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कृपया वेबसाईट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें

It is to certify that we all under this website don’t endorse or oppose any religion. We only promote scientific and humane study of religion. This website is tantric in nature and should not be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Practicing its methods without proper knowledge and qualification may prove harmful for which the website doesn’t hold any responsibility.

From the diary of a book-reader

Brothers, a lot of people are busy in a life full of ego, that is a direct gateway to hell. Some people are misguided for renunciation. These both types of people are partial to the complete truth. Actually a man should grow inside this world so much that he may feel no need to renounce his life, instead his life herself may become forced to renounce him. Friends, renunciation then occurs itself, when a man reaches a certain threshhold level of his spiritual growth in this world. This threshhold level of his spiritual growth is most easily, blissfully and practically is achieved through the non-dual attitude. It is easy to simply say as non-dual attitude, but it is very hard to develop and constantly maintain it. Had simply reading or talking about non-dual attitude been enough, then there would not be so much elaborate spiritual and tantric practices developed in a practical form. See for example, Mantra, Yantra and Mandala  of tantra/buddhism(external website/yogamag.net). Those are to be nicely maintained and worshiped regularly in a worldly and practical way, considering those as if mini-world or say as if miniaturized models of the endless world. There are deities visualized inside that miniaturized world. Those deities/gods/devatas are having a non-dual attitude, although working fully similar to common people like us. In that way, their non-dual and ego-less attitude is copied to us most efficiently and maintained spontaneously too. Friends, what can be the more similar to the physical world than our own physical human body itself. Our body is a supremely miniaturized and best model of the infinitely spread out external physical world. It is also proved in Shastras(external website/wikipedia) with saying, “yatpinde tatbramhaande(external website/yogapedia.com)” meaning as whatever is there in small structure/body, the very same is present in the whole of the universe too, nothing else. There are dehapurushas, that are supremely miniaturized human forms inside our own body, fully similar to human, although additionally having non-dual attitude too. Those are like the deities of the Yantra-mandalas, although being much more active and dynamic comparatively. Shastras also prove it by saying that every god is situated inside our own body. Friends, then what can be the more powerful mandala than this our own body-mandala(external website/escholarship.org). It always stays with us in each and every condition, reminding us of the supreme importance of the non-dual attitude at every moment. It is not transient and destructible just like other mandalas, even it is there with us from the time immemorial and will stay with us for ever, because we are having getting this or that living body to live in our every birth and will be getting so in each and every birth afterwards too till our liberation. This means, we would go on getting benefits of non-duality in our all of the further lives too, if we make practice to make our body as the tantric body-mandala(shareera-mandala/external website/pinterest) through contemplating it likewise at every moment of our life.
Friends, majority of people are too busy in the body-wasting sex too much. The sex is a most mysterious thing, that has been least studied ever. If it can push down to the hell with improper practice, the same can lift up to heaven and even to liberation too, if it is practiced properly and with kundalini yoga. This book describes the well experienced and effective method of sexual conduct in a proven tantric style, which leads quickly to the Kundalini awakening,  that is the main door-entry to the ultimate liberation.
Friends, these Dehapurushas situated everywhere inside our body are quite patriotic and nationalist to their host body-country (hindi e-book- shareeravigyan darshan). They teach us these qualities, if contemplated through this modern philosophy, SHAVID(shareeravigyaan darshan/body science philosophy). There is also present the whole  range of nature inside our own body. That nature is fully nourished and conserved by dehapurushas unlike the external macro-nature degraded by the so called modern community. If you are nature-lover and nature-conservationist, the e-book is just for you.
Friends, our amazing human body(for detail, please visit this external website/wikipedia) is composed of countless number of cells. Those work all together in tandem; in a synchronized and cooperative way, thus making one of the best society possible ever. Thus the basic principle behind our life is a love full, truthful and cooperative society. We can learn these arts and much more from them. At the same time, they are non-dual and lively liberated (jeevanamukta/external website/speakingtree.in)too. They are mindful. If they are considered as mindless then such amazing jobs would not be possible by them without a properly functioning mind. So it proves that they have a mind but at the same time they are mindless too, due to they being unattached to their mind through their non-duality. Human also try to make that type of society, but fails miserably each and every time. The reason being, we don’t know about them in full detail in a spiritual/philosophical style. This e-book(Hindi) solves the very same problem.
Friends, we go on working and behaving exactly similar to how dehapurushas(those body cells) work and behave, but only we go on getting attachments, ego and duality; not those dehapurushas. This e-book shows how to learn this trick from them. Dehapurusha is being written as singular at some places, though those are in a countless number, only to show that they all are exactly similar to each other spiritually or in form of real self. This e-book also shows how to make dehapurusha as your own Kundalini and how to get her boost up through contemplating  him/them.
There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding non-dualism (e-book, kundalini demystified- what premyogi vajra says). These all have been nicely clarified in a practical way in this e-book.

Unique worship by body-science philosophers

Body science philosophers go on worshiping the non dual Dehapurushas continuously at every moment of time with infinite types of objects, without adopting special  formalities for the same. This is so because Dehapurushas are not far away from them but they exist inside their own body. They bath them with different types of waters obtained from different types of water bodies like streams, rivers, ponds, springs, waterfalls, seas and oceans etc. They also provide them water for the sacred hand wash, sacred foot wash, self-purifying purpose, mouth wash and so on. They provide them incense sticks in the form of different airs full of different aromas. They treat them with different types of medicines. They make them travel through different types of vehicles. They listen to their good words. They make them hear different types of sounds as if beautiful and rejuvenating sounds of sacred bells, mantra-chanting etc. They feed them with different types of foods as if sacred eatable offerings. They help them experience different types of lights as if sacred lamps. They entertain them with different humanely entertainment devices/procedures, thoughts/works as if exercises and yoga along with humanely consumerism. In this way, all the works done by a Body-science philosopher are there as if God-worship. All the experiences by a man are nothing else but as if the mental waves only, that control his all the activities. But actually Body-men/Dehapurushas produce those waves inside their own brain to keep good control over their Body-country, Dehadesha. A man who understands this, he considers those Body-men as if the actual doers and actual consumers. Therefore he remains free and liberated even while alive and fully functional. The mental kundalini image gets superimposed over Dehapurushas with sustained and combined practice of SHAVID-nonduality and Kundalini yoga meditation. Actually, we all are worshiping this non dual Body-mandala/country unknowingly since the eternity. But we do not get its benefits for we do not know and accept this reality. Through study of SHAVID, our correct faith regarding this becomes solidified. So we start getting its benefits and even possibly may receive the whole lot of collected benefits suddenly in the form of a quick awakening. In this way, we can see that Body-science philosophers are fully similar to Vedic-Pauraanic (Vedas-Puranas) people. Although externally they may appear as more practical and logistical, but they are more peaceful, unity conscious and liberated from within comparatively. They are similar to that ocean agitated with storm, that is fully active externally (with mind and body) like them, but fully peaceful and static internally like those same.  

Love inside our own body

There are countless love affairs and marriages occurring inside our own body every moment.  Likewise, beloved children too are reared well there just as inside this very present macro world. There are numerous competitions for marriages(classic svayamvara pratha-external website/wikipedia) occurring inside our body, where competitors are struggling to achieve the success. Competitors have to race on a very long and tortuous track with rocky terrains and mountains. During this run, many dies of hunger and thirst. Many are killed by wild animals. Many are killed by the security forces out of suspicion of being terrorists. Many of them fall down from the rough surfaces of the mountain and many die after eating different types of poisonous herbs and fruits. Only one of them succeed to marry the over beautiful Queen.

Hatred, anger and wars inside our own body

Countless number of wars go on running inside and outside of this body-country, every moment. Many enemies full of hatred, stay outside of the boundary walls for long, waiting for the right opportunity to invade the Body-mandala/country. When border-fencing of this living Mandala gets damaged due to any reason, then those enemies cross over the border. There they are discouraged by the first line of defense until the soldiers of the second line of defense showing great hatred and anger against those enemies arrive quickly. Great war starts. In the majority of cases, body-country wins. But in few exceptional cases, those dirty enemies win and take control of the part or whole of the Body-country. Either those rubbish enemies are cleared out by the invaded nation with the help of foreign help or they themselves destroy the attacked nation to consume that at their free and dirty will.

Public grievances and revolutions inside our own body

Many times, some groups of inhabitants inside the Body-country become so much aggrieved that they revolt against their own nation. They turn many simple civilians too into anti-nationals. Sometimes, they become tied up with the external enemies. In return, Body-government tries to pacify them with loving means, but when they do not leave  the revolution away, security forces have no option but to kill them in an armed struggle. Body-country wins. Sometimes revolutionists take control of the body and destroy that for their ugly and transient benefit.

Jealousy inside our own body

When some poor and afflicted citizens inside our own that Body-country of which we are the kings ourselves, become so jealous with the rich citizens, then they start an armed struggle and consume all their resources while themselves sitting idle, without doing any useful work to the society.

Desires and choices inside our own body

Dehapurushas(citizens/body-cells/hormones/enzymes of our own body-country/physical body) of Dehadesha(body-country) also desire foods, drinks, water and other environmental comforts just like us. These desires are fulfilled well. Choices are also shown by them. Dehashatrus(enemies of dehapurushas) of a special caste, race or religion prefer special dehapurushas to attack. In the same way, special dehapurusha marries only a special dehapurusha-category, denying even the beautiful others.

Greed inside our own body

Dehashatrus are very greedy. They destroy the attacked dehadesha out of greed to consume all the resources at once, without a second thought.

Delusion inside our own body

Out of delusion, Rajakumara dehapurushas(prince-dehapurushas) die for the dehadesharajakumari(princess of the body-country) in dehadesha-svayamvara(free-will selection of a life-partner by a girl/queen to marry in the dehadesha) as told above.

Mad(power-ego)inside our own body

Sometime, dehasainikas(body-country-soldiers) become filled with Mad and start harming and killing their own dehadesha’s dehapurushas.

Friendship inside our own body

Dehapurushas feed up and care well their friends hosted inside their own dehadesha, although for their own benefit. In return, their friends work for them in a miraculous way.

Family planning inside our own body

Due to this, population density inside the dehadesha is kept stable and constant at a most optimum level.

Cleanliness inside our own body

There is kept a perfect cleanliness inside the dehadesha.

Social hierarchy inside our own body

There is a great social law and order existing inside our own body. There are numerous stages of officers as if officers above officers up to a long range. They all obey the orders of their higher officials accordingly.

Division of labor inside our own body

Some groups of dehapurushas are farmers, some are drivers, some are engineers etc. to run the body-society with the top most efficiency.

Grouping inside our own body

Dehapurushas always work in groups, not in isolation. Due to groupings, they cooperate effectively, due to which quality and strength of their work improve dramatically.

Specialization inside our own body

There are quite effectively developed trends of specializations and super-specializations inside our own body. Dehapurushas doing treatment work are specialized in the field of health. Likewise, drivers are specialized in driving etc. All dehapurushas know all the arts and works together, but are only specialized in that work, which they perform regularly.

Kings, ministers and higher officers inside our own body

They also exist in the micro country too in the same way, just as they exist in the macro-country.

Remaining all others inside our own body

Sports, trainings, assemblies, plannings, grief- redressals, jokes, public-complaints, hazards, births, growth, maturity, death e.t.c. and all of the other life-activities; and emotions take place inside our own body, just as those take place in the macro society of a big nation. These all exist inside the micro-country/our own body in the same way, just as these exist in the macro-country or the world or even the universe/cosmos/space.

Despite being changing mentally and physically continuously, Dehapurushas are unchanging always just like the unchanging Tao. Shareera-vigyaana-darshana(SHAVID)/Body Science Philosophy is just like Taoism, though in a more theistic and practical form. Although SHAVID accepts God as full of humanity and inseparable from the nature/humanitarian spontaneity in every way unlike most of the religions.

The topmost saying regarding Shareeravigyan darshan (Physiology philosophy)

Actually, everything possible/imaginable exist inside our own body with a detached and non-dual attitude of its inhabitants.

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