Kundalini meditation and awareness meditation are not different from each other

Friends, in the previous post, we saw the miracles produced by true and surrendered love. You can guess for yourself what will happen if the reverse happens. The same reverse game is going on in Love Jihad. Due to such terrible contagious diseases, there has been a gap of mistrust between men and women for centuries. It is not from today, it has been going on for centuries more or less, in this name or that name. Today it is coming in front of the world in this way. It takes years to build trust, but only moments to break it. The body can be won by force, but the heart can be won only by love and faith. The wonderful film “Kerala Story” made on this has nowadays become the center of international discussion and attraction. But this is not the subject of this blog, it was talked about in relation to such a post, so this current issue got added by itself.

When attention is focused on an idol etc., then the power of wandering thoughts gets concentrated there. There is only one way left for the latent power of thoughts to appear, to appear in the form of meditation picture. Yogis focus on the chakras of their body rather than on the idol. The same thing happens to them. Along with chakra meditation, the body also remains healthy. Those who do not believe in them imagine some invisible God living in or on the sky. The same thing happens to them. The meaning is clear that no one is a disbeliever or so called infidel or Kafir.
At the same time, by meditating on the river, mountain, tree, that is, by worshiping them, all of them also remain healthy like the chakras of the body, because the life force of man is felt and incorporated in them too. The protection of the environment is hidden in this basic mantra. The same principle applies to awareness meditation. It is said that awareness meditation is very beneficial. I recently had the chance to meet a new friend. He also does a good practice of Homeopathic Medicine. Anyway, homeopathy is very similar to the Indian sage tradition. Had gone there in this connection and got to know a little. Knowing his hobby for literature and spirituality, I also started talking about it. It is said that only the jeweler should be shown the diamond, the common man will throw it in the drain thinking it as a stone. I was very impressed by his statement that one should live with awareness all the time. Osho Maharaj also says exactly the same thing that do every work with awareness. He himself seemed like a follower of Osho to me. One gets benefit from satsang, as I got. I could get to the bottom of its psychological principle. I feel that when we are paying attention to any sensation that the body is feeling at present in real time, then the manomaya kosha, annamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha are mixing together, as I explained in detail in the last few posts. By paying attention to the sensation of the present, attention automatically goes to the body and the breath, because all three are connected to each other. Although thoughts of past and future events also come under mental sensation, but body and breath are less associated with them, because there is no real time physical body of present time situated in the past, nor in the future, it is only in the present time. That is why it is said that one should remain situated in the present. I think that when one meditates on the physical sensations associated with the present situation, it leads to enforce the belief that they are connected to one’s body. This automatically leads to the belief that his non-present mental sensations such as various feelings and thoughts are also part of his body, because the sensations, whether physical or mental, whether related to present, past or future, all have exactly the same basic nature and experience. This calms them down, because then there is no attachment, or love for anyone. None gets attachment with himself, because one’s own self is already and forever attached to him, nothing can separate it,as it’s one’s own form. Attachment only happens to other or separate one. Means mental defects like lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and jealousy calm down and make life happy for oneself and for others too. Spiritual progress also happens in this peaceful environment alongwith physical progress too. The proof of this is the clear manifestation of the Kundalini meditation picture in mind in such a cool state. In addition, Kundalini meditation makes the brain so agile and sensitive that it begins to deeply feel each and every physical sensation, which in itself creates a habit of practicing awareness. Along with this, man also feels that when all the sensations are the same, then why is he more attached to one sensation and less to the other. He should be equal and impartial towards everyone. That’s why he becomes calm by being fair and neutral. Or understand that the attention is diverted from the sensations of attachment to the normal present time physical sensations.

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