Love story of a Yogi-2

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हिंदी भाषा में तांत्रिक कथा “एक योगी की प्रेमकथा” इस समय वेबसाईट पर उपलब्ध नहीं है, अतः हिंदी के जिज्ञासु पाठक “शरीरविज्ञान दर्शन- एक आधुनिक कुण्डलिनी तंत्र (एक योगी की प्रेमकथा)”, इस ई-पुस्तक का अवलोकन पर कर सकते हैं। ई-पुस्तक को पसंद न करने वाले पाठक भाई प्रिंट / कागज़मुद्रित रूप में भी इस पुस्तक को से मंगवा सकते हैं। पुस्तकों तक सीधे पहुँचने के लिए बुकस्टोर का लिंक वेबपेज शॉप / shop पर उपलब्ध है

This story is also available as an e-book with name “Love story of a Yogi- what Patanjali says” at the webpage ‘store’. There it has been edited to remove grammatical errors, also preserving the original sense of the story.

As per patanjali,we can transform ourselves to any form by sanyam ie.Trinity of Dharna/concentration, dhyan/meditation and samadhi/complete union with that form.this means,attraction to and absorption of any form can be done artificially with Stern practice.once well established, that image creates attraction itself and strengthen its fix.this is because all past imprints goes on decoding and burning on that image making that image as associated favourite. Further process is similar to love yoga.sampragyat (well known-image)samadhi’s imprints burn down all the past life imprints. Nirodh vritti(mental wave of occlusion/rejection) causes dissolution of that last image forcing us into asampragyaat(nothing well known-only imprint of rejection wave on mind remaining).with further advancement, an intution for strong and complete rejection of word (even its seed/imprint)develops called as parvairaagya/super rejection gets dissolved itself too ,after dissolving that final rejection wave.that is complete emptiness when self realization occurs.

If emotions are intense and natural such as in love yoga with favourable conditions/master,two years are enough for self realization.

As patanjali has said-teevrasanveganam aasannah-for people with strong emotions, yoga practice quickly fruits.

Best practice is simultaneous launching of yogic and tantric practices.with yogasan and pranayam, hidden mental impressions of past activities lose their potential energy (inherent tendency to become activated/expressed under favourable conditions) by appearing again and again with help of forceful aerobic concentration on body chakras.meditation on each chakra manifests the hidden imprints of that’s related senses.present and future is taken care of by the tantra system whereby unattached attitude is displayed in each and every activity just like our body cells stops imprinting our true self.

Objective support is only for the temporary sustenance until the start of asampragyat samadhi/nothing well known/emptiness/vaccume for self realization,because no one can behave and act well in practical life with old imprints vanishing away thus producing jerks in the level of our consciousness. A stable consciousness of that supported object in mind saves us from those jerks,prevents our rushing towards those imprint coded objects in the search of consciousness joy, thus preventing further imprint generation,as this supported object divert our attention towards itself and away from the decodifying past(attention/attached attitude is a nourishing diet for decodifying thoughts), produces unattached attitude In our present activities ,as we are no more solely dependent on our present status for our consciousness(we are getting it from the support).

Yoga is the epicenter of whole of the Indian culture. Smart and beautiful personified images of natural elements like sun,bramha/creator god,Vishnu/rearer god,Shiva/destroyer god and many others were chosen as yogic meditation supports by different yogis as per their taste/liking.when those meditators attained sampragyat samadhi, many out of them became contained with the supernatural blessing/yogic siddhi and performed supernatural works in positive or negative the first case,they were called as aarya/good man and in the later case,they were called as devils/rakshsa when god had to become incarnated many times to extinguish them.many hard willing and worldly immovable sages crossed that lower sampragyat samadhi and attained asampragyaat samadhi and experienced self realization. They then felt that the image of the being meditated deity was continuously rescuing them,as I described already in case of love yoga. Ordinary people then made paintings,idol etc. Of that deity as per the description given by the self realized yogi .in this way,many idols were created in the course of Tim and are revered till now.

All the lokas/abodes have been described as situated at the top of meru/sumeru(mountain)/vertebral is brain,in fact.the same meru mountain is said to be the centre of the creation thus controlling everything(brain controlling the whole body through the spinal column). The whole Creation is situated around it in the form of concentric rings of waters,lands and spaces.the human body has the similar anatomy.when highest goal/God is achievable only inside the brain,then why not other petty worldly things?

 Love and hate are two drivers which propel our body towards action.a neutral man is propelled by intention of duty.neutral does not mean that he is emotionless but it means that he is unattached or unbiased with respect to emotions or in other words,he doesn’t feel that he will be lost without those emotions.emotions of love and hate originates from past activities which are hidden in the form of sanskar/corresponding imprints on our true self.when concentration upon the single supported object strengthen, those imprints get decoded and appears in the form of clear memory/clear remembrance of those past same birth activities but subtle or unclear remembrance thoughts of past births’ activities in the brain.this results in gradual demise of those imprints and associated love and a man becomes neutral. Activities of a neutral man can not generate their imprints on means those activities are simply carried away by the physical memory of brain so those can be remembered only during the life time of a man.for carrying away memories to next birth,we have to generate their imprints on self through strong emotions of love and hate/liking and disliking.this means,a neutral man is never reborn again.

 This rebirthlessness happens only if past lifes’ codes have been destroyed completely. The only sure way to accomplish this goal is the self realization. Mental neutrality is the added feature to minimize the worldly entanglement post self realization. There is no way to eternity other than the self realization.

 ‘Love yoga’word is actually a misnomer. If it is worldly love,it can not be yoga.worldly love is ‘remember and forget’ type but the yogic love is ‘continued remembrance’ type.ordinary love ends up in wealth,marriage, family,honour etc. But the yogic love ends up in self realization. Woman has been made beautiful not only to make world populated but also to help man in self realization.The aim of genital relationship is not only the progeny but also the self realization for man.hindu Vedas understood this genital relationship is must for family growth but indirect one is sufficient to initiate a woman.although osho/rajnish supports direct relationship for initiation but I don’t agree with this as this brings up social anarchy and also it is usually seen that after direct contact,attraction is lost.this is what we need most to reach to samadhi.without any kind of initiation,even we can not create and enhance attraction towards a nonliving object.with proper and master guided initiation,woman starts revolving around him like a planet around the sun.actually for success,shallow relation building is started by the only deepens it as initiation.he remains silent,peaceful,smiling and smart looking always and enjoys deepening attraction with buildup of her brilliant image in her mind leading to sampragyat samadhi ie. he becomes one form with that image, loosing everything of him whatever he had built up. Actually, that guided initiation also makes him capable of tolerating smilingly,each and every nuisance created by her .he becomes speechless as love is done with second one but that image has become his own form.this is a symptom of maturing sampragyat samadhi.woman dejected of her neglect and considering it as stigma on her personality ,starts revealing all facets of her life through her helps in buildup of her intense and single mind image in his mind.she also concious of her relation reputation ,also prevents wrong step by the man.if she guides the man to behave and act well ie. Spiritually Like be away from drink,addiction etc. ,then it happens as man is single mind for her.if she guides him to make his carrier,it happens.Oposite can also happen if she misguides him or she may lose his faith resulting in samadhi break and thus spiritual 2nd chapter starts.

 A perfect example of indirect initiation has been displayed to world by Lord Krishna. He was a great yoga master.a story is famous that once upon a time in his childhood, many girls of his village were bathing naked in a beautiful pond.their clothes were seen outside gathered at a safe place by boy Krishna .he collected those clothes and climbed up the tree rooted near the pond and sat down on its branch enjoying their bath activities. Girls when tired,looked upon the spot where their clothes were placed.they became worried and started searching all around keeping their bodies underwater out of shame.suddenly, they pinpointed naughty Krishna on the tree branch smiling with their clothes in his hand.they requested him much but he refused them saying that they were insulting varun dev/water god by bathing naked.then those girls requested him to punish them but return their clothes. As a punishment, he directed them to come with hands in namaste mudra/palms meeting together ,gazing him continuously with repentance to collect their clothes and wear those up.this resulted in transformation of their mind into Krishna mind leading to their sampragyat samadhi easily and automatically ,which was later converted to asampragyaat samadhi when Krishna left their village culminating into their mass self realization/rass/spiritual dance.

 Here,we can say that Lord Krishna have prevented his ego to develop, much cleverly.he has not made himself responsible for this questionable act,but he has put the gun over the shoulders of the religious scriptures ,saying that bathing naked is banned already. Another example of such an indirect initiation is Hindu’s shape is indicative of persisting orgasm ,which is only possible through samadhi with the opposite gender.

 This world appears very strange due to avidyaa/dark appears extra bright and prominent although much contained(as opposed to the whole of self realization) at the cost of sacrifice Of the natural glare of the true self.strange!it is like a case if a man feed his own flesh to his pets.strange! Man sacrifices himself to make this world extra prominent, for nothing of major importance but to get a negligible or say misconceived competitive edge over and above others.

 Unattached attitude is the basic qualification to succeed in each and every field, whether it is spiritual or worldly. It doesn’t mean emotionlessness as a living creature doesn’t look good without emotions. We have to perform our social duties humanely exactly as our body cells perform for body/miniaturized society. They are totally unattached. That is why they are much more efficient than means,we should remain emotionless like is not possible as god has created emotions and he expects from us to be emotional.a clever way to integrate both benefits, we should live emotionally but with unattached attitude.then there is no special field of self realization needed,as there is self realization possible everywhere, in each and every activities. It is another point that in some special fields like kundalini yoga or love yoga, self realization is easier and earlier to achieve.without basic qualification of unattached attitude, even kundalini yoga ,love yoga or whatever yoga can’t make achieve self realization. Even the worldly success is Miles away from an attached man.

 Exhaustive research will continue until decoding kundalini.let us make ground clear by thoroughly analysing each and every spiritual practice till now, as all are interrelated and all points to same and single aim ie.self realization.

 The yogic love story continues.Spiritual joy is increasing day by day inside the brain of that man as he is in samadhi.this is because his self is getting unloaded of his past life.simple remembrance causes only reexpression of past life out of physical neuronal memory .it does not unloads past life’s imprints out of the self.only deeply touching love bears this extraordinary is the reason why a deep love produces spiritual/self joy,not the simple remembrance, which only relieve the brain burden. It is matter of research for modern psychologists as why the samadhi bound single image annihilate all other thoughts of present,past and future along with their imprints on self and not allow their further deposition on self,as told by great patanjali.the entire process is self propagating foreword until broken rudely and forcefully. The reason for self propagation is collaterally progressing joy ,which is the main magnetic force for each and every creature.

 I used to be having fever even after self realization, against which antibiotics collected by my grandfather were an effective mean.after his passing away,my fever was not brought down by anybody because they used to inject placebo or only antipyretic to cool down me temporarily, inside me rather than an effective and self tested antibiotic to eliminate the root cause disease.My this pitiable condition lasted for about 5 years.then I discovered an effective antipyretic for me suiting with my profession. Actually attachment disease expresses itself with external inflammatory signs of desire,anger,greed,uncontrollable emotions, moodiness and jealousy. We should become alert at that time and try to calm down those temporarily and side by side curing the underlying disease with effective means preferably self tested and practical.

 Prevention is better than cure.keep yourself always vaccinated.this is worldly disease and invades one who is very active worldly. How can it afflict a sitting man just as malaria can’t be contracted in a mosquito free dry zone. Actually, all activities mainly arts and techniques even controlled addictions etc. are unattachment creating tactics which produce comparably longer lasting spiritual joy.a non vegetarian gains unattached attitude through visualising perishability of life.a drunkard gains a minor spiritual joy by being indifferent to his activities. An automobile driver become unattached to its emotions and feelings through total attention over the road. These tactics surely lead to worldly success but to achieve self realization, we have to reinforce humanely tactics with special means as the supreme goal demands body leaving level unattached attitude to be accomplished.

 My grandfather made vaccination umbrella by spiritual reading.daily spiritual practices is daily vaccination. Patanjali says same.indifference/unattached attitude towards thoughts kill them.he sharpened and pinpointed this worldly attention towards a single focus/image in mind which resulted in killing of past life thoughts in sampragyat samadhi. Lastly that final supportive image also dissolved in asampragyaat samadhi with resultant sudden self realization.

 kundalini system acts helps in exposure of past life activities and impressions forcefully(not naturally as in love yoga) with attentions on specific crucial points of helps in double way,by increasing blood supply to that particular point to make that leading point healthy as well as by following samadhi principle of great patanjali.

 patanjali based “love story of a Yogi” continues. after initiation,yogi remains cool and calm showing his innocence and absence of any ill intention.through facial expressions,he shows that everything , which happened during initiation was as prebound,naturally flowing,genuine,social and polite without the responsibility of anybody. he successfully shifts his very minute ego to the shoulders of the nature.he speaks nothing as there are other workloads and responsibilities all around,although he is fully concious is like an education class environment of an intermediate school ,as there is no culture to meet alone other than groups and there are eyes and ears of everyone always open towards each other particularly with respect to gender related things as it is a main life stage for hormonal helps that yogi very much.yogi has shining image of his enlightingly spiritual guru over one side of brain and also the shining image of his lover on the same side ,nearby.the image of girl is maturing by voraciously feeding on his past life’s activities and hidden imprints,to be shed later on like a growing goat on abundance of grass and then to be sacrificed at the peak of winter.actually ,the same patanjali based hidden sense lies behind all the religeous sacrifices.image of his guru is intensifying in his mind to support him at that lonely time of complete emptiness/vaccume inside the yogi mind.actually,that image of fully devoted guru is totally scriptural and God like ie. happy and fully contained ie. everything in nothing.that image fills the vaccume of yogi mind at that time of asampragyat samadhi thus avoiding suction of worldly garbage by the yogi means,merely selecting guru anyone arbitrarily does not should be guru like and fully devoted to scriptures and religeous studies without his mental peace disturbing ill habits. kindly,attention please-if any gentleman is willing to compile and publish a book titled’Love story of a Yogi-what Patanjali says” using my posts,for the benefit of world,i am ready to have collaboration with him supplying additional material too.

 A thing pricked my mind.Better to say nothing rather than incomplete saying.clarifying some left out points in detail. 1)guru prevented suction of worldly rubbish into my mind until self realization. Thereafter, no need of guru except a lovely relationship already developed. Relationship with master was not forcefully and artificial .it was automatic and natural. You can say that scriptural master was seen as a saviour boat by me to sit upon inside a gf guided furious and tremulous ocean.master also found a scripture appreciator inside me.thus both were mutually benefitted.

 Dear friends, Incomplete saying=misconception. Famous English saying, little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Hindu religion was partially displayed to the Arab people that is why they were misconceived thus Islam was made and followed by them blindly against Hindus.actually, little knowledge and misconception are two greatest dangers to the world.

It is all about that self realized young yogi ,Not me but my time metamorph. Yoga be continued.

 Dear friends, recovering slowly from mumps.felt happy on seeing so many posts.what i meant to say that Hindu religion is totally based on one can achieve wholeness with worldly gain oriented approach. With this approach, each and every gain Will be partial and biased always. Wholeness only descends itself without any effort into patanjali stated total mind emptiness/vacuum/total thoughlessness/asampragyaat is the ultimate truth.very very few lucky ones(with past very good humanity actions) get this chance naturally and effortlessly ,others try through yoga.God is super intelligent. He has not given total authority to anyone to make make anyone self realized in the opposite case of which man would have surpassed his justified authority with his inhuman selfish deeds .some ones become partially self realized so that they can practice and advertise yoga.fully self realized has nothing to do with the world and wanders here and there like a mad externally and can only be recognised internally when any one tries to harm him with subsequent and immediate fall of mountain of sufferings over him.

 Actually ,by neglecting yoga aroused thoughts,we can get materialistic hype (as it causes temporary relief from mental load) but not the spiritual one.we have to observe all the thoughts calmly inside the mind and wait until their self dissolution or say ineffectiveness. Actually, thoughts never become forgotten but become sterile, as those can not generate then flood of emotions and these emotions in fact disturb the none duality of the practitioner.actually, by constant observations of thoughts inside mind,we become aware automatically about their untruthfulness and sole mental is just like as we don’t become affected much by very much past, self- forget was caused by realization of world which is nothing but a delusionary bunch of mental processes.therefore, none realization of mental processes through yoga cause erosion of that delusionary effect ending in self-remembrance again. Although selfless good actions (along with natural sufferings for righteousness) don’t help in self realization of anyone directly but such types of deeds appease God who in turn help gradual arrangement of natural favourable conditions for his self realization.

 Biggest misconception about patanjali yoga is the belief that patanjali said thoughtlessness is complete absence of mental processes. How can it occure with a living one and even a hyperventilated yoga practitioner. Actually, thoughts are never forgotten but those become sterile. It means that belief Of their trueness is lost due to which those can’t generate faulty emotions. Faulty emotions are those which are accompanied with noticeable changes in body’s physiology or say activates sympathetic nervous system like increase in heart rate/respiration rate,decrease in digestive activities etc.faulty emotions also cause arousals of mental defects like desire,anger,greed,delusions, egoness, jealousy and attachment. Sterile/seedless(means inability to cause rebirth) thoughts are accompanied with emotions which are selfless ,calm,lovingly,without bodily and mental defects ,without attachment and none over superfluous. Actually thoughtlessness term is misnomer. Actual thoughtlessness can occure only in case of unconsciousness and semiconsciousness such as with the influence of chemicals(drugs,alcohol etc),shock,comma and eventually death. Thus it is proved as per the direct experience of that young yogi that with yogic practices, mental processes are never forgotten but become sterile due to which those mental processes become friendly and self-remembrance causer ,which were behaving enemy like previously being self -forget causer in the worldly fashion ie. Without yoga.

 In other words,yogic thoughtlessness is quite different from worldly thoughtlessness. WT is forcefully achieved thus accompanied with bodily harms due to stresses and strains.YT is automatic and none forcibly achieved thus quite soothing to mind and body.WT is achieved by blocking of thoughts while YT is achieved by allowing mental processes to expand.hindu scriptures /puranas in rhythmic sanskrit helps a lot in expanding the pure mental conciousness.WT is accompanied with mental displeasure while YT is accompanied with day by day increasing mental pleasure. WT is accompanied with inner darkness while YT is accompanied with inner light.WT is not self propagating thus needs constant suppressive force while YT is self propagating forward unless suppressed intentionally. WT is practiced by fools while YT is practised by a wise is full of people practicing WT while people practising YT are rarest of the rarest.When practice of YT matures enough then there is sudden and automatic mindlessness with accompanied with peak of mental calm and pleasure .then there is sudden self realization. It is all as per the direct experience of that young yogi.

 Whatsoever I have written till date ,it’s all as per the direct experiences of that self realized young yogi (love yogi) after their truthfulness being confirmed through the thorough investigation of the scriptures.

 In ancient days,a giant king announced that he will gift his whole kingdom to one who could provide to him self realization experience even for a second,but none could do that. God is super administrator and he doesn’t allow anyone to make others self realized, effortlessly. If it was so,no one would be bothered regarding humanity, respect to God and true love.self realized can only show the correct path to others.

 Even plenty of great scholars and yogis are confused over thoughtlessness of patanjali.they suspend their breathing as an aid to forcibly suspend thoughts enough to harm body.they dwell day and night inside mental darkness thus ruining both the worldly pleasures as well as yoga achievement. They appear like drunkards or druggists. They go on losing each and every feature of a living creature gradually.mind is very stubborn. Force but proper understanding is highly contradicted to settle it.mind wants to fly up to the remotest of its reaching capability when it calms down itself. Mind then becomes totally satisfied and dissolved itself into mindlessness. Freeing mind does not mean freeing the is a mind game only and there is no place for,role of senses should be minimized as much as possible.

 Lot of practitioners never reach maturity as they keep themselves stationed at the asan/posture and pranayama limbs of yoga. Actually, these two limbs along with pratyahar /preservance are supportive aids to last three limbs of dharna /concentration, dhyan/attention /meditation and samadhi.then they blame yoga saying that yoga is not fruitifying despite the life long practice. Actual practitioners of last three limbs are laughed at and displayed as kings of fools in front of the argumentative and fruitless world.

 Those dhyan practitioners are nicknamed as babas and considered as idle, slow and having made like sustained mental activity on a single issue.that is why yoga doesn’t progresses in a society.after many generations of sustained dhyan practice in a family, a single self realized member emerges.if that lucky member is given his righteous,respectful and loving post of Religious or semi religeous work(through which he has got the self realization), then his essence spreads everywhere helping all other practitioners, even layman;otherwise rubbish mainly insulting job causes his ultimate experience forgotten with time, thus can’t help the world regarding this rarest of the rarest ultimate knowledge.

 I am practising dhyaan now a days.feeling day by day increasing spiritual comfort with a pace in accordance to ,with which pace my mental image is growing .

 Last 3 limbs are called internal yoga,remaining as external yoga.”aasannah teevrasamveganam”,this sutra means that fast mind people attain self realization immediately.if explained, such full mind people attain samadhi very shortly, bypassing every previous stages;as occurred in case of that love means,main thing is samadhi.although to reach samadhi,passing through dharna and dhyaan is must but these two prime stages don’t come in lime light as yogi passes through these stages very quickly.External yoga is an aid to slow mind people to grow concentration capacity of their mind.During internal yoga,external yoga continues itself without any effort (as he needs more oxygen,body health and breath control to keep samadhi joy continued). We can say that internal yoga is direct practice of true yoga while external yoga is indirect one.when a patient can’t swallow bitter drug directly then we have to deliver that indirectly through a means,all limbs run in tandem, not individually. It is true only in case of internal yoga as external yogi can deny last 3 limbs deliberately.

 How could that love yogi manage internal limbs directly without practice even any knowledge of external limbs of patanjali.he was even ignorant of the term yoga,its practice being far away.he was a moderate materialist and studying the science’s a genuine question. Actually, he was able to develop internal limbs without even his awareness of that process,only due to close proximity to his yogi spiritual master.a delicious sweet fruit of good aid the internal flame,he was directed instinctively to work physically always with pronounced breathing such as walk on foot,Farmer field work,cow grazing etc.these all activities fulfilled the demand for external means living naturally in a village like environment is must to achieve yoga naturally.

 Master was not boss type at all. He always remained in a peaceful friendly way.although he was strictly against evil habits but with a softer was due to his old age thus ensued weakness.It was his company which saved that love yogi from falling into the dark well of the sensual helped in sustenance of her image enough long to become ripe and dropped was cleverness of love yogi that he did not tell about love yoga and gf to his master as it could lead to his annoyance and full stop to the game.or we can say that it was a mental love.we can not tell a thing unless it is to expose one’s mind exactly in front of others.we can say that his nicely natured image overridden or replaced the whole -form image of his gf.master was a dedicated sanatan system follower who used to rise early at 4-5 am in the morning followed by morning walk ,body cleaning,elaborate worship of idols/deities,sandhya(twice a day half hourly work of worship of natural gods like sun,water,planets,air,earth,fire etc. Including pranayam).then on sunrise, used to read puranas/Sanskrit epic stories in front of his mother and his wife for at least one hour.the same process used to be repeated at evening,between sunset and night. After morning worships,he used to go to farm fields work or worship at others home on invitation, as the case might be.he was very hard working, lean and fit bodied, powerful speaker and totally vegetarian except little of milk occasionally. Dressed in classic kurta payjama but dhoti kurta on religious ceremonies.he was simple,smiling, funny man.with smart and moderate moustaches on clean face,having worn two religious threads on his body ,cluster of few long hairs at back of head/shikha(sometimes tied,otherwise untied as per religious ruling). Image of gf was indicator of sampragyat samadhi as that was single alone predominant by overriding all other images/thoughts or say that image was associated with each and every thought of love when that image was replaced by image of master then every associated thought was also replaced automatically due to association effect.image of master was an indicator of asampragyaat samadhi as it was like a nothingness for him.but with this nothingness ,the associated spirituality was there.the wholeness hidden therein searched the void of nothingness inside the brain of that love yogi and became fitted there in the form of self realization.

 Many people think that samadhi only happens in closed eye state while in a suitable’s not true. If a crystal clear single image remains stable in the mind always,whether mind is empty or filled up anyway; it’s also a samadhi .

 Actually, stages are artificially made .there is no special hue and cry when samadhi matures.everything is same since the start.only the clarity ,self sustainability and the time period of the sustenance of that single image (selected as closest to the basic nature and preference of the practitioner, as possible). In start,we have to enhance its clarity with the help of external limbs of yoga.fixing it to mind becomes as much easy as much it is closer to the basic nature and preference of the practitioner. It doesn’t mean that anyone can select arbitrarily like a bad thing,evil etc.tantric/demons select such type of image.image should have general public acceptability. That is why images of gods,masters ,great men (even quality gf if practitioner is young and without direct generative experience,as in case of that love yogi).after only few days,few occasions in a day appear when clear image remains stable without knowing that I am trying to remember/fix the image in the mind.this is actually samadhi state where there is no meditator, meditated object and meditation process itself but instead single image only.these occasions increase in frequency gradually. a time is reached when practitioner loses his own form and becomes image form this stage, whatever is the status of the practitioner, image remains always in the mind effortlessly. Finishes later on,please.

 Yogashchittvrittinirodhah -yoga is blockade of mental waves.mental waves are of many types,one of which is sleep/unconsciousness(pramanviparyayvikalpnidraasmarityah,nidraa-sleep).strange enough-unconciousness/mindlessness is a mental wave.ordinarily,we think it as mental also means that becoming truly mindless through means other than yoga(drugs,alcohol,death,comma or whatever possible) is impossible.thus the word mindlessness is misnomer in contexts of other than means,nothingness/mental blockade of yoga is not unconsciousness type but a type of super consciousness which doesn’t depend on mental waves.

 We can understand it in this is factual.night is nothing material but only an absence of the day,although it appears as material.thus totally blocking the day also includes blocking the associated night too.the same thing apply in this case of mind too.worldly means block the mind partially (also hindering the practice of total blockade due to thereduced mental power) ,but complete blockade only possible through yoga.

 I had practiced purely action yoga too.that had brought a lot of prosperity, comforts and peace of mind .although I could not reach to top with it.I think, it is a link yoga,connecting worldly lay man activities with the raj yoga so that success with rajyoga is achieved easily.It also means that balanced combination of action yoga and rajyoga is the Best for the wordly people which I had experienced too.

 Dear friends, patanjali was a revolutionary man.before him,Hindu scriptures knew well the importance of dhyan/meditation but with respect to God/Om was patanjali who discovered that not only of God but dhyan of any thing(yathabhimat dhyanat va) could lead to self realization. Thus,he made god available for people of every nature and liking. Once upon a time,a milkman loved his Buffalo very much.once he rushed to a ashtang yogi for true knowledge. Yogi advised him to mediate upon his beloved Buffalo. Surprisingly, he achieved self realization by way of ashtang yoga centered around that Buffalo.

 Joy goes on increasing with deepening dhyan of that single means,yogi becomes automatically attracted more and more towards that image with due course of time ,thus becoming more and more disciplined yogi day by day.that is the joy associated with yogi mind but appears as if associated with that is like a case when dog feels taste of his own oral blood but he thinks that to be emanating from the bone being chiewed.therefore, yogi should not rush outwards in search of that image outside as then he will lose that internal true joy with time rather than growing samadhi level,mental joy is at its peak.

The rest of the story is available in eBook “Love story of a Yogi – what Patanjali says” for purchase on webpage “shop {library}”.

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