Kundalini Shakti protects from inauspicious and ghostly events

Friends, I was telling in the previous post that old people knew about wormhole, white hole and teleportation etc., though in their own way. They knew that this is not possible with the physical body, but it is possible with the subtle body. So they used to make their astral body as good as possible by doing good deeds, so that it can take them to a good planet, star or universe, because they also knew that quantum information is never destroyed. For this reason, we see that today’s children are hi-tech from birth. They don’t even eat food without a smartphone. Actually the hi-tech information of their recent past birth is recorded in their subtle body. As for passing through a white hole with the body or doing teleportation, I don’t think it is possible. Let’s assume that some miraculous power made this possible. Still, where will we go because till now no completely habitable planet has been found. Some are planning to go to Mars, some to the moon. Go there later, first go to the higher Himalayas and see. Even a one-degree drop in temperature can cause shivering and put life at risk. Go to another planet later, because there will be innumerable such problems, that too in a gigantic form. There are many such places on earth itself, which science is not able to make habitable, let alone other planets. There is nothing wrong in maintaining enthusiasm and positivity.

Scientists are speculating that the matter hidden in the black hole can go to the hidden universe in some other dimension. An infinite number of dimensions of space can mean an infinite number of copies, as explained in a recent previous post. Now don’t know in which copy it goes and take birth again in physical form. It is as if a man goes to who knows which copy after his death. We creatures are in another copy means we cannot experience the universe located in other copies at all. Although we can feel the body of another living being. In the same way, we can know the other universe in external means in gross form. But other universes are beyond our reach. It is like a person sitting at the North Pole cannot see the person sitting at the South Pole.

Now this evidence has also been found that all the matter in the black hole is buried under very explosive pressure. They probably want to go out with a bang, because no matter what the person or thing, they don’t like to be under pressure. Things like air, water etc. move from the area of high pressure to the area of low pressure. Every year thousands of employees change their companies due to unnecessary pressure of work, otherwise they fall ill. But those buried substances of the black hole are not able to run away from the gravitational force of the black hole. This is similar to what I was talking about in a recent post about the spirit in the form of a subtle body. However, in some cases, black holes have been observed spewing out a small amount of material. Similarly, ghosts can also scare people by making scary appearances in rare cases. These are called lost or wandering souls. This happens more with those who die of premature death. Premature death means the sudden death of a man immersed in worldly illusion. The same can happen to a man with attachment and duality towards the world. In this man does not get a chance to lighten and reduce his mental universe. Due to this their subtle body suddenly becomes made with a lot of pressure. Due to the same pressure, they keep on making scary forms like virtual forms. Don’t know how. Some have more pressure of good thoughts, that is why they experience heaven. Many have a lot of pressure of bad thoughts, that’s why the same thoughts continue to erupt outside in the form of an experience of hell. By the way, the ghost lives in the form of darkness. There are no resolutions or thoughts in it. But the thoughts and choices are hidden in it in the form of darkness of the soul. When a man comes in contact with such a soul, those hidden thoughts come alive in his mind. They can be so powerful that they can even appear to him in their true physical form. This is called seeing a ghost. Bhoot in Sanskrit means past. Means it happened in the old time, not now. That’s why in ghostly movies, the poignant incident of the living time of the soul which became the ghost of a man is shown as a ghost and scares. If someone encounters such an imaginary ghost, then it is said that one should not talk to it. Because don’t know what a scary sight the clever mind can show in a falsehood, due to which heartfail will happen. Another example of a trick of the mind is the arrival of the black Yamraj sitting on a black buffalo to carry a dying man with him. It is also written in the scriptures and it is also a universal experience, meaning it is not limited to any country or religion. Actually at that time there is such a mental state that the mind creates such an imaginary scene which seems like real. Physically, no buffalo or Yama comes anywhere. Once, in a vivid dream, a black buffalo led me on its back through a dense dark forest towards the top from lower side of the hill. That darkness was divine and blissful, like the subtle body of a great man or a saint. That buffalo ran away leaving me in the middle of the way. Then I climbed up and reached that lonely and medium height hill. It was a supernatural scene. There was a two or three storied divine hut. The light was divine and like the moon or a candle, yet dazzling. When I came out in the open courtyard or terrace of the second floor, there was a divine Sadhu Baba. My newly written book was in his hand and was smiling happily saying that he had received it from the post etc. and he was waiting for me. He respected me affectionately and divinely. Soon the dream broke and I passed out of that divine feeling. I have also described this on the about page of this website.

Let me narrate an incident regarding the lost soul. I used to go to a dhaba on a beautiful hill to have lunch occasionally. Veg and non-veg food was prepared in it. It was heard that once at night some miscreant customers, after an altercation over the bill, forced their car over dhaba owner’s father and fled. The death was sudden, and painful, so it was a premature death. After that whenever I used to go to that dhaba, I used to feel strange energy there. Along with this, every time one or the other bad incident happened with my relatives, it was averted. Probably Kundalini used to save me, but due to not doing Kundalini Yoga, it used to affect the weak minded relatives. Probably some effect of Kundalini used to reach them as well. After that I completely stopped going there. Ordinary religious rituals are performed by everyone, but after special death they should be special and powerful, so that the departed soul may rest in peace. Similarly, once I slept in an acquaintance’s house. At night I saw burning wood falling on me from the roof. I screamed too. Then I meditated on Guru and Kundalini. This removed the ghostly vision and I fell asleep. There was an old history of such ghostly incidents and premature death there. In brief, the incidents heard by the eyewitnesses, a person used to see lights floating on the water at night, which kept on burning and extinguishing. A nearby haunted family had buried the ghost in that water by tying it in ballasts. Perhaps small pieces of stones or such instruments that’s yantras are called ballast. A friend saw children playing near a deserted road in the middle of the night who were growing up and going small too. A friend used to hear door knocking at night in a haunted house, on opening the door it seemed that something ran inside and came out with the sound of some objects from a hole etc., but nothing was visible. My past gentleman and innocent neighbor as directed by a tantrik went to the crematorium or burial ground alone at night so that his endangered business would be safe. In the morning he was found dead there. The report revealed that he had heart failure. But my grandfather was so brave that he used to say that he could sleep comfortably alone in the crematorium. Just a bed sheet is needed to cover the top. He had a lot of Kundalini shakti inside him. Hanuman Chalisa is considered best in exorcism. I also feel that Hanuman Chalisa immediately activates the Kundalini Shakti and Kundalini picture strongly. Yes, the same Lord Hanuman gives power through this chalisa, which has been perfected by pundit Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham sarkar, and by which he shows many miracles. What I found most thrilling, saving from fake gurus and highlighting family love, is that his grandfather is his godfather or Guru. Many so-called magicians, secular and heretical people came forward to expose him, but could not succeed. Nowadays it has become a burning topic.

Then it is said that black holes pull the shining stars towards them and swallow them. Meaning they are mortality-inducer. The subtle body is also a form of death. Life revolves around it. It is at the center of life, and with increasing age pulls life more and more towards it. In the end life ends by falling into it. The subtle body of a man exercises control over every activity of his life. It is said that those impressions remain in the subtle body that’s subconscious mind only called as Sanskaras, which affect the behavior of a man. Similarly, the black hole also keeps all the planets, stars and other celestial bodies attached to it under its control and rotates them around itself. Similarly, dark energy and dark matter also maintain the balance of the entire universe. Then it is said that a black hole not only swallows its parent star, but many also swallow countless other stars. Even the subtle body of a great soul such as a great leader, sportsperson or any other great artist attracts countless followers towards it. After his death, his followers live in an atmosphere of mourning and despair for many days, many commit suicide, and by spreading riots, many commit Genocide, that is, mass death. Of course they all get absorbed in a big blackhole, but their separate existence also remains.

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I am as natural as air and water. I take in hand whatever is there to work hard and make a merry. I am fond of Yoga, Tantra, Music and Cinema. मैं हवा और पानी की तरह प्राकृतिक हूं। मैं कड़ी मेहनत करने और रंगरलियाँ मनाने के लिए जो कुछ भी काम देखता हूँ, उसे हाथ में ले लेता हूं। मुझे योग, तंत्र, संगीत और सिनेमा का शौक है।

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