Kundalini Yoga as a Spiritual Science Machine

The mental body that’s manomaya sharir is also the man himself. He would not have been anyone else. That body would be very detailed. When it is experienced as one’s own self, then it begins to wane, and takes the form of the Kundalini image. There is also a feeling of emptiness, lightness and joy. Similarly, knowledge or gyana is actually of the soul. But Vigyan means special knowledge, ‘vi’ meaning special or vishesh in Sanskrit, it’s that when the mind means the mental body is also connected with the soul. The mind is a special form of the soul. That’s why when the knowledge of the mind is done in the form of special knowledge of the soul, then this is the Vijnanamaya Kosha. Knowledge of the mind in the form of an ordinary and alien object is Manomaya Kosha. But when it is understood as one’s own form, then it is the Vijnanamaya Kosha. This is also our part or body attached to the main body, but it seems as if it is spread out in infinite directions and distances. Actually human being is like a flying kite. The mind is the flying colored paper, the feeling of its being attached to the body is the string, and the physical body is catching that string. As long as the string is there, the kite is safe, otherwise it will go astray and get destroyed. At one place I read written on the dashboard of the bus that the mind is like a parachute, it works well only when it is open. Perhaps this is the same what it means. In the scriptures, it has been said that instead of considering the mind as a visible or seen form, it has to be understood as a seer or own form. Witnessing is also the same, it is a simple and easy way of doing this. Even when the soul observes the mind being itself as a silent witness, the meditative image of the mind begins to manifest itself. This also proves that the mind is a special form of the soul, that means the mind is the form of vigyan. The mind exists only as long as it is considered external or alien. When it is understood as one’s own self, then it starts to dim. Self possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better. Importance is for external or other things, not for one’s own thing or self. The mind is not destroyed in this self form, rather it becomes insignificant and slows down. This creates joy. The Kundalini image gets the extra power that the mind had taken in the earlier wandering state. This adds to the joy, because the Kundalini image remains for a long time and without any philosophical effort on the part of the man, it removes the extra fat from the wandering mind and sucks it, due to which the joy remains for a long time or even permanently in the far reached Kundalini Yogis. The light attitude of the mind is of Sattva guna. That’s why the mind-mixed darkness that arises due to the weakening of the mind is called satoguni avidya, as explained in the previous post. This is why there is joy in it. This is the blissful treasure. On the contrary, the complete destruction of the mind is tamogun, and when the mind is in full swing, and it seems to be real, it is rajogun. The darkness of ignorance associated with these is Tamoguni ignorance and Rajoguni ignorance respectively. In the first stage there is sorrow and in the second stage there is happiness, not joy or bliss. Happiness and sadness live with each other. Bliss is beyond happiness and sorrow, and always remains the same. Bliss can also be called a mixed form of happiness and sorrow, because in this both mind and darkness live together in equal balance. In Rajogun, the mind is very bright, with which there is no darkness at all, hence it is happiness. When the mind gets tired and sits down, then it becomes completely lifeless, due to which darkness envelops the brain. This is sadness. This is also the extreme mode of ignorance. The cycle of happiness and sorrow continues, due to which the soul is not purified. I did not know such a deep analysis of it at the time of my initial book, although such a practical experience was definitely there. In that I have written it in such a way that happiness arises only from non-attachment. What has been said is correct. With non-attachment the mind moves slowly. By the way, attachment is only towards others, not towards oneself. That’s why by considering the mind as the soul, non-attachment automatically arises. I had given there many examples of the principle of detachment. For example, pleasure is not derived directly from alcohol but from slowing down of the mind with it, which is a sign of non-attachment and sattva guna. Similarly, bliss is born not directly from meat-eating, but from non-attachment born of dispassion born of mortal intelligence towards the life arising from it. Many such examples were given. This effect is also created by Kundalini Yoga. Non-attachment that’s Advaita and Kundalini live together. That’s why with Kundaliniyoga, happiness arises when the Kundalini image stays in the mind. Therefore, Kundaliniyoga is like a metaphysical machine or technique or trick, which automatically creates its effect, avoiding the philosophical mess of detachment. I give my own example of this. I had done some developmental work by spending enough money. But due to some invariable reasons some of them were left out and some got lost. I regretted it and didn’t too, because walking is life. When a man keeps looking outside, then he is not satisfied with what he has. His own joy also vanishes from it. I started feeling disturbed. I learned Kundalini Yoga from somewhere and thought everything would be fine. Yoga returned my lost happiness, that too with interest. I also made a lot of spiritual progress. At that time its basic psychological principle was not known, but today it seems well known to me. Kundalini is a miraculous mental meditation image, which benefits in every way like an automatic machine. What happened that Kundalini took away the power of my lost mind. Due to this, my Manomaya Kosha changed with Kundalini to Vigyanmay Kosha. Vigyanmaya Kosh was transformed into Anandamaya Kosh. Due to the said developmental worldliness, my three primary koshas had developed a lot. By the way, with the help of Advaita, I was also developing Vigyanmaya Kosh and Anandamaya Kosh little bit along with them, but the rocket speed of the last two koshas was achieved only by Kundalini Yoga, due to which the so-called minor glimpse of Kundalini awakening was also received.

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