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कृपया वेबसाईट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें

It is to certify that we all under this website don’t endorse or oppose any religion. We only promote scientific and humane study of religion. This website is tantric in nature and should not be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Practicing its methods without proper knowledge and qualification may prove harmful for which the website doesn’t hold any responsibility.

Single phrase SHAVID(Ekshloki SHAVID)

No religion better than the humanity, (internal webpage)
No worship better than the work;
No master better than the problem, (kundalini demystified)  
No religious gathering/institute/recluse better than family.

This above tantric verse (internal webpost) is a spontaneous emission from the lips of Premyogi vajra at that time when he was at the peak of his enlightenment. However, it was displayed to the world by the coauthor. This phrase appears as if tantric in nature. Probably, here ‘master’ word point out mainly to the ego-full heads of the religious extremists and misguiding leaders who misguide their followers to execute the various inhumane works. It does not appear otherwise for he has attained his spiritual success through a guru (internal webpost) and he is also highlighting the humanity, guru is an important part of which. It also means that the more the problems that the gurus generate in their human way, they prove to be more successful. In ancient times, the master-examination taken by the guru was based on the same principle. He does not appear denying the worship for he always remained in the company of a vedic purohit/priest(external website/wikipedia) and had also adopted a vedic worship type priesthood for a short time; but saying that it should not affect one’s work negatively and it’s best to make one’s own work as if the worship that must be well achieved through the custom worships. He probably also means that without understanding the root problem, even the master can’t do the much good. It also appears meaning that the bad karmas can never be forgiven(karma/external website/wikipedia) without having bad effects of those tolerated. Similarly, he doesn’t appear denying religion but he points out the fact that the best religion is the humanity only and that the inhumane activities can’t be justified in the name of the religion. He doesn’t appear denying the religious gatherings but points out the fact that it should be nonviolent and full of love/humanity just like a family, or that a love full family should live like a nonviolent and love full religious gathering. The whole of the SHAVID/Shareeravigyan darshan(That Hindi e-book) was developed up on this very same base foundation of the single phrase SHAVID in a long course of time, consistent practice of which for about 20 years lead him to the second Kundalini awakening as described on the home-2 page. This single phrase SHAVID appeared becoming true later on. 

Kundalini-yoga (above said e-book), how much real it is

It is as real as our own existence is. Mystic Premyogi vajra has described his own vibrant experiences regarding his Kundalini awaekening (internal webpage). He has detailed all the necessary conditions and circumstances, that he had to bear upon before his Kundalini-awakening (above said e-book). He has nicely explained the real-time experience of his Kundalini-awakening and  its aftereffects too in this e-book.

No hard and fast rule in kundalini-yoga, logically

Bending of different body parts for a while with breath hitting the Kundalini-image (above said e-book) that is imagined in those bending-sensations and other sensations including those at body parts that move/vibrate with the breath(gross/subtle/windy movements/sensational feeling of breath entering Chakras/special body points as recognized through consistent practice). Breath ignites her in the same way just as the air ignites the burning coal. Similarly, sitting with straight-back and any suitable posture that press up the Kundalini-image from her original home at Mooladhara(root) chakra. Stationing her at different Chakras with breath holding and yogic Bandhas(locks) targeted on to her, so that Prana(air)is locked on to her and help to ignite her. There is a general rule of ease that during bending of body parts that presses abdomen(for example, forward bending while standing), breath is released out and during bending of body/body parts in opposite direction, breath is drawn in. Specific technique has only been made to make the progress more swift. No one should cross his safe and tolerable  limit while performing any Yoga procedure. Meals should be light and taken at frequent intervals, never even a little bit of heavy for that produces too drowsiness. As per Premyogi vajra, Kundalini yoga (above said e-book) appears to have been artificially designed on the fundamental basis of Yaunayoga(sexual yoga). The Practical and the real time tantric detail is there at Love story of a Yogi (internal webpage) and deep detail can be read in this same e-Book(Hindi).

Kundalini oriented religion

As per Premyogi vajra, All of the religions especially Hindu/Sanatan religion are fully Kundalini oriented (internal webpost). Everything in the Ancient Indian culture was there to awaken  the Kundalini only. Today, it might have been misunderstood. You may call those things as idol-worship, mantra-chanting, Yajana, devadarshana(god visualization), pilgrimage, astrology e.t.c. and many more but in their real or internal forms, all those worked as if the different spare parts of a giant Kundalini machine (above said e-book).

This appears as if the correct explanation for the harmful effects of the religious activities like religious extremism e.t.c. just as apparent in the too long range of our history and even today. Mental energy liberated through the religious activities if convergent and focused on the single Kundalini image, then it produces wonders in every aspect of our life whereas if divergent and not focused on the single mental image of  Master/god/beloved one e.t.c.(kundalini), then it produces troubles likewise.

Enlightenment (above said e-book), is it liberation in itself or leads to the liberation

Amazingly, Enlightenment is not as the liberation in itself (above said e-bookinstead it helps to adopt a lifestyle that leads to liberation. Premyogi vajra has proved this reality with the help of his logical, scientific and experiential arguments for he had also an glimpse Enlightenment experience (internal webpage) long ago. He has also dissolved various myths prevalent about Enlightenment. If non duality is practiced correctly and sternly, then even without having enlightenment or Kundalini awakening, liberation appears possible. When non duality reaches its top level, it is called as enlightenment (above said e-book). It may be with sudden extraordinary flash just as Premyogi vajra has described at webpage ‘Home’ or such flash can not be there. Had enlightenment been only responsible for liberation, then every ancient Indian spiritual system would not have claimed liberation everywhere even on chanting a single mantra regularly or once. On the other hand, if non dual lifestyle is denied forcefully (above said e-book) even after Enlightenment or Kundalini awakening, then one’s liberation appears doubtful. A man not having experiential knowledge of the harmful effects of fire as well as one having that knowledge, both are equally burnt by the fire. Similarly, a man not having experiential knowledge of the harmful effects of duality through awakening as well as one having that knowledge, both are equally affected or enslaved by the duality. Real non duality lovers don’t wish any spiritual achievement even the enlightenment too for they are too happy and fully satisfied with their own business along with non duality. It highlights the importance of SHAVID(shareearvigyaan darshan/body science philosophy) and SHAREERAMANDALA(body mandala/body-universe/miniaturized universe) in our daily life as a means to keep the non duality strengthened at every moment of time.

Sexual yoga (above said e-book), how much real it is

Premyogi vajra says that Sexual yoga/Tantra yoga (above said e-book) is as much real as the sexual reproduction in itself is and that it is one of the most effective Yoga. Premyogi vajra has obtained his Enlightenment glimpse through the Indirect/right-handed tantric and samavaahee sexual yoga (internal link/tantric page), whereas he has got his Kundalini-awakening through the Direct/left-handed tantric and vishamavaahee sexual yoga (internal link/tantric page). It can be direct/full fledged or indirect/signatory. It can also be samavaahee(kundalini image and Kundalini uplifting consort, both are one and same) or vishamavaahee(kundalini image/guru/deity/god and Kundalini uplifting consort, both are separate). He further says that achieving the spiritual success by a worldly man without taking the help of sexual yoga is just like a nightmare or say that it is nearly impossible. He also says that for the success of S.Y., a tantric couple should be fully detached and non dual to each other along with every attention focused on the Kundalini only. He also experientially clarifies that S.Y. is especially helpful in the final stages of the Kundalini development to provide the final escape velocity to the shimmering Kundalini for her awakening. He has also explained Sexual yoga technique in a quite comprehensible way, supporting factors for it and risks involved in it in a decent way, in this e-Book. Some real time and experiential detail can also be found at –Love story of a Yogi. He says that Sex is a most strange thing. He also verifies the statement of Osho that sex is the least studied thing ever. If it can activate Kundalini immediately, then the same can also wash away it in no time. Sex acts like an alchemy that transforms one into various forms/personalities/ego self effectively, especially if practiced in a proven tantric way. That targeted/focused sexual transformation slowly and regularly culminates into full transformation of awakening with due course of time. In this e-book, Tantric statement of Acharya Rajnish/Osho(above said e-book) is supported that the sexual attraction originates mainly to achieve the Samadhi-status(kundalini-awakening). His tantric statement in his so called controversial book, “Sex to super consciousness/Samadhi(external website/oshoworld.com)” that glimpse of Samadhi/Kundalini awakening can be experienced through sexual yoga easily that can be followed to full awakening through the regular meditation/Kundalini yoga practice, is also experientially verified by Premyogi vajra. Tantric sexual attraction whether direct or indirect acts just like a yogic alchemy. It can also be read in the form of a real time, original, practical, tantric and experiential way on the specific/concluding web page related to the direct sexual yoga, “love story of a yogi” of this website.

Patanjali-yoga being as an intense love-affair scientifically

Premyogi vajra says that yes, it is true. Patanjali yoga is nothing too special but a conceptualized form of an intense love affair (internal link/tantric page).

In a deep love affair or a strong yin-yang attraction, the focused mental concentration on the opposite partner with the subsequent Sampragyat Samadhi(external website/hinduism.stackexchange.com) develops quickly, just as it develops in Yoga/meditation. With willful or spontaneous break up, that mental Samadhi reaches its peak and is soon transformed to Asampragyat Samadhi (internal link/tantric page) that can lead to spontaneous enlightenment at anytime. In this way, the strong yin-yang attraction, when sustained for years, translates to the nonviolent Kundalini activation(mental image of the consort always persisting inside one’s own brain) along with for years without having the need for her conventional awakening, thus bypassing the violent Kundalini awakening for enlightenment. This is the uniqueness of the natural and spontaneous Yin-Yang attraction in comparison to the artificial meditation. However, a well capable tantric Guru is must with this type of natural/sexual path to control over the huge amount of mental energy generated and to prevent misuse of that or neglectful wastage through the inappropriate actions/thoughts; just as there was available to Premyogi vajra.

You will yourself believe it on reading the experiential description, as provided by Premyogi vajra in this e-book. It’s all the miracle of the persistent mental image. In the same way, if any single preferably personified image roams in one’s own mind repeatedly since a long, then it’s an indication that he has that mental Kundalini image activated or awakened in his previous birth or otherwise and he can easily awaken her again through non dual lifestyle along with the Kundalini yoga practice. This has also been explained in an experiential way at the following web pages of this very same tantric website-Love story of a Yogi.

Sexual yoga as the only gateway to kundalini awakening, logically

Premyogi vajra says that yes, it is absolutely true in case of a worldly life. No one can get Kundalini awakening without the help of sexual yoga in little or more in a normal worldly life. However it needs a lot of practice, patience chiefly to keep sexual relationship contained only to a single partner with sociality for a long time/life long/until there is an appreciable spiritual success achieved, sustained non dual tantric attitude/practice for a long time(although it is all interesting/exhilarating/playful/blissful), free time, relaxed mind/body, hard determination, solitude, spacious habitat, non disturbing space/room, noble and clean/healthy lifestyle, loving attitude mainly mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual cooperation, self Control, unattached attitude mainly to each other, single focus on Kundalini, socially good behavior/responsibility, nature-love, peace, recreational touring by the meditative couple preferably at the beautiful places, non dual attitude, Kundalini yoga practice, dedication, faith, alertness, precautionary measures, courage, sustenance, at least one hour of single meditative sitting for at least twice a day and strong will to succeed. Both partners have equal right to bring each other to the correct yogic lifestyle through different  types of mild or up to most the moderate tactics, if anyone becomes erring anyway. Although practically woman partner appears having a little bigger role in this regard. If anyone wants to awaken his Kundalini without the help of direct or indirect sexual yoga, he will have to surely renounce the worldly life, little or more. Love yogi has explained it experientially in this very same website and the above said e-book.

Like-dislike is one thing, truth is another thing

Premyogi vajra says that liking and truth cannot be made equal and parallel always. Any Yoga technique can be disliked by one but he cannot deny the scientific, experiential and logical truth lying behind that technique. If anyone accepts the reality with a fully open heart and with a full faith, then he surely gets benefit of that spontaneously even if he couldn’t walk on that, provided that he remains fully inside the humanity range. The same had happened to Premyogi vajra too. He couldn’t act fully likewise for many years due to various reasons but he had full faith on the tantric principle. As a result, the tantric achievement as a kundalini awakening suddenly blasted out in his life later on when he got too little opportunity and too a short time to apply the tantric principles to his lifestyle mainly the sexual one.

Non-dual tantra being as one of the most misunderstood and misused field

Religious extremists are the best example of it. Against the common thinking, real Tantrics are not different than the conventional Sages and Yogis from within instead are more refined, however externally they may appear more practical. Many people try to consider themselves as Tantrics, however they are not for actually tantrics are the only true and top celibates(above said e-book). Majority of people see Tantric style with negativity, hatred, distortion, fear and suspicion; thus cheating themselves only. In this way, religious and inhumane extremists appear as if being downgraded Tantrics for they misuse the Tantric power for  various inhumane practices. Although Tantra appears as if having the erratic paths to awaken the Kundalini, but at the same time it also puts heavy pressure on socialism and humanity. Only with the Tantra, the honor of woman can be recovered back fully just as that was there prevalent in the ancient India.

Premyogi vajra further says

Trayate yat tanaat tat tantram(Sanskrit)/त्रायते यत तनात तत तंत्रम(external website/yogamag.net)। That which helps to liberate us from our own body is tantra. Its second meaning is “trayate yasmat tanam, tat tantram / त्रायते यस्मात् तनं तत् तन्त्रं”. It means that build up of healthy body with healthy lifestyle is must to have for awakening. Tantra is the science of spirituals. Tantra is the spiritual practice of the kings. Tantra is a most powerful liberating machine. In tantra, every humanely act and emotion is permissible, although with an unattached/non dual attitude. The humanely or social works and practices that produce bondage are employed in tantra to produce liberation(external website), just as the fire is being misused as well as properly used since the start of our civilization. I am going further beyond this linked article. This says that feel only the pure sensation, not the emotion; but I say that feel the accompanying emotion too although with non duality, just as Dehapurushas(see Home-4, first paragraph) feel. In that way, emotion gets purified and leads to a wonderful and sudden spiritual growth. In words of tantra, no humanely activities are bad instead it’s attitude that may be bad or good. Dual attitude is considered as bad whereas non dual attitude is considered as good. Tantra teaches us how to live as if a lively-liberated being (living as well as liberated, both together/जीवन्मुक्त).

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