Kundalini image takes over the entire creation by taking the incarnation of Lord Vamana, awakens and sends the egoistic King Bali to the underworld

Friends, in the previous post, there was a little talk about religion. Religion or Dharma in Sanskrit literally means lifestyle. Whose lifestyle is fanatic, he lags behind. Nokia didn’t keep up with the times. At the same time, it was also concluded that many people who are thought to be psychopaths and are suppressed by drugs, exploitation or social ostracism, are actually patients of awakening. I wish psychology could differentiate between the symptoms of Kundalini and the symptoms of psychiatry or foolishness. I think it is difficult for a culture like western civilization to make this difference, but people of eastern culture are comparatively habitual in it as they have experienced it since ancient times. So, You must have seen, how lion had become a Yogi in a recent previous post. By the way, there is also a Yogasan named Singhasan. Anyway, Kundalini Yogi has been given a dragon-like form, whose mouth is also open like a lion. Yoga is a game of breath, and even a lion roars with the power of breath and makes his face menacing. There is a similar mythical story in Hindu Puranas that Lord Vamana had measured the whole earth in three steps. Actually the three steps are the symbols of the three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas. Ida Nadi is mother Aditi, and Pingala Nadi is mother Diti. Pingala increases worldly discrimination, intelligence and ego, which means it increases demonic dualist gunas, Rajoguna and Tamoguna. But Ida Nadi creates divine feelings of sattvaguna like peace, tensionlessness, non duality and other pure qualities. That is why it is said that Aditi is the mother of all the gods and Diti is the mother of all the demons. These two were the wives of Kashyap Muni. Kashyapa was the son of Brahma. Brahma is the main expressed mind. Because the mind creates the whole world. He sits on a lotus, on a lotus in the form of sahasrar chakra. As the place of the soul is described as Sahasrar, the same has happened to the mind because both are interrelated, one isn’t without the other. Sage Kashyap is the subconscious mind, because it is born from the mind. He lives in hellish Muladhara as opposed to his father brahma who lives in heavenly sahasrara. Ka means water, and Shya is derived from the word Shayan or sleep, meaning one who sleeps in water. Water is in the form of semen and the cerebrospinal fluid flowing in the spinal cord, and the subconscious mind is shown as the sleeping man, because it is in it that all emotions remain suppressed. This subconscious mind resides in deep and dark pit like places like Muladhara and Swadhishthana Chakras. When its expressing feelings get the support of Advaita Bhava i.e. Ida Nadi, then they become his sons as gods, but when they get the support of Dvaita Bhava i.e. Pingala Nadi, then they become his sons as demons. These waking thoughts are the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi or Diti. Ida and Pingala nadis are his two wives in the form of Aditi and Diti respectively, because with their help he awakens in the form of thought-form sons, which means he becomes strong. Ida and Pingala nadis are his two wives, because with their help he becomes expressed, that means he becomes strong. The mental Kundalini image itself is Lord Vamana. It is the best among all thought-form sons, hence it is called the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Very cool psychology. Brahma is the original mind. In fact, it is He who builds various worldly creations like houses, gardens, roads, bridges etc. He does not give birth straight to thought-form sons. He first creates the subconscious mind-like Kashyapa Muni. Thought-form sons are made from that. You must have also seen that if you do not do any work in the world, then no strong thoughts will be formed directly. By doing work, its memories get absorbed in the subconscious mind, which later keep on emerging in the form of powerful thoughts. The left brain under the jurisdiction of Pingala Nadi is under the authority of the demon king Bali, the Ida-ruled right brain is under the authority of the gods. Raja Bali is ego. The name Bali seems to have been given to him because he sacrifices (means giving bali in sanskrit) living beings, commits violence to maintain the power of his ego. Also, Bali name originates from Sanskrit word Balin that means powerful. Ego is too powerful in fact. Kundalini image is formed by the influence of Ida. Although both Ida and Pingala should be in a balanced form, because the existence of both is dependent on each other, but Ida should be comparatively more effective. Under the influence of Ida Nadi, a person becomes calm, stress-free, with good appetite and good digestion. In this state of peace, the picture of Kundalini resides in the mind, which means Lord Vamana is born from Mother Goddess Aditi. To see, he is a small lonely mental picture, that is why he is called a dwarf or vamana. He asks King Bali for only three steps of land in the universe. How much space will a mental image take up? Like every mental object, that meditation picture is also made of three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas. These are the three steps. Man as ego promises to give him even that much space, and thinks what harm it will do to him. Ego is very powerful. He does the biggest things in the world. He takes the small Kundalini picture as a joke. The backbone is secretly depicted as the conch shell. It has the same shape as a conch shell, wide at the head and thin at the tail or bottom. The spinal cord or Sushumna Nadi located in it is the drain inside the conch. The word nadi is derived from the word river (Nadi in Hindi). The water flowing in that drain is the sensation of Kundalini Shakti. Energy also flows like water flow. Because Kundalini-meditation or kundalini-thought as Sankalpa that’s sharp thought or resolution is mixed in it, hence it is called Sankalpa-Jal. Meditation itself is called resolution or sankalpa in Sanskrit. During every religious ritual in Hinduism, while pouring water from a conch or argha (a special vessel for worship), a sankalpa is made for a few moments about the reason for the ritual, the process of the ritual, the priest, and its resulting fruit. Deep meditation itself occurs with it for a moment. Due to this, the karma becomes fruitful quickly and more. While sitting in the Yagya, Bali had pledged to give three steps of land to Lord Vaman while pouring water from the conch. It is possible that by pouring water, the Kundalini energy starts flowing, because there is a similarity between the two, which strengthens the meditation. Along with the falling stream of water from the Arghe or conch, the Kundalini Shakti also starts flowing down the front channel, due to which it passes through the back channel and climbs up the back, taking with it the additional and special orgasmic Kundalini Shakti of Muladhara. It also carries along Vamana in the form of the meditation image because vamana is the main purpose, in the Sushumna-conch channel in the form of a thin spinal cord, with the push of the flowing water or Shakti in the form of meditation or Sankalp, and this way vamana keeps on growing through Yogasadhana, and finally awakens and pervades the entire creation. This is to measure the three worlds with three steps. Due to this the ego itself gets buried in the underworld in the form of subconscious. It has been said this way that Vamana placed the third step on the head of Bali. This story continues in the next post as well.

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