Most suitable place for meditation

Most suitable place for meditation

Mountain appears as if a relative term. Mountains do not appear as independent. If mountains had been so much conducive to enlightenment, then all of the mountain-people would have become enlightened. But it does not appear so. Inborn mountain-people, who became enlightened in mountains, those appear rare as per the record. Although, most of the mountain-people are enough near to Enlightenment due to they having a nice behavior, non-dual attitude and lack of ego inside them. However, it also may be possible that mountain-people are hard to be attended by the rest of the world, because they live mostly in isolation. In majority of cases, only those enlightened beings are shown as an example, who ever migrated to mountains from the plane areas mainly for their meditation.

Premyogi vajra was an inborn mountain-man, but he only could get the glimpse of enlightenment, when he in the company of plane-people. Those were mainly from Rajasthan and Punjab, who had ever immigrated to there at some time in the past and were staying there since the varied durations of time. It was during his study at senior secondary level.

Additionally, the belt at the junction of plane and mountain appears as if the most suitable land for meditation. It is so because that belt is most peaceful inherently. One example of such geographical area is Rishikesh, a place near Hardwar in India. There meditation-seekers from all around the world learn the meditation from the experienced Yoga Masters. Premyogi vajra had also got a natural opportunity to live in such a belt, when he was in the final year of his natural meditation that ended in his kundalini-awakening.