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कृपया वेबसाईट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें

It is to certify that we all under this website don’t endorse or oppose any religion. We only promote scientific and humane study of religion. This website is tantric in nature and should not be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Practicing its methods without proper knowledge and qualification may prove harmful for which the website doesn’t hold any responsibility.

Role of woman in the family life of ancient indian society

In ancient Indian society, man used to be as if a material caretaker and woman as if a spiritual caretaker. Woman used to be as if the center of the family orbit. She used to be well aware of the Kundalini process and her spiritually uplifting role in the sexually moralized tantric lifestyle. She used to be considered as if the tantric master and as if having the majority of responsibilities in this regard.

It is a common misbelief that women are exploited with tantra. Probably it arose through the malicious activities of the religious extremists in the name of tantra or religion(e-book, kundalini demystified- what premyogi vajra says). In fact, tantrics are the top class of Yogis. We don’t see anywhere even a single example if any real Yogi has exploited anyone. Actually tantric becomes  highly grateful to his consort for she helping to awaken his kundalini. So in return, he also do his best for her worldly as well as spiritual growth.

Understanding non-duality and the guru

As per Premyogi vajra, real non-duality exists only with the duality(external website/science and non duality). How the suffix “Non” can be attached with the word “duality” if this word isn’t present at all. It means that the Dual-non duality(द्वैताद्वैत)/special non duality/विशिष्टाद्वैत (external website- wikipedia) is the only true and actual non duality. The people who live a duality-free life, cannot experience the true non-duality. When conditions favoring the duality are there, only then there are enough opportunities to apply non-duality through SHAVID, Puranas e.t.c. or any other philosophical means. This verifies the same Tantric principle that bad things are not always bad(above said e-book). Tantrics utilize panchmakaras(five Ms) i.e. madya/wine(above said e-book), maans/flash(above said e-book) and maithun/sex(above said e-book) e.t.c. to get their Kundalini awakened. Actually non duality superimposed over duality, both made with continuous working with non dual attitude  progresses rapidly to one’s awakening. It is also called as karmayoga(external website/wikipedia).  Continuous working and persistent non dual attitude, both together demand for the sustained supply of energy. The judicial and sensible use of panchmakaras/five Ms(external website/vinyoga.com) is one of the best source of energy. By using 5 Ms, Karmayoga is transformed to Tantrayoga. The company of panchmakaaris/persons using 5 Ms is also effective, that being just as if using the panchamakaras in an indirect way, thus providing the tantric benefits even more stronger than their direct use for in that case there is no ego of using panchmakara by oneself. This also highlights the importance of a mutually cooperative society for the spiritual success. Although company of an experienced spiritual master/Guru is must with such tantric practices for if these practices can carry to heaven, the same can carry to hell soon, mainly if implemented improperly. Only making guru for formality does not work in tantra instead the Guru should be firmly and permanently stationed in one’s mind naturally or through meditation (internal webpost).

sexual  Tantra acts as “all or none”. It means that if it is done properly, then everything spiritual is achieved, otherwise a big zero is there. Tantrics get duality rush in the start with these panchamakaaric/worldly practices, which they soon pacify to enhanced non-duality, being much more stronger than the earlier and accompanied with the proportionate bliss, with the help of their non-dual Tantric attitude built up enough strong through any of the favorable/practical non dual philosophy(SHAVID e.t.c.). This also means, the real spirituality is that which caries material world too along with, although with an unattached attitude. As against the common thinking, real non duality is fully worldly and progressive. Actually, a Guru continuously persisting in the mind of a Tantric goes on absorbing the powerful energy of non duality as obtained from these five Ms and then transformed to a hard-fast Kundalini(mental image of that guru), that becomes awakened later on. Otherwise that energy is wasted out in the worldly and dualistic realms, thus inflicting a grave spiritual injury.

Actually, Guru means an individual as well behaved, humanely, ego less, smiling/practical/frank/inclusive/easy going, unstressed, tension less, non dual/unattached, well known, friendly, social, truly spiritual(non dual and unattached), good looking and fitting to one’s own mind. In this way, who can be a better Guru than one’s own grandfather, preferably if he is truly spiritual/non dual/unattached one too. These all of the above qualities were present in the Guru of Premyogi vajra. With meditating or Samadhi bound Guru’s company, one’s sexual self control also improves for the romance is done to achieve the Samadhi(kundalini-awakening) status only. It’s easier for one to focus his/her mind on a Guru through the practice of Kundalini yoga as compared to focus on a god/devata or anything else for the Guru is an actively living being just like his disciple, so being most close to him/her, non dual and providing many-2 worldly shades to his mental image in his disciple’s mind, thus making his image steadfastly/strongly loaded/attached inside the brain of his disciple. Moreover, the community/family people around also help indirectly to strengthen the image of a close circle Guru inside the disciple’s brain through mental interlinking for those community people also live in the loving company of that Guru. This is not the case or it’s to a lesser extent in case if a devata/any other thing is developed as a kundalini image for in that case, the whole of the responsibilities lie on the meditating Yogi himself and so a lot of extra effort is required to be done from his part. 

While having the flash mainly the fish, the kundalini inside that in the form of non dual Dehapurushas is visualized by the tantric. While having the effect of wine, the kundalini in the form of resting though non dual and blissful Dehapurushas is visualized by the tantric inside his own body. Similarly, while having the sex, the kundalini in the form of non dual Dehapurushas is visualized by the tantric at different chakras of his body and that of his consort, mainly at the sensual genital parts. These practices channelize the huge amount of mental energy as generated through the resulting mental waves with non dual attitude for the growth of  the kundalini and also prevents the wastage of too precious body fluids for those require a lot of mental energy to be released.

Non duality is the  most practical meditation. It can be practiced for 24 hours a day. However, kundalini yoga practice for at least one hour and twice a day can be practiced to provide an extra boost to the kundalini.

Some people are real time non duality-makers(they experience their mental formations with non duality at the real time) and someones are delayed time non duality-makers(they fix non duality to the present mental formations during their resting time later on, when those roam out of memory-tank). Both of these types of practices are effective, although former type is too swiftly progressing for in that case there is no chance for duality to raise up its hood. The former type appears as if less practical  but that is more spiritual than the later type.

The above para can be understood in the following way. My thoughts are in favour of Dvaitadvaita or vishishtadvaita. First you have to be completely immersed in duality, that is, in love, then only you will be entitled to non-duality. Without duality forget love, even everyday relationships or daily routines etc. can not go on. Advaita is not the name of any outside herb. The duality that you had created has to be resolved. Do not delete anything. The whole world will remain dual as earlier. Only ‘none’ as a form of negation will be attached to it. Then when the effect of Advaita is over, then you will have to come back to the duality mode again. It is as if you spin clockwise on a round wheel, you will feel dizzy. If you move around same amount but anticlockwise, the dizziness will go away. If you move around anticlockwise more than this, you will feel dizzy again, so you will have to move around again in clockwise direction. The swing of duality and non-duality also runs in the same way. It is a different matter that someone keeps on changing the direction of rotation quickly, due to which they never feel dizzy. Such people would have been the most expert Advaita Vedanti. If there is a revolving world, then you have to move with it. Anyone can’t stand still. It is up to you how to move around so that there is no illusion created by Maya. Thank you.

Nonduality as a psychic buffer/balancer

Nonduality is itself a balancing attitude that incorporates every humanely thing inside it in a most appropriate proportion and prevents excess of everything.

Real non-duality in social-harmony

Harmony in Hindi means, “हार मानी”(accepted defeat). As per Premyogi vajra, there should be no social discrimination among the people regarding the color, race, birth, origin e.t.c. to apply the non-duality in a most practical and effective way. However, there is no bad in accepting the natural differences, but creating inferiority inside anyone’s mind on the basis of differences is a bad thing. Just as  the non-duality creates inside one the quality of considering everything as if equal in each and every respect, in the same way, considering everything as if equal produces the non-duality. Similarly, no spiritual style should be hated(above said e-book). Everyone has to pass through the different stages, so hating someone who is at any particular spiritual stage don’t work well. For example, a man in the fully materialist state in the start of his journey progresses to the non duality stage. Thereafter, he progresses to the Kundalini yoga stage. Finally, he may directly reach the Kundalini awakening or can pass through a short phase of Tantric yoga too. Then there is the super final stage of enlightenment. So people at different stages should live in harmony with each other for each and every member of a healthy society cooperates with each others, directly or indirectly/invisibly. People who are seen directly reaching the top stages are actually having lower stages achieved in their previous births. In other words, one should live as if a human salamander, changing color as per the surrounding situation and adjusting himself everywhere accordingly in a  humanely way.

Kundalini and the non-duality

Both of these are one and the very same thing (internal webpost). Non-duality nourishes the Kundalini and make her brightly expressed in one’s mind. Similarly, Kundalini-yoga helps to produce the non-duality. Experienced Tantric enriches his non-dual attitude with any suitable worldly means for long at first and then takes the support of Kundalini-yoga practice at any peaceful and secluded place even at shmashaan(funeral place) too, to give his Kundalini a further push. At last, he also takes the support of sexual yoga to provide the final escape velocity to his overgrown kundalini and thus awakens her. This has also been explained in a real time experiential detail, that shows his practical cum tantric self experiences at the following web pages(love story of a yogi) of this very same tantric website-Love story of a Yogi

Is the god superior or the nature is

Both of these are superior and equal to each other. Both are incomparable in the same way just as Shiva (god) and Parvati (goddess) are there to each other. The real trick is there in becoming Ardhanaareeshvara (a god with the half manhood and the half womanhood) or Shiva-shakti (dancing goddess Kaali over the calm and blissful Shiva, who is lying down) or Nataraja (dancing non-dual Shiva), who is calm and blissful god from deep within whereas in the form of dancing nature/creation/goddess from outside.


These words appear as if awkward, but it is absolutely true. Premyogi vajra has explained it with his own direct experiences. Actually, it is the non-duality that is more important(above said e-book). Premyogi vajra had forgotten his enlightenment experience with effects of that fully after he adopted a duality filled extrovert attitude in his life, thus deliberately going against the spontaneous natural flow. However, he again came to remember back the traces of that after many years of his practicing the non duality and meditation.

Enlightenment experience also fades away with the course of time just like any other mind-bound worldly experience. In Premyogi vajra, that enlightenment experience was fully blown for about first three years of that and then faded away gradually. Then suddenly and intuitively he adopted the duality filled lifestyle to prove something to the world, that resulted in the complete fade up of his e-experience, he only having the knowledge that once he had an e-experience. Then he again adopted the non dual lifestyle mainly through the Shavid(shareervigyaan darshan/Body science philosophy) as if a survival instinct, that restarted his spiritual growth again, thus also restoring his progressive worldly growth for both are connected to each other. That all culminated into his kundalini awakening after a long period of approximately 15 years. It also means that worldly and spiritual gains run ahead together as against the common belief. Non dual attitude gained through enlightenment can persist permanently as such, if that is not discarded deliberately and forcefully instead maintained through any practical/worldly non dual philosophy along with a good company.

Who is enlightened and who is not

The statement that we can not judge one’s enlightenment is only partially true. Can we not judge if anyone is dual or non dual. The face of each and everyone tells this thing clearly and even a child can judge this. If anyone is regularly and properly behaving as a non dual, then he may be considered as an enlightened being, whether he has enlightenment experience or not. On the other hand, if anyone becomes dual even after experiencing the enlightenment, then he should be considered as an unenlightened being. Because it’s the effect of enlightenment in the form of non duality that matters, not the causative enlightenment itself(above said e-book). So the non duality and the enlightenment, both should be the criteria for judging one’s spiritual status, not the enlightenment alone and in case of doubt regarding one’s enlightenment, non duality should be the only criteria. Anyone can not be called as if infected on the basis of high body temperature only for body temperature can rise due to many other reasons too. Infection can also occur silently without raising the body temperature. So only the non duality matters, whether enlightenment is there or not. So enlightenment is a non duality filled continuous life process or lifestyle, not a single exposure of a mental flash only. Enlightenment only tells the way of living, not the procedure of living (external link -quora). Procedure of living is learned only through practical experiences gained through living a humanely social life for a long time.

Regarding the number of enlightened beings produced by any spiritual foundation, if even one non-dual being is produced by anyone, it’s better then the hundreds of those flash-enlightened beings, who wash away that for no use. Actually, enlightenment isn’t sought out by one, who is deeply submerged in the bliss of the non duality-nectar. It’s the greatness of non duality. Actually, enlightenment is a type of great Guru that teaches one the importance of non duality very efficiently.

Enlightenment as if a super-duper romance

As per Premyogi vajra, no one can understand the enlightenment without having spent or having understood a romantic mental life ever. Misunderstanding about enlightenment is due to the same reason that we categorize the romance and the enlightenment into two different subjects. A super romance happens when a being harbors the image of his lover inside his brain continuously for years. It’s super blissful. That being jumps away beyond that super romance when he/she manages to destroy all attachments to his/her lover. That’s enlightenment. That’s super-duper blissful. That’s the peak of every achievement. That is the indescribable. Effects of that can only be estimated through the super mental romance only in a worldly life. Super-duper romance/enlightenment is an extra worldly event. Enlightened being’s physical signs match to that of a super romantic being, although more pronounced mentally than physically in the former case. Just as an example, Meera and Lord Krishna(external website/wikipedia), Just that their mental romance had gone beyond the objective world to the eternal. It’s all nicely explained at this website’s tantric webpage named “love story of a yogi”.

Kundalini-awakening as if deeply remembering anyone

According to Premyogi vajra, Kundalini-awakening is not a magic bullet. Someone lost in the imagination of his beloved one or well known one can become  so much intensely lost that the resulting psychic phenomenon becomes as if a Kundalini awakening. There’s no demarcation between being lost in one’s imagination and awakening of that one in mind as if a Kundalini. Difference is there only in the intensity of remembering that one. When that blissful remembering crosses a threshold level, then that becomes as if a Kundalini awakening. Amazing thing there is that this is too simple a psychic process and too complex and stubborn also at the same time, controlling which becomes nearly impossible at times.

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