No need to seek enlightenment?

Enlightenment comes itself. It does not come through seeking. It is unlike a shining planet that can be approached. It is that zero, which cannot be cached. However, necessary conditions can be created in one’s life to unblock its spontaneous happening.

Everyone is proceeding towards the enlightenment itself. We only need that we do not create roadblocks in its path. Going upward is the natural and inherent tendency of all. If we leave ourselves lose, natural, spontaneous, instinctive, non-judging, and well behaved in a humanely way, then the enlightenment does not appear too far away from us. Enlightenment is our own self without any deliberate and egoistic effort, just as there is self of sun, self of mother earth, self of air, self of water etc. We once became departed from those natural selves through adopting a lifestyle full of duality and attachment. We have in our hand only to apply non-duality in our lifestyle. Everything else appears just as propaganda or a gibberish synthesis.

Vedas-puranas of ancient Indian culture were made with beautiful, poetic, and rhythmic verses in love-full Sanskrit language. These all generate non-duality in one’s lifestyle very well, if these are enjoyed daily. Now a day’s people are losing interest in these Vedas-puranas that is why they are suffering in a worst way ever. Premyogi vajra has made a modern and science based philosophy full of non-duality, which remake the interest lost for these spiritual treasures.

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