Kundalini Yoga makes peahen become pregnant by drinking peacock’s tears

Friends, in the previous post I was talking about how some diseases especially genetic diseases lead a man to become a superhuman. I have myself observed that those who are affected by those diseases in the later part of their life are very sharp minded in the early part of life. Meaning that they are very close to awakening. Some even become awake. Perhaps their energy, which is saved by the failure of any system of the body, is spent in increasing the intellect and creating awareness from it. By the way, those type of people seem a little different from the general society. They shine differently among all. Their behavior is also like different and special from most, and their work too. No doubt they are attractive. Many people long to be friends with them. People also get a lot of benefits by making friendship with them, although it may be difficult at times due to their strange nature. Similarly, in the previous post there was discussion on the possibility whether a dead or dying body can be revived by Kundalini Yoga. I think it can happen if the energy is correctly focused on the diseased parts of the body with its proper rotation. But it requires a lot of time and subtle yoga techniques. This is a very subtle science. I read in Autobiography of a Yogi and many other places a true story that a daughter-in-law who eats a lot, was sitting in a secluded place, saddened by the taunts of her mother-in-law, when a yogi taught her yoga to concentrate the life force at the throat pit, After which she never needed to eat food. One can concentrate energy in the pit of the throat, but one does not know the subtle techniques that produce that effect. Some will have a heavy head, some will have a headache, etc. The biggest thing is how to believe that the effect has been created. Because even after being affected, a person will continue to eat forcefully out of fear that he may die of hunger. The same happens in the case of all learning, when a man does not believe or does not know that he has learned. That’s why a knowledgeable teacher or Guru is needed. Now, just as a loving couple transmits energy or Shakti or whatever named within each other, similarly an adept yogi can transmit power to a dead body as well, so the theory says. Perhaps this is the basis of the Mrit Sanjivani Vidya.

Many people keep breaking or rejecting friendship because of small things, due to which they remain deprived of their benefits. For example, one day a Facebook friend of mine shared a post making fun of the unscientific myth that peahens get pregnant by drinking peacock tears. A sadhvi who gave such discourse was also ridiculed. It had become his habit to do propaganda without any argument. I gave him a spiritual explanation for this. I said brother, such stories have very entertaining and enlightening spiritual meaning, please don’t connect them with the material world. The peacock dances looking at the clouds. Means he knows how to be happy even in the atmosphere of depression. Peacock is like a Yogi. Probably that is why Yogishwar Lord Krishna used to wear Mormukut that’s peacock feathered crown. Meaning peacock let the tears of sorrow or depression fall. He didn’t stop them. He allowed the mood of depression to express itself. Thoughts of depression were allowed to rise a bit. The peahen here symbolizes the intellect and the peacock the soul. Peacock means the soul is experiencing depression in the form of darkness of bitter or sluggish thoughts. Wisdom accepted the power of bitter thoughts expressed in those tears, and gave birth to a son in the form of beautiful and powerful thoughts. In the scriptures, there is a trend of calling strong beautiful thoughts of the mind as sons. Kundalini picture is the most beautiful and powerful thought of mind, so she is given the form of the best son or Kartikeya. According to the best method, the intellect decided to do Kundalini Yoga. Due to this, the power of bad thoughts got attached to the brightening Kundalini picture, due to which the darkness of depression ended, and possibly Kundalini awakening also happened along with it. The intellect of the one who was not a Kundalini Yogi, in an artistic way made the man do such activities, which generate beautiful thoughts, such as writing, painting, music-playing, acting etc. In this case too, these beautiful thoughts took the power of the foggy thoughts of depression. It is clear that the balloon of depression should be allowed to burst, it should not be kept locked inside. The same thing happened to me once, when many roads in the world were closed in front of me. There was no new work, so old sluggish thoughts were pouring out like peacock’s tears. Then I gave the power of those thoughts to Kundalini Chitra through Tantrik Kundalini Yoga. The friend did not discuss the above explanation, but got out of the friend list. This pretty much proves that my unanswerable analysis was correct. The propagandists disappear by initial verbal firing like this. What is your opinion?

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demystifyingkundalini by Premyogi vajra- प्रेमयोगी वज्र-कृत कुण्डलिनी-रहस्योद्घाटन

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