Kundalini surge with biking (riding bike / bicycle) Yoga

Bhishm and Hridayesh

People think that daily busy lifestyle hinders Kundalini practice. However, this does not happen. Kundalini rises very fast due to busy work. Yoga also gives the power to do daily work. Both of work and yoga are complementary and supportive of each other. After 3 days of cycling, my Kundalini reached the brain from the muladhara. In the midst of heavy heat, I was able to run so much with bicycle, because my mind and body were fit with daily Kundalini yoga exercises.

My Bicycling Yoga Experience

This week, due to partial corona lockdown, I started visiting my office on cycle. One day used to travel for a total of 20 kilometers. On the first day, I noticed that my basement/muladhar was very strong and full of pressure. That sensation was the same as one feels with semen retention. It was as if someone on my muladhara chakra had kicked deep with a pointed leather shoe from the front, and then I was getting sweet and deep pain. That made me a little restless during the day. That sensation again increased while doing yoga. I used to try to push that sensation repeatedly through back. By contemplating the Sheshnag of the back with Pranayama, that sensation seemed to go up. I have described this pranayama in an old post with “backward flow” and “Sheshnag” category. When that pain-like sensation used to go up, then there was a sweet pain like spasm in the back. At the same time, the Kundalini picture also used to appear there. This went on for two days. On the third day, that sensation hit my rear Anahata Chakra. It seemed as if someone had hit my back Anahata Chakra with a pointed leather shoe, after which sweet and deep pain was being caused on it. From it, the pressure and the sensation at muladhara disappeared. Sensation bypassed the Manipur Chakra. This meant that the Manipur Chakra was not  blocked. The chakra that is blocked, there the sweet pain is felt. After a day, that sensation started climbing up through the neck. Then I started feeling the sweet pain and stiffness in the center of the neck (Vishuddhi Chakra). On the same day, my Muladhara got more sensation from outside means. That sensation went up easily, as the base chakra was already unblocked by the previous flow. It met the neck sensation and made it stronger. The sensation of Anahata Chakra disappeared. The next day, that sensation from the neck started reaching the brain, causing the head to feel lighter but heavier during energy surges. I was sitting in a chair during the day, and I got a 4-5 minute nap. When I got up, the energy surge was sweeping the entire brain. The mind was heavy and pressurized. It seemed that bunches of bees were flying in it. Although bliss was also coming. To prevent that feeling from interfering with the work, I touched the opposite face of tongue with the palate. From that, immediately the surge of sensation came down through the front channel and came to my front anahata chakra. That made my mind completely calm, as if nothing had happened. Kundalini appeared strongly in the heart, and that was elated with joy. There was lonely energy in the brain; Kundalini appeared only in the heart. This proved that love resides in the heart. It is not a surprising miracle, but a phenomenon related to the normal physiology of the body. This type of Kundalini flow continues throughout the life of a yogi. Kundalini awakening happens only when there are many favorable conditions for it, and the chakras are not blocked. At the time when the energy surge was enveloping my mind, if I had a deep memory of Kundalini for any reason, then it would have been a favorable situation for Kundalini awakening. In fact, it was a surge of Prana in the brain, because it did not have a Kundalini. Conversely, Kundalini can also create a surge of Prana. This means, deep remembrance of Kundalini itself creates a surge of Prana in the mind. Kundalini is associated with this surge itself, because it is Kundalini that has created the surge (great wave) of Prana. In that case, Kundalini awakening often occurs. The same Kundalini awakening happened to me about 3 years ago, which I have described on the homepage of this website.

Biking or cycling yoga stimulates diaphragmatic breath

I think my Muladhara Chakra was greatly agitated by taking deep breaths with my belly while riding a bicycle. In sports bikes, the posture of the back is in its natural state, and Muladhara Chakra is also stimulated by the pressure of its thin seat. Together, the meditation of Sheshnag breathing in and out in the form of my back gave my Muladhara more energy. With that, semen power started accumulating in the base chakra. It also triggered backward flow, which caused the accumulated energy in the base chakra to climb up through back channel. Muladhara’s sensation was the same as that produced by conserving sexual energy. Together, it was also motivating for sexual intercourse. Perhaps this is the reason why people active in work are also sexually active. I used to keep the mouth and tongue closed tightly, and most of the surface of the tongue was tightly affixed to the palate. I used to think of it like a slab of the top of a pillar, which connected the brain to the front pillar or energy channel. With this, at the time of cycling, the useless thoughts of the mind used to flow down, and give energy to the body. It also kept my mind calm, and there was no tiredness either.

The next day my Kundalini energy returned to the Manipur Chakra

The next day my deep and sweet pain came on the rear Manipur Chakra. Possibly, it descended from the front Anahata Chakra to the front Manipur Chakra. From the front, it had come to the rear Manipur Chakra in the back. In fact, this sweet pain is called energy. This energy rotates in the channel loop. When the strongest and favorite mental picture is mixed with this pain, then this energy is called Kundalini. I also felt that empty energy is more effective on the back chakras, while Kundalini is more effective on the front chakras. The twists or bands that form in the back at various places form the energy with which the Kundalini picture is mixed.

Kundalini awakening is not necessary for spiritual progress

The contribution of Kundalini awakening is that it instills unwavering faith in the mind of the seeker towards Kundalini Yoga meditation. From that, the seeker keeps doing Kundalini Yogasadhana every day. In this way, if a person always performs Kundalini Yogasadha in the right way, then in a way his Kundalini will be considered awakened. However, to learn Kundalini Yogasadhana properly, he will need a qualified teacher. In a way, this website is also working as a guru (e-guru).   

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I am as natural as air and water. I take in hand whatever is there to work hard and make a merry. I am fond of Yoga, Tantra, Music and Cinema. मैं हवा और पानी की तरह प्राकृतिक हूं। मैं कड़ी मेहनत करने और रंगरलियाँ मनाने के लिए जो कुछ भी काम देखता हूँ, उसे हाथ में ले लेता हूं। मुझे योग, तंत्र, संगीत और सिनेमा का शौक है।

11 thoughts on “Kundalini surge with biking (riding bike / bicycle) Yoga”

  1. I used a bicycle at a particularly active period and it assisted with helping to shift and clear difficult areas. Additionally, I found at certain times that the right vibration using a lawn mower induced deep states. I read up on sound and there are cycles of sound universally used that assist in inducing certain brain states, from drumming to music. While not expressly a part of some teachings, I found them through serendipity. Kundalini itself becomes like a teacher, and that is a blessing.

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    1. Hi Stafford. I’m Bhishm. You very well explained and it ignites a memory based thought in my mind. I had purchased tata tiago car newly released at that time. New model with new worries from a company rising again after interval. People annoyed with its lion roaring heavy engine sound but I enjoyed it very much. It used to produce kundalini bliss inside me. The same problem to people was with its high vibration but I enjoyed it too. Sound and vibration both acted like stimulants for my kundalini. I travelled hundreds of kilometers on luxurious super highways many times. At the same time my kundalini meditation was also running. The synergistic effect occurred and my kundalini awakened for a moment, though I could not tolerate it for more than 10 seconds and dropped it down. It’s other thing. But the positive effects of sound and vibration on kundalini meditation is highlighted with it. Although this effect is being harnessed since ages but never validated scientifically. I think it needs a soiritual psychological


  2. Hi Bhishm. Ah, yes. So you know! It’s quite something. I am glad I’m not the only one. Maybe we could start an ashram, filled with odd pieces of machinery. “Over here we have one of our most beloved devices which has helped many of our aspirants to self realization, our diesel tractor!” I joke, but only partly. I enjoyed your posts filled with lucidity and insight. Blessings to you along your way. ~Parker Stafford

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    1. Thanks Stafford. Really refreshing joke done by you.. Little clarifying that the car was enough expensive and featured with latest safety and comforts. I think the company owner mr. ratan tata being a spiritual yogi knowing this fact kept that roaring and vibration willfully. Second surprise, driver seat was short than my long legs. It inspired me for proper back posture and I also increased yoga practice to make my legs adjusted in that little space. Blessing in the disguise. The music system was topnotch Harman music system that made me music lover too. Is that combination of roaring and fine music stimulating kundalini. Combining yin and yang.
      Your tractor will be too roaring and vibrating. Lol


      1. Ha! You know, I say tractor because when younger I had to work on a tractor. After a time I would begin to hear music and recitations of text in a clear loud voice. I didn’t like that noisy tractor at first until I began to hear these things. Then you coukd say I found an appreciation for farming when I was quite young. I lije how those older Indian cars look.

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      2. I think it is interesting how these things happen and that another has also experienced it. I think it could be used to help people to reach certain states more easily. I know that I once listened to what is called hemisync by the Monroe institute and it used sound frequency to cause the two hemispheres to begin “syncing” together at the same frequency. Normally the two hemispheres of the brain are out of sync energetically. This can aid in meditation, reaching altered states, and with learning. Many different frequencies can be used for different brain wave states. It is similar I think, but my experience is the loud noises have the most impact.

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      3. Ha! You know, I say tractor because when younger I had to work on a tractor. After a time I would begin to hear music and recitations of text in a clear loud voice. I didn’t like that noisy tractor at first until I began to hear these things. Then you coukd say I found an appreciation for farming when I was quite young. I like how those older Indian cars look.

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  3. Right. It made some points of thinking inside me. My right leg was stressed that stimulated left brain. Melodious songs stimulated right brain. Coarse car sound also aided in left brain stimulation. Brain centering occurred that produced bliss and kundalini stability. I see my left brain and left side of body remains more dominated and my back channel tends to slip to left side. I had to apply force to shift it towards right up to centre. I don’t know if it happens with everyone. This seems the reason why I like melodious songs. OM sound has also both sound components. Roaring in O and melody in M.


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