Enlightenment (Self-realization) does not require meditation always

Enlightenment (Self-realization) does not require meditation always.

Love, Love, and only Love. Love is the fundamental principle of everything including that of the Kundalini awakening and Enlightenment too. Enlightenment without meditation is also possible, though it demands a lifestyle full of vigorous and sustained type of hard work. That should be physical as well as mental, both together without a break as far as possible. There should also be an accompanying non-duality.

As per Confucius, it is the duty of a king or a kingdom to bring work for every hand. Actually many people can work well. However, due to lack of policies, work does not become available to so many people. Although, only policies cannot be blamed totally. Work is work. It can never be bigger or smaller than others. Even small works can produce wonders if these are practised with right type of non-dual attitude. On the other hand, big businesses can fail without non-dual attitude. Even the plenty of small work just like cooking the food, cleaning the house, kitchen gardening, labour work etc. does not require any policy decision. These only need the human willingness to be done.

Confucius says that new lifestyle or new philosophy should be different from the pre-existing humanely lifestyle / philosophy. Instead, it should be based on that of his old/ancestral tradition. It also highlights the importance of a love full society. Only this type of society produces one’s loving relationship with his ancestors. Only then, he becomes able to remember them effectively and to walk on their footsteps after they pass away happily. This process also helps to strengthen the image of at least one of those ancestors inside his mind as if his kundalini.

Due to the above loving lifestyle, one’s kundalini grows up progressively and spontaneously through a bypass route (worldly route) without having the need of any meditation. It also brings worldly growth with necessary lures, and comforts spontaneously without any cravings from your side.

This is a secret of Karmyoga and Tantra. Many people think that karmyoga and / or tantra are different from the kundalini meditation. Many people also think that kundalini is not involved while practising karmyoga or tantra. They types of people do not know the matter deeply. In fact, these both types of non-dual practices also involve kundalini, although in an indirect or unrecognized way. Actually, every humanely and spiritual lifestyle (ritual, culture, meditation,   technique, religion, art, philosophy) are involving the Kundalini, directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is always better to keep the kundalini as burning in the brain through whatever ways possible. Socially speaking, the best way to keep up Kundalini in childhood is through obedience and sincerity to elders. In adulthood, it is better to grow up kundalini through relentless business with nonduality. In the advanced age, the sitting type of kundalini-yoga-meditation is recommended. In fact, kundalini is a type of natural love. It can also be made artificial, though with a lot of efforts. Growth of Kundalini or growth of love is rarely a sudden event. It requires a long time. Even the so many people spend their entire lifetime to awaken their love or kundalini; still many out of them do not become able to awaken it. Similarly, growth of Kundalini or love is socially interactive in most of cases. It requires a lot of worldly mutual interactions and experiences. These interactions may be in the form of Guru-shishya relations, father-son relations, grandfather-grandson relations, teacher-student relations etc. Similarly there are intra class relations, inter class relations, husband-wife relations, love affair-relations, social relations, family relations, relations with relatives, consumer-supplier relations etc. These all exist as a social net of mutual crisscross relations. A joint family favours the highest number of positive interactions. Although in the advanced stages of the spiritual development, one needs solitude to practice kundalini yoga deeply. One having the maximum number of positive relations gets the maximum opportunities to launch and grow his kundalini. It highlights the importance of a cooperative society that is full of love, proper and smiling behaviour, sympathy, and respect. In this type of society, mental image of at least single human being becomes properly attached in the mind of inhabitant as if his Kundalini. It is the ultimate demystification of kundalini. This is the real glory of the ancient Indian system. This is the real and pure spiritualism of the ancient Indian system. How can one imagine growing his kundalini (synonym for Love) inside a society that is full of hatred?

Premyogi vajra got maturation of his kundalini both through meditation as well as without meditation. It has been explained above. Even he also got it through mixture of both i.e. he got its initial maturation through love-full relationships including Karma yoga, and he got subsequent final push to his kundalini through the tantric Kundalini yoga. This above description is not only a theory, but it is an abstract of all those things, which were encountered by Premyogi vajra in his own life.