Love story of a Yogi-7

हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”, इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

This story is also available as an e-book with name “Love story of a Yogi- what Patanjali says” at the webpage ‘store’. There it has been edited to remove grammatical errors, also preserving the original sense of the story.

Friends I tried to test verify the claim of love Yogi.I found, kundalini /image first of all developed intuitively and effectiveness at heart chakra by selecting that one from my memory pool,which was most favourite, close,healthily interactive and luck figure to me.Then I could carry that to other chakras slowly with repeated practices except to brain.Then I started to lift it up from mooladhara chakra ,becoming faintly obvious at brain.Then I took help of tantric sex to produce energy for image and lift that up,when image started shimmering sharply and also becoming stable in brain throughout the day ie. Samadhi.image took the course upward along with the flow of blood and nervine energy up from genitals, indicator being correlated Wang regression in the same,it was urgent to keep attention fixed at image in brain,as attention to genitals caused quick flow of energy downward with accompanied image indicated by arousing Wang,then forcing to repeat the cycle again,almost stabilizing with few cycles rotation of energy. Then I saw much more sharpness and clarity in image at heart chakra enough like a real physical one. So in conclusion, heart chakra is producer of image not muladhara.muladhara is image amplifier only.practically seen,love is love and can’t be generated merely with sex alone. it arises at its own due to many hidden factors,sexual relationship only amplifies it if done in tantric a remedy to nonloving couple, tantric sex can also produce love but with abundant of practice, time and effort as occurred in case of love yogi.he never liked queen so much .start of relationship was indirect sex only,nothing else,which produced strong love through tantric approach . Muladhara acts as energy amplifier as well as powerful pump to send kundalini to agna chakra immediately. Its foolishness to search anything moving up sensation inside spine in the start as it comes spontaneously with lot of practice. Our purpose is lifting up,whether through sudden jump or gradual crawl,it doesn’t matter much

 Tantric love causes mutual exchange of energies which produces mutual love as everyone loves his energies most.

 As long as love yogi was busy in worldly life,the image of queen was stationed at heart chakra.on falling deeply in company of spiritual old man,and relieved of worldly tension a little bit,image stationed at brain permanently up to awakening. Heart is lower safe abode of kundalini in worldly jungle as kundalini can’t slip down of it.brain is much fine and supreme abode,doors of which opened by deep spiritual company and worldly relief only

Kundalini yoga appears as systematised and theoretical projections to natural spiritual development. Love yogi never saw any chakras,vortices anywhere. No colours,No geometric shapes,no deities ,no apparent energy movements .Only shifting of awareness of queens image between genital,heart and naval ,no throat, no different brain chakras but only one brain.These chakras may be quite subtle to be experienced or forgotten by ly at time of his exposure. Although he everywhere saw her image wherever his awareness pointed. On intestinal cramps,image loaded on awareness shifted to cramps.on foot ache,image seen over sensation. Then why only specific chakras?it may be due to maximum sensation there so awareness easily go their loaded with kundalini image. See muscle contraction centre of abdomen. It is exactly naval.see contraction and sensory point of genital area,its exactly swadhishthana. Contraction point of perinium is muladhara chakra.Sensitivity of heart as well known. Contraction of throat produce there awareness. May be similar chief awareness points in brain.

Divine planning was apparent in case of love yogi.its possible that some minor physiological or anatomical defect occurred at his heart area ,unable to be diagnosed, causing oversensitivity there,due to divine planning. That caused his image loaded awareness to be shifted there easily to save him from possible genital abuse its known that spondilitis developed in him during descending years of his life

After ignition of his sexual glands by queen in indirectly and intuitively, he always felt something being manufactured at genitale and transported to brain continuously. His urine used to be turbid white,but without any pathology.means ,essence of manufactured reproductive fluid absorbed with excretion of whitish waste feeling of weakness but constant Bliss of means blocking genitals is not true celibacy but it is stimulating it for brain’s use.although he couldn’t see fluid rising up inside as anybody else ,but he speculated it from image moving in rotation from genitals to already proved that awareness follows physiological and anatomical sensations

His weakness was functional,not structural and fault his energy was highly utilized by brain for maintaining neuronal connections to upkeep the constant samadhi image,rest of body was sure to be deprived.But not brain weakness,only muscular. After awkening also,he was energy drained due to same reason.something strange development was going inside his brain.appeared,he was proceeding towards status of Superman . sometimes took brain MRI for strange hevyness,vertigo type in brain.drowsiness and swelling in brain if stepping out of merry go round.appetite peculiar.vegetarian diet not sufficient to full fill demand and no desire to eat nonveg.strange situation.anyway, survived with this or that trick and Divine /Kundalini blessing.

A Divine and beautiful reproductive fluid smell emitted from his skin pores which used to produce blissful environment all around.he himself used to fall into ecstacy and bliss with his that own smell.everywhere in surrounding area,love and true love developed.appeared as if heaven descended to earth.lively environment everywhere in his surrowndings..Animals used to be attracted to him from far away and licked him with great love,mainly cows.all people affectionate to him. cows used to graze only around him,may be grass less or more there.cows were amazingly affectionate to him

Kundalini yoga was created to make contemplation easy,but I think it created confusion too .many times,people rushed to it leaving their ready available contemplation. If love yogi had left away his natural love yoga and rushed behind any artificial contemplation like kundalini yoga,he would had surely ruined himself. Main thing is samadhi ,if its ready available in brain,no need to run behind chakra etc.In kundalini yoga too,when image reaches brain,there is no much need of lower chakra meditation/samadhi but direct brain samadhi .these meditation points are called chakras because when isolated ,its muscles constrict in a ring like fashion and create a sensational point in its centre where image becomes readily available spontaneously.

99% of people don’t know what’s kundalini. Even so called great yoga masters were not seen saying frankly what the kundalini is.Some say it as energy, some as shakti,some as serpent, some as coiled structure, some as living deep inside a pit .All of them are wrapping it with this or that mysterious envelope. So,I came to think that not all enlightened persons can know the exact nature of kundalini but only those who got enlightenment through kundalini yoga or kundalini yoga type natural process. As far as I consider myself, I got my glimpse enlightenment (although in sleep,lol) through kundalini yoga type natural process. I got activation of my root chakra and swadhishthana chakra through indirect sexual attraction.Activation means being loaded with the image.Image was surely that of GF being attracted to.That image used to excite the sexual organs associated with root and swadhishthana chakra.with sensible thinking and going busy deep inside study in the company of great men, image used to rise up to brain with sudden vanish of sexual excitement. Gradually, the image filled up all the chakras The same principle is that what the kundalini yoga teaches.Lifting up the image of master or personified God from root chakras to brain is easiest and quickest way to reach at patanjalian samadhi. Although tantric sex enforces the process further. This all means, kundalini is nothing mysterious but a mental image strengthened at different body chakras with the aid of yogasanas, pranayamas ,bandhas s etc. Image is also revolved with metamorphic techniques like microcosmic orbit etc. Moreover, I saw that mental image can always and easily be experienced at root chakra even during busiest and foolish of the worldly hours. It relates to scriptural words that home place of kundalini in non awakened individuals is root chakra .It is all spiritual descriptions, nothing to carry with organismic evolution or any other jiggle. I found that it spontaneously and suddenly jumps up to brain if it is concentrated upon there with simultaneous tucking up of isolated perineum muscle ring including or not the adjacent areas, at which time sexuality also drops and samadhi begins. It is different to the complicated procedure of lifting it up through backbone and sushumna with lightening streak shape,as told by contemporary yoga masters .I feel its not necessary to wait for that complex psychic phenomenon when it easily jumps up at its own. Why should we see it going glistening through the road track when we can directly see it at destination. People get confused here.May be,it occurs with prolonged practice with little bit of potentiating effect.Every sharp mental image looks like a fire flame ,its not strange or extraordinary. All this means, kundalini is nothing but mental image, energy is nothing but mental image ,shakti is nothing but mental image. I read many books and talked to many scholars, but didn’t see this much simple clarification anywhere . It also proves that kundalini yoga is nothing but a practical enhancement to the classical Patanjali yoga.

Today I was in a function. Light music was running. Known people happily flying here and kundalini awaking in brain ,becoming infinite, my perfect merging with kundalini initiated. Blissful moment.sharpened image as perfect moonlight merging one with me.I became uneasy sitting inside crowd,everyone looking to my spiritual pleasure from nowhere. I felt ashamed of being called as mad if kundalini continued to enlightenment. I suppressed it deliberately and I came to my self control happens with everyone.kundalini starts many times but deliberately suppress it because of uneasiness due to that being spiritual dimension, unknown to world so possible to be misinterpreted in many ways. Our own loving world keeps us away from Truth

My head filled up with kundalini image and head appearing as if ready to explode or I going to comma or vertigo to enlightenment. I was in full samadhi ,fully merged as one with the image.felt if my head filled with sharp unique kundalini image that was like clean golden smookless blissful fire.Shining brightly but cool unlike hot sun.This was the result of one hourly bid practice of kundalini yoga for one year and also including help from tantric sex for only one month.this is the great boosting effect of tantric sex.i withdrew back .I little bother as I have already tasted enlightenment and there are many chances ahead. I think this is associated problem with contemplating social image as this tries to bring enlightenment inside society in a social mode,where number of liabilities exist so one tries to suppress it out of hesitation. Although, contemplating social image in social mode is easiest for a social man. Kundalini research continues——–

My eyes wide open without blinking but with amazement to one side constantly yet seeing nothing physical things present there,but only kundalini image inside and outside same.intuitively people feeling me as crazy ,I thought.Image much more intense,influential and experiential than even anything physical thing experienced ever.I diverted my eyes here and there to escape people’s attention and also massaged my forehead with finger tips from side to side trying to constrict eyes and putting pressure on brain to experience the physical world in physical dimension. I left the spiritual dimension and started getting sense of physical around with dilution of the intensity of kundalini image.I again tried to get spiritual dimension after one two minutes of leaving it on sensing my mistake ,but I failed .I remained in full samadhi of spiritual dimension for almost fifteen seconds. In the evening i could not concentrate that much during meditation due to fatigue of neurotransmitters, psychologically as if kundalini image with loving smile saying that,” you have missed boss,don’t worry I’ll come again soon so wait for the next chance”.

Actually, everyone remains in samadhi while conscious, only intensity varies.This is so because mind of a concious man always bear this or that thought or image.A thought or image in a concentrated state is what a door entry to samadhi.When concentration to a mental image of object or thought develops so much that image appears nothing separate but as his own self by the meditator, samadhi is perfect and can be called as Samadhi proper (for understanding). Image appears very sharp ,bright ,blissful and real . It is such that if only image exists . This ,that ,you ,I ,we ,they and everything is nothing but image only. It is felt that if image exists only and nothing other than the image exists at all. Samadhi state is nearest to enlightenment. In fact it’s door entry to enlightenment. In patanjli yogsutra, spiritual development up to samadhi has been described only ,because its only describable top state in meditation. Enlightenment can’t be described properly and fully at all. Samadhi is achieved through repeated focused concentration on a single image through meditation ,regularly and consistently without break at any cost,for years.I think if concentration is proper,samadhi can be achieved within one to two years. Samadhi can develop only to mental image ,not to object of sense directly, because our self resides deep inside and can’t merge with the object of sense which is outside and superficial. The role of external object is only to strengthen that’s image inside in start,later on its discarded and mental image only practiced wholly.its due to eternal instinct of considering self inside mind which is inside body.on getting samadhi, this difference between inside and outside vanishes with samadhi image appearing both inside and outside, everywhere.

Nature is too clever.It shows enlightenment in sleep to those who need it most but can’t tolerate it in awakened state ,like immatures,diseased, weak,tensioned etc. I too was immature, labored, exhausted, tensioned when nature shown glimpse enlightenment to me in sleep.But I think it’s only priming. Real test is to experience enlightenment in awakened state for that teaches to tolerate spiritual ,psychological and social emotions and help to make enlightenment more useful and sustained Yet,its better and safe and easy bypass to awakened enlightenment. Something is better than nothing

Enlightenment in sleep is like causing enlightenment solely through a machine without any efforts of experiencing one in the real time with the subsequent exhaustion and risk.I think it may itself turn to Full blown enlightenment later on with subsequent life experiences added up to this .I also think it as a source of inspiration for further full blown enlightenment and purposeful subsequent life

Enlightenment machine would be biggest invention ever

But in that case there would be total anarchy.people would be doing all sorts of evils for no fear of punishment by the grace of enlightenment machine

Tantra and yoga aren’t separate but a combined unit.Nothing can replace yoga.Tantra is accelerator to yoga vehicle

A man who uses tantra primarily for uplifting and maturing the kundalini is real tantric whereas one using it primarily for worldly gain and sensual pleasures is nothing but a pseudo tantric /hypocrite /propagandist

My kundalini image appears now weakening as it had spent its whole life,maturing fully to samadhi, where after bound to die.Every thing has its life cycle. Its my mistake that I could not sustain it and withdrew it down deliberately and forcefully for I couldn’t surrender to it out of fear,hesitation, inexperience ,this or that.However, I again trying to revive it .The same had happened in my sleepy glimpse enlightenment, after which I could never raise my kundalini to same samadhi and enlightenment height again,although I was often in a lower contemplation to same image.Should I change the image or try the same blasted ones again?only experienced can guide me this way.

Once upon a time,These yogic and tantric techniques used to be enlightenment machine so those were kept secret and offered only to eligible.Today, people are so insensitive ,that’s why those techniques are open now everywhere .If discovered a new mechanical one,there would be no eligibility criteria just as in case of atomic weps.

I observed that after tiring study or situation, deeply concentrating on bright kundalini image for 10-15 seconds only in brain cause its spontaneous persistence for few minutes and miraculous diminish of tiredness with stable ,regular breath after 2-3 deep gasps.Body stabilized too with diminish of shivering, trembling, staggering etc.It appears the principle behind yoga postures and breathing exercises,where regularised breathing and stabilized body produces sharp concentration on nkundalini image

I don’t understand, why people even majority of spiritual books and intellectuals term kundalini or meditational object of experience and concentration as energy. Energy is dead and scientific whereas mental image is live and experiential. We know that everything in mind is image like in mirror and everything is nothing but mental image only.Mental image is correct term ,not energy.We concentrate upon mental image,not on energy.Only mental image can be experienced, not energy.Plain image is nonliving as it means image inside mirror.Mental image is correct term as it is conscious life and inside mind.Either lot and lot of so called spiritual intellectual are ignorant of basic spiritual principle or they are too hesitant to be proved as spiritual or they want to show themselves as modern and scientific ,however at the cost of conscious liveliness

Then come the monkey was monkey too for millions of years.we have genes of monkey and forest dwelling foragers.our basic instincts are that of free monkey. That’s why concentrating on monkey god is too easy.

Lo, I have searched out techniques of inner heat yoga and subtle energy yoga.I have ignited the flame from root chakra to brain through my backbone, sucking all thought and images from all front body chakras descending from brain as wind,just as flame sucks fresh air in and emits foul air out.subtle impressions resurfacing and exploding up the fire ,also becoming purified themselves again and again as garlend with images as beads . String of garlend lying in front on front body chakras,at back on back body chakras,at top in brain and at bottom on secret area ,.But keep in mind, always keep your focused kundalini image live Otherwise you will get paranoia.Lot of relief felt.

But to my ignorance, I’m unable to find problem faced by Linda ji

JJ Semple ji, it’s only 15 days back uploaded on kdp and presently in edit and continuation phase expected to finish soon. Welcome is poor probably due to less advertisement and online circulation being poor.

Only 2 copies sold without reviews. Not so unsatisfactory at introductory phase, before press release. I only afford paid translation if at least one thousand copies are got sold.

Then that love yogi out of Queen’s world wandered like a headless chicken for many years. Not in his control and drifted by the nature in right way, he couldn’t erase away hardbound mental images of queen and that same Spiritual old man. In one way, those both were his visualised taantrik master with his consort. Great. In fact, queen and love yogi were twin flames (shiva-shakti) to each other. That’s why they couldn’t manage to unite physically. Master could not ever know about any mental consort of Love yogi. Master soon passed away with Glory of love yogis enlightenment in his mind. His Kundalini was in his pingla naadi . To balance his Kundalini both in ida and pingla, he made body science philosophy intuitively. Ie. Shareervigyan Darshan-Ek aadhunik Kundalini tantra. It worked and he could live a better life when he took intutive initiation of tantra through declaring his oath in a University magazine, ie. No worship better than work, no sacred place better than humane family life. On marriage, he was too sacred towards marriage to be misunderstood by his relatives and even family, so considering him as fool. Actually, hundred fools together can prove a single wise being as fool. That way, his initial marriage life was not too beautiful. He was devoid of any taantrik concept and master, whatever tantrika benefits he got subconsciously, those were due to that University time oath, ie. his sexual life was unknowingly becoming sacred worship. With that mental image of his master was stable, means not lost. After second child, he got intuition to study Tantra, which turned his long living tantrik spark into full tantrika samaadhi. His relationship with his wife improved to peak suddenly. He had practiced Kundalini yoga for 9 months , as obviously at brilliano, .then studied ebooks related to tantra. He gave only boost to already running Kundalini yoga with sexual practice, nothing special and that Kundalini yoga became sexual yoga. With one month practice of sexual yoga, full samadhi. Fully satisfied. Means everyone has to travel at their own, this way or that way. Others can only help up to a certain limit only.

One hour used to be his taantrik play time on an average. First becoming warm slowly with rising passion. Attention on Kundalini. Visualising his Kundalini on concerned body parts of consort like face, nose, eyes and anywhere. Actually Kundalini is living being like body cells everywhere. Just as body cells are dvaitaadvait, Kundalini is also advaitaadvait and unattached. Both duality and nonduality together. No passion arises without duality and no progression of Kundalini without nonduality. He saw his master ploughing the sahasraar field while touching the concerned chakra. He visualised his master at throat chakra while touching that and suspending in breathing while applying moolbandha. He occasionally out uddeyan bandh with moolbandh. He visualised his master doing worship at heart chakra of her consort. In this way he visualised his master as Kundalini(external tantric website/ at all the chakras on front and back sides while breathing deeply slowly ,breath suspension and yaugic bandhas. After about half an hour of starting practice, consort becoming fully wet, they stick together in yab-yum position(external  tantric website/ The Vajra and lotus(external tantric website/ fully United, he again visualised his master revolving inside chakras of both bodies. When both tired sitting, consort lying down on back with love yogi sliding his vajra too and fro in her lotus. He felt thrill on his vajra as soon near falling point, he stopped and applying bandhas sucked uo Kundalini from vajra to brain. Vajra went down .he again started abd so on. When tired, they selarated. He saved his reproductive fluid to prevent accompanying weakness and his consort helped full in this goal. Kundalini shining many times in his brain. With great bliss. He washed vajra with mild soap immediately when he pointed out yeast caused itching many times. Not shown anywhere what was std prevention formula in ancient times. This was enough practice nearly daily or alternate day for a month to get Kundalini awakened. Later on he added swing recitation etc. Theiretical measures but those don’t appear as effective as his own experience based and intuitive simple method as described above. Tantric practice isn’t ordinary sex as comman man misunderstand. It’s worship. It’s pure yoga. There us unattached attitude between oartners. Kundalini is the only mission. If Kundalini isn’t strengthened already little bit with Kundalini yoga, there is no point in doing sexual yoga. It’s then eyewash. There are set rules in Tantra. It is classical sex with set rules just like classsical dance or music. It’s not to be shared with anyone except of fully dedicated and desirious one.


Even its hint to be not given even indirectly to general fool people. Consorts should not be changed frequently atleast ine should be kept for many years till enough spiritual progress like samadhi or enlightenment. Ni cheating alliwed. Both are equal ie. God and goddess. Both given equal opportunity to liberation. Not taking other’s wife, daughter as consort for those being property of others. Likewise

The same way, female yogini visualised her dietiy or mastress or as per her suit on different charas and points of love Yogi body. She revolved that Kundalini likewise between both bodies likewise. Lower bridge was genital contact and upper was orral contact. She lifted her Kundalini likewise from mooladhar at peak of her orgasm so gained control of her fluid release. Both blissful but ly was quicker to get Awakening.somerines yogini is quicker.

You may encounter problem while stabilising Kundalini gain without paranoia. That is avoided with nonduality attitude. Same paranoia happened with love yogi when he was not getting awakened Kundalini stabelised, uniformly balanced. Then he made intuitively body science philosophy, a scientific nonduality philosophy. This nonduality attitude is also needed along with sexual yoga to awaken Kundalini, otherwise paranoia may mentally paralyse a practitioner

Sexual Yoga is the Yoga of kings. Not everyone can do it. So never advise anyone. It is intuitive yoga and is better if run itself without role of any advice. Chances of it’s misuse and misunderstanding are too high. But its true that Kundalini can’t burn without the fire of sexual yoga to liberation. You can shine it to high level at ordinary level in ordinary life but can’t explode it to renunciation without it. Man in renunciation can do it without sy with too much time and labour dedicated but a man in worldly life can’t afford to much dedication so Sy necessary.

Samadhi means Kundalini Awakening. When it occures, a man itself drifted towards enlightenment. Maybe he get enlightenment in next births but he gains always. So samadhi is a big achievement. Once love Yogi saw a living god in form of aged man sitting on stone and smiling where people were offering leaves etc. Below a temple site while progressing through marriage progression of his uncle. It means he had achieved visualization samadhi in his previous birth that’s why he got enlightenment in the present birth. I forget to fill it up in oersonal bio-data form of this site

Kundalini itself attracts taantrik activities for her full expression, when she crosses over a certain threshold of her expression. The same happened to Love yigi when he used to stick to her wife while kissing her and touching her feet again and again with great love and devotion. His wife amazed with his that change. Anyw t that offered her Kundalini the escape velocity required to Awakening. It’s spontaneous tantra which is most fruitful. Only reading and forcefully tantra doesn’t appear enough

Actually sex is most strange and least studying thing ever. It awakens Kundalini just immediately if done with proper attention on Kundalini just like Kundalini yoga . At the same time it washes away long time earned Kundalini in no time if not done like Kundalini yoga. Just starting my morning hour Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Awakening can’t be tolerated beyond glimpse due to exhaustion from benign sexual practices of sexual yoga. This exhaustion can be counteracted by balanced lifestyle, balanced diet and plenty of high quality nonveg. Then it becomes fully tantric lifestyle that may be dangerous in absence of fully qualified Master. Long run, safe and prolonged Kundalini awakening is produced only through ordinary Kundalini yoga along with lifestyle full of worldly renunciation. No other way. Although little bit of renunciation is also needed to make sexual yoga successful.

Kundalini awakening is not must for realization. It is persistent mental image that is must. I harbored constant image of my gf in my mind for 2 years that resulted in my glimpse enlightenment at sleep. no kundalini awakening. actually kundalini awakening forces kundalini image to be persistently born inside the brain that causes enlightenment, not the kundalini awakening directly itself. if kundalini awakening doesnt force constant kundalini image into the brain, then it is of no use.

More amazing truth is that enlightenment isn’t must for liberation , directly. Non-dual attitude is directly responsible for liberation. Enlightenment only teaches and makes habit of nondual attitude. Enlightenment is perishable for it is forgotten totally with time but nondual attitude taught by it persists ever, little or more. People waste their time by madly rushing behind enlightenment, ignoring nondual attitude.

There is gradual weakening of Kundalini with ordinary Kundalini yoga. It’s not the failure of yoga technique, but it’s due to increased outward drainage of Kundalini through extroverted worldly activities. Kundalini needs to be recharged occasionally with sexual yoga, specially in such crisis. Kundalini again strengthen herself then, removing boredom to do yoga and we also feelfeellevel enhanced up than the previous level.

Kundalini Awakening is nothing special but full neuronal rush to a single mental image. There is no reason to believe that modern neuroscience can’t achieve this.

Friends, I have been named as Quora Top Writer for 2018 for my 2017 posts. I had copied many posts from brilliano to that and vice versa. Had invited many quorans to read Love story of a Yogi on brilliano. Moreover, anybody can have-

Nothing comes at free, even Kundalini awakening. I spent my 20 precious years with fully scientific, modern and humanely active life, although along with nondual attitude too. Then Kundalini awakening. The message is clear. Western life is alright. Whole of the drammatic difference comes with absence of nondual attitude only. The same is the basis behind the Western-eastern union. To learn nondual attitude in a best and contemporary way, most easily-

World has not progressed beyond Kundalini awakening to a large extent. Non-dualism is must after Kundalini awakening for enlightenment. Actually Kundalini gives power to non-dualism nothing else. Racism is great hindering to non-dualism. It has reasons. See references to shining, white, sunny Kundalini. It is mental racism. Darks take it against them. Actually, it’s difficult to contemplate the dark colour although not impossible. So, Kundalini awakening is the realm of fair skinned, humanely natured and sourituals as brahmins. But enlightenment is the realm of dark for without the cooperation of dark skinned, enlightenment is nearly impossible in worldly life. Darkness prevents attachment to Kundalini that is must for enlightenment.

But to my ignorance energy you know better. Full name appears Kundalini as better. If Einstein is called as e=mc square, it’ll be partial. I think world famous and pet names shouldn’t be manipulated whether eastern or Western.

In direct tantra, Kundalini is separate and vehicle is separate, whereas in indirect Tantra, the same single person acts both as Kundalini as well as vehicle.

Friends, great men are not bound by racial, geographical, cultural and religious boundaries. They’re global even universal. They’re common to all and need to be preserved by all. Claiming there groupism seems childish whether these are sages, yogis, philosophers, artists or scientists.

Science helped me to go towards enlightenment. Taantrik and yogic books, social forums and ebooks helped me to Kundalini awakening. All should be preserved for others and future generations. As i was helped, others and future generations can be helped. As others books and blogs helped , same way my books and blogs can help others. If even one is helped, that is also too extraordinary

I feel as if I was too tired yesterday.good morning friends. But Kundalini going to wrong channel makes me laugh. People are crying for raining and some worrying for rain going astray and working hard to capture the supposed rain but there is no chances of raining for years to come. This metaphor is for people worrying about wrong channeling. Be correcting afterwards, let rain come first. There’s actually no wrong channel for Kundalini is nothing but our own focussed mind. Kundalini itself manage to go through proper channel as per the situation. In rarest of rarest situation, some conflictings arise but that’s not lethal

I feel as if I am in transformational phase after my kundalini rise.

Friends, can I get all my brilliano posts since start. I need some related material for my ebook. Thank in advance for admin support.


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