Non-dual nature propels an enlightened man to action

Non-dual nature propels an enlightened man to action.

Actually, nature propels an enlightened man to action just as that same propels the great sun or great sea or say, whole of the universe.

Enlightened man lives with a nondual and unattached lifestyle just as the great sun lives. We can see that the sun has never denied to rise up in the morning.

Actually, there is a natural tendency in every object, whether those are animate or inanimate to work in a planned schedule in the best interest of the whole of the creation. Unenlightened people think that they themselves are working intentionally, whereas enlightened one does not think so. He despite utilizing his full mental potential believes that he is being made to work in the hands of the nature or spontaneity for the benefit of the creation/humanity just as a puppet in the hands of a showman. Although, the body and mind of enlightened and non-enlightened, both types of individuals run in a similar way as per the situation. Even these run better in case of former, because he goes on getting a rest/relief through adopting the non-dual/detached mental attitude regularly.

Additionally, unenlightened man’s mind remains full of chaotic stuff like ego, desire etc. However, the mind of enlightened man remains full of calmness, void and bliss always.