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True seekers need not to be frustrated and confused. It is all out, the words of a truly enlightened {internal webpage} man named as Premyogi vajra, a mystic man whose Kundalini is awakened {internal webpage} too.

This website:blog started as a landing page for an e-book. Then it included detailed information of the book in an amazing abstract form. It included hidden secrets of Yoga and true love story of a Yogi later on. Hope that in future it will include full experiential life of Premyogi vajra, a divine and exhilarating soulmate of the writer. This book presents physiology in a philosophical style. There is no better book than this book to understand the philosophical psychology of corona virus epidemic. Book lovers may click on this link to know about the book thoroughly {internal webpage} where they can also download the Sanskrit version of this book including e-books in English, Hindi and Punjabi, all as free of cost.

Premyogi vajra describes his glimpse spiritual Enlightenment/self-realization experience in his own words as under

I experienced myself standing upon a river bridge in the down valley, roughly 1 km walking distance down away from my home. I suddenly felt myself as fully open, having overjoy extended from my mental waves to my that own self which was dark in the past. Means joy and conscious light was not limited to my mental waves only. I turned my head down and gazed at flowing water. That was having same shape and form as naturally experienced by all, although That was nothing other than the bridge and my fully conscious self. Bridge was also physically same as usually seen, although nothing other than river, water of that river, and my pure self; spiritually/consciously. Then I turned my head to the left side mountain slope having Vegetation on it. That had actually slid down due to continued heavy rains sometime ago, leaving a raw earthy gap of approx. 20 meter between both vegetation filled land patches . Half the river had gone occluded due to that landslide. Amazingly all vegetation on the denuded patch was live and intact. Also that looked same as it naturally appears physically, although nothing other than the previous two and my fully conscious self, spiritually. Then I turned my head upward and gazed at the great Sun. The same experience was repeated again. The mighty Sun appeared to me usually same as that appears as being a brightest body in the sky to all the people, although that did not appear extra bright to me and the brightness of that was equal to previous 4 i.e. river-water, mountain, bridge and my brightest pure Self. That also was nothing other than the previous 4 bodies and my shampoo cleaned bright/pure self. That all happened quickly within a short period of 5–10 seconds only. During that time period, I was totally over filled up with limitless Joy, Brightness, Wisdom, Peace and Openness. I felt myself as the king of the universe/cosmos/space or say god(devata)like during that period. Amazingly, I experienced everything ever possible, inside that short looking patch of time-space. Amazing. Day(light) and night(darkness) were united together in an unknown fashion.  That was a complete experience in every way. Amazing. Everything united together. I simply can say, that was the highest level of our mind energy, conscious glimmer and bliss/joy, ever possible. Everything means every mental wave appears tiny fraction of that, even apparently limitless space and time too. My self was as an endless ocean of consciousness in which my mental waves were appearing as the ocean waves. Amazing. Love and hate, both together. Amazing. Fearful to  the wicked(dual) and blessing to the genuine(non dual) one. On the next morning, I found myself as fully perfect, Being having achieved everything, fully satisfied, returned back to my original home after wandering astray for a long, child-like, tension less, peaceful, joyful, unambitious, natural, fully non dual/unattached, flowing spontaneously with the humanely nature, witnessing, non judging, ego less/personality less(personality in the form of shimmering tantric kundalini images of the tantric master and tantric consort only, that were persisting continuously throughout the day and night), easy going, social, humanely, self honored, independent, bright, blissful, attractive, smart looking, love full, charm full, sober, god like/greatly thankful and devoted to god/spontaneity/ nature that guided me very well in a humanely/lawful/well ordered/ruled/systematic/impartial way in too long time throughout the unlimited looking previous births, full of mental energy, less talking, doubt less, pity full, well behaved/natured, non violent, well judging/determining, having concentrated/focused/powerful mind, intuitively/unknowingly(too faintly to be told) guessing others’ mind/future, devoid of five major textual mental defects/Arishadvargas (desire/kaama, anger/krodha, greed/lobha, endearment/moha, pride/mada, jealousy/matsara):external website/wikipedia, having worldly sexual lust transformed to pure/deep/focused/concentrated love in a proven tantric style and so on; as written in the reputable/ancient Indian spiritual scriptures. However these divine qualities remained fully expressed spontaneously for about 3 years, thereafter regressing gradually with the regression of the memory of that glimpse enlightenment experience.

See original source at Love story of a Yogi (internal webpage)


That enlightenment can be understood as under. Normally, one’s own self(Aatma, external website/wikipedia) is experienced by one as if a completely dark theater room. Sensual and mental world by him is experienced as if the theater screen running varying and shimmering scenes. What happens during enlightenment that the dark room of one’s own self is suddenly illuminated and appears shimmering exactly similar to the ongoing screen.

Actually every bad is present in the form of our own dark self, and every good is there in the form of our blissful mental waves. Merging of that dark self with the mental waves means merging of all goods with the bads, as experienced miraculously by Premyogi vajra above.

Actually mental waves are the only immediate basis to experience every type of knowledge, thing, work and fruit/work-result or whatever is there everywhere. During enlightenment, one’s own self appears inseparable from the mental waves, instead latter appears as false or as various types of structural formations/waves inside the former without hindering that in anyway; just as the waves may appear inside the interior of the ocean. That’s why Premyogi vajra felt that he had done and achieved everything.

Everything is always received by God, and everything he has always done; Only then he does not keep any selfishness in the world created by him. Because Premyogi Vajra had a feeling of 10 seconds that he had achieved everything, and had done all the work; So he felt that he had become God only for that 10 seconds. Yet he can not be called God for those few moments, because it is impossible for anyone to become God, that’s why he has called himself as god like in that momentary experience, not the god. Although he may be called the son of God. All the gross world exists as waves in God, like the waves in the ocean. Whatever is in someone’s mind, that is the reflection of the gross world. Therefore, it is also possible to call the mind of the creatures as subtle world. Because Premyogi vajra perceived the subtle world in his own self, like the waves in the ocean, not the gross world, therefore he may be only called the son of God or his reflection. That is why he was insignificant in front of God in powers, and was not more than a common man.

Premyogi vajra found the enlightened state wrathful to duality filled people. This is so because after his glimpse enlightenment, he found dualistic people as being fearful from him and hateful towards him for they used to experience darkness in his enlightened status. Similarly, he found enlightened state  as being blessing to truly non dual people. This is so because after his glimpse enlightenment, he found non dual people as being loving to him and attracted towards him. They used to experience little to no darkness in the enlightened state according to the level of their non dual attitude.

That all happened through the famous Yin-Yang (Man-Woman) attraction(external website/wikipedia) with subsequent Patanjalian samadhi(complete contemplative union, external website/thoughtco.com). To know it in more detail specially about how that Enlightenment happened, you can read the real time Tantric story at Love story of a yogi (internal webpage) as a longreads article or in short installments in the form of interactive, explanatory and experiential short posts through following this blog. For still further detail, following e-Book(Hindi)is advised.

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