Kundalini Shakti can revive even a dead body

One such spiritual practice is Parakaya Pravesh that’s body exchange, which I was referring to in a recent post. Legend is that Adiguru Shankaracharya defeated the scholar Mandan Mishra in a debate. Then his wife Bharti started discussing. Bharati asked him practical questions related to Kamashastra that’s romantic matters, but because he was an unmarried celibate, he could not answer. To get the answer, he had entered the body of a householder king who had died. A film has also been made on this. Contact can be made with the subtle body of a dead person, as I was telling my experience, but it is not known whether it is possible to enter the subtle body of a living body. It is also not known that how the subtle body can make it alive by entering the dead body. Science says that the cells of the body die shortly after death. They get irreparable damage, which means they are so damaged that they cannot be revived. Science can say only as far as it has access. We actually take science as final, and do not think beyond it. The truth is that science keeps challenging science, while making progress. New theories reject previous theories. It is possible that the dead cells which science considers unworthy of repair, can be repaired by spiritual science. Means dead cells can also become alive by yoga. The common man should not know about this because he does not know how to do such yoga. It comes in the scriptures that Rakshasguru that’s demon master Shukracharya used to revive dead demons with his Sanjivani Vidya that’s resurrection trick. An eyewitness friend of mine had told that he himself had seen a monk in the Kumbh Mela bringing alive a dead bird with the help of Pranavidya. Now I cannot say whether he was telling the truth or a lie. I even feel at times he lied. Still, let me be open minded. Not only this, many more Siddhas claim, especially in the scriptures. Although it would also have some condition or limit, which would be more liberal than the condition and limit of physical scienc. When the body can remain healthy by the Prana Shakti of Kundalini Yoga, and the sick body can be healthy, which is called Yoga Healing, then the dead body can also be alive, if today’s science is put aside. If yoga can repair a living cell, why can’t a dead cell be repaired? It is possible, but more yogic power will be required. If a slightly broken chair can be repaired, then why not a completely broken chair. It is possible, but it will take more energy of the body.

It comes in Ramcharitmanas that Hanuman ji had brought Sanjivani herb from the mountain, by eating which the dead body of Laxman became alive. It was necessary to feed it before sunrise, otherwise it would not be effective. I think it means that within twenty four hours a dead body can be revived even by spiritual science, after that its cells are so damaged that they cannot be repaired even by spiritual science. Nowadays Ramcharitmanas is also in discussion. A scientific explanation was given to counter the misinformation spread about one or two sentences of this scripture by some elements under the influence of misunderstanding and vested interests. For not accepting that truth also, they faced human opposition too. Still, on which side the camel of democracy sits, cannot say anything.

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