Union of western culture with Hinduism

Union of western culture with Hinduism

When the Indians would follow westerns with a habitual attitude of Hinduism preserved as such, then the real Sanatan (Hindu) dharma would emerge. I can bet that style does not matter much. Actually, it is the attitude that matters much. I have done the same. I used to study the science in my room that was directly connected to the room of my grandfather. He used to be chanting puranas there most of the time in front of the desirous family members. Therefore, a good intermixing occurred. Due to that, he became a Western Hindu, and I became a Hindu-Western. Both became equal to each other. Scientific and spiritual insights developed together inside both of us simultaneously. It was the time around my enlightenment too. Actually, enlightenment requires that both the insights be there together. It is the truth. Nothing has happened, and nothing would happen with the lifestyle full of quarrel. The middle path of the cooperation and compromise is the only way that is successful everywhere and always.