Kundalini as Lord Vamana pierces Shukracharya’s duality-form eyes

Friends, continuing the previous post, that sacrificial ego that’s king Bali let Vamana come under compulsion, and he also gets apprehension that he may not survive after Kundalini awakening. By the way, the glory has been sung in such a way that King Bali was the biggest donor, who donated three steps of land to Vamana despite knowing his future destruction. Every living being is the supreme donor like King Bali. Knowing that his ego will be destroyed by Kundalini Yoga, his boundless material world will be destroyed, still he does Kundalini Sadhana at some point or the other. When a man is engaged in good deeds like King Bali, then sometimes Lord Vishnu comes to him in the form of a meditation picture to do good to him. He can be a friend, lover, guru or deity in any form. Guru is also considered as the form of God. Anyway, for everyone, their lover is God. For example, suppose a woman enters a man’s life. Men have tens of businesses, and hundreds of relationships. Because of them, innumerable images are formed in his mind. So he takes that woman for granted, and thinks that a woman is nothing in front of his vast material world. He allows her to take up space in his mind, that is, he allows the first step associated with it in the form of her Bhava or existence or Sattva Guna, the second step in the form of her motion or Rajo Guna, and the third step in the form of Darkness or Tamo Guna to fall into his mind-like kingdom. But gradually his love for her grows, and with time she occupies more and more space in his mind. In the end, she spreads throughout his empire, and then awakens and destroys man’s ego as king Bali. The same happens in Kundalini Yoga. This means that there is no difference in essence between yoga and love. King Bali was also doing a great Yagya, which means he was doing a good deed. A man knows that he will become a crazy yogi or crazy lover by falling in the circle of meditation, yet he adopts it and moves forward. Through the awakening, kundalini captured the entire heaven with one step, that is, with Sattvagun. Heaven is dominated by goodness. Because all the three gunas become infinite at the time of Kundalini awakening, that is why it has been said that Kundalini or Vamana has completely permeated all the three worlds. The second step means that the Kundalini picture spread in the whole earth with Rajoguna, because the earth is Rajogunapradhan. With the third step in the form of Tamoguna, the ego and its associated thoughts of karma go into the dark subconscious of the Mooladhara. Since tamoguna is created by killing or destroying someone, it is created by destroying the ego and the mental creation it feeds on. The position of Lord Vishnu as the gatekeeper of Patal Lok or pit abode means that Dhyanachitra keeps on purifying those demons i.e. thoughts buried in the subconscious by letting them go up, i.e. to the brain or heaven, so that everyone becomes gods. At the same time, Vishnuswarupa Dhyanchitra is focused on the Swadhishthana and Muladhara chakras by Kundalini Yoga, so that the demonic emotions that are suppressed in them are exposed and become pure when they comes in contact with it, so that they do not bind the yogi, that is, demons are not able to trouble the deities, because all the deities reside in the body itself. Anyway, Swadhishthan Chakra is called emotional baggage.
Shukra Acharya, the rakshasguru who became Bali’s priest in the yagya, first explains a lot to Bali that he should not trust Vamana because he will snatch everything from him in three steps. But when Bali does not agree, then Shukracharya enters the hole of the conch shell being used to pour out water as a mark of strong will power to donate, but Vaman enters kusha that’s a special grass stick in it and breaks his eye? One more thing, because the conch shell is also on the back of the living being, and like the spinal cord gives it protection, it becomes even more confirmed that the sushumna nadi itself has been called the conch shell. In addition, the shape of the conch is similar to that of a hooded serpent or dragon, which is equated with the spinal cord and the Sushumna located in it. An experienced patriarch never wants to let his host get lost in the wilderness of spirituality, no matter how beneficial it for the host may be. He knows that if the host comes to know the truth, then it will not be easy to cheat him and extract money from him in the name of Yagya etc. rituals. Although rituals are right at their place and are an important ladder for awakening, but who cares about the ladder when the destination is reached. Shukracharya i.e. priest or Guru by pouring out Shukra i.e. semen to block the energy flow of Sushumna is depicted as entering the conch shell. Vaman’s opening it with the Kusha stick is the raising of the Shakti from the Muladhar with the help of the Kundalini Dhyanachitra. It is the line of sensation extending from Muladhara to Sahasrara which is in the spinal cord. It is a thin light streak felt like a broom stick or the stick of kusha grass. This is Sushumna activation or awakening. If the back, especially the spine, is massaged before sexual intercourse, then this sensation line is felt easily and with pleasure. Then the semen power easily rises up, making the sexual intercourse very blissful and spiritual. The pressure of the sexual organs also ends. Man often does this inspired by the greed for Kundalini bliss, that is why the myth says that Vamana did this. Due to this, Shukracharya’s eye bursting means due to the effect of Kundalini, the dual vision of semen power or Shukracharya is destroyed. Shukra means semen in Sanskrit. When the semen power will not flow towards the world full of duality but will flow towards the soul full of non duality, then it is natural that the duality filled vision of semen power will be destroyed. Bali or ego goes to Patala, means after Kundalini awakening man cannot express ego in the form of luminous world because he has experienced the most luminous Kundalini awakening. Therefore, being detached from the gross world, he becomes unmanifested in the form of his subtle body. Moreover, he finds himself too down in front of awakening. This down feeling is depicted as patal or submerged abode. It is like darkness. This is his hellish abode. However, due to the gradual purification of the subtle body, it continues to be purified. It is said as Lord Vishnu guards it as its gatekeeper.

Kundalini image takes over the entire creation by taking the incarnation of Lord Vamana, awakens and sends the egoistic King Bali to the underworld

Friends, in the previous post, there was a little talk about religion. Religion or Dharma in Sanskrit literally means lifestyle. Whose lifestyle is fanatic, he lags behind. Nokia didn’t keep up with the times. At the same time, it was also concluded that many people who are thought to be psychopaths and are suppressed by drugs, exploitation or social ostracism, are actually patients of awakening. I wish psychology could differentiate between the symptoms of Kundalini and the symptoms of psychiatry or foolishness. I think it is difficult for a culture like western civilization to make this difference, but people of eastern culture are comparatively habitual in it as they have experienced it since ancient times. So, You must have seen, how lion had become a Yogi in a recent previous post. By the way, there is also a Yogasan named Singhasan. Anyway, Kundalini Yogi has been given a dragon-like form, whose mouth is also open like a lion. Yoga is a game of breath, and even a lion roars with the power of breath and makes his face menacing. There is a similar mythical story in Hindu Puranas that Lord Vamana had measured the whole earth in three steps. Actually the three steps are the symbols of the three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas. Ida Nadi is mother Aditi, and Pingala Nadi is mother Diti. Pingala increases worldly discrimination, intelligence and ego, which means it increases demonic dualist gunas, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. But Ida Nadi creates divine feelings of sattvaguna like peace, tensionlessness, non duality and other pure qualities. That is why it is said that Aditi is the mother of all the gods and Diti is the mother of all the demons. These two were the wives of Kashyap Muni. Kashyapa was the son of Brahma. Brahma is the main expressed mind. Because the mind creates the whole world. He sits on a lotus, on a lotus in the form of sahasrar chakra. As the place of the soul is described as Sahasrar, the same has happened to the mind because both are interrelated, one isn’t without the other. Sage Kashyap is the subconscious mind, because it is born from the mind. He lives in hellish Muladhara as opposed to his father brahma who lives in heavenly sahasrara. Ka means water, and Shya is derived from the word Shayan or sleep, meaning one who sleeps in water. Water is in the form of semen and the cerebrospinal fluid flowing in the spinal cord, and the subconscious mind is shown as the sleeping man, because it is in it that all emotions remain suppressed. This subconscious mind resides in deep and dark pit like places like Muladhara and Swadhishthana Chakras. When its expressing feelings get the support of Advaita Bhava i.e. Ida Nadi, then they become his sons as gods, but when they get the support of Dvaita Bhava i.e. Pingala Nadi, then they become his sons as demons. These waking thoughts are the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi or Diti. Ida and Pingala nadis are his two wives in the form of Aditi and Diti respectively, because with their help he awakens in the form of thought-form sons, which means he becomes strong. Ida and Pingala nadis are his two wives, because with their help he becomes expressed, that means he becomes strong. The mental Kundalini image itself is Lord Vamana. It is the best among all thought-form sons, hence it is called the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Very cool psychology. Brahma is the original mind. In fact, it is He who builds various worldly creations like houses, gardens, roads, bridges etc. He does not give birth straight to thought-form sons. He first creates the subconscious mind-like Kashyapa Muni. Thought-form sons are made from that. You must have also seen that if you do not do any work in the world, then no strong thoughts will be formed directly. By doing work, its memories get absorbed in the subconscious mind, which later keep on emerging in the form of powerful thoughts. The left brain under the jurisdiction of Pingala Nadi is under the authority of the demon king Bali, the Ida-ruled right brain is under the authority of the gods. Raja Bali is ego. The name Bali seems to have been given to him because he sacrifices (means giving bali in sanskrit) living beings, commits violence to maintain the power of his ego. Also, Bali name originates from Sanskrit word Balin that means powerful. Ego is too powerful in fact. Kundalini image is formed by the influence of Ida. Although both Ida and Pingala should be in a balanced form, because the existence of both is dependent on each other, but Ida should be comparatively more effective. Under the influence of Ida Nadi, a person becomes calm, stress-free, with good appetite and good digestion. In this state of peace, the picture of Kundalini resides in the mind, which means Lord Vamana is born from Mother Goddess Aditi. To see, he is a small lonely mental picture, that is why he is called a dwarf or vamana. He asks King Bali for only three steps of land in the universe. How much space will a mental image take up? Like every mental object, that meditation picture is also made of three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas. These are the three steps. Man as ego promises to give him even that much space, and thinks what harm it will do to him. Ego is very powerful. He does the biggest things in the world. He takes the small Kundalini picture as a joke. The backbone is secretly depicted as the conch shell. It has the same shape as a conch shell, wide at the head and thin at the tail or bottom. The spinal cord or Sushumna Nadi located in it is the drain inside the conch. The word nadi is derived from the word river (Nadi in Hindi). The water flowing in that drain is the sensation of Kundalini Shakti. Energy also flows like water flow. Because Kundalini-meditation or kundalini-thought as Sankalpa that’s sharp thought or resolution is mixed in it, hence it is called Sankalpa-Jal. Meditation itself is called resolution or sankalpa in Sanskrit. During every religious ritual in Hinduism, while pouring water from a conch or argha (a special vessel for worship), a sankalpa is made for a few moments about the reason for the ritual, the process of the ritual, the priest, and its resulting fruit. Deep meditation itself occurs with it for a moment. Due to this, the karma becomes fruitful quickly and more. While sitting in the Yagya, Bali had pledged to give three steps of land to Lord Vaman while pouring water from the conch. It is possible that by pouring water, the Kundalini energy starts flowing, because there is a similarity between the two, which strengthens the meditation. Along with the falling stream of water from the Arghe or conch, the Kundalini Shakti also starts flowing down the front channel, due to which it passes through the back channel and climbs up the back, taking with it the additional and special orgasmic Kundalini Shakti of Muladhara. It also carries along Vamana in the form of the meditation image because vamana is the main purpose, in the Sushumna-conch channel in the form of a thin spinal cord, with the push of the flowing water or Shakti in the form of meditation or Sankalp, and this way vamana keeps on growing through Yogasadhana, and finally awakens and pervades the entire creation. This is to measure the three worlds with three steps. Due to this the ego itself gets buried in the underworld in the form of subconscious. It has been said this way that Vamana placed the third step on the head of Bali. This story continues in the next post as well.

Klundalini tantra can curb religion born mental illness

Friends, in the previous post I was telling how Kundalini Yoga used to make my mental state stable and healthy. A friend was saying that a crippled mind cannot be cured by love etc. According to this, even Kundalini cannot be awakened by love. But it happens. There are different levels of brain degeneration. We do not say that everyone will become healthy, but there will be some improvement in everyone. Even all physical patients especially congenital or genetic patients are not cured by medicine. I meant to say that when Kundalini Yoga looks like a mental illness, then even mental illness can be made like Kundalini Yoga. Perhaps this is why mental illness is viewed from a divine perspective in most religions. When meditation is spoken, but the necessary energy is not arranged for it, then mental diseases will surely spread. I will not pinpoint any particular religion. But it is known to everyone that most of the extremist type people who hardly believe in religion appear like mental patients or are real mental patients at this time. Pakistan is a living example of this, where according to a report there are about more than fifty millions mental patients. It also appears if there is excess energy in any religion, then there is no meditation in the right way, or there is no meditation at all and vice versa. Only Kundalini Tantra seems to me to be an exception in this, because it also speaks for meditation, and also arranges the additional energy required for it. Due to the lack of proper meditative dhyana and energy, religion or spirituality becomes something else, it becomes completely opposite, it does not remain in its original form. Eckhort Talle got the experience of awakening at the peak of depression. Means he was not mentally ill but was undergoing natural Kundalini Sadhana, which he and the people of the world mistook for depression, that’s why they were not able to handle it properly. There are many such examples. A cerebral palsy used to come into our office quite often, running with his foot shoes on his head. One had to shake hands with him cheerfully and jocularly, or else he had to pay a rupee. If not found, he used to run away by picking up a small piece of soap. Once in front of us he slapped a stranger so hard that he was completely shaken. I felt that he was angry with me but fearing my tantric power, he took his anger out on him. To this day, I see the regret of that incident on his face. It is love that was keeping him on the line. Similarly,  an unmarried and low-level differently-abled person, influenced by my Kundalini Yogashakti, used to do many works for me almost without any remuneration, but I used to give it to his family members in his name. Why shouldn’t it be understood that in mental diseases like Alzheimer’s, due to the deterioration of the main parts of the brain, the excess neurotransmitters that accumulate, they create an imaginary picture that looks real in the form of hallucination. Similarly, the same thing happens when the mind is controlled and pacified by yoga that’s how Samadhi develops. But in the first case, this samadhi-like image is unhealthy, uncontrollable and devoid of the purpose of awakening, but in the second case it is a healthy, controlled meditative image, which brings about awakening. Have the communists invented the phrase “religion-form opium intoxication” because of this confusion? The rest, we leave this topic to psychologists and psychiatrists, because we do not want to stray from our original topic.

Kundalini based sexual Yoga prepares the brain for awakening

Friends, in the previous post we were talking about the comparative study between Kundalini meditation and psychiatry. In the same episode, it also seems that such and such psychopaths can be treated with love therapy. That’s why it’s often common saying that Love makes one helping de-addiction. Love is a supertonic. Mental illness is not always bad, as is commonly believed, but it can also be a godgift. Probably that is why mental patients are seen from a special divine perspective in Hinduism, they are seen with respect. Here they are rarely sent to a mental hospital, unless there is a serious danger. They are the main source of entertainment, and the main point of attraction in ceremonies etc. Yet for the most part they are treated with respect, and they are not hurt. They are not even considered a big burden on the society.
I feel like Muladharvasini Kundalini Shakti enables the brain to withstand the pressure. It probably increases the flexibility of the blood vessels, helping them to increase blood flow without having to bear much pressure. It used to be strange when common people used to sit holding their heads in the name of meditation, but in my mind there was dhyana samadhi all the time due to the power of sexual yoga. I was in full influence of Tantric Sexual Yoga when I had a momentary Kundalini awakening. Otherwise it would not have happened to me. The body knows when to do what with itself. It fully opened the back channel for awakening only when the brain became capable of withstanding maximum pressure by being under the influence of Kundalini Shakti of sexual yoga continuously for two to three months. I unknowingly lowered the Kundalini not because I could not bear its pressure, but because I was afraid that I might fall behind materially. Because I had the same experience in the past. Don’t know what magic this orgasmic power does. It is a blissful power.
Sexual yinyang grows out of devotion and surrender to each other. That’s why a lot of emphasis is laid on these two spiritual attributes. What happens is that only with full dedication towards each other, Yin and Yang immerse into each other completely. What can be better than sexual surrender? Yinyang is there in everything, but surrender is only or best between man and woman. The closeness and interconnectedness that is formed between a pair of a loving man and woman, is not so much formed between anyone. That’s why loving relationship and surrendered sex is the best storehouse of yinyang unity. Therefore it is natural that this is also the best basis for physical and spiritual progress. Yinyang is completeness, Kundalini awakening is completeness, Godliness is completeness. The material world also comes under this perfection, it is not different from it.

Kundalini meditation as a mental illness streamlined by sexual energy based Tantra

Continuing from the last post, only Prahlad went to persuade Hiranyakashipu, because he was not agreeing to the persuasion of any deity. This often happens after awakening. Understand it in such a way that a man who has fallen from infinite consciousness is very energetic and active. He will also try to bring other people on the path because no man can move forward without the society. Well this mostly happens when a man gets awakening at a time when he is full of healthy energy, like adolescence and puberty. How can a sick, weak and old person change the society, even if he changes himself, it is enough. Prahlad was in the energetic childhood stage when he got awakened. This will make people jealous of him, angry at him, and may even persecute him, as happened with Jesus. This can cause sin to the society, which can lead to the misery of the people living in it. Means on their part people try to pacify the awakening, because the gods in the form of different organs or parts of the people are situated in their bodies. Gods never want anyone to become like a sage, because they work to excite and expand the world. But the sage pacifies the world. That’s why people inspire him to do Kundalini Yoga. This happens even itself, when people make him a type of boycotted. Then in the boring atmosphere of loneliness, what will the awakened person do if he does not do Kundalini meditation. Others do not see the meditation picture. They guess that it is a scary ghost. That’s why the deities imagined it as the lion form Narasimha. But Prahlad knew that it is the ultimate lover and well wisher, not an imaginary ghost etc. Perhaps people also compare meditation with states of insanity or hallucination or demonic possession or depression or intoxication etc., unknowingly of course, due to centuries of confusion in their subconscious mind. And of course, a man who has been cheated in love also lives madly in the memory of his lover like a corrupt dhyana-yogi. Probably that’s why it is emphasized to get him married somewhere soon, so that he can get some support from tantric sex power. Most of the films are made on this issue. It’s strange brother. Once upon a time I accidentally consumed tobacco, once cannabis, and once an anti-anxiety medicine. In all three cases, the meditation picture was jumping in my mind. Looked clearly like a real man to the extent of hallucination. But it was accompanied by dullness and stupidity. There was less joy. It seems like depression as I was not willing to talk to anybody but to be immersed in maddening type self bliss. There was also restlessness and weakness to some extent. That’s why a great attention on health is given in Yoga. I think that the sexual sensation of Muladhara has a great contribution in the joy of meditation. By eliminating the so-called negative and depressive symptoms associated with meditation, it makes a person more properly normal ie even healthier than the normal. Perhaps it stems from yinyang, because without a sexual pair, sensation has no proper meaning. This sensation enables the brain to bear the pressure of Kundalini awakening, because the nature of both is the same i.e. the form of bliss. Where mental illness or mental fatigue or disturbance of mental chemicals or other mental irregularities or intoxication etc. are the main reasons behind the appearance of things in the form of illusion, whereas in the state of meditation or Kundalini awakening the mind is completely healthy and fresh, even more than a normal healthy person. Where a man in a state of mental illness is almost incapable of functioning, on the other hand, in a state of meditation, he is fully capable, even more so than an ordinary man. Where in the state of meditation man gets pleasure due to witnessing towards worldly works and resolutions, the mental patient does not. That’s why a mental patient looks anxious and withered. One can only bear witnessing to healthy thoughts of worldly works as usually formed in the mind of a healthy person. But often this does not happen to mental patient due to bodily and mental weaknesses and defects. The truth is that only a healthy man can do healthy meditation. When the yogi becomes engrossed in Kundalini meditation, then people get good chance to get rid of his so-called insanity and go about their business with the same enthusiasm, attachment and duality as earlier and usual so that the deities are pleased. This is why it is said that Prahlad pleased Lord Nrisimha with praise. With this, leaving anger, he became calm, due to which the gods and the world were saved from destruction.

Kundalini Yogi destroys ego and tantric sins in the form of Hiranyakashipu with the help of meditation picture as Lord Nrisimha and saves soulful intellect as Prahlad

Friends, in the previous post, how the peacock became a Yogi. Yogi’s back energy channel is male peacock, while the front channel is peahen. In an atmosphere full of depression, the power of Muladhara creates many faulty thoughts in his mind, because the power does not find any other way to be spent. He drinks the same thoughts i.e. tears by touching the inverted tongue to the soft palate inside the mouth as Khechari mudra. The same tears descending through the front channel take the form of Kundalini image on the chakras, especially on the navel chakra, which means the peahen becomes pregnant.

According to a legend in the Puranas, a demon named Hiranyakashipu sought a boon from Brahma that he should not be killed by humans or animals, neither in the day nor in the night, neither inside nor outside the house, nor by astra that’s fired weapons or shastra that’s handheld weapons. Hiranyakashipu considered Lord Vishnu as his worst enemy. But his son Prahlad was a devotee of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu explained a lot to him but when he did not agree, he made many attempts to kill him. Once he got the iron pole red hot and asked Prahlad to stick to it. When Prahlad saw an ant crawling on it, he hugged the pillar without fear. Only then a strange creature came out of it, whose face was of a lion but it was a man from below. His name was Narasimha. He took him to the door of the house in the evening, took him on his lap and killed him with his nails.

Hiranyakashipu is also a symbol of tantric sin. Tantrik Panchamakar is sinful mostly. The tendency of sinful energy is more towards the material world. That’s why it does not allow man to go towards spirituality. But by Guru’s grace, a man’s trend becomes towards spirituality. It has been said in the story that the teacher of the school turned Prahlad towards spirituality. Then Hiranyakashipu removed that teacher and appointed a new teacher who gives physical education full of deceit. But Prahlad’s nature did not change. The meaning is clear that the blind power tries to take away even from the true Guru, but even if a little contact is established with the true Guru, it does not succeed. As a result, these tantric sins inclined towards spirituality make the Sushumna of man activated. This is the making of red hot iron pole by Hiranyakashipu. The yogi’s joining the meditation picture with it is his embracing it, for man’s own form is also that which he is meditating on every moment. The awakening of Dhyanachitra that’s meditation image means the manifestation of Lord Narasimha, by whom along with all other sins, those tantric sins committed for the success of Kundalini Sadhana are also destroyed. This is the killing of Hiranyakashipu by Nrisimha. The appearance of Narasimha from that burning pillar in the evening means that at that time Sushumna becomes more active than other times and most likely awakens the image of meditation in Sahasrara. Sushumna Nadi is that fiery red iron pillar. Sushumna also resides inside backbone stiff like iron. Because many people consider the picture of Kundalini as scary like a ghost, because it does not have a physical existence, that is why it has been given the form of a fearsome Narasimha. Meditation picture is neither human nor animal. It can be understood in such a way that when half-human forms like Hanuman, Ganesha are meditated upon, then Dhyanachitra is most expressive. He is neither inside nor outside. This means that Dhyanachitra is not a physical object, but only an imaginary picture. It is formed neither during the day nor at night, but it is formed in the evening while doing Kundalini Yoga. He takes Hiranyakashipu in his lap and punctures his belly with his fingernail, that means by lifting up the subconscious and unconscious mind from Muladhar hidden there as ego, he eliminates them by manifesting them on the chakras, means this is Vipasana Sadhana. In Sahasrar Chakra, it remains fully manifested, and remains asleep in Mooladhara, so it does not come to die in both the places. It remains semi-awake or semi-conscious only in the middle chakras, that’s why it comes to die in the middle. This is also the principle of witnessing in Vipassana practice. This is Chakrabhedan that’s chakra piercing through Shakti. First the dormant thoughts and desires from the surface of the subconscious mind are awakened by life force and expressed on the chakras, then they are penetrated by the flow of life force on the chakras. In fact, those desires and rituals are pierced or destroyed, but chakras are believed to be pierced. Because the navel chakra of the stomach is the most prominent, hence Hiranyakashipu’s stomach has been said to be torn open. Because most yogis strengthen their meditation by placing the tip of the fingernail or atleast finger on the chakra point causing the sharp prickling sensation at the chakra with the fingernail, that is why it is said that Narasimha tore Hiranyakashipu with the fingernail. Neither a human nor an animal can kill the ego. It cannot be killed by any type of weapon. It can be killed neither completely being outside i.e. extroverted, nor completely being inside i.e. introverted, but only by a suitable mixture of both. In this, the killing of Hiranyakshipu in the balanced or middle states tells that Sushumna is active only in the state of Sangam or union i.e. Yinyang. The Kundalini Yogi who feels a slight sensation like crawling in the back i.e. Sushumna, makes him believe about awakening of Kundalini, due to which he engages in yoga practice and activates Sushumna and achieves Kundalini awakening. It is said as Prahlad saw a worm crawling on that burning iron pillar, convinced with that he embraced it, from which Lord Narasimha appeared.

Kundalini Yoga does not talk about rejecting the world

Friends, there is a lot to write, words are few. The riddles of spirituality are very strange, which have been written hard to understand. How everyone can believe. It is said that don’t run outside, feel inside yourself. It is like a double edged sword. If someone sits down with his eyes completely closed, he is sure to suffocate and die, but if someone pretends to keep his eyes closed even with his eyes open, he will survive. Now I have become Premyogi Vajra. I have nothing to hide about myself. I have seen countless beautiful sights of all kinds. But I kept distance from those views. I didn’t even speak a word to some, but drank them with my mind’s eye. It also happened because of my family’s spiritual environment, and there must have been many other favorable circumstances due to the influence of previous lives. But theory being theory, it applies knowingly as much as unknowingly. What happened is that by not running obsessively towards the beautiful sights, the principle felt that I was experiencing all the sights inside myself, inside my mind, inside my body or inside my soul. This is also true. The external views are just a means to reveal the inner view. As I have been trying to go to the root of the body’s blissful kosha through the last several posts. Don’t know why it feels like something is missing. The scriptures need scientific explanation. It is said that Yoga is scientific. But it doesn’t happen just by saying. Today it needs to be proved. Sexual love is at the top in worldly colors and sights. If one can remain detached from sex even with love, then what can be greater detachment than that? From that the soul will get miraculous power and it will be awakened the fastest, just within a year or two. Lord Shiva was also like that. Goddess Parvati used to shower her life on him, but he remained unattached and immersed in his meditation. He also used to love Goddess Parvati very much, but used to pretend to be neutral. Due to this, according to the above psychological principle, all his love used to be attached to his soul itself. Then why doesn’t his soul always remain awake? This shows that no one can be a greater actor than a Yogi, especially a Tantra Yogi. Contrary to Lord Shiva, if someone was a fanatic or an idealist or a scripturalist etc or mindless, then he would have rejected a girlfriend like Goddess Parvati calling her a spiritual obstacle and gone away or would have become attached to her like a bumble bee on a flower. You can understand what would have happened then. The meaning is clear that the middle path of Shiva or Buddhist is the best. Well easy to say, difficult to do. In the scriptures the term rejection has been given to non-attachment because it is closer to rejection than to adoption. The scriptures are emotional. People do not understand their feelings and start blindly following them. If a common man had seen Mahadev Shiva, he would have said that he has rejected Goddess Parvati. To say that he got married later means that it happened after the attainment of knowledge. At first he used to be meditating somewhere and Goddess Parvati searching for him somewhere else. Of course, Shiva had settled Parvati in his mind as meditation image and always remained blissful in her meditation. People must have thought that was his penance. Little do they know that the matter is something else. Who has seen by going into the mind? Actually the real detached man has adopted the whole world as his soul. He does not feel that he has rejected the world. But the people of the world feel like this. That’s why common people with little understanding start talking about rejecting the world they see. Even the lover sometimes feels that his lover is rejecting or ignoring her. That’s why when this happened, Shiva used to appear in front of Parvati for a few moments to console her, and then disappeared. Let me tell you that the power of expression reaches the soul through Kundalini i.e. meditation. You can say that with non-attachment you feel the meditation picture manifesting, no soul etc. The pure soul is like the empty sky, it cannot be felt directly in the presence of the body, it can be felt only in the form of meditation. Shiva became the biggest Rasbihari or spiritually romancing. How can anyone compete with him? It takes many years for the common man to gain ultimate knowledge through love. Till then he cannot even console his girlfriend like Shiva. If he starts giving, he gets carried away by feelings and remains deprived of attaining knowledge. Worldly honour related restrictions are also there. Everything changes after years, even the mind of the girlfriend. Some even distance themselves in the beginning by accusing them of infidelity. Haha. Wow to Lord Shiva’s luck and leela with the love of Goddess Parvati, getting complete knowledge from her, then marriage with her and romancing only with her. No one else should come in the way of love. If this happens in common worldliness, then there will be a shower of heaven and nectar. In the same way, one should keep on loving God without considering him unfaithful. They love humans a lot, that’s why they keep on showering countless facilities like air, sunlight, water etc. on man, of course they remain completely unattached and like distant. Someday or the other they will definitely adopt.

Kundalini Yoga guides the natural instinct to attain the Self

Many times a man gets so immersed in the mind-kite that he does not even realize that it is connected to his body. Neither the thread nor the one who pulls it is visible, only the kite is visible. Perhaps this is ignorance. In this it seems that the visions of the mind have their own separate existence, and we start fearing them by making them artificial ghosts. By the way, in Kundalini Yoga also the meditation picture is visible, but it is the same singled out, and it is seen in one’s own form and inside his body. Moreover, in most cases it does not have a physical existence or its physical existence is denied. For example, if a deity, an ancestor, a departed or completely separated lover is in the form of a meditation picture, then the intellect of physical reality towards it will not be there by itself. But if the Kundalini picture is in the form of a living lover, guru or other physical object, then one has to maintain non-attachment to its physical form, and treat it non-dual. By the way, such nature and behavior starts being formed by Kundalini Yoga itself. As I told in a previous post, how Kundalini Yoga realizes that Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vigyanmaya Kosha and Anandamaya Kosha are all interconnected. This maintains the belief that the Kundalini picture is within one’s own mind, a part of one’s own composite body, one’s own self, not an external separate physical object. This itself enhances one’s own nature of Non-attachment and nonduality. Because one cannot be attached to himself, nor can one feel duality in himself. No one realizes that he is not one man but a mixture of two men. That man alone has to bear the fruits of his actions, no one else comes. Even if someone keeps on making up in the mirror day and night, he or she does it out of love for someone else or God, not for himself. It is necessary to have two for love. There is no love alone. There is no theoretical difference between attachment and love, there is only a difference of level, behavior and attitude. According to this psychological principle, the soul gets purified itself by considering the Kundalini picture as one’s own self. Meaning that the Kundalini picture is adopted as a support to know your complete self. I think when kundalini meditation reaches a particular critical point, it gives power of existential self expression to soul so much that it is unable to be unexpressed beyond that resulting in to kundalini awakening. Probably, thoughts come in the mind only in the form of a natural effort to know the Self. But the way of understanding and adopting those thoughts is opposite to the correct one. Instead of considering them as our self, we start considering them as external, alien, gross and physical. Due to this, instead of soul getting strength from those thoughts, the confusions of the world keep increasing further and further. Meaning that instead of becoming pure, the soul becomes more and more impure. Perhaps this is the illusion. Kundaliniyoga tries to straighten this method. Due to this, the daily behavior of a man also starts getting transformed positively. The effect of non-attachment and Advaita starts increasing in his life. It is natural that the confusions of his mind start getting resolved. When the mind is healthy, the body also starts to be healthy. Individual health also improves social health. With social health, all the people of the society also feel their good health. In this way, the reform from society to person and from person to society spreads in the whole world like a chain reaction, which is also called era change.

Kundalini Yoga shows the body never dies, sometimes it is visible, sometimes not visible, however it exists always there in the form of experience

Happy Holi to all friends

Friends, in the previous post I was telling how the mobility of the mind is like the flight of a kite. Pranayama is like giving controlled motion to the string of a kite, so that the kite-like mind can fly smoothly and create bliss in the form of self-development. I even feel that the pleasure that comes during sexual play is largely contributed by the complete opening of the naked body. In that both the food body and the vital body are together close to the highest manifestation. Many people say that real love comes from the mind, not from the body. What is all of this about. How can one directly reach the innermost dungeon without crossing the outer ones? When a girl’s body is lightly touched sexually, of course indirectly or mentally, then the Annamaya Kosha of the girl gets activated. You get a good chance on Holi, don’t miss it. Haha. She feels for the first time the deepest identity of her body. She starts becoming more and more active bodily day by day. There is redness and a smile on her face. This activates her pranamaya kosha too. After getting the power available from Prana, her mind runs a lot in colors. She enjoys lucid dreams. In dreams she travels to different worlds and other worlds. With this her mental body also becomes active. Because due to sexual attraction, her attention remains on her body and soul all the time, therefore her vigyanmaya kosha itself also remains active. Naturally, with this the blissful body will also remain active. It’s all like a chain reaction. This is love. This blissful kosha remains active for a long time. After it is completely opened, only the soul remains to be attained. That too is found after marriage in Tantric Kundalini Yoga based Sambhogyoga. Not that this happens only with women. The same happens with men too. I think that seeing the graceful gesture of a woman, the body and mind of a man starts jumping to have a physical relationship with her, that is the activation of his soul or prana or kundalini. It is a different matter that someone makes good use of that life force, while someone misuses it. Some use it in spiritual development, some in physical development, and some in a balanced way in both.

Let the kite of the mind fly for a while, don’t take it off completely. Have a slight slant to the feeling that it is connected. Then after a while the kite itself will land comfortably. There will be no shock. There will be fun too. After landing, let it go back as per its wish. It will come back itself. If the kite is going up violently, and you pull it down forcefully, either the kite may tear, or the thread may break. Both will be weak, and there will be pressure on them. The same happens with the mind by forcing it.

Whenever there is a feeling of tiredness, pressure or headache in the mind, at that time Kapalbhati-like breathing takes place on its own. Meditation is done on the breath coming out of it, due to which the Kundalini descends. Means the exhaling breath is like pulling down the thread, due to which the kite flying in the form of mind comes down, and avoids being torn by the strong storm in the form of mental fatigue.

Not only in the light of thoughts, but also in the darkness of their absence, the experience is related to the body only, because some or the other activity of the brain remains in it as well. Even after death, the particular self form that the soul experiences is also attached to the body, because it is created by the body. It means that the body never dies. Sometimes it is visible, sometimes it is not visible, it is always there, in the form of experience.

Kundalini Yoga helps the Manomaya Kosh in the form of kite connect with Pranamaya Kosh means string and Annamaya Kosh means chakra and fly in the form of Vigyanmaya Kosh and gives pleasure in the form of Anandamaya Kosh

What happens is that when while doing yoga, the mental body means manomaya kosh becomes active as soon as the food body means annamaya kosh and vital body means pranmaya kosh are active, then this belief is affirmed that the mental body may feel spread in the outer and infinite space, but it is connected to our body. It is our form. Although Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha and Manomaya Kosha get activated together during all the worldly works, games and exercises, but they get activated so fast that they do not get a chance to feel unity among themselves. At the same time man’s attention remains on the intricacies of work, the technology associated with it, the fruits associated with it and other puzzling worldliness, due to which the feeling of oneness is not taken care of. Anyway, the feeling of oneness is against worldliness full of duality. Two opposite things cannot co-exist. Water and fire cannot live together. Due to this self-consciousness towards the mental body, the scientific body means vigyanmaya kosha also becomes functional. Every type of worldly knowledge comes under the category of ordinary knowledge. Some have knowledge of medicine, some of tailoring, some of barber, some of teaching, some of preaching, some of performing Yagya or rituals or following other religious traditions. All come in common sense means common knowledge or gyana because all are for livelihood and worldly behavior. Special knowledge or vigyan is different and unique from all these, which is neither for earning a living, nor for the accomplishment of worldly behavior, but only for the complete and direct realization of the soul. Vigyanmaya body means a body with special knowledge. On being situated in it, the seeker feels as if he is a combination of gross body, vital force and mind. As I explained in the previous post also with the example of kite. Even if you cannot feel the wandering mind as your self, then you can feel that it is connected to the body through the breath in the same way as a kite is connected to a gatu or chakri means rod roll or ringed role respectively through a manjha means string. Kite flying will be a lot of fun. Sometimes above the clouds, sometimes in a distant land, sometimes on a distant planet or star, sometimes in another universe, sometimes in the other world, sometimes very near or wrapped in the base wheel, sometimes it will disappear from the eyes and only the wheel and thread will be seen, Then suddenly it will appear somewhere, sometimes it will fly clumsily like caught in a storm and look clumsy, like this it will fly everywhere in the infinite sky, but will always be connected with the chakras of the body. Perhaps the name Chakra is derived from Chakri itself. Haha. Now psychologists are also saying that the subtle body is connected with the gross body by a silver cord. This thread is attached to the navel. Just as the string is tied to the wheel, similarly the yoga breath moves from the navel. It is a simple matter, the kite in the form of experience is always attached to the self, that is, to the soul, that is, to one’s own body. Probably that is why the navel chakra is called the center point of the human body. There is also a feeling of an inward stretch at the navel when meditation of the body is done along with the subtle body. Probably the name of the kite’s string-disc is derived from the navel chakra itself. The soul will definitely get the light of the physical world from it, because then self-feeling is connected with everything. Then, according to the aforesaid, happiness will also arise and Kundalini will also manifest itself, because Kundalini picture is such a physical thing, which is most connected to the soul through meditation. Means Kundalini is representative of the connection of the physical world with the soul. General knowledge, as opposed to specialized knowledge or vigyan, is a matter of worldliness. Knowledge quickly turns into ignorance if it is not supported by vigyan. This doesn’t mean science as it seems. Pranamaya sharira means not only meditation on the breath, but also meditation on the movement of the body produced by the breath and other activities. In this case, walking seems to be the best spiritual exercise. In this, attention is paid to the whole body, its movements, its sensations and the breath. Along with this, along with purity means sattvaguna in the mind, the activity of thoughts is also very good.