Kundalini Yoga and Sigmund Freud’s psychology say the same thing

From the analysis of some of the recent past posts, it seems that what we consider to be mental illness may actually be symptoms of the mind moving towards awakening, but because of not being able to handle them properly, they become mental illness. I can also prove it from my own experience. At any particular place where I got sexual power, my meditation picture made me top in every field, be it spiritual or physical. But where I didn’t get that, it also made me look like a psychopath. Of course, that sexual force may be imaginary intercourse, even if it is a permanent mental picture of the imaginary sexual partner like a samadhi. Even if of course it is a man instead of a woman. In such a situation, I did not feel any harm in homosexuality. However, it is a different matter and what I feel that Kundalini awakening comes only from man-woman love, because the complete combination of yin and yang can happen only between man and woman. Readers may find this strange.

Sigmund Freud, the great western psychologist, says that there is sexual ecstasy ie orgasm in every part of the body. This has been said in Tantra since a long time ago. That’s why the arrival of Kundalini Shakti on the chakras means to experience sexual ecstasy there. The meaning of Kundalini Yoga is to provide all the chakras turn by turn that sensual or orgasmic sensation by elevating it up from Mooladhara. This orgasmic and blissful sensation is like a super tonic. It enhances and balances all the biological activities of the chakra it reaches. All the organs and biological parts that come under the influence of that chakra, they also get benefited like the chakra itself. Because the whole body is covered in all the seven chakras, therefore the whole body becomes healthy and balanced, diseases stay away from it. In fact, sexual ecstasy of the genitals only works to increase the natural or inherent sex ecstasy of the chakras, as their own ecstatic sex is already inside them. This inner sex drive of theirs is at the base of various biological reactions and processes. The genitals only give it an extra push. Think of it as their own orgasm is like an engine running on its own at idling, and the orgasm of the genitals is like the accelerator pedal of a car. If sexual ecstasy of the genitals was everything, then even a failing heart would have been triggered by it. But this does not happen. It’s like pressing the accelerator pedal won’t start the engine if it is stalled or is stalling due to faulty parts like pistons etc.

At one place, Sigmund Freud takes a slightly different view. He says that sexual power is the biggest, that is, it is the prime motivator, but in our Tantra philosophy it has been said from the beginning that willpower is a bigger motivator than that. If Freud was right, everyone would have been awakened, because everyone has sex. The truth is that even through sexual intercourse, only those people get awakening, who have already made a determination in their mind to attain Guru and awakening through yoga practice and other spiritual methods. Will try to discuss this in detail in a new post.

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demystifyingkundalini by Premyogi vajra- प्रेमयोगी वज्र-कृत कुण्डलिनी-रहस्योद्घाटन

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