Kundalini meditation as a mental illness streamlined by sexual energy based Tantra

Continuing from the last post, only Prahlad went to persuade Hiranyakashipu, because he was not agreeing to the persuasion of any deity. This often happens after awakening. Understand it in such a way that a man who has fallen from infinite consciousness is very energetic and active. He will also try to bring other people on the path because no man can move forward without the society. Well this mostly happens when a man gets awakening at a time when he is full of healthy energy, like adolescence and puberty. How can a sick, weak and old person change the society, even if he changes himself, it is enough. Prahlad was in the energetic childhood stage when he got awakened. This will make people jealous of him, angry at him, and may even persecute him, as happened with Jesus. This can cause sin to the society, which can lead to the misery of the people living in it. Means on their part people try to pacify the awakening, because the gods in the form of different organs or parts of the people are situated in their bodies. Gods never want anyone to become like a sage, because they work to excite and expand the world. But the sage pacifies the world. That’s why people inspire him to do Kundalini Yoga. This happens even itself, when people make him a type of boycotted. Then in the boring atmosphere of loneliness, what will the awakened person do if he does not do Kundalini meditation. Others do not see the meditation picture. They guess that it is a scary ghost. That’s why the deities imagined it as the lion form Narasimha. But Prahlad knew that it is the ultimate lover and well wisher, not an imaginary ghost etc. Perhaps people also compare meditation with states of insanity or hallucination or demonic possession or depression or intoxication etc., unknowingly of course, due to centuries of confusion in their subconscious mind. And of course, a man who has been cheated in love also lives madly in the memory of his lover like a corrupt dhyana-yogi. Probably that’s why it is emphasized to get him married somewhere soon, so that he can get some support from tantric sex power. Most of the films are made on this issue. It’s strange brother. Once upon a time I accidentally consumed tobacco, once cannabis, and once an anti-anxiety medicine. In all three cases, the meditation picture was jumping in my mind. Looked clearly like a real man to the extent of hallucination. But it was accompanied by dullness and stupidity. There was less joy. It seems like depression as I was not willing to talk to anybody but to be immersed in maddening type self bliss. There was also restlessness and weakness to some extent. That’s why a great attention on health is given in Yoga. I think that the sexual sensation of Muladhara has a great contribution in the joy of meditation. By eliminating the so-called negative and depressive symptoms associated with meditation, it makes a person more properly normal ie even healthier than the normal. Perhaps it stems from yinyang, because without a sexual pair, sensation has no proper meaning. This sensation enables the brain to bear the pressure of Kundalini awakening, because the nature of both is the same i.e. the form of bliss. Where mental illness or mental fatigue or disturbance of mental chemicals or other mental irregularities or intoxication etc. are the main reasons behind the appearance of things in the form of illusion, whereas in the state of meditation or Kundalini awakening the mind is completely healthy and fresh, even more than a normal healthy person. Where a man in a state of mental illness is almost incapable of functioning, on the other hand, in a state of meditation, he is fully capable, even more so than an ordinary man. Where in the state of meditation man gets pleasure due to witnessing towards worldly works and resolutions, the mental patient does not. That’s why a mental patient looks anxious and withered. One can only bear witnessing to healthy thoughts of worldly works as usually formed in the mind of a healthy person. But often this does not happen to mental patient due to bodily and mental weaknesses and defects. The truth is that only a healthy man can do healthy meditation. When the yogi becomes engrossed in Kundalini meditation, then people get good chance to get rid of his so-called insanity and go about their business with the same enthusiasm, attachment and duality as earlier and usual so that the deities are pleased. This is why it is said that Prahlad pleased Lord Nrisimha with praise. With this, leaving anger, he became calm, due to which the gods and the world were saved from destruction.

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demystifyingkundalini by Premyogi vajra- प्रेमयोगी वज्र-कृत कुण्डलिनी-रहस्योद्घाटन

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