlightenment.

Good news is that it appears possible with today’s technology. fix nano transmitter under skin which supply continued image to brain.switch it off after one year.switch on again if no enlightenment and so on———– Just need a crazy neuroscientist———

Meditation image shy and hesitate in front of real objects.Then we should console that telling to that qualities which that harbours, like free of bodily impurities,always shining ,free of darkness ,free of death and disease,subtler and lighter than the sky etc.Than it shines back and storm away the wicked objective reality thus relieving paranoia and physiological stress too.

The image of Queen used to vanish temporarily while ly in company of his GF/spiritual master .it means,GF was more influential person and contemplation was unknowingly shifting from Queen to GF.Queen’s image dissolved ly’s world whereas master dissolved Queen’s image causing means,only dedicated master can produce final realization as he is nearest to reality. Other attractive objects are only primer objects for contemplation which is later to be shifted,as direct contemplation on master isn’t easy due to having less physical attractiveness. If it were not like this,then atleast handful of pure romantic lovers out of millions would have achieved E ,unlike their inclination towards madness and suicide.

Contemplation on master is also proved by the fact that ly had contemplation images of both,master as well as queen throughout his life,alternating with each other.queen was the boss at time of materialistic mode and master at time of spiritual mode.With rising age,authority was shifting from queen to master.It was natural—

Happy Yoga Day

Enlightenment enters such people

Everyone has most favoured thing in mind but hesitate to intensify it through yogic contemplation.He relies on natural favourable conditions. This way,enlightenment to be achieved in single birth may take countless births.Way to enlightenment goes through the most favored thing.

Because LY had a particular liking since his birth,may be carried over from past births.He encountered many images which were fulfilling that liking,step by step.He couldn’t contemplate those well, although likened to deep heart. The similar characteristics appeared in queen to him,where contemplation fully matured due to favourable natural environment and good company of yogic spiritual.

But the problem is,most important mission is being waited to be accompalished by the nature itself ,with leftovers petty ones being achieved deliberately and enthusiastically. When nature can make only one being as millionaire out of 1 billions ,then how can nature provide enlightenment to all.For this,Yoga is there.

Neither the pure physical nor the pure spiritual but the physical one who has true spiritual as his most favoured/master,gets enlightenment. Love yogi was a physical person ,but a truly spiritual old man became his most favoured.

No one even the queen could know that love yogi ever loved her.It’s amazing

Kundalini is a contemplation image which can be imagined anywhere,on the sun,on the clouds,star,Christmas tree and so on.When concentration energy is focused over it,it becomes closer and closer,clearer and clearer,and eventually felt inside the brain as closest to one’s own being.It is imagined most easily and efficiently at certain body points called chakras,best of which is naval chakra.It’s nothing of a nerve impulse which can be blocked.

Site of image formation is brain only,not the sun,cloud and even the spinal cord. It’s the projection of image to different outer areas.A man in comma due to brain injury can not feel any vision through spinal chord.No scientific evidence till now that spinal chord can give any sensual experience. When no image formed at Chakras,no question of its upward neuronal progression or anaesthetic blockade. It is coincidence that it appears going upward just as through spinal cord. Actually it comes closer and closer to brain with force of mental concentration and mool bandh.Ordinary man is habitual of outwardly projected experiences,so one point image is started from outside.

The same happened to love yogi.He firstly projected Queen’s image over the concerned physical body. After few months of concentration, image was seen as projected over idols in temples, spiritual masters and other beautiful things.After few months,it appeared everywhere. After few months,it suddenly migrated to his heart chakra,when he felt pressure there of sticking something and rushed for ECG.Actually that might be minor ailment possibly,but kundalini aroused attention there. Few months later,it migrated to top chakra directly,bypassing the lower aagyaa chakra.Because it was spontaneous concentration, not a forceful one.At this chakra,intelligence of love yogi suddenly sprang very high up.He remained busy in deep intellectual study for day and night ,which made him one of the top rankers.soon relieved of study burden and came in full company of true spiritual old man(not jehadist,lol) which caused full uncoiling of kundalini image of limited consciousness to its all pervasive universal form of consciousness.

Spondylitis chest pressure externally along with vegetarian family style, was one of the unlimited numbers of favourable conditions, amazingly synchronised,which barred him from physical entanglement, thus enabling him to shift the kundalini upward to brain.

Leave others,even love yogi could never ascertain that he ever loved the Queen. It was most amazing

True love is pure mental ,which is ignored by the physical world.True love is Kundalini, residing inside.It escapes out through physical expression with senses and get lost.Then world give it recognition.

Kundalini yoga yields better if practised daily

People enlightened artificially than naturally appear more valuable as they can teach the trick to others,like gautam budha

I used to be in a dual mode of focused concentration and mindfulness ,immediately preceding my glimpse enlightenment in sleep.Single object focused concentration used to give me energy for mindfulness. During mindfulness, past memories used to be recalled in a blissful and peaceful way,alongwith enjoyment of present situations fully,blissfully and peacefully. That spiritual journey was started from concentration mode.It means,first step of spiritual journey is single point focused concentration .Mindfulness is brought out by this concentration ,when mature enough.Afterwards, focussed concentration and mindfulness progressed ahead together, synergising each other mutually,culminating into thoughtlessness thus ensuing E in a short span of 2 years.

Meditation(buddhist) and Yoga(patanjalian Rajyoga) are one and the same but there appears difference in vocabulary. What is vipasana in boddha meditation ,that is asampragyat samadhi in Rajyoga.It is characterized by passive witnessing.It is referred to as a type of samadhi, because it produces bliss, peace,unattachment, calmness and sensory uninvolvement etc.attributes which are special to samadhi. It is called asampragyat or “not properly known” state,because it isn’t involved with focused concentration on a single object(which is called sampragyait samadhi or properly known state),but passive witnessing of whatever mind becomes.Buddha’s both teachers couldn’t understand this deep meaning contained within patanjalian Rajyoga,so they remained stationed at sampragyat samadhi enjoining temporary qualities ,not permanent ones in the form of enlightenment. Buddha dissatisfied with this achievement, rushed away and sat under Bodhi tree,practising samatha or sampragyat samadhi and vipasana or asampragyat samadhi, alternating with and enhancing mutually each other,through his famous madhya marg or middle path,and gained enlightenment quickly. Then,both of those his past teachers rushed to him and became his disciples, and gained enlightenment .In this way,his approximately 60 earlier disciples became all enlightened, called as Bodhisattvas. I also experienced all this as above,although very naturally and practically, nothing with a dedicated willing.I also intermixed worldly duties in a sensible and loving way,with samatha and vipasana.This triple mixing resulted in the quickest enlightenment possible as achieved by me in a short span of 2 years.Although, it was glimpse type,unlike possibly full fledged as that of buddha. It was so,because I was not willingly dedicated to enlightenment like buddha,instead my glimpse enlightenment was by chance,that means I wasn’t fully ready to bear supreme flash.Despite it,Im a commoner and feel nothing special inside me except a strange and subconscious satiety of having been achieved and known everything.

Then there is a gentleman on Quora,who gives example of love affair to explain meditation.but he says ,love should be directed to God to concentrate upon,not to girl friend.I say no need to love God separayely ,as it is concentration which matters more.Moreover, he doesn’t prove his words through his experience unlike me

I’m (E) the combination product of spiritualism and materialism.Pure spirituals are like snare tied, belief bound to depression, whereas the pure materialists are like prison released,wide open to maddening. I’m the good points of both. Search for decoding kundalini will continue………………………


My latest development in KUNDALINI-You believe or not,but I tell you a true spiritual happening which was confronted by a Prince (modern love yogi), my metamorph, spontaneously. It is a deep tantrik spiritual secret and should never be misunderstood. It should also be not tried without the recommended supervision of qualified masters/elders for it’s too dangerous if misdirected.He was a young man at that time and such was the queen ♕ .A natural and indirect (having a code of direct one inside) physical initiation (same page/tantric paragraph) occured between them, by chance, in a fun,under the guidance and supervision of their masters.After that, everything happened without any sensory involvement between them except of visual, verbal and auditory (that too not directly), that means, only relationship between them was that of expressional (although much more profound from queen side) and experiential (much more pronounced from prince side).Everything appeared well coordinated and with plethora of favourable conditions as if all was prefixed by the destiny. Both seeing each other with a unique bliss as if knowing each other since childhood, even many past lives and births.Attraction began to develop. Her image was at first associated with mooladhara and swadhishthan chakras of the prince.That was the exhibition of romantic nature by Shakti. With this,his face developed brightness, colour and texture ie.area of agna chakra. Because there is a direct link between mooladhara and agna chakras,so agna chakra was simultaneously developing. You know, every intergender attraction starts at the pelvic organs supplied by these basic Chakras.Till then,his conciousness was dependent on the sensory inputs, but now the image of queen was affixed firmly, permanently and spontaneously, independent of the sensory inputs.It actually means, not totally without sensory inputs , but very less sensory input subtly in the form of visual and auditory only that was needed to keep the image at mooladhara burning for a long period of time,although strength of image was still dependent on the mental perception power and physical stamina of the prince (it highlights the importance of hatha yoga),which was highly advanced in him,naturally. It means, the kundalini had arisen up from her sleep at mooladhara chakra . Image of queen stayed at those two basic Chakras for few MONTHS.IT’s to note that image took much longer time to mature at these basic Chakras as compared to other chakras, where it passed up relatively quickly. At swadhishthan or second chakra, subconscious thoughts were resurfacing up.Simultaneous and sustained concentration occurring at agna chakra saved him from accompanied paranoia.In this way,subconscious and unconscious mind emptied away enough, blissfully with time,and what remained mainly, that was only the present.Actually, this purgatory action continues throughout, but it starts at swadhishthan and is most voluminous there.That enhanced the mental performance of the prince, as seems logical. Actually, swadhishthan means abode of ones own self,which is nothing but subconcious and unconscious. Actually,there is not pinpointing of chakra necessary ,as told in theory, but an effective area practically. His physical activities along with digestion improved with her blessing when staying at mooladhara and swadhishthan and with this the image came up to the naval chakra,as you know that this chakra regulates digestion and strength related works(as called guts), mainly. Then compassion developed for the oftenly depressed queen (also subconsciously exhibiting motherly qualities and love for babies), may be due to her thoughts regarding her future and social integrity , and with this the image came up to his heart chakra.That was the exhibition of motherly(selflessly loving) nature by Shakti. With this, some strange and subtle pressure felt by him at his heart area.By then,queen started feeling some guilt and self exploitation with subtle killing instinct towards the prince, although quite lovefully,and extraordinarily.This was exhibition of Kali nature (destroyer) by Shakti. That was the time of the ascend of kundalini to vishudhi chakra(neck chakra).You know, all tragedies are tolerated by the neck, like assimilation of poison drunk by Shiva, ordinary warfare etc.After some time,prince and queen both departed away.As you know,image /kundalini don’t come back if rises above naval chakra.As there was no more direct contact (which was only limited to visual ,auditory, scarcely verbal, initiation driven ,nothing unsocial in Indian context, but with blissful mental romance surpassing every physical one ) with the queen, so there was no need of sensual lower chakras.So the image from all chakras entered forcefully into agna chakra in forehead. That was the start of real meditation in the brain.Soon samadhi developed. Continued resurfacing and subsequent spontaneous purgation of old thoughts of subconcious and unconscious were near to end to produce thoughtlessness of enlightenment, within a short period total of two years.His controller at the whole time was that smiling spiritual old man.This all signifies the importance of chakras.You can develop up any image (but not of wife,lol) in this way with artificially designed kundalini yoga,which is totally based on the divine Shiv-Shakti Romance.You can develop your own design in accordance to the basics of kundalini yoga. For example, you can imagine your any ancestor farmer as going up and down between lower field (naval chakra) and uppermost field ( sahasraar chakra) through the main rocky pathway (vertebral column) and passing through his home area(heart chakra) and any thin curvy area near top field ie. neck(vishudhi chakra ),in a mountainous area and like wise.It is well justified according to the vedic phrase,”yatpinde tatbramhaande”(what’s there in body,that is in the universe). Main thing is developing the concentration in most efficient way. KUNDALINI RESEARCH CONTINUES —


And he didn’t drain out his sexual energy,generated at his swadhishthana and mooladhara chakra, starting just at initiation and growing till his enlightenment.That energy sparkled his extroverted stamina at manipura chakra, within a very short period.He didn’t waste it into binding works through outward senses, rather deepened his deep intellectual study in an unattached and spontaneous way. Moreover,he didn’t undertake any material execution independently(which cause paranoia, attachment and break of sustained concentration) rather provided a selfless helping hand to others on their demand.Actually,his aroused energy or Kundalini helped him a lot in not doing anything harmful to herself.When Kundalini grew up to heart chakra or anahata,he sustained her there by not expressing his extraordinary love and compassion outside.When the Kundalini rose up to neck or vishudhi chakra,he didn’t prevent Kundalini from choking his throat.He very well new that Kundalini was mental image and couldn’t harm him despite a subtle,strange and ignore generated hate from her physical counterpart.So,he never hated her,even welcome her in her that horrific form too.Actually,he let her do everything desired except of nonsensical foolishness without interfering her.It helped to show her every colour in a subtle way to yogi for his concentration.He also very well knew that physical counterpart of Kundalini could do any damage, although remotely possible but he didn’t want to take any chance in his early days of lively life, so he became totally indifferent to physical counterpart, impartial to that he was always.He let the Kundalini do her own course, he being only witness to her.Kundalini at throat chakra had greatly aroused his expressive power but he didn’t waste it in verbal jiggle ,even not displaying the secret of his Kundalini to anyone.Actually,it was mental kundalini only,physical counterpart nearly zero.How can one show his thought to anybody.Rather he diverted his expressive power to writing and writing his study material,supporting with charts,graphs, diagrams , mathematical calculations and models which polished his study to glistening. Actually, Kundalini expressing at higher chakra was also expressing her at lower chakras and brain simultaneously.It was only proportions of chakras and brain changing.In the start, Kundalini was stormy at sexual or swadhishthana chakra.after arousal at manipura chakra, proportion at swadhishthana chakra decreased.On arousal at heart chakra, proportion of both lower chakra decreased but that of heart chakra increased.proportion of brain chakra started increasing at heart chakra.actually, Kundalini was developing in brain chakra only without our notice since the beginning, because it was stationed at different chakras (airports),ready to be lost away through senses into the subconscious.But the senses were fully controlled and didn’t allow it to do so.The result was that Kundalini had to come back to brain after waiting to her satisfaction at all chakras.It expressed herself in the brain violently and blissfully just as a man expresses himself after returning to his home after cancellation of flight.kundalini had left the hope of all the sensual doors to escape away so roamed the brain of love yogi again and again, considering that as her pet,real , permanent and beloved home. —–continues—

Love yogi was being prepared for big test by the nature.mild thrilling sensation was occasional in his reproductive organs(still enough strong to cause sensual discharge at little bit of neglect,so he used to be often speechless and motionless in her presence like a slave in front of queen, tolerating all her chatter happily) producing upward thrilling in his body.All used to be felt inside a small community of 5-15 students.That day was a final test type.Both coming early to classroom.He was sitting on his usual seat on bench at door side corner, straight back and fully alert.She entered in but walking here and there soon bored by having only statue boy sitting, no one to talk.She laid down on the central table ,eyes facing roof and feet resting on the floor beneath.Super strongthrilling sensation experienced by the yogi in his sexual chakras ,quite difficult to control.chakras were stimulating the organ for erection but he controlled it by pasifying the mind logically , showing the fear of class teacher coming soon,celebacy of my spiritual old man, Nobel character of our ancient Indian system————contd——


Really difficult to find decent words in tantra yoga so misunderstanding. Anyway, ly was much humiliated actually. Its strange that awakening comes after lot of humiliation up to total dissolution of ego.tantra sex is infact totally different from ordinary one and is fully respectful to woman who acts as a master,guru,goddess,mother and everything for the tantra,actually woman is initiator and man is initiated.woman has every responsibility to generate and save sexual energy of man from wastage,bringing that up to brain helping in spiritual should be well separated from ordinary animistic act for proper understanding. Actually, it matches totally to term is misnomer there.The same tantra yoga happened to ly spontaneously.


Great tantric secret opened up intuitively. Love yogi had a book open already. Concentrating on that with full brain caused his genital erection and lust to subside.the image of queen which was already spread to whole body from his genitals (with intense blood pressure, audible fast and forceful heart contractions,perceptible circulatory and nervine vibrations) at that whole body orgasm suddenly entered his brain with the study matter and he cooled down instantly as if nothing happened. Manufacturing of reproductive fluid had begun with that first intense stimulation inside his associated organs continuously with occasional erection which used to subside with the study load on brain.With this,the associated Queen’s image also used to rise up to brain from genitals.He found a good remedy intuitively ,so he used to be over busy in study with constant image of queen in his brain ,giving rare chance to her to come to genitals.That was a great and perfect tantric samadhi. Queen rose up after half to one minute greatly amaged and influenced for ever ,with the perfect self control of LY.


CONCLUSION- What is swadhishthana and mooladhara chakras?These are infact sexual points with sensory receptors. Ejaculation and urine withholding sensation is sensed at swadhishthana chakra.This is all taantrik sex.what is mooladhar chakra.It’s actually uplift point as this point can be tucked up easily which causes image of girlfriend in sexual area to be uplifted to brain,psychologically as well as physiologically. Its energy is felt with upward contraction of perinium.This uplifting causes Wang to subside down and body cool down suddenly,thus suspending ejaculation. Anyone practicing this can enjoy sex blissfully throughout the whole night and even daily without lethargy generating wastage of body fluids.What’s naval chakra?It’s actually energy sink.Overflowing energy /mental image is flowed down to this to ease out head pressure and headache.what’s heart chakra?It’s actually controller point.When female partner feels depression or exploitation, then tantric shifts energy to this point to cool down her with sympathetic love.What is throat Chakra. It is actually point to show surrender,sacrifice and selfishlessness .See god Shiva keeping poison in his throat.see warfares and violence. Throat is the only victim. When female tantric becomes angry/Kali, tantric shifts her image to his throat so cool down her.What’s eye or vishudhi chakra.These are sensory point near eye which stores and amplify the beauty of female partner received through his eyes.What’s sahasraar or crown chakra?It is actual brain where samadhi is established .Here,bliss is produced.Here,body functions optimally. Here,lust and attachment is lost,that is ,wang sits down on reaching here.Here,all bads vanished and all goods gained.It is thus called the abode of shivaa with whom kundalini shakti always want to merge. Kundalini yoga practice in lotus posture has been made only for the unlucky people such as babas who are unmarried,old men,boys without girlfriends.It is artificial duplicate to original tantric saadhana.Something is better than nothing .It may also be effective with long practice.I know better about former as my glimpse enlightenment came through that(although in mental form,not physical like babas and priests,lol), thats why I tried to explain.Regarding artificial methods,I can speculate only presently until I fully recognise experientially . Now let us mix cement and sand together. Kundalini yoga practice only works as basic ground work for tantric sex.Tantric Sex merely doesn’t mean physical insertion of Wang into womb.Tantric Sex actually means revolution of energy through different chakras,generated at erected Wang.Basic ground work of chakra meditation helps in this.With sustained practice, energy becomes permanently stabilized in brain which is the state of samadhi. If energy is felt revolving with spiritual development, then seeing the opposite gender is also a tantric sex,hearing sound of opposite gender is also tantric sex,sitting close to and touching the opposite gender is also a tantric sex,intergender chatting is also a tantric sex,intergender memory is also a tantric sex and likewise. Now ,what is energy? Energy is experiential form of the nervine currents.It can be in any form of any image or sound.Most commonly it is image.Some have image of master.Some have image of girlfriend. Some have images of both together which is the best combination and likewise .Now ,you can guess that what is the purpose of ground work of chakra if that isn’t accompanied with the tantric sex.If it’s, its merely like learning a language without studying that’s literature.Similarly sexual activities without the basic practice of chakra meditation is nothing but a type of animal sex. So keep on marching ahead,you surely find success at the earliest as I feel for myself what occurred. One thing more,my wife don’t satisfy without tantric sex,lol——

But one thing not clear in conclusion as far as awakening experience of my soulmate love yogi is concerned. No one asked about earliest initiation at introductory stage between LY and queen for it’s too important.A quiz competition about family planning and baby care fixed with few pairs ,each pair having one boy and one girl sitting together contesting.Queen chose LY and he accepted without any prejudice. Now its important turn.queen demands any book regarding subject matter for preparation, if available at LY.He gives 10 years old book lying on his shelf already covering all subjects to be prepared. One page of book was having diagrammatic (not exact diagrams but outline type just as pencil sketch, as seen in old fashioned mass media books ) representation of Wang being weared up with condome by two hands only.a second outline of a woman lying on her back and applying contraceptive jelly inside her—–(slang term?).firstly ,LY hesitated to hand over but then did to reveal the truth in natural and impartial way.although he shnt had handed over as that was practitioners book and not openly available, but on viewing the conclusion,enlightenment appear having much more weightage than some petty ethics. Facial expressions of Queen had started flashing, deepening and changing towards ly including unique joy and bliss with her returning the book after day one or two.same way, her image in brain of LY had begun sticking much more brilliantly, lively and deeply. My conclusion say as no direct tantric coupulation necessary, but LY proves it although in an indirect way.wasn’t that a amazing trick.Many tantric yogis can be seen wandering with hanging sexual bells ,but none of them is enlightened. Here ,ly——–continues

One of the best method for energy rotation is microcosmic orbit. It is simple,basic,effective and practical. But I don’t see my energy while travelling up the spinal chord instead energy jumps from moladhar chairs to sahasraar chakra with a feeling of little air gush in brain from lateral side of cranium above both ears upward.May be feeling in backbone comes in advanced cases. I keep energy in brain till pressure felt and I’m busy,otherwise I flow down it to naval chakra through different chakras,feeling quite relaxed and fresh

Love yogi transformed sexual energy into meditational energy. It’s so because he had developed familiarity with the meditation by being in continuous contact with the meditational environment of his family.A meditation habitual can convert even shadow of sex into powerful meditation ,as happened in case of love yogi. It’s so because he has developed enough efficiency to develop concentration. Childhood meditation plus indirect sexual experience at teenager age is thus enough to cause enlightenment socially as well as ethically. We should develop system in this direction for betterment of the world.

Contractors of religion were seen as ignorant of truth by freshly enlightened LY. LY was seen with suspicion as an ilien or ghost.All were mad behind faint shadows of real meditation in the form of various confusing spiritual practices. He felt that enlightenment was impossible without his natural tantric love based approach. He was dumb and unopposing as being in supreme ecstacy and bliss.He also realized that enlightenment was nearly impossible in worldly life without divine blessing. He felt that only indirect tantric sex could lead to samadhi level attraction, not the direct one.Direct sex whether tantric or non tantric,surely kills mutual attraction, little or more.

Total lustlessness developed after enlightenment. He transcended sex through sex only however in an indirect and divine/yogic /tantric way

He felt that if he had taste of direct sex even once , anywhere,with anyone and at anytime,then he woud not have achieved that type of super concentration on Queen’s image,which is must to generate enlightenment

Love Yogi also observed that he would not had reeped the full benefit of super concentration , had he not been in company of spiritual old man and guidance of disciplined teachers.Then the image would not have moved up to brain ,but discharged that’s effect through outward senses.

Many seekers become able to permanently sustain the mental image of their lovers in their brain as samadhi,but don’t become able to dissolve that.Dissolution of image is to be kept in mind to reach enlightenment. Love Yogi kept physical attachment nil.dissolution is only tough due to physical bondage.Ly went on enhancing mental image only with minimum aid of physical counterpart. Mental image overrode everything of his expressed mind, subconscious and unconscious (possibly called Manas chakra).on sliding away even that of minimum physical aid, mental image started weakening .Then this samadhi image was also over ridden by his own self.means Everything became ineffective (similar to thoughtlessness of Buddha or patanjali, but that was not actually real thoughtlessness ,but ineffectiveness only.if means, every great work has scope of improvement through your own experience). Thoughtlessness produced super shimmering of enlightenment.

May be the thoughtlessness as a moment within weeks of ineffectiveness and expressed as enlightenment

Love yogi also realized that queen wouldn’t had produced that extreme attraction so easily and quickly,had she tasted direct sexual affair ever. He also realized that he himself would had leaked the initiation with queen to others and lost attraction therefore,had he not done that intuitively, naturally, spontaneously and ethically as per the social norms.

LY also realized, The attraction would had been too week to cause perfect contemplation,had both not been just starting to step into hormonal phase of teenagers age ,and not feeling as soul mates to each other

It’s possible That love yogi didn’t lift up her image from heart as it’s never heard and seen that image of girlfriend kept at brain by his lover but heart only.May be image was so intense at heart that he misinterpreted that in the brain.There was also a continuous chest pressure at his heart region without any medical reason.It possibly proves that heart chakra is complete in itself and carries all chakras inside it

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