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It is to certify that we all under this website don’t endorse or oppose any religion. We only promote scientific and humane study of religion. This website is tantric in nature and should not be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Practicing its methods without proper knowledge and qualification may prove harmful for which the website doesn’t hold any responsibility.

Misunderstandings regarding kundalini

There is not any physical pit at root Chakra, where any physical Kundalini in the shape of a coiled snake is lying down as dormant. All of these types are just philosophical comparisons and beautification to please up/inspire up the ordinary worldly people. No doubt, there may be biophysical counterparts too but everything described in Kundalini yoga is purely experiential only. Actually, each mental image is a type of coiled form or compressed/reduced form of all pervading consciousness. When all Chakras are clear, that image may appear as rising up like a snake, a worm etc., otherwise it may also jump up suddenly like a monkey without in-between paths, just as happened to Premyogi vajra. Once upon a time, Premyogi vajra experienced his mental image(that spiritual old man) rising up from his base Chakras like a hot air balloon, taking about 3-4 seconds to travel the invisible path to his brain. Possibly all these elaborations are experienced with practice, although these are not must have for the kundalini awakening. Kundalini is nothing like a physical thing just as many misconceive, however it appears more real and clearer than any physical entity when she becomes awakened. Actually, Kundalini is to be imagined. Similarly, the Chakras are not any physical things but these are experiential only. The body point where that image is clearest in comparison to the surrounding area, that is called as if a Chakra. It becomes all clear with practice. In the same way, Nadis (psychic channels) are not any physical objects. Those are only the subtle paths, that can only be guessed with the image just as the sky-route is judged with a plane on that, not experienced separately as if any physical entity.  You can consider the imaginary/virtual/supposed path on which his Kundalini image traveled upward as if a Nadi. Brain is brain. That is only one chakra. There is no need to divide that into Agya and Sahasrar Chakra. Lotus(having sexual meaning too in tantra), colors, Mantras etc. on the Chakras have been provided only to worship the Kundalini-image properly there on the Chakras so as to make her more satisfied and expressed. Today, the people have not enough spare time and brain available to execute such types of elaborate and confusing formalities. In a normal way, Kundalini awakening without such activities appears just like a nightmare. Only Tantra can override these formal activities and thus can make the Kundalini yoga too simple. Therefore, the basic and simple kundalini yoga further enhanced with the Tantric-practices is worth today’s time. Kundalini yoga has not its own separate base but it is only the technical enrichment of the classical Patanjali or Raj yoga. Probably, Raj yoga advises to nourish the imagined kundalini image directly and consistently inside the brain. This becomes too much impractical, ineffective and difficult for the ordinary worldly people. To solve these problems, Kundalini yoga has been devised, which employ the sexual principle to enhance up the kundalini and make the basic Raj yoga more effective. That sexual principle says that the mental image / kundalini nourished at the sexual area is much easier to be lifted up to the brain for her activation and subsequent awakening with a consistent practice. It is also obvious in our day to day life, where sexual or yin-yang attraction is seen as the most powerful and deciding factor of a social life. The same natural and tantric principle has been employed in the kundalini yoga predominantly. That is why the powerful Sexual yoga is called as the peak of the Kundalini yoga and that is employed by many crazy beings since their start, however theoretically and ethically, that is included in the final stages of the Kundalini yoga to give the required escape velocity to the kundalini for her awakening. There are also some other important areas called as Chakras in the body as told above, where too image can be nourished likewise, although those have lesser efficacy than the sexual Chakras.

Weird kundalini-experiences

Premyogi vajra says that a personified image of that suitable, well known and beloved one preferably that of an elder spiritual man/family member/Master/Guru living at one’s own home and/or of a being in touch always, should be imagined/visualized in the form of his Kundalini, on whom his regular mental concentration naturally or through meditation stays well. In that way, mental Kundalini image is strengthened with much more efficiency and along with that, emotional, behavioral, meditation-oriented, social, humanely and other many more qualities of a well qualified/spiritual man are also received spontaneously. That single one, highly strengthened and persistent Kundalini-imajge appears as if must have for the enlightenment to occur in majority of the cases. Experiencing weird objects like lights, sounds or others as if Kundalini image diverges away the mental energy from a single focus and thus dilutes the Kundalini-energy, that’s why those weird experiences appear as if less effective with less build-up of humanely qualities.    

Transformation after a kundalini-rise

In normal worldly state(sleeping-kundalini state), the own self of a being is in an absent form at the majority of times, so that appears to him as if completely dark. But when the Kundalini is under the real awakening process lasting for a few seconds, then during that too limited time, the Kundalini-image becomes fully united with the own self of that meditating being. At that time, great bliss and brightness is observed by that being in his own self as opposed to the normally experienced depressed and dark condition of that self as described above. As that bliss/ brightness can never be compared to the worldly or sensual bliss/brightness, so the spontaneity directs the brain to reduce the search for that bliss/brightness in external sources instead directs it to develop own neuronal circuits in such a way that Kundalini-image always remains expressed inside that. In this way, persistent Kundalini image inside one’s own brain makes him experience her bliss continuously including the remembrance of that super bliss of Samadhi(Kundalini-awakening) too. During the transformation process, the breathing of Premyogi vajra used to remain elevated, he feeling himself enough tired/sleepy and his Kundalini image flaring up experientially, mainly at the times of his worldly activities.

After the kundalini awakening (e-book, kundalini demystified- what premyogi vajra says) or the persistent samadhi (union of self with a particular mental image/single image in various tones) up to the enlightenment

All of the physical and the mental world become superimposed spontaneously over the Kundalini image. This stage is also called as the Sampragyaat samadhi. Sampragyaat means uniformly and properly known(Sanskrit word Sam-uniform and pragyaat-properly known). It means that profound non duality and bliss is there in this stage. It can last for varying time periods. In Premyogi vajra, it lasted for around 2 years. Then there is eventual regression of the Kundalini image after her ripening up to a threshhold level. Along with the Kundalini image, the world superimposed over her also regresses virtually. Due to this, eventual blissful zero is experienced (Note-depression can also occur if this state is not well tackled- above said e-book). This is also called as the Asampragyaat samadhi for the nothing is uniformly and properly/profoundly known there due to the absence of Kundalini in this stage. It is also called as Samadhi for profound bliss of samadhi is there from nowhere. To support and lift up the Yogi, the spontaneity driven enlightenment is suddenly or surprisingly experienced by the Yogi(may be as if a too short glimpse in one’s sleep too, especially if one is enough immature or non worldly so unable to bear full exposure of that, just as happened in case of Premyogi vajra). That is only if one fully tolerates this final stage up to it’s end, denying all the magical powers/siddhis by the grace of his Guru and/or by the grace of favorable nature/environment.

Also, kundalini permanently stationed in mind through regular Kundalini yoga meditation or natural / Tantric love becomes the main source of life/consciousness. Therefore routine worldly activities along with are considered as a side business, not the main business. Due to this detachment or nonduality is produced towards the world.

Super powers after the kundalini rise

Nature never wants to bestow the super powers to anyone (above said e-book) for these act as the subsidiary/minor sinks for the kundalini energy to be submerged down, thus preventing the ultimate enlightenment to be experienced; that acts as if a biggest, final and liberating sink for the vast amount of the mental kundalini energy. In this regard, Premyogi vajra describes his own experience in his own words as under-

I am always amazed with how some people get super powers for once I also used to feel myself as if a God like after my glimpse enlightenment, due to I being fully satisfied in every way. At that time, I was in an urgent need of  the super powers but God didn’t provided me those. So I think as if God doesn’t offer super powers instead snatches away all others if present in anyway for all super powers prevent the enlightenment in a manner serious enough. Enlightenment acts as if a biggest mental energy sink. My mental energy in the form of a persistent image of my tantric consort became enough down after my glimpse enlightenment, however that enlightenment wasn’t enough strong to absorb all of that mental energy fully. So, that energy went on growing gradually through my worldly life just as a river grows on passing down the various terrains, eventually becoming too big to be tolerated by me, so that was discharged by me helplessly in the form of the world benefitting words/single phrase SHAVID, just as the fully loaded river discharges itself into the great sea. That phrase appeared becoming true to me later on. Actually, sometimes God/nature fulfills it’s worldly desires through the words of an enlightened being. possibly, had I not discharged that energy in that way, that would have accumulated further to be discharged as my super power. Also might be that my that mental energy still further had been accumulated to be released as my second and full fledged enlightenment. It’s all an energy game only. Nothing comes for free. Energy is to be accumulated drop by drop to get expression of that in the form of any of these above outcomes as per the situation.

Next time, my accumulated mental energy in the form of a persistent image of my tantric master was released as if a kundalini awakening. For now, I am accumulating that energy spontaneously and swiftly. Now I can have many instances of my tilt to release my accumulated energy in the form of super power of any kind, but that is to be resisted by me to reach the ultimate energy sink, that is enlightenment. Actually, one reaches that final energy sink, when he resists all of the worldly temptations to release his energy for any worldly gains and as a result of that, the accumulated energy becomes too big to be tolerated further. Although, that’s very difficult to achieve without the good company of a spiritual master/Guru/guide/friend.

Is kundalini-machine ever possible

Yes, it most probably is. Kundalini phenomenon is a pure mental science, having nothing anything mysterious inside it. Scientifically, the Kundalini-awakening is nothing special but most probably a sudden  rush of those neurochemicals towards a single focused image, that usually exist as scattered inside the whole of the brain.  That neuroscientific process makes her lively just like a visible physical entity in front of the eyes. That’s why this awakening process is also called as the opening of the third-eye. If even 1% of the total scientific budget as at present is diverted to the Kundalini-research, the Kundalini-machine appears as a real dream. 

Development from social media-platform

Premyogi vajra got his Kundalini awakened at the end of his following discussion in an original(non-edited) form that had run at brilliano kundalini online forum throughout the years 2016-18(26-10-2016 to 08-05-2018) for roughly one and half years. Therefore, this discussion may have subtle power hidden inside it. This real time discussion has been described in “love story of a yogi”. His soulmate, the writer/coauthor has included his many posts from Quora-2018, for which he has been awarded as a “Top Writer 2018″. This established coauthor has helped much that man of secrecy in writing down his experiences and thoughts about mysticism at many platforms.

Friends, it was an old tradition to be gathered personally and make a spiritual company to share the spiritual ideas to grow up. Now it is a modern and too busy era today, where online social media has almost replaced the compulsion of physical presence with the mental presence, whatever may be the work/job, whether material or spiritual. It is today’s miracle that one can better grow spiritually with an online conversations than the previously prevalent physical ones. Living example is Premyogi vajra. He got his Kundalini awakening through the online spiritual conversation for one and half years, that has been written in an original form  in my second Longreads article, “love story of a yogi”. One can also read the whole article in a single breath but probably it only works best if it is read in  a routine form in short installments for a long period of time along with the interactive two way conversation(with comments, likes etc.) and other routine spiritual efforts(reading e-books etc.) as per will, just as Premyogi vajra did. The spiritual attitude if kept built up with the short and routine spiritual exposures online for a long time, then it creates wonders just as it is obvious in case of Premyogi vajra.

No single book is complete

Premyogi vajra (above said e-book) read many Kundalini related books/e-books and came to know that no single book is complete in this respect, instead the main points from different books collected together along with the self-practice of kundalini yoga is all that works. He did the same thing and compiled all of these factors together in the form of this comprehensive e-Book, immediately after his kundalini awakening(in fact through the power gained from that awakening) through all of these above practices. Great secrecy has been kept even in the well recognized Scriptures too regarding the kundalini due to many reasons. Even the kundalini has not been defined properly. To fill up this gap, Premyogi vajra has demystified the kundalini in one of the best known ways.

Advice to keep secrecy

Tantra is a secret spiritual science. It has been displayed openly for this is open world today and nothing appears secret. People of today are quite mature, educated and intelligent. Therefore, there are too little chances of misunderstandings and misconceptions if any. Still precautions should be taken and it should not be tried to expose it even indirectly or in a funny way in front of those who can not be comfortable with this. There are full chances that they would misunderstand it and could harm themselves little or more.

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