Website creation, management and development, part-12 (payment and backup)

Payments in website

The WordPress website pays through PayPal or credit card or debit card, and takes payments to renew the website. Although the card must be international. As such, it does not accept the Indian Rupey card. Internet banking mostly does not pay. The company confirms the card with the bank. The message from the bank comes to the website owner, if his mobile number is recorded in the bank.

Changing host

There are many hosting companies for websites. Everyone is priced and rated differently. If someone is finding his current hosting expensive or inaccurate, then they can also get another hosting for the same website. For this, he has to backup his website and import it on the empty website of another host. For this, he has to create his account in the new host.

Exporting website

One cannot make full backup of website in personal plan. However, you can export it. There is a button (customizer button) under the setting. Clicking on it will bring all the text content in the form of a zipped folder, which can be downloaded right there. It also comes on the email, which stays there for 7 days. It does not contain media and uploaded documents. For that, there is a second button for export media. By the way, all paid websites are very safe. However, if something untoward happens, we can retrieve the website from that export file. Although the theme and website customization has to be done afresh, because there is no backing of theme and customization in it. Therefore, the export file should be stored in several places in the cloud, hard disk etc.

Other ways to protect the website

There is another offline method for this. Make an e-book of your website pages, and self-publish it on KDP. You can start with 10000 words. Store its copy on the cloud too. It is the safest method. You will say that every week you print the post, how will it come in the e-book. For this, collect the posts and create another e-book, and publish it. You keep adding every week’s posts to it, and keep uploading it on KDP. It has become a permanent material, and both of your website and book will grow together.

I will tell you another most effective way. The e-world is not as stable as the paper world. When the e-world comes in trouble, even then the paper world will be safe in the boxes lying in the corner of the house. With the help of Print on Demand, you make and maintain print books of your above-mentioned e-books. There will not be any expense for publishing in this. Paper and bindings will only have to be paid with a small commission. If needed, you can recreate the text file from these paper books with the help of OCR. With this, you can make your website stand again and easily from scratch.

In the same manner as above, my following books are made from this website:

1) Kundalini Science – A Spiritual Psychology

2) My website on e-reader

There is also a book from my Quora posts, which is called, “Kundalini demystified – What Premyogi vajra says”.

कृपया इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें [वेबसाईट का निर्माण, प्रबंधन व विकास; भाग-12 (पेमेंट और बैकअप)]

Published by

demystifyingkundalini by Premyogi vajra- प्रेमयोगी वज्र-कृत कुण्डलिनी-रहस्योद्घाटन

I am as natural as air and water. I take in hand whatever is there to work hard and make a merry. I am fond of Yoga, Tantra, Music and Cinema. मैं हवा और पानी की तरह प्राकृतिक हूं। मैं कड़ी मेहनत करने और रंगरलियाँ मनाने के लिए जो कुछ भी काम देखता हूँ, उसे हाथ में ले लेता हूं। मुझे योग, तंत्र, संगीत और सिनेमा का शौक है।

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