Moksha (liberation) for a common person without kundalini awakening and enlightenment

One may not need Kundalini awakening or enlightenment for his liberation. If enlightenment was must have for liberation, then there would not have liberation guaranteed in every ancient Sanskrit spiritual texts almost everywhere. Even liberation has been guaranteed on reading too short text of a paragraph size.

In fact, Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening teaches non-duality strongly. Due to this, non-duality remains almost forever along with its liberating quality, little or more. Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening can also be forgotten with passage of time just as every mental experience becomes forgotten with time. Enlightenment and kundalini awakening are delivered to anyone by the goddess nature, so that he can teach other common people the importance of non-duality and detachment. Non-duality producing effect of enlightenment is much more pronounced than the simple Kundalini awakening. For about three years, it persisted inside the mind of Premyogi vajra. During that time, that effect kept him fully drowned inside the ocean of non-duality and detachment forcibly. Thereafter, the effect diminished gradually with passage of time. After about twenty years, a time came, when he was only knowing that once upon a time he had an enlightenment experience. Although, he was able to remember that experience very faintly, that too with secluded and sober thinking only. Therefore, it was natural to get very little spontaneous non-duality from that shadowy feeling. Although non-duality and unattachment in his mind remains forever, little or more, and in real or virtual form. The same occurs with Kundalini awakening too. Although these effects are too little in comparison to enlightenment. Therefore, in conclusion, it is proven that detachment and non-dualism can produce liberation itself, if practiced uninterruptedly in a right way. Once Premyogi vajra destroyed the habit of non-duality forcefully. Due to that, he was drowned in the ocean of delusionary world again. Once he practiced full non-duality only through his homemade philosophy (SHAVID- shareervigyan darshan) while keeping his enlightenment and Kundalini awakening at bay. Then again, he felt his liberation.

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