What is Kundalini meditation, and how is it done?

Kundalini is one’s most favourite mental image, upon which one focuses his mind during his meditation. The image of one’s guru, god, or lover can be there.

One should select those asana that put pressure on abdomen for the morning session, and remaining for the evening session. Preferably, one should not eat at least for 4 hours and should not drink for one hour before the yoga session. For first twenty minutes, asana / poses should be performed while focusing the mind on the Kundalini image at suitable chakras. Then he should sit in siddhasana. It should be tried gradually to prevent knee-damage. Then it is the turn of kapalbhati and anulom-vilom pranayam for next twenty minutes. In both, first inhalation with left nose and exhalation with right nose, then in opposite order, and lastly with both nostrils together. One should focus upon kundalini that being at mooladhar during pranayam. Then kundalini rotation should be done for the last twenty minutes. Starting from brain and then proceeding downwards in sequential order, one should cover all chakras. On each chakra, one should focus the breath on kundalini through jalandhar bandh, mool bandh, and uddeyaan bandh. One mind focusing is done at the time of breath-withhold after the release of breath, and second focusing should be done while withholding the breath after sucking the air in. This full rotation through all chakras should be done while doing inhalation through the left nose, and doing exhalation through the right nose. Second time, it is done in opposite way. Finally, both nostrils are employed together. This yoga session of one-hour yoga can be done twice a day at sandhya time (when day and night joining). It is more suitable when both nostrils are flowing together equally. This routine should be kept sustained without a break. If ever one gets any tiredness or head-pressure, then he can reduce the time allotted for it, skipping the steps temporarily as suitable.

One can imagine his kundalini as a farmer who is ploughing his fields. Each field corresponds to a chakra area. In first round of kundalini-revolution (rotation), one can rotate him clockwise, second time anticlockwise, and at third time clockwise again. In this way, he goes on covering the full depth or thickness of body at level of each chakra. One can rotate him at naval chakra in the direction opposite to that at brain chakra. If anyone imagines the still image of the Kundalini-man, then too he should carry him straight backward from the front-chakra up to the back-chakra of back channel in backbone at the same level. Then focus the mind upon him there too. This will cover the entire body. In fact, body cells and biochemicals are everywhere in the body upon which kundalini becomes superimposed. So there is little problem with this healthy attitude. Two or more copies of the same kundalini-image can be imagined together. In fact, this happens due to yoga-bandhas. Image goes on rapidly shifting its position between two chakras. For example, between brain and mooladhar. There, these appear as two images, although that is one only.

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