Right meditation and the right guru

Right meditation and the right guru

First, Premyogi vajra cannot understand what people say or think about a guru or a master, yet he is an enlightened being. Theoretical definitions match little with his own personal experience. Some ones call guru as a guide, who may be simple or brutal. Some people think that he exists as a boss type, dry-type or less interesting. Some people think that only he exists as a single factor for realization. They deny everything else. Some people say that one has to search the remote caves to find guru. Whatever may be the matter, Premyogi vajra always experienced guru as a person, who is the most important, though an ordinary factor among plenty of favorable factors that are needed for enlightenment. Although, he is having heightened sattva (pronounced mental cleanliness) little or more than average of the people. He searched nowhere to find out a guru for himself. When his mental cleanliness crossed a certain threshold level, then he itself became a friend of a clean-mind old man, who was nearest to him. He was hardworking, family-bound, humane, practical and spiritual in a normal way. He was not a showcasing type like today’s commercial gurus. It means that when one becomes enough mentally clean, then he encounters a clean-mind man itself just as his friend. Otherwise, he produces that type of man for friendship through spontaneous induction. Guru-shishya (master-disciple) relationship appears only as a friendly relationship for human is a social animal. A man cannot grow well without an interactive friend. Although, Premyogi vajra reached this peaceful ocean after having various tides of troubles to be tolerated. Those tides were in the form of occasional violence. The violence was in the form of beating, abuse and insult through some of his elders and teachers. That was mild most of the time, though moderate at few occasions.   Then only, he came to understand the importance of calmness and self-proud. That is the reason for people misunderstanding that causative chaos as guru. Although, it is not the tide-full mind but a peaceful mind following it, which can be called as a guru. It causes enlightenment. Although, cause and effect, both can be called as guru. However, the later is more direct and obvious unlike the general thinking.

Now we talk about meditation. Some people call it as a condition of being sitting silently in any specific posture for long time to concentrate on a single mental image to achieve Samadhi. Some people say that concentration is not a meditation. They say that witnessing is the real meditation. Some say that the combination of mind-concentration (mind focusing on a single mental image) and witnessing is the only meditation. All of these sayings are true little or more. Full truth lives only there in the natural or spontaneous, not in an artificial event or procedure. Yet, it is obvious that something is better than nothing, because not all the beings can get the opportunity to experience the natural meditation. Premyogi vajra experienced his meditation in the form of a natural one. He got many natural opportunities to concentrate his mind upon varieties of persons. On the turn of a female gender, that concentration grew up to the Samadhi level due to strong yin-yang attraction between opposite genders just like one between opposite poles of two magnets. Therein, concentration and witnessing enhanced each other, repeatedly. That culminated into his natural thoughtlessness. That was the condition having ineffective or sterile thoughts. That was not like a real thoughtless or a death type state, which is claimed as right and practiced by many people. That thoughtlessness culminated into his glimpse enlightenment. Now, he has also verified the artificial meditation (kundalini/Patanjali-yoga).