How Kundalini yoga works

How Kundalini yoga works

Please read the experiential logic as given below and decide yourself.

I tell you a true spiritual happening, which occurred with Premyogi vajra. It is a deep tantric spiritual secret. It should not be misunderstood. Preferably, it should also be not tried without the supervision of a qualified master or elder for it can be dangerous if it is misdirected. He was a young man at that time and the queen was young. A physical (tantric) initiation occurred between them, by chance, with little fun, and under the friendly supervision of their masters. That initiation was natural and indirect. Although that was having code of direct initiation hidden inside. After that, everything happened without any gross sensory involvement between them. The mild sensory involvement between them the visual, verbal and auditory type. It means, only relationship between them was that of expression-form (much more pronounced from queenside) and experiential-form (much more prominent from prince side). This type of sensory-involvement was covert type (silently stealing type), not the overt (exposed) type, even to both of those. Everything was appearing as well coordinated and accompanied with the plethora of favourable conditions. It appeared as if all that was prefixed by the destiny. Both used to see each other with a unique bliss as if both of them knew each other since their childhood, even since many past lives or births. Attraction began to develop between them. Her image at first became associated with his mooladhara and swadhishthana chakras. You can call that as the exhibition of romantic nature by mother/goddess Shakti. With this, his face developed brightness, colour and texture. These are the areas corresponding to agna chakra. There is a direct link between mooladhara and agna chakra. Therefore, the agna chakra was also developing simultaneously. You must know, every inter-gender attraction starts at the pelvic organs, which are supplied by these basic Chakras. Till then, his kundalini-consciousness was dependent on the sensory inputs received by his brain. However, now the image of queen was affixed firmly, permanently and spontaneously in his brain as his kundalini. It means, her image then has become independent of the sensory inputs. It also means, his mind-image of her form was not totally without the sensory inputs, but that was getting very less sensory inputs subtly in the form of visual and auditory signals only. Those signals were needed to keep the image at mooladhara for a long period. However, the strength of the image was still dependent on the mental perception power along with the physical stamina of Premyogi vajra. It highlights the importance of hath yoga for he belonged to a yogi-family. In other words, kundalini had become arisen up from her prolonged sleep at his mooladhara chakra. Image of the queen or say, his kundalini stayed at those two foundation Chakras for few months. It should be noted that the image took much longer time to mature at these fundamental Chakras as compared to other chakras. On other chakras, it passed up relatively quickly. At swadhishthana chakra, his subconscious thoughts resurfaced up. Simultaneously sustained concentration on kundalini was occurring at his agna chakra. It saved him from the accompanying paranoia (mind swinging). In this way, his subconscious mind became dissolved in a blissful way with time. Actually, this purgatory action continues throughout, but it appears that it starts at swadhishthana chakra and it is most pronounced there. That enhanced up the mental performance of Premyogi vajra, because his brain became free of old mental-debris. Actually, swadhishthana means abode of one’s own self. It is nothing other, but the subconscious mind. Actually, sharp pinpointing of chakra is more effective, thought not must do. An effective area of chakra can be attended practically. With help of Bandhas, focusing of breath from all around the body should be imagined both at the chakra and on the kundalini that is situated nearby. In this way, kundalini itself goes on shifting to the pinpointed chakra-area intermittently with clear form. Chakra is the particular small or pinpointed area where the feeling of constriction and tension is maximum as compared to the surrounding area. Continuing the story, his physical activities and his digestion improved, when his kundalini was staying at his mooladhara and swadhishthana. After sometime, the image rose up to the naval chakra, because this chakra regulates the digestion and strength related works mainly. That is why the “guts” word is there for stamina, and it is derived from gut (digestive pipe). Then the compassion developed for the queen, who often used to be depressed (also subconsciously exhibiting motherly qualities and love for babies). That may be due to her notions or anxieties regarding her future and social reputation. With this, the image rose up to his heart chakra. That can be considered as the exhibition of mother (selfless love)-nature by Goddess Shakti. With this, some strange and subtle pressure was continuously felt by him at his heart area. By that time, the queen started feeling a type of guilt and self-exploitation. Due to that instinct, she appeared having a subtle killing instinct towards Premyogi vajra. Although, it was full of extraordinary love. You can all it as exhibition of Kali nature (destroyer) by Shakti. That can be called as the rise of his kundalini to his vishudhi chakra (neck chakra). You can imagine that majority of afflictions are tolerated by the neck region. See the assimilation of poison that was drunk by Lord Shiva. Also, imagine the ordinary warfare etc. After some time, Premyogi vajra and queen departed away from each other. Probably you know that the image /kundalini does not return back if it once rises above the naval chakra. Then there was no contact between them. At earlier time too, the contact was too lose and was only limited to visual, auditory, and scarcely verbal one. That indirect contact was single time initiation-driven only and that was not unsocial in Indian context. However, he was feeling blissful mental romance that was crossing over every type of physical romance. Therefore, there was no need to upkeep the sensual chakras of lower levels. Due to the blocked lower chakras, the image from all the chakras entered forcefully into the agna chakra or lower brain-chakra. This is so because already grown up image needs some area for its manifestation. When lower chakras (including the chakras of naval, heart and throat region) became non-functional, there was no place for image to become manifested other than in the brain-chakra.  That was the beginning of the real meditation in the brain. Therefore, a strong Samadhi (continued manifestation of image in brain) with that image developed quickly. Continued resurfacing and simultaneous purgation of old thoughts (subconscious) was ending. That produced thoughtlessness of self-realization within a short time span of two years (total course of all events). His regulator at all those times was that same and smiling spiritual old man. This all proves the importance of chakras very well. In this way, you can develop up any image (though not that of your own wife, loll) with the help of the synthetic kundalini yoga. It is fully based on the above-described divine Shiva-Shakti Romance. You can also take the help of sexual yoga together with it so as to boost up your kundalini at all the chakras. Then this mixture can be called as tantric-yoga. You can also prepare your own design in line with the basics of kundalini yoga. For example, you can focus your mind on any of your ancestor-farmer. He can be imagined as going up and down between his lower farm-field (naval-chakra) and his top farm-field (sahasrar chakra in brain) while walking through the main pathway (vertebral column) that is rocky. That he is also resting at his home area (heart-chakra) that is around at midway point of his whole track. That he also encounters a chakra in the thin curvy area near the top field, which is neck-chakra (vishudhi chakra). This above metaphor is well verified by the Vedic phrase, “yatpinde tatbramhande” (what is there inside the body, that all is there in the universe too as such). The main thing is developing the concentration in a most efficient way through repeated focusing of mind on a single and same image.

Prana (subtle breath) is converged at chakra, both from the part of the body above the chakra, and from the part of the body below the chakra through applying bandhas (locks). These bandhas are of three types, namely mool bandha (root lock), uddeeyan bandha (flying lock), and Jlandhar bandha (chin lock). Moolbandha is applied through tucking up the mool chakra that is situated in the centre of the imaginary line that runs between external genital organ and anal opening. Uddeyan lock is applied through tucking up the whole body upward as much as possible. Jalandhar bandh is applied through touching the chin with the chest. Actually, when these three bandhas are applied while imagining the power of the body converging on the kundalini at chakra, it all happens so itself and the kundalini shine. In public opinion, Prana is thought as being the synonym of pranvayu (oxygen) only. However, prana (life force) is everywhere inside the body. Oxygen only empowers it. Oxygen enters every cell of the body through the blood circulation and empowers the prana there. That is why aerobic type of stretching (yogic) exercises is done before pranayam (breathing exercises). These stretching exercises open up every blood vessel of the body and this ensures proper flow of blood inside those. After that, breathing exercises ensure full oxygenation of that flowing blood. Due to this body becomes full of prana. Now the real kundalini-meditation at chakras starts. Already accumulated prana is then utilized through breath holding to make kundalini shine at each chakra. Then breath holding does not hurt, as body is already full of prana. Breath holding helps in proper application of bandhas, imagination of converging prana, and focused concentration on kundalini.

Additionally, breathing exercises or pranayama is practiced in kundalini yoga, because after the kundalini awakening, breath runs just like pranayam itself. Therefore, there is good practice before kundalini awakening.

L-sound causes sexual arousal. It means, it stimulates mooladhara chakra that is sensual in nature. Due to the same reason, seed syllable for root chakra is Lm-sound and seed mantra is Kleem-sound. I myself experienced it. The group in which Premyogi vajra got his kundalini awakening, that was having many people with their names having L-sound twice or at least once just like Leen, Ll etc. Due to this, he got enough of kundalini-filled arousal for his kundalini awakening. Similarly, red color also causes sexual arousal. You can see that during arousal / orgasm, one’s face turns red. In addition, people with red face appear more active and sensual.   That is why root chakra is having red color. In the same way, there are scientific principles behind every characteristic given to each chakra.

The most important thing regarding Kundalini yoga is; practice, practice, and practice.