Kundalini Yogi destroys ego and tantric sins in the form of Hiranyakashipu with the help of meditation picture as Lord Nrisimha and saves soulful intellect as Prahlad

Friends, in the previous post, how the peacock became a Yogi. Yogi’s back energy channel is male peacock, while the front channel is peahen. In an atmosphere full of depression, the power of Muladhara creates many faulty thoughts in his mind, because the power does not find any other way to be spent. He drinks the same thoughts i.e. tears by touching the inverted tongue to the soft palate inside the mouth as Khechari mudra. The same tears descending through the front channel take the form of Kundalini image on the chakras, especially on the navel chakra, which means the peahen becomes pregnant.

According to a legend in the Puranas, a demon named Hiranyakashipu sought a boon from Brahma that he should not be killed by humans or animals, neither in the day nor in the night, neither inside nor outside the house, nor by astra that’s fired weapons or shastra that’s handheld weapons. Hiranyakashipu considered Lord Vishnu as his worst enemy. But his son Prahlad was a devotee of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu explained a lot to him but when he did not agree, he made many attempts to kill him. Once he got the iron pole red hot and asked Prahlad to stick to it. When Prahlad saw an ant crawling on it, he hugged the pillar without fear. Only then a strange creature came out of it, whose face was of a lion but it was a man from below. His name was Narasimha. He took him to the door of the house in the evening, took him on his lap and killed him with his nails.

Hiranyakashipu is also a symbol of tantric sin. Tantrik Panchamakar is sinful mostly. The tendency of sinful energy is more towards the material world. That’s why it does not allow man to go towards spirituality. But by Guru’s grace, a man’s trend becomes towards spirituality. It has been said in the story that the teacher of the school turned Prahlad towards spirituality. Then Hiranyakashipu removed that teacher and appointed a new teacher who gives physical education full of deceit. But Prahlad’s nature did not change. The meaning is clear that the blind power tries to take away even from the true Guru, but even if a little contact is established with the true Guru, it does not succeed. As a result, these tantric sins inclined towards spirituality make the Sushumna of man activated. This is the making of red hot iron pole by Hiranyakashipu. The yogi’s joining the meditation picture with it is his embracing it, for man’s own form is also that which he is meditating on every moment. The awakening of Dhyanachitra that’s meditation image means the manifestation of Lord Narasimha, by whom along with all other sins, those tantric sins committed for the success of Kundalini Sadhana are also destroyed. This is the killing of Hiranyakashipu by Nrisimha. The appearance of Narasimha from that burning pillar in the evening means that at that time Sushumna becomes more active than other times and most likely awakens the image of meditation in Sahasrara. Sushumna Nadi is that fiery red iron pillar. Sushumna also resides inside backbone stiff like iron. Because many people consider the picture of Kundalini as scary like a ghost, because it does not have a physical existence, that is why it has been given the form of a fearsome Narasimha. Meditation picture is neither human nor animal. It can be understood in such a way that when half-human forms like Hanuman, Ganesha are meditated upon, then Dhyanachitra is most expressive. He is neither inside nor outside. This means that Dhyanachitra is not a physical object, but only an imaginary picture. It is formed neither during the day nor at night, but it is formed in the evening while doing Kundalini Yoga. He takes Hiranyakashipu in his lap and punctures his belly with his fingernail, that means by lifting up the subconscious and unconscious mind from Muladhar hidden there as ego, he eliminates them by manifesting them on the chakras, means this is Vipasana Sadhana. In Sahasrar Chakra, it remains fully manifested, and remains asleep in Mooladhara, so it does not come to die in both the places. It remains semi-awake or semi-conscious only in the middle chakras, that’s why it comes to die in the middle. This is also the principle of witnessing in Vipassana practice. This is Chakrabhedan that’s chakra piercing through Shakti. First the dormant thoughts and desires from the surface of the subconscious mind are awakened by life force and expressed on the chakras, then they are penetrated by the flow of life force on the chakras. In fact, those desires and rituals are pierced or destroyed, but chakras are believed to be pierced. Because the navel chakra of the stomach is the most prominent, hence Hiranyakashipu’s stomach has been said to be torn open. Because most yogis strengthen their meditation by placing the tip of the fingernail or atleast finger on the chakra point causing the sharp prickling sensation at the chakra with the fingernail, that is why it is said that Narasimha tore Hiranyakashipu with the fingernail. Neither a human nor an animal can kill the ego. It cannot be killed by any type of weapon. It can be killed neither completely being outside i.e. extroverted, nor completely being inside i.e. introverted, but only by a suitable mixture of both. In this, the killing of Hiranyakshipu in the balanced or middle states tells that Sushumna is active only in the state of Sangam or union i.e. Yinyang. The Kundalini Yogi who feels a slight sensation like crawling in the back i.e. Sushumna, makes him believe about awakening of Kundalini, due to which he engages in yoga practice and activates Sushumna and achieves Kundalini awakening. It is said as Prahlad saw a worm crawling on that burning iron pillar, convinced with that he embraced it, from which Lord Narasimha appeared.

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