Kundalini Yoga does not talk about rejecting the world

Friends, there is a lot to write, words are few. The riddles of spirituality are very strange, which have been written hard to understand. How everyone can believe. It is said that don’t run outside, feel inside yourself. It is like a double edged sword. If someone sits down with his eyes completely closed, he is sure to suffocate and die, but if someone pretends to keep his eyes closed even with his eyes open, he will survive. Now I have become Premyogi Vajra. I have nothing to hide about myself. I have seen countless beautiful sights of all kinds. But I kept distance from those views. I didn’t even speak a word to some, but drank them with my mind’s eye. It also happened because of my family’s spiritual environment, and there must have been many other favorable circumstances due to the influence of previous lives. But theory being theory, it applies knowingly as much as unknowingly. What happened is that by not running obsessively towards the beautiful sights, the principle felt that I was experiencing all the sights inside myself, inside my mind, inside my body or inside my soul. This is also true. The external views are just a means to reveal the inner view. As I have been trying to go to the root of the body’s blissful kosha through the last several posts. Don’t know why it feels like something is missing. The scriptures need scientific explanation. It is said that Yoga is scientific. But it doesn’t happen just by saying. Today it needs to be proved. Sexual love is at the top in worldly colors and sights. If one can remain detached from sex even with love, then what can be greater detachment than that? From that the soul will get miraculous power and it will be awakened the fastest, just within a year or two. Lord Shiva was also like that. Goddess Parvati used to shower her life on him, but he remained unattached and immersed in his meditation. He also used to love Goddess Parvati very much, but used to pretend to be neutral. Due to this, according to the above psychological principle, all his love used to be attached to his soul itself. Then why doesn’t his soul always remain awake? This shows that no one can be a greater actor than a Yogi, especially a Tantra Yogi. Contrary to Lord Shiva, if someone was a fanatic or an idealist or a scripturalist etc or mindless, then he would have rejected a girlfriend like Goddess Parvati calling her a spiritual obstacle and gone away or would have become attached to her like a bumble bee on a flower. You can understand what would have happened then. The meaning is clear that the middle path of Shiva or Buddhist is the best. Well easy to say, difficult to do. In the scriptures the term rejection has been given to non-attachment because it is closer to rejection than to adoption. The scriptures are emotional. People do not understand their feelings and start blindly following them. If a common man had seen Mahadev Shiva, he would have said that he has rejected Goddess Parvati. To say that he got married later means that it happened after the attainment of knowledge. At first he used to be meditating somewhere and Goddess Parvati searching for him somewhere else. Of course, Shiva had settled Parvati in his mind as meditation image and always remained blissful in her meditation. People must have thought that was his penance. Little do they know that the matter is something else. Who has seen by going into the mind? Actually the real detached man has adopted the whole world as his soul. He does not feel that he has rejected the world. But the people of the world feel like this. That’s why common people with little understanding start talking about rejecting the world they see. Even the lover sometimes feels that his lover is rejecting or ignoring her. That’s why when this happened, Shiva used to appear in front of Parvati for a few moments to console her, and then disappeared. Let me tell you that the power of expression reaches the soul through Kundalini i.e. meditation. You can say that with non-attachment you feel the meditation picture manifesting, no soul etc. The pure soul is like the empty sky, it cannot be felt directly in the presence of the body, it can be felt only in the form of meditation. Shiva became the biggest Rasbihari or spiritually romancing. How can anyone compete with him? It takes many years for the common man to gain ultimate knowledge through love. Till then he cannot even console his girlfriend like Shiva. If he starts giving, he gets carried away by feelings and remains deprived of attaining knowledge. Worldly honour related restrictions are also there. Everything changes after years, even the mind of the girlfriend. Some even distance themselves in the beginning by accusing them of infidelity. Haha. Wow to Lord Shiva’s luck and leela with the love of Goddess Parvati, getting complete knowledge from her, then marriage with her and romancing only with her. No one else should come in the way of love. If this happens in common worldliness, then there will be a shower of heaven and nectar. In the same way, one should keep on loving God without considering him unfaithful. They love humans a lot, that’s why they keep on showering countless facilities like air, sunlight, water etc. on man, of course they remain completely unattached and like distant. Someday or the other they will definitely adopt.

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demystifyingkundalini by Premyogi vajra- प्रेमयोगी वज्र-कृत कुण्डलिनी-रहस्योद्घाटन

I am as natural as air and water. I take in hand whatever is there to work hard and make a merry. I am fond of Yoga, Tantra, Music and Cinema. मैं हवा और पानी की तरह प्राकृतिक हूं। मैं कड़ी मेहनत करने और रंगरलियाँ मनाने के लिए जो कुछ भी काम देखता हूँ, उसे हाथ में ले लेता हूं। मुझे योग, तंत्र, संगीत और सिनेमा का शौक है।

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